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4. Unconnected2 Individuals.

The following individuals are Wallingfords for whom no connection can presently be made to any other family group. In addition, no children have been found for them yet. Their appearance here as "siblings" to one another is purely fictional and is only used so that the computer program that stores their information can more easily print them all out.

Unconnected Individuals:

child 42 i. Chad3 Wallingford. Chad Wallingford only appears in one record, and this from 1723, so it seems likely that he is from an unrelated branch of the family -- perhaps an immigrant from England. Middlesex County Court Records contain a brief record from 1723 (or possibly 1724, as the record is undated and amongst records from both years) which is an order by the court to attach the goods or estate of "Chad Wallingford now resident in Redding within our said County of Middlesex Labourer Other wise called Chad Walliasford of Reding afores. Labourer" to the value of fifty pounds or to take the body of the said Chad into court in Charlestown on the 2nd Tuesday of March next to answer unto Elias Stone of Charlestown, yeoman, for trespass on the 14th of November last. It says that Chad "with force & arms did enter unto a certain lot" belonging to Stone and in his possession containing about 200 acres.(8) The record mentions Chad's name several times, and each time it is perfectly legible as Chad Wallingford, and each time mentions his alias of Chad Walliasford. 'Walliasford' is not a common surname, to say the least. A search of the LDS website for that name revealed no matches in the IGI or Ancestral File, and an Internet search for several metasearch engines on 4 March 2001 revealed not even one hit for the word. The town of 'Redding' mentioned about, is obviously Reading, Mass.

child 43 ii. Mehitabel Wallingford. She married John Beverage, (Intention) 1 June 1727, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.(9) There appears no easy place in the genealogy to put her, unless she is from the branch of the family who went south. She may be a totally unrelated Wallingford or even an adopted member of one of the families. It is unknown what happened to them after their marriage. The 1790 census has no one by the name of Beverage, but there are three by the name of Beveridge, two in Pennsylvania and one in New York. A Thomas Beverege appears in Vinalhaven, Maine.

child 44 iii. Unknown Wallingford. He married Lydia Drew. Lydia was born about 1783, probably in Dover, New Hampshire.(10) Lydia was the daughter of Francis Drew and Elizabeth Watson. All that is known about him is through his wife Lydia Drew, who apparently was referred to as Lydia Wallingford at some point.

child 45 iv. Unknown Wallingford. He married Lydia Wheeler, by 1794. In the 1794 will of her brother Rufus, Lydia is referred to as his "sister Lydia Wallingford".(11) Who she married is unknown at present.

Lydia was born 12 November 1764, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(12) Lydia was the daughter of Lt. Rufus Wheeler and Lydia Pike.

child 46 v. Mrs. Polly Wallingford was born about 1792. (Based on her age of 78 at death) Polly died 23 December 1870, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(13) Her death record appears in the Berwick town records, but it is unknown at present to whom she was married.

child 47 vi. Rebecca Wallingford. She married Jacob Carr, 7 February 1813, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(14) They were both of Milton at the time of their marriage.

child 48 vii. Rachel Wallingford. She married Isaac Bussell, after 15 August 1814. They filed an intention of marriage in Shapleigh, Maine on that date. Rachel was from Alton and Isaac was from Shapleigh.(15) She is currently unplaced in this genealogy, but may be related to Tobias Wallingford who married Marion Corson and Sally Cornell. He moved to Alton, N.H. in 1810.

child 49 viii. Lavinia Wallingford. She married Daniel Pike, 5 December 1816, in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(16) Daniel was the son of Samuel Pike. His mother was either Judith Gilpatrick or Sally Haskell, as his father married twice and it is not known which woman was Daniel's mother.(17) He was from Wolfeboro, N.H. at the time of his marriage.(18)

child 50 ix. Lydia G. Wallingford. She married James Harriman, in 1816.(19) James was from Conway, N.H. at the time of the marriage.

child 51 x. Mary Wallingford was born in Maine about 1797. She appears in the 1860 census of Farmington, NH living with Daniel Wingate, age 69, born N.H. and Sarah Wingate, age 62, born N.H. Daniel was a farmer on land worth $2000. Mary Wallingford could be a widow or a spinster.(20) There is no way to tell from this census record, but it seems reasonably likely that she was related to the Wingates.

