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12. Giles3 Wallingford (Lebanon2 Wallingfords, Unconnected1) was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine about 1825.(130) (Calculated from the 1850 census) Giles died probably by July 1860.(131)

He married twice. He married first, Malinda Wallingford, 14 July 1850, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(132) Their marriage intention was filed in Lebanon, Maine on 27 January 1849(133) and in Berwick, Maine the next day.(134) Giles was from Lebanon and Melinda from Berwick at the time they were married. They may have ended up getting divorced soon after the wedding since Giles married again six months later, and a year and a half before Melinda died.

Malinda was born about May 1830. (Based on age of 22 yrs. 2 mos. on gravestone (in 1852), although the census said she was 22 in 1850) Malinda was the daughter of Jonathan Wallingford and Rachel Knox.

Malinda died 14 July 1852.(135) She was buried in a private cemetery on the north side of Blaisdell's Corner Road in Berwick, Maine.

Her name was also spelled Merlinda and Melinda.

He married second, Margaret Ann Bean, 15 January 1851, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(136) Margaret was born about 1834, in Mercer, Somerset County, Maine.(137) Margaret(138) was the daughter of John Bean and Ann.

Giles' place in the genealogy is unknown, but it is very likely that he is a member of the currently confused Lebanon, Maine branch of the family that descends from John Wallingford and Lydia Garland. John and Lydia moved from Rochester, N.H. to Lebanon, Maine in the decade before the Revolutionary War and had several sons, each of whom had several sons of their own. Giles is probably their great-grandson or great-great grandson.

In the 1850 census of Somersworth, N.H. Giles, a 25-year old labourer born in Maine, and Malinda, 22, born Maine, are living in the household of Samuel and Ann (Wallingford) Randall. Also with them is a Martha J. Wallingford, 16, born in Maine, who may be a sister of Giles.(139) It is probably likely that Ann (Wallingford) Randall is the sister of either Giles or his wife Malinda, but it is has thus far not been possible to determine the relationship.

The names of their two children come from a document handed down by a family member with a family heirloom sugar bowl. This note was written by the wife of Roland Wallingford, who was the son of George. The note reads:

"This Mulberry sugar bowl belonged to the mother of Margaret Ann Bean who was married to Giles Wallingford. Said Margaret had two children, namely, George and Malinda.

"George Wallingford married Sarah Kincaid. They had a family of eight children, the eldest daughter was Edna who married Marshal Yokell.

"This sugar bowl and pitcher is to be given to Phyllis Allen a daughter of Edna Wallingford Yokell.

The Mulberry Sugar Bowl

"In the olden days sugar was a luxury and was used only when guests were present or on special occasions. It was hoarded carefully.

"One day when the grandparents of George and Malinda Wallingford were absent, the children, who made their home with their grandparents, decided that they would help themselves to some sugar. Taking a spoon, they climbed to the cupboard where the Mulberry sugar bowl was kept. Malinda being the girl reached in and took the first spoonful. Alas! The grandmother had anticipated what might happen and had filled the sugar bowl with Epsom salts. They never got in the sugar bowl again."(140)

George and Malinda were living with a Bean family, presumably their grandparents, in the 1860 census of Mercer, Maine. George, age 7, and Malinda, age 5, were both said to have been born in New Hampshire. They were in the household of John and Ann Bean, and also living with them was 25-year-old Ann Wallingford (spelled Walingford in the census) who is likely their mother.(141) This would indicate that Giles either died or they were divorced at some point before the census was taken on 5 July 1860.

Giles Wallingford and Margaret Ann Bean had the following children:

child + 89 i. George William4 Wallingford was born in February, about 1854.

child 90 ii. Malinda Wallingford was born in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire 6 February 1855.(142) Malinda died 3 May 1875, in Mercer, Somerset County, Maine.(143) She married Samuel Francis Bean, 23 August 1873, in Mercer, Somerset County, Maine.(144) Samuel was born 25 April 1845, in Mercer, Somerset County, Maine.(145) Samuel was the son of William Bean and Roseanna Kelley. Samuel died 12 June 1916, in St. Cloud, Osceola County, Florida.(146)

Matilda and Samuel were likely cousins of some sort. In the 1860 census of Mercer, Maine the families of John Bean (Matilda's grandfather) and William Bean (Samuel's father) were living next door to one another). John was age 56, sixteen years older than William, so in theory could be either an older brother or an uncle, but in William's family there is living a Samuel and Matilda Bean aged 62 and 61 who appear to be his parents. If this is the case, they can't also be the parents of John so if there is a close relationship John is probably brother to Samuel and uncle to William, making Matilda and her husband Samuel Francis Bean second cousins. After Malinda's untimely death Samuel apparently married two more times. This first remarriage was in 1890.(147) In 1880 he was back living with his parents in Mercer, Maine. Also enumerated in his parents' household were their grandchildren Sophona (age 5) and Herbert Bean (age 3).(148) These may be children of Samuel and Malinda (Wallingford) Bean.

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