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111. Mary4 Wallingford (Ezekiel3, Unconnected2 Families, Unconnected1 Wallingfords) was born in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts 26 June 1743.(527) Mary died on or after 6 November 1778. (The date of birth of her last child)

She married Elijah Osgood, 19 November 1760, in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts.(528) They were both of Lancaster at the time of their marriage.

Elijah was born 27 March or May 1740, in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts.(529) The record of his birth wasn't found in the published vital records of Lancaster, but Elijah, son of Benjamin Osgood was baptized there on 23 January 1739/40.(530) Elijah was the son of Benjamin Osgood and Hannah Divoll.

Elijah died in December 1822, in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.(531) Elijah marched to Springfield upon the alarm of 1757.(532) The alarm of 1757 must have something to do with the French and Indian War that was taking place at the time. They moved from Lancaster, Mass. to Swanzey, N.H. sometime between the birth of their daughter Submit in April 1763 and the baptism of their son Elijah in January 1768 (when they were referred to as "of Swanzy"). He was dismissed to "ye Chh of Christ in Swanzey" in 1769.(533) For more on this family see the History of Swanzey, N.H. and the Osgood Genealogy.

Mary Wallingford and Elijah Osgood had the following children:

child 197 i. Submit5 Osgood was born in Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts 14 April 1763.(534) Submit died 29 February 1837, in Stockbridge, Windsor County, Vermont.(535) She married Jedediah Chamberlain, by 1802.(536) (When their first child was born) Jedediah was a farmer from Keene, N.H. and Stockbridge, Vt. They had at least five children.(537)

child 198 ii. Elijah Osgood was born probably in either Lancaster, Mass., or Swanzey, N.H. 21 March 1765?.(538) The Osgood genealogy says that he was "born 21 Mar., 1761, or according to history of Swanzey, 1765". The History of Swanzey does indeed give a date of 21 March 1765.(539) Neither his birth nor his baptism appear in the published records of Lancaster, and Swanzey records haven't been checked yet. The 1761 date was one year after his parents' marriage, so is certainly possible, and the 1765 date falls neatly between the dates of birth of his sister Submit in 1763 and his brother Ezekiel in 1767, so that is certainly possible as well. The 1765 date seems more likely as the Swanzey book includes all the birth dates for the Osgood children except Submit, whose birth is recorded in Lancaster. It seems likely that he got his data from Swanzey records. Elijah died 23 March 1847, in Almond, Alleghany County, New York.(540) He married Elizabeth Thompson, 16 October 1788, in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.(541) According to the history of Swanzey this was Elizabeth's second marriage.(542)

Elizabeth was born 11 July 1771, in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.(543) Elizabeth was the daughter of Roger Thompson and Elizabeth. Elizabeth died 13 June 1829.(544) Elijah was a carpenter and joiner, and moved from Swanzey to Sullivan, N.H., then to Almond, N.Y. in 1810. They had eight children.(545)

child 199 iii. Ezekiel Osgood was born in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire 3 May 1767.(546) Ezekiel, son of Mr. Elijah Osgood of Swanzy and his wife, was baptized in Lancaster, Mass. on 24 January 1768.(547) Ezekiel died 7 August 1851.(548) He married Esther Hills, 16 January 1787.(549) Esther was born 31 May 1772, in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.(550) Esther was the daughter of Samuel Hills and Esther Graves. Esther died 26 December 1851.(551) Ezekiel was a farmer and resided on the farm of his father in Swanzey. He had ten children.(552)

child 200 iv. Lydia Osgood was born probably in Swanzey, N.H. 14 October 1769.(553) Lydia died 21 October 1840.(554) She married Asaph Lane, 1 September 1791.(555) Asaph was born about 1758.(556) Asaph died 22 September 1837 or 1845, in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.(557) Asaph was a farmer of Swanzey. They had four daughters.(558)

child 201 v. Infant Osgood.(559) (This child was a twin with Oliver.) Infant died 10 or 16 August 1771, probably in Swanzey, N.H..(560)

child 202 vi. Oliver Osgood. (He was a twin.) Oliver died 18 August 1771, probably in Swanzey, N.H..(561)

child 203 vii. Oliver Osgood was born in Swanzey, Cheshire County, New Hampshire 21 August 1772 or 1773.(562) The Osgood genealogy's birth year of 1773 seems more likely, given the dates of birth of his other siblings. Oliver died 31 August 1848, in Stockholm, St. Lawrence County, New York.(563) He married Huldah Dimmock, 7 December 1795.(564) Huldah was from Sullivan, N.H.

Huldah died 29 March 1864.(565) Oliver was a farmer and moved to Pittsford, Vt. for nine years before moving to Richmond, Vt., then Crown Point, N.Y., and finally to Stockholm, N.Y. They had ten children.(566)

child 204 viii. Lucy Osgood was born before 1 September 1776. Lucy died 25 December 1777, probably in Swanzey, N.H..(567) She was baptized 1 September 1776 probably in Swanzey, N.H..(568)

child 205 ix. Lucy Osgood was born probably in Swanzey, N.H. 6 November 1778.(569) Lucy died 25 March 1868, in Gilsum, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.(570) She married Aaron Hammond, 29 March 1803.(571) Aaron was born 9 May 1778.(572) Aaron was the son of Aaron Hammond and Rachel Woodward. Aaron died 23 March 1812.(573) Aaron was of Swanzey. They had four children.(574)

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