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117. Hiram Longley4 Wallingford (Ebenezer3, Unconnected2 Families, Unconnected1 Wallingfords) was born in Alton, Strafford County, New Hampshire 7 May 1826.(604) Alton is given as his place of birth on his marriage record, and he was age 23 at the time. Alton is also the place of birth given on his childrens' birth records. Hiram died of heart disease, 8 October 1904, in Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire.(605)

He married Hannah Horton, 16 October 1849, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.(606) They were both living in Boston when they got married.

Hannah was born 18 October 1823, in Clarendon, Rutland County, Vermont.(607) Her marriage record states that she was age 27, born in Clarendon, Vt. to Hopkins Horton. The same birth place is given on the birth records of her children. Hannah was the daughter of Hopkins Horton and Hannah K. Northrop?.

Hannah died 14 June 1903, in Alton, Belknap County, New Hampshire.(608) Charles Wallingford has her maiden name as Norton, but her marriage record as well as Lexington vital records of her son Waldo's marriage say it is Horton. Hopkins Horton also appears in the 1830 census of Clarenton, Vt.

He and Hannah are listed in the 1850 census of Boston, where his occupation is "truckman".(609) There is also a H.L. Wallingford, age 26, a laborer born in N.H. listed as living at a boarding house in the 9th ward of Boston in the same census.(610) This may be where he lived prior to his marriage and somehow he was recorded as still there by the censustaker. He is called a teamster on both his marriage and his death records and on the birth records of many of his children.

Their address was 60 South St. in Boston when son Herbert was born in September 1852. When Ella was born in May 1854 they were on Harvard St. When son Ernest was born in January 1856 they were living at 18 Bennett St. in Boston and Hiram was employed as an expressman. When Bertha was born in June 1857 they were living on Albany St. in Boston and Hiram was a teamster. When daughter Emma was born in May 1858 she was born on 9 Albany St. in Boston. The preceding entry in the birth records was for Mary Ann Chapin, born at the same address on May 10th to Gardner D. and Lydia K. Chapin. He was born in Ogdensburg, N.Y. but she was born in Clarendon, Vt., which is where Hiram's wife Hannah was from as well. She may have been Hannah's sister and they may have all been living together.

Their son Waldo was born at 58 Lincoln St. in Boston in September 1859, which may have been their residence. When the 1860 census was taken in July they were living in Boston's Ward 8 and two of Hiram's brothers were living there as well. His brother Joseph was there with his new bride Mary , and his youngest brother William was there as well.Hiram was a salesman who owned no real estate but had personal property worth $500. Brothers Joseph and William worked as teamsters.(611)

When daughter Mabel was born in 1864 Hiram worked as a teamster and they were still living in Boston. Mabel died in Clarendon, Vt., the following year, but they were probably just visiting family at the time rather than living there.

Hiram Longley Wallingford and Hannah Horton had the following children:

child + 223 i. Edwin Eugene5 Wallingford was born 12 December 1850. Birth site: 5 East Orange St..

child 224 ii. Herbert Judson Wallingford was born in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 14 September 1852.(612) Herbert died of influenza of the lungs, 14 April 1854, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, at the age of 1 year and 7 months.(613)

child 225 iii. Ella Emmagene Wallingford was born in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 1 May 1854.(614) She married Edward Quincy, 4 February 1885, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.(615) Edward was a conductor and they were both living in Boston at the time they were married.

Edward was born about 1860/61, in Clarendon, Rutland County, Vermont. He was aged 24, born in Clarendon, Vt. to Thomas and Mary Quincy according to his marriage record. Edward was the son of Thomas Quincy and Mary.

They were living in Boston around 1928.(616)

child + 226 iv. Ernest Emerick Wallingford was born 27 January 1856.

child 227 v. Bertha Ada Wallingford was born in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 12 June 1857.(617) Bertha died an accidental death, 14 June 1859, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, at 2 years of age.(618)

child + 228 vi. Emma Lillian Wallingford was born 22 May 1858.

child + 229 vii. Waldo Augustus Wallingford was born 26 September 1859.

child 230 viii. Mabel Sarah Wallingford was born in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts 29 March 1864.(619) Mabel died 15 or 26 July 1865, in Clarendon, Rutland County, Vermont.(620) Shackford calls her Mabel Sarah while her death record refers to her as Bertha.

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