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89. George William4 Wallingford (Giles3, Lebanon2 Wallingfords, Unconnected1) was born in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire in February, about 1854. Place of birth comes from the birth certificates of his two children Edna and Guy. He was age 7 in the 1860 census, and the 1900 census gives his age as 45 with a birth month of February. The year is obscured but appears to be either 1854 or 1855. George died probably before 1926, probably in Canton, Maine. A grandson believes that George died before his wife.(348)

He married Sarah Lovicea Kincaid, 5 March 1876?, in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine. George W. Wallingford of Rome, Maine and Miss Sarah "Kingcade" of Livermore, Maine filed their intention to marry on 16 Mar 1875 in Rome. The certificate was issued on March 24th. The original Rome records later show their marriage, performed by trial justice C.W. Fuller, but the date is problematic. The month and date clearly state March 5th, but the year appears to be 1875. The final digit isn't fully formed, however, so likely is a 6. That would mean they waited nearly a full year after filing their intention to get married, which is a bit unusual. Sarah was only 15 when they filed the intention, however, so perhaps they were merely waiting until she was a bit older.(349)

Sarah was born in August 1859, in Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine.(350) Sarah(351) was the daughter of Hiram Kincaid and Louisa Cook.


George and Sarah (Kincaid) Wallingford of Canton, Maine.

Sarah died about 1926, probably in Canton, Maine. One of her daughter Edna's daughters remembers her mother telling her that she went to her grandmother's wake on the farm in Canton when she was about two years old, or about 1926.(352)

A delayed (1942) birth record of his son Guy called him George William Wallingford. He was George W. Wallingford on his marriage records.

George hasn't been located in either the 1870 or 1880 censuses. Using the LDS website's 1880 census index, the entire towns of Rome and Canton, Maine were checked to no avail. The 1900 census of Canton, Maine has George and Sarah living as boarders in the household of 63-year-old widower John Tracy. It states that Sarah was the mother of eight children, only seven of whom were then living, five of them living with them at the time. The number of years they had been married is obscured, but appears to read either 15 or 16. No occupation was listed for George, but John Tracy is said to be a farmer.(353)

In 1910 they were still in Canton, living on Livermore Falls Road with four of their surviving seven children. George worked as a laborer doing odd jobs. It states that they had been married for 36 years at the time, and again mentions that Sarah was the mother of eight children, seven living.(354)

A page by page search of the 1920 census of Canton, Maine was done but they are not to be found there. George and Sarah were still alive in 1921 when the following diary entry was made by the mother of their son Roland's wife: "Sunday, Sept. 18, 1921. Warm and pleasant Roland went to Canton to day to visit his parents."(355)

George William Wallingford and Sarah Lovicea Kincaid had the following children:

child 159 i. George Leroy5 Wallingford was born in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine 13 May 1876 or 77.(356) George died of a sudden heart attack, 10 May 1946, at home, 171 Walnut St., in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.(357) He was buried on May 12th in Walnut St. Cemetery in Bridgewater. He married Annette J. Malone, 8 May 1927, in Danvers, Essex County, Massachusetts.(358) George was an engineer and Annie was a nurse and they were both living in Danvers when they were married. Annie was a widow, her first husband's surname being Rogers. It was the first marriage for George.

Annie was born 30 May 1868?, in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. Birth place and parentage come from her marriage record, which said she was aged 51, or born about 1875/76. Three years later the 1930 census also said she was age 51, which translates to a birth date of about 1878/79. Her age at death calculates to a birth date of 30 May 1868, which is way off from the other two. The 1930 census states that her parents were both born in Pennsylvania, but her death record states that they were from Ireland. Annie was the daughter of John Malone and Annie Foster.

Annie died of a cerebral hemorrhage, 10 October 1960, at Bartlett Manor, in Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(359) She was cremated at Woodlawn Cemetery in Everett, Mass. on October 14th.

George is found in Bridgewater, Mass. in the 1900 census, where the 23-year-old was living in a boardinghouse owned by Jane S. Hildreth on Plymouth St. and working as the proprietor of a pool room.(360) Ten years later he was living in the same place and employed as a worker in a shoe factory(361). He was also enumerated with his parents in the 1910 census of Canton, Maine a few days later.(362) In 1920 he was living with his brother "Allie" Wallingford and his family at 102 Walnut St. in Bridgewater. He was working as an engineer in a leather mill at the time.(363) In 1930 he and wife Annette J. were living at 16 Oak St. in Danvers, Mass. where he was employed as an engineer for a gas and electrical company.(364) George was living in Bridgewater in 1942 and 1945 when he was the informant on the delayed birth records of his sister Edna and brother Guy. On his death ceritificate it said that his occupation was "stationary fireman". He was living at 171 Walnut St. in Bridgewater at the time, and had been living in Bridgewater for 40 years. His wife Annette, who was the informant on the death certificate, gave Everett, Mass. as her residence. Family members recall that George and Annette were separated, but apparently never divorced. Annette died in 1960, her residence stated as 80 Norwood St. in Everett, but she died at Bartlett Manor in Malden, Mass. after a stay of 1 year 10 months there.

child + 160 ii. Alson A. Wallingford was born in November 1884.

child 161 iii. Roland Wallingford was born in Maine in January or June 1886. The 1900 census of Canton, Maine gives his age as 14. The month of birth is either January or June in this record, and the year is obscured but is likely 1886. The 1910 census of Wayne, Maine gives his age as 24, and he was age 76 when he died in November 1962. Joe died 22 November 1962, in Winthrop, Kennebec County, Maine.(365) He married Edna L. Wyman, 26 December 1907, in Maine.(366) They were both living in Canton, Maine when they got married.

