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Second Generation

2. Lebanon2 Wallingfords.

In this section are the "Lebanon Wallingfords". These are people who all are from Lebanon, Maine so may very well descend from John Wallingford and Lydia Garland of Lebanon, but exactly how is unknown and may never be known. The family was so large and the records so sparse that untangling the muddle could be impossible.

Their appearance here as "siblings" to one another is purely fictional and is only used so that the computer program that stores their information can more easily print them all out.

Lebanon Wallingfords:

child 6 i. Margaret3 Wallingford. Margaret died 25 September 1848, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(1) All we know about this person is her death record in Lebanon, Maine.

child 7 ii. Clarissa Wallingford. Clarissa died 25 September 1848, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(2)

child + 8 iii. Daniel Wallingford.

child + 9 iv. William Wallingford was born say 1820.

child + 10 v. Judith Wallingford was born about 1820 to 1824.

child + 11 vi. Louisina Wallingford was born 25 February 1823.

child + 12 vii. Giles Wallingford was born about 1825.

child + 13 viii. Charles W. Wallingford was born about 1827.

child + 14 ix. Osgood Wallingford was born about 1833.

child + 15 x. Charles A. Wallingford was born perhaps 1833.

child 16 xi. Lydia Wallingford was born about 1836. (Age 12 at death) Lydia died before 14 October 1848, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(3) Nothing is known about her apart from her newspaper notice of death.

child + 17 xii. Garland Wallingford was born about 1840.

child 18 xiii. Lydia Wallingford. She married Charles T. Davis, 10 March 1867, in Rollinsford, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(4) Lydia was from Lebanon, Maine and Charles from Somersworth, N.H.

The Lydia Wallingford connected to this census record may not be the correct one. She may be the 13-year-old Lydia Wallingford, born in Maine, who was living in the household of Ebenezer and Jane Tebbetts of Somersworth, NH in the 1860 census.(5)

child 19 xiv. James B. Wallingford was born 1849 or 1850. James died of croup, in March 1850, in Lebanon, York County, Maine, aged three months.(6) His death appeared in a record of deaths for the census year 1850, and it said he was aged 3 months.

child 20 xv. Eben P. Wallingford. He married Mary E. Bean, 10 November 1883, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(7) They were both living in Lebanon when they got married. He might be the Ebenezer Wallingford, son of Ebenezer and Mary Ann (Wallingford) Wallingford of Berwick who was born about 1861.

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