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14. Osgood3 Wallingford (Lebanon2 Wallingfords, Unconnected1) was born in Maine about 1833. (Based on the 1850 census of Lebanon, Maine and the 1860 census of Somersworth, N.H.)

He married twice. He married Lizzy R., say 1851, probably in Maine. (Based on the 1860 census)

Lizzy was born about 1830, in New Hampshire. (Based on the 1860 census)

He married second, Eliza, by 1875. Eliza was born about 1834/35, in New Hampshire. (Based on the 1880 census)

In 1850 16-year old Osgood Wallingford, born in Maine, was living in the household of Charles and Elizabeth Shapleigh in the area of Lebanon, Maine known as "Wallingford City" due to its heavy concentration of Wallingford families. There was an Alonzo Knox, aged 13, also living there, but no one who could be a 20-year old Lizzy that appears with him in the next census.(160)

He is found in the 1860 census of Somersworth, a 27-year old baker born in Maine, living with a Lizzy R. Wallingford, age 30, born N.H., who is probably a wife but could be a sister or other relation. Also with them is an Amanda [M.?] Neal, age 11, born N.H.(161)

In the 1870 census he is living in Dover, N.H. with his 18-year old daughter Cora B. and another probable daughter, 8-year-old Lucy R. He was employed in a shoe factory at the time. Lizzy is no longer living with him so may have been dead by this time.(162)

The 1880 census finds them still in Dover. This time Osgood is a 50-year-old laborer living with his wife Eliza, daughter Corah, and a five-year-old daughter Mary.(163) This wife Eliza is treated here as a second wife, although she may be the first wife "Lizzy" who may have been absent from the 1870 census for some reason other than her death.

Osgood is as yet unplaced in this genealogy but most probably belongs to one of the Wallingford families of Lebanon, Maine that are a big tangled mess.

Osgood Wallingford and Lizzy R. had the following children:

child 92 i. Cora B.4 Wallingford was born in New Hampshire about 1860. Her marriage record states that she was born in "West Falls", N.H., which may be a part of Dover. Her date of birth is unknown. She does not appear with her parents in the 1860 census, yet in the 1870 census is listed as 18 years old, occupation domestic, implying birth about 1852(164). In the 1880 census she is listed as 24, implying birth about 1856(165) , while her 1886 marriage record has her aged 26, implying birth about 1860. Her marriage record also named her parents as Osgood and "Melessa". Melessa could be the same person as the "Lizzy" who is enumerated with Osgood in the 1860 census. There is no wife with Osgood in the 1870 census, but in 1880 his wife's name is Eliza. This could be a second wife for Osgood. She married Ira A. Herrick, 2 September 1886, in Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(166) Ira was a salesman living in Boston and Cora was living in Woburn when they were married.

Ira was born about 1859/60, in England. He was age 26, born in England to John and Ellen Herrick on his marriage record. Ira was the son of John Herrick and Ellen.

Ira and Cora couldn't be located in the 1900 census indexes on as of 11 Nov 2003. Alternative spellings were not checked.

child 93 ii. Lucy R. Wallingford was born in New Hampshire about 1861/62. Her placement in this family is based solely on the 1870 census where she was 8 years old and listed with Osgood and Cora B. No relationship is stated but daughter of Osgood is the most likely.(167) She was not listed with her father's household in the 1880 census of Dover.

Osgood Wallingford and Eliza had the following child:

child 94 iii. Mary Wallingford was born probably in Dover, New Hampshire about 1874/75. (Based on the 1880 census)

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