Edna was born 30 April 1887, in Maine.(367) She was 23 in the 1910 census, born in Maine. She was age 89 when she died in 1976. Edna(368) was the daughter of Parker Goding Wyman and Violanta Rozzio Rollins.

Edna died 13 September 1976, in Wayne, Kennebec County, Maine.(369)

When the 1910 census was taken Roland and Edna were living in Wayne, Maine. Edna's widowed mother Violanta Wyman was living with them, as well as a nephew named Leon Whitman.(370) Leon was the son of Edna's sister Florence.(371) Roland was a farmer at the time. In the 1920 census, the same four people were still living together in Wayne. Roland was a "latheman" in a tool shop and Edna worked as a teacher in a rural school.(372) They were still living in Wayne ten years later. Edna's mother Violanta had died but nephew Leon, now 27, was still living with the family. Roland was a wood worker in a tool shop, Edna was unemployed, and Leon was a latheman in a tool shop.(373)

Roland was postmaster in North Wayne for some years in the 40's and 50's.(374) He and Edna had no children.(375)

child 162 iv. Edna Grace Wallingford was born in Livermore Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine 23 May 1887.(376) This birth record was a delayed reporting by Edna's brother George Wallingford of Bridgewater, Mass. in 1945. The Social Security Death Index gives her date of birth as 30 April 1887, so one of these late records of birth is incorrect. Edna died 16 July 1972, in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine.(377) She married Marshall Yokell, 30 November 1905, in Livermore Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine.(378) Marshall was born 18 November 1880, in St. Ulric, Quebec, Canada.(379) Marshall was the son of Etienne Yokell and Mary Louise Michaud. Marshall died 6 April 1954, in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine.(380)

When the 1910 census was taken Marshall and Edna were living with two children at 49 Bates St. in Lewiston, Maine. He worked as a mill foreman at the time.(381) Ten years later the 1920 census finds them at 52 Hammond St. in Lewiston with six children. It states that Marshall came to this country from Canada in 1890.(382) The 1930 census finds them living on Sabattus Road in Lewiston with eight children. Marshall worked as the overseer in a cotton mill.(383)

child 163 v. Guy Herbert Wallingford was born in Livermore Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine 2 November 1891.(384) Guy died probably in the early 1950's.(385) He married Amy Dillingham, 3 March 1914, in Maine.(386) They were both living in Canton, Maine at the time of their marriage.

Amy was born about 1898, in Maine. She was age 12 in the April 1910 census, 21 in the 23 Jan 1920 census and 65 when she died. The 1900 census(387) says she was born in May 1896, but this does not match her later ages so may be in error. Her parentage is assumed from census records, but not proven. Amy was the daughter of Charles Dillingham and Bertha E..

Amy died 26 January 1963, in Lewiston, Androscoggin County, Maine.(388)

Guy and Amy were living in Canton, Maine when the 1920 census were taken, not far from where his sister Pearl Jordan was living. Guy worked as a farmer at the time.(389) In 1930 they were living in Livermore Falls, Maine, still with no children, but Amy's 13-year-old sister Dorothy Dillingham was living with them.(390)

child 164 vi. Pearl Levacy Wallingford was born in Maine 25 January 1895. (Based on the 1900 census of Canton, Maine and the Social Security Death Index) Pearl died 20 May 1970, in Rumford, Oxford County, Maine.(391) Her last place of residence was in Jay, Maine.(392) She married William Martin Jordan, 29 December 1912, in Maine.(393) They were both living in Canton, Maine when they got married.

William was born about 1886, in Maine.(394)

They were living in Canton, Maine when the 1920 census was taken, not far from her brother Guy and his wife. William was a farmer at the time.(395) The 1930 census finds the family living on Alden Hill Road in Canton with nine children. William was employed as a farmer.(396) They had fourteen children.(397)

child 165 vii. Hazel E. Wallingford was born in Maine 15 November 1897.(398) The 1900 census of Canton, Maine says she was born in February 1898, but there are other problems with this census record so it may likely be in error. Hazel died 16 November 1962, in Hartford, Conn..(399) She married three times. She married first, Frederick R. Moody, 5 October 1918, in Maine.(400) Hazel was from Canton and Frederick was from Lewiston, Maine at the time they were married.

She married second, Harold W. Bucklin, 29 May 1924, in Livermore Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine.(401) Hazel and Harold were both from Livermore Falls at the time they married. Their marriage ended in divorce.(402)

She married third, John S. DeWolf.(403)

Hazel and Frederick Moody had no children. She had four children with Harold Bucklin.(404) In 1930 Harold and Hazel Bucklin were living in Livermore Falls, Maine with two children. Harold was employed in a paper mill.(405) Hazel has not yet been located in the 1920 census using the indexes at or She was still married to Moody at the time, as the diary entries below attest.

A diary(406) that belonged to Hazel's brother Roland's mother-in-law has some entries that pertain to her:

"From Diary of Violanta Rollins Wyman 1921 Sunday, Sept. 25, 1921 Cold and windy to day. Edna and Roland gone East Monmouth to day, his sister Hazel's baby is dead and they have gone to the funeral Hazel and her husband came home with them. Rain commenced in the early evening rained all night

Monday, Sept. 26, 1921 Pleasant and quite warm this forenoon Edna, Roland, Hazel and Mr. Moody all gone to a party this evening at Crosby's camp

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1921 A lovely day, Hazel and her husband still here They all went to Winthrop this evening."

Hazel had two sons and two daughters who survived he(407) r.

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