child 52 xi. Dolly Wallingford. She married Benjamin Hodsdon, 13 December 1818, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(21) Shackford lists Dolly marriage in his appendix of unconnected Wallingfords. Given the name "Dolly" it would seem likely that she was one of the many missing children of Joshua and Dolly Wallingford of Lebanon, Maine, but there is no evidence at present to prove such a claim. Shackford assigns two marriage records to her, both to Hodsdons in Berwick in the year 1818 -- one in November to James and another in December to Benjamin. But on p.88 of his book he has a James and Dorothy (Wallingford) Hodsdon that are likely this couple. It seems more likely, at least, than having this Dolly marry twice within a month's time. On her marriage record she was said to be from Berwick, which might indicate a family other than the Lebanon one mentioned above.

child 53 xii. Tamsen Wallingford. She married John D. Place, 13 August 1820.(22) John was born 9 January 1801, in Alton, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(23) John was the son of Jonathan Place and Lydia Leighton. According to Shackford he married a second time on 7 May 1826, but no spouse's name is given. According to the Place Genealogy they had a son.

child 54 xiii. Sally Wallingford. She married Thales Downing, 5 March 1821.(24)

child 55 xiv. Susan Wallingford. She married Daniel Dame, 24 November 1824, in Alton, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(25) She was from Alton and he was from Farmington, N.H.

child 56 xv. Salome Wallingford. Salome filed a marriage intention with John H. Waldron on 26 January 1833 in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(26)

child 57 xvi. Asa Wallingford. He married Lucy Glidden, after 30 March 1834, probably in New Durham, New Hampshire.(27) Their marriage intention was certified in New Durham on that date, and both of them were from New Durham at the time.

child 58 xvii. Ann Wallingford was born in February or March 1811. (Based on an age of 20 years, 7 months on her gravestone) Ann died 19 October 1831. She was buried with her husband Ivory and his second wife, as well as other Hodsdons as yet unconnected, in a small private cemetery on the south side of Little River Falls Road in Berwick, Maine.(28) She married Ivory Hodsdon, 11 March 1827, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(29) She was living in Berwick when she got married.

Ivory was born about 1803. (Based on age of 71 on his gravestone)

Ivory died 23 March 1874. He was buried with both his wives in a small private cemetery on the south side of Little River Falls Road in Berwick, Maine.(30)

child 59 xviii. Dorothy Wallingford. Dorothy filed a marriage intention with Volentine C. Waldron on 14 October 1832 in Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(31) At the time of their marriage intention both Dorothy and Volentine were from Lowell. The published Lowell marriage records show no subsequent marriage for them.

There is no Dorothy, Dot, Dotty or Dolly currently in the database who could be this person.

child 60 xix. Mary C. Wallingford. She married Thomas Mason, 26 November 1835.(32) Shackford says they are listed in the History of Porter, Maine, p.94

child 61 xx. Mrs. Catherine Wallingford was born in Germany about 1818. (Aged 49 at death) Catherine died of cancer, 17 October 1867, in Roxbury, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.(33) She was a woman married to an as yet unknown Wallingford. She was born in Germany according to her death record, as were her parents.

child 62 xxi. Daniel Wallingford. He married Ann Wallingford, 12 August 1845, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(34) They were both living in Berwick when they got married. Neither Daniel nor his wife Ann can currently be placed in this genealogy. She was called "Miss" Ann Wallingford on their marriage record. They may already be in the genealogy but it can't be determined which Daniel and Ann they are.

child 63 xxii. Nathaniel Wallingford was born in Maine about 1823. This Nathaniel was found in the 1850 census of Somersworth, N.H.(35) living with the family of Charles and Mary Carr. He was aged 27 and employed as a "Manufacturer". Also living in the house was 82-year-old Susan Wallingford, who is likely Susanna (Corson) Wallingford, wife of Moses of Lebanon, Maine. Jonathan and Rachel (Knox) Wallingford of Berwick, Maine had a son Nathaniel of about the correct age, but he is listed with their family in the 1850 census of Berwick, aged 30.(36) His father Jonathan was nephew of Moses, whose wife Susan(na) may be living in Somersworth with this Nathaniel in 1850. Sometimes people do get listed in two different censuses, so this doesn't preclude them from being one and the same person. One additional note is that Moses Wallingford's property in Lebanon, Maine was passed to a Charles Carr after his death in 1847.(37)

child 64 xxiii. Mary E. Wallingford. She married Walter B.K. Hodgdon, 24 January 1846, in Epping, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(38) They were both from Rochester, N.H. at the time of their marriage.(39)

child 65 xxiv. Ellen F. Wallingford. She married Tracy P. Wales, 26 September 1847, in New York, New York.(40) He was from Beverly and she was from Salem, Mass. at the time of their marriage. All that is known of her is from her marriage record in a New York City newspaper.

