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10. Judith3 Wallingford (Lebanon2 Wallingfords, Unconnected1) was born in Maine about 1820 to 1824. (She was age 39 in the 1860 census implying birth about 1820 yet the age on her gravestone is 56y, 7m, implying birth about October or November of 1824. She gave her age as 44 in November 1864 when she deposed for her husband's Civil War pension records.) Judith died 4 June 1881. She was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Berwick, Maine.(106)

She married twice. She married first, Jotham S. Berry, before 5 May 1845, in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(107) Jotham was of Portsmouth and Judith was from Lebanon, Maine.

Jotham was born about 1820. (Based on an age of 25 at death)

Jotham died 16 April 1846, in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(108) She married second, Elbridge Colomy, 15 November 1847, in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(109) Elbridge was born about January 1827, in New Hampshire. (Based on the 1860 census and his age of 37y, 7m at death.)

Elbridge died from diarrhea and dropsy, 24, 27 or 28 August 1864, at the Confederate prison in Andersonville, Georgia, at 37 years of age. His tombstone is in the Evergreen Cemetery in Berwick, Maine (gives a date of the 24th) and states that he was a member of Co. C. of the 17th Maine during the Civil War, and tells where he died.(110) He is actually buried in the large prison surrounding the Andersonville site rather than in Berwick, in grave number 7017.(111) His Civil War pension records give the date as the 28th, which disagrees with the tombstone record, and another Civil War website, (source not recorded) gives the date as the 27th.

Elbridge enlisted in the 17th Maine at Berwick on or about the 25th of May, 1862 for a term of three years. He was captured in Virginia on 23 June 1864. The 17th Maine was located on Jerusalem Plank Road on the 22nd and 23d of June 1864. The 17th Maine was involved in some of the most serious engagements of the Civil War, including the battles of Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Cold Harbor. It was during the long siege of Petersburg, Virginia that Elbridge was captured. He arrived at Andersonville in reasonably good health but the harsh conditions of the prison ruined his health and he died a few months later.

Her place within the Wallingford family is presently unclear, but it highly probable that she belongs to one of the maze of Wallingford families that lived in the area of Lebanon, Maine once known as "Wallingford City" in the southern part of the town near the border with Berwick. Her identity as a Wallingford comes the marriage record of her daughter Abbie.

Census records give the best clues as to her ancestry. She and her husband Elbridge clearly appear in the 1860 census of Lebanon with their two children Jacob, 4, and Abba, 2. Elbridge was a 33-year old shoemaker born in New Hampshire, living on a $300 piece of property with personal property valued at $100. Judith's age was given as 39, born in Maine. Living with them is a Betsey Wallingford, aged 78, born in Maine, as well as Wellington R., (whose last name wasn't given so could be either Colomy, Wallingford, or something else entirely), age 17, a shoemaker born in Maine.(112) This Betsey Wallingford is very likely one of two people. It is either Betsey (Rankins) Wallingford, wife of Garland Wallingford, born probably in the late 1770s, or Betsey (Downs) Wallingford, wife of Aaron Wallingford, born about 1775. An age of 78 in the 1860 census suggests a birthdate about 1782, but this probably just means her age was wrong in the census as there are no other likely Betseys whom this could be. Aaron and Garland Wallingford are brothers, both sons of John and Lydia (Garland) Wallingford. Judith (Wallingford) Colomy could be either the daughter or granddaughter of either Aaron or Garland.

Another clue, along with more questions, comes from the 1850 census of Lebanon, where a Judith and a John Colomy, both age 30 and born in Maine, are living in the household of Aaron and "Betty" Wallingford(113). This would seem to be further proof that Judith was a daughter or granddaughter of Aaron (aged 75 in the 1850 census) but who is this John Colomy? Could it be that the census taker made an error and it really should be Elbridge? Based on the fact that Judith and Elbridge were married in 1847 it seems likely that it is just a mistake. It could be an entirely different Judith Colomy than the one in the 1860 census. Also notice the difference in ages between Elbridge and John Colomy as well, although census ages are notoriously bad of course. Elbridge was born about January 1827, based on his age of 37 years, 7 months at his death at the Andersonville prison on 24 August 1864. That jives with an age of 33 in the 1860 census, but not 30 in 1850. John Colomy in the 1850 seems like he could be a different person.

The bottom line is that the Lebanon Wallingfords are so hopelessly tangled that it is impossible at present to place Judith exactly where she belongs. That she belongs to one of these families, probably either Aaron's or Garland's, seems likely however.

Much of the information on her family comes from the Civil War pension record of her husband Elbridge, who died at Andersonville prison.(114) Her first marriage is deduced from the fact that in her pension record it states that her "maiden" name at the time of her marriage to Elbridge was Berry, coupled with the fact that the Jotham Berry who married Judith Wallingford in 1845 died in April 1846. Her daughter's marriage record calls her a Wallingford, so this first marriage seems highly probable. The pension file includes affidavits stating that her children were born in Lebanon in 1856 and 1858, and she was living in Lebanon during the 1860 census, however by November 1864 she was living in Berwick.

Judith Wallingford and Elbridge Colomy had the following children:

child 86 i. Jacob H.4 Colomy was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine 1 February 1856.(115)

child 87 ii. Abbie A. Colomy was born in Berwick or Lebanon, Maine 10 February 1858.(116) (Marriage record gives Berwick, pension record gives Lebanon) Abbie died in 1921.(117) She married Orlando Sydney Barr, 1 June 1893, in Peabody, Essex County, Massachusetts.(118) Orlando was born about 1854, in West Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts. (From marriage record) Orlando was the son of James P. Barr and Jerusha A. Woods.

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