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3. Unconnected2 Families.

The individuals who follow, listed as children of "Unconnected Families", are simply Wallingfords for whom a connection to the family is presently unknown. Giving them all the same "father" allows the genealogy program in which they are stored to produce reports on them in an effective manner. Their inclusion in one big "family" is not based in any kind of reality. It's just a convenient fiction. They are included here instead of the "Unconnected Individuals" section because they have children.

Unconnected Families:

child + 21 i. Amos3 Walllingford.

child + 22 ii. Henry Wallingford.

child + 23 iii. Lucy Wallingford was born say 1710 to 1720.

child + 24 iv. Ezekiel Wallingford.

child + 25 v. Joseph Wallingford.

child + 26 vi. Joseph Wallingford.

child + 27 vii. Samuel Wallingford was born about 1793.

child + 28 viii. Ebenezer Wallingford was born 16 May 1794.

child + 29 ix. Thomas Wallingford was born about 1795.

child + 30 x. Joanna Wallingford.

child + 31 xi. Joseph Wallingford was born about 1808.

child + 32 xii. Elizabeth Wallingford was born in 1811.

child + 33 xiii. Hannah Wallingford was born in 1816.

child + 34 xiv. William Tarbox Wallingford was born 23 May 1817.

child + 35 xv. William Wallingford was born about 1823.

child + 36 xvi. Rebecca Wallingford.

child + 37 xvii. Joseph Wallingford.

child + 38 xviii. Ella Wallingford.

child + 39 xix. Lita B. Wallingford.

child + 40 xx. Barbara Wallingford (living status unknown).

child + 41 xxi. Robert Edgar Wallingford (living status unknown).

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