child 66 xxv. John Wallingford was born in Maine about 1828. (Based on the 1850 census) This John Wallingford appears in the 1850 census of Berwick, Maine, aged 22, and born in Maine. He was living with a Kezar family and many other individuals.(41)

He may be the John Wallingford, age 36 and born in Berwick who served in the Civil War. He enlisted 19 December 1863, claiming his residence as Berwick but being credited to the town of Gilsum, which is on the other side of the state of N.H. He joined the Veteran Reserve Corps, Company E., 13th N.H. Regiment and was mustered as a private the same day he enlisted. On 3 February 1864 he was claimed as a deserter from the 30th Maine Infantry, supposedly having enlisted 18 September 1863 for three years as a private in Company C of the 30th Maine. There is some confusion in the dates at this point, as it says he was mustered 15 December 1864 to date 18 September 1863, with service being credited to Raymond, Maine. He was discharged 29 September 1865 from Company C of the 30th Maine and died 15 November 1889 in the "National Home" in Togus, Maine.(42) Togus, Maine, four miles east of Augusta, is still home to a Veterans Medical Center, the oldest facility in the current Department of Veterans Affairs, having opened in the fall of 1866.(43) There is also a cemetery there that was in use between 1867 and 1961, and these records are online. John Wallingford who died 15 November 1889 is buried there in Plot E 758.(44)

child 67 xxvi. David W. Wallingford. A David W. Wallingford served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 15th Kansas Calvalry, Co. A., during the Civil War.(45) Correspondence from another Wallingford researchers states that this person may have been from Vermont.(46)

child 68 xxvii. Nathaniel Wallingford. He married Charlotte C. Smith, 4 September 1851, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(47) They had a child born in Somersworth on 13 September 1852.(48)

child 69 xxviii. David Wallingford was born in Vermont. David died 11 July 1883, in Kansas?. This David, reportedly born in Vermont, served in the Civil War from Kansas. He was a Corporal in Co. C., 2nd Kansas Infantry, 20 June to 24 August 1861. 2nd Lieutenant, 15th Kansas Cavalry, 21 August 1863. Honorably discharged 28 April 1865. Appointed 2nd Lieutenant, 2nd U.S. Cavalry, 28 July 1866, 1st Lieutenant, 8 June 1867. Dismissed 10 May 1870. All information on him presently comes from this one source.(49)

child 70 xxix. Ebenezer Wallingford. He married Charlotte Wallingford, after 8 December 1852.(50) They filed their intention in Lebanon and Berwick, Maine on that date. Ebenezer was from Berwick and Charlotte was from Lebanon at the time. When and where (and if) they were actually married is unknown at present.

Charlotte was born about 1832, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(51) She was 18 in the 1850 census.

She appears in the family of Stephen and Mercy Wallingford in the 1850 census of Lebanon, Maine as an 18-year old, born in Maine.(52) She is listed at the end of the family, after several other children aged 2 through 16, so it's possible that she was from a different Wallingford family and only boarding there. Her age of 18 would have her being born before her parents' marriage, which is another indication that she may belong elsewhere. It's possible that he is the Ebenezer Wallingford, son of William B. Wallingford and Joanna Pierce, who also lived in Berwick, but this Ebenezer married a different woman in Berwick in 1854.

child 71 xxx. Ann Wallingford. She married Moses Morrison, 14 May 1853, in Shapleigh, York County, Maine.(53) They were both living in Shapleigh when they got married.

child 72 xxxi. Sarah Wallingford. She married Ivory Henry Hayes, 21 July 1854, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(54) Ivory was born 20 April 1834, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(55) Ivory was the son of Ivory Hayes and Charity Tate. She may be the daughter of William B. and Joanna (Pierce) Wallingford of Berwick, but the name is too common for there to be any certainty in the matter. Her marriage record states that the Sarah who married Ivory Hayes was "of Berwick". A clue to her identity might be found in the fact that her marriage record in the Berwick records is found next to that of Ebenezer Wallingford and Mary A. Wallingford, both having been performed by Samuel W. Fox, Justice of the Peace. Ebenezer was son of William B. and Joanna (Pierce) Wallingford while Mary A. was daughter of William B.'s brother Jonathan and his wife Rachel Knox. It would seem likely that Sarah would belong to one of these families, strengthening the possibility that she was daughter of William B.

