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11. Louisina3 Wallingford (Lebanon2 Wallingfords, Unconnected1) was born 25 February 1823.(119) (Date from gravestone) Louisina died probably after 1891. She was buried in City Cemetery in Rochester, N.H.(120)

She married Phineas Corson, 12 May 1850, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(121) They were both from Lebanon at the time they were married. Her name was spelled Louisana on her marriage record and Lousina on the marriage intention.

Phineas was born 7 September 1800.(122) (Parentage from an email from a member of the Corson Mailing List.) Phineas was the son of Levi Corson and Sally Hodsdon.

Phineas died 21 August 1873, probably in Lebanon, Maine.(123) He was buried in the City Cemetery in Rochester, N.H. Her name was spelled Louisina on her marriage intention and Lucania on her gravestone, and may likely have also been Lucinda. There is some confusion about her identify, and her parentage is not proven. Her gravestone record, as Lucania Corson, wife of Phineas, appears in the published Lebanon vital records as being among those removed to the City Cemetery in Rochester, N.H. On it is given her birth date of 25 February 1823, yet these published records offer no death date, which would suggest that her death occurred after the cut-off date for the book of 1891. There is a Lucinda Wallingford, daughter of Daniel and Lydia Wallingford, who died on 3 or 4 May 1852. This Lucinda is aged 29y, 2m, suggesting a birth date in the month before 4 March 1823, which is very close to the date on Louisiana's gravestone. Her grave is in a small private lot on the Parsonage land in West Lebanon Village.(124) So we have two separate gravestones for Lucinda Wallingford/Lucania Corson for individuals born at about the same time. Are they the same person? If Phineas Corson's wife had her stone made up before her death, then she was actually buried elsewhere two years after they were married, they could pertain to the same person. But this seems unlikely so they will be treated as two separate individuals with similar names and birthdates, and the wife of Phineas Corson will be unconnected in the genealogy.

Louisina Wallingford and Phineas Corson had the following child:

child 88 i. Elmer E.4 Corson was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine in 1861.(125) He married Hattie May Ricker, 2 October 1886, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(126) Hattie was born 19 June 1867, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(127) Hattie was the daughter of Winslow Wright Ricker and Mary A. Gowen. They had a daughter born in Rochester(128) and later lived in Wollaston, Mass.(129)

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