Ivory had one child, Flora Bell Hayes, born 11 December 1864 in Portland, Maine, but it doesn't state which of his two wives is the mother.(56)

child 73 xxxii. Reuben H. Wallingford was born in Maine about 1841. (He was 29 in the 1870 census of Lebanon.) He married Patience Wallingford, 19 November 1864, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(57) They were both living in Berwick when they got married.

Patience was born about 1846, in Maine. (She was 24 in the 1870 census of Lebanon.)

Both Reuben and Patience are currently unplaced in the genealogy. They appear on the 1870 census of Lebanon, Maine. He was a farm laborer who owned no land and they had no children listed with them.(58)

A Reuben C. Wallingford, born in Maine, aged 18, enlisted in the Civil War in the 14th N.H. Regiment, Company F. substitute, on 2 August 1864. He was mustered that same day and discharged in Philadelphia on 31 May 1865. His service was credited to the town of Somersworth.(59)

A privately kept Lebanon death record book records the death of an Isaac Wallingford on 29 January 1885 "at Reuben Wallingford's".(60) Who this Isaac is, is unproven at present, but he may be the son of William B. Wallingford and Joanna Pierce.

child 74 xxxiii. Mary J. Wallingford was born in Great Falls (part of Somersworth), Strafford County, New Hampshire about 1842. She married second, William Dench, 7 November 1865, in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts.(61) William was born about 1841, in Dennisport, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. All that is known about Mary is from her marriage record. On this record it stated that it was her second marriage, so she was likely not even born a Wallingford. Unfortunately we do not know who her first husband was. Also, the marriage record did not give the parentage for either the bride or groom. Mary was age 23 and born in Great Falls, N.H. It was William Dench's first marriage and his occupation was listed as sailor.

child 75 xxxiv. Lucy C. Wallingford was born in Alfred, York County, Maine about 1871. (Marriage record) She married George Franklin Ham, 7 November 1903, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(62) George was from Waterboro, Maine and Lucy was from Sanford, Maine at the time they were married.

George was born about 1880, in Waterboro, York County, Maine. (Marriage record) It's possible that she may be the Lucy A. Wallingford, daughter of Daniel and Abigail of Lebanon and Sanford, Maine, who was born about 1869. That Lucy married a Herbert E. Wallingford, but he remarried in 1904 so they could have divorced leaving Lucy to remarry George Ham. More information is needed.

child 76 xxxv. Moses Wallingford was born in Sanford, York County, Maine about 1879.(63) He married twice. He married first, Anne McDaniel, 30 May 1896, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(64) Anne was the daughter of Thomas McDaniel and Angie Burnham. He married second, Maud Maxwell, 27 July 1903, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(65) Maud was born about 1886, in Springvale, York County, Maine.(66) Shackford seems to indicate that his father's name was Daniel, but does not say anything about his father. This information apparently comes from Moses' marriage records in the NHVR.(67)

child 77 xxxvi. Grace M. Wallingford was born about 1884.(68) She married Harry William Ham, 25 December 1901, probably in Berwick, Maine.(69) Harry was born about 1880.(70) Harry was the son of Frank Ham. Shackford calls him William Harry Ham but in the 1905 Waterboro directory he was listed as Harry W. Ham. Harry and Grace were living in East Waterboro, Maine with two daughters when the 1905 Waterboro directory was published. He was a mill worker at the time.(71) She was supposedly living in Waterloo, Maine when Charles Wallingford tried to contact her for information about his 1942 Wallingford genealogy. The letter was returned as undelivered.(72) Shackford seems to indicate that her father's name was Daniel, but does not place her in the family of any known Daniel Wallingford. That information likely comes from her marriage record in the Berwick vital statistics.(73)

child 78 xxxvii. Maud Dellas Wallingford was born 1 April 1887. (Calculated from gravestone age) Maud died 24 November 1964, in Waterboro, York County, Maine.(74) She was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Alfred, Maine with an Edward Maxwell, whose relationship is unknown at present.(75) All that is known of her is from her death and cemetery records. It seems likely that Wallingford is her married name, but, if so, her husband is unknown at present.

child 79 xxxviii. Florence Wallingford was born in Springvale, York County, Maine about 1893.(76) She married Lawrence Rubino, 13 July 1911, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(77) Lawrence was born about 1879, in Italy.(78) The last letter of his surname was hard to read in Shackford's book and could be something different. They had a child who died 1 January 1912 in Rochester.(79)

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