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Adams, Captain James (marriage to Mary Cole) (i1189), b.1752-d.1793
Adams, Nathan Webb (marriage to Elizabeth Cole) (i1190), b.1756-d.1831


Alexander, Charles Winthrop (marriage to Sarah Helen Wallingford) (i903), b.1892-
Alexander, Elizabeth Wood (i904), b.1920-


Allen, Isabel (marriage to Louis Edward Villaire) (i1666), b.1865-d.1913


Anderson, Shirley May (marriage to Donald Blanchard Wallingford) (i1849), b.1925-d.1996


Andrews, Clarence L. (marriage to Eva Wallingford) (i1027), b.1874-
Andrews, Ethel M. (i1029), b.1896-
Andrews, Female (i1028), b.1895-
Andrews, Nathaniel (marriage to Abigail Wallingford) (i669)
Andrews, Unknown (i1031), b.1902-


Armstrong, Charles (marriage to Alice Edla Martin) (i1473)


Atkins, Carrie (marriage to Herman A. Wallingford) (i883), b.1861-d.1923


Ayer, David (i1788), b.1714-d.1767
Ayer, Hannah (i1787), b.1710-
Ayer, Nathaniel (marriage to Esther Wallingford) (i1780), b.1676-d.1754
Ayer, Sarah (i1789), b.1716-
Ayer, Susannah (i1786), b.1707-d.1769


Bailey, Aaron (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i596), b.1765-
Bailey, Aaron, Jr. (i1617), b.1791-d.1800
Bailey, Alden H. (marriage to Alice Wallingford) (i1330), b.1889-d.1964
Bailey, Andrew (i1616), b.1788-d.1852
Bailey, Angeline (i1615), b.1786-
Bailey, David (i1618), b.1793-d.1868
Bailey, Elizabeth (i1614), b.1785-
Bailey, Elizabeth (i1619), b.1795-d.1868
Bailey, Fanny (i3070), b.1807-d.1884
Bailey, Freeman (i1620), b.1797-d.1862
Bailey, Joel (i1621), b.1800-
Bailey, Roena (i1622), b.1803-
Bailey, Susannah (i3074), b.1787-


Baker, Elisabeth (marriage to Joseph Wallingford) (i1403)
Baker, Lydia (marriage to Samuel Wallingford) (i114), b.1759-d.1828


Balch, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel Wallingford) (i1161), b.1776-d.1847


Bangs, Leonard L. (marriage to Morrilla Moulton) (i1116)
Bangs, Lucius J. (marriage to Emma E. Moulton) (i1118)


Barry, William E. (marriage to Florence Wallingford Hooper) (i1702), b.1846-d.1932


Batchelder, Betsey (marriage to David W. Moulton) (i1106)


Belknap, Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Ayer) (i2954), b.1706-d.1762


Beman, Lydia (marriage to William Palmer) (i1792), d.1762


Bennett, Erastus (marriage to Elizabeth Bailey) (i3069)


Berry, Ruth Rena (marriage to Harry Erving Wallingford) (i2093) (living status unknown)


Blair, Albert (i3704), b.1845-
Blair, Ann (i3706), b.1850-
Blair, Gaylord (marriage to Esther Wallingford) (i2632), b.1807-
Blair, Maria (i3705), b.1847-
Blair, Mary (i3707), b.1860-


Blaisdell, Rhoda (marriage to Amos P. Wallingford) (i300), b.1800-d.1863


Blake, Andrew B. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Wallingford) (i1178)


Blanchard, Irene Valerie (marriage to Kirk Byron Wallingford) (i1248), b.1889-d.1958


Blood, Ira A. (marriage to Mary Emma Martin) (i1471)


Bohen, Isabelle Victoria (marriage to Byron S. Wallingford) (i1175), b.1848-


Boynton, Charles Wesley (i1165), b.1831-d.1889
Boynton, Eldridge Hale (i1164), b.1825-
Boynton, Frances Ellen (i1166), b.1834-
Boynton, George Osgood (i1168), b.1836-
Boynton, Henry Wright (i1169), b.1839-
Boynton, Osgood George (marriage to Rebecca Wallingford) (i1163), b.1802-d.1868
Boynton, Wilder P. (marriage to Abigail W. Moulton) (i1110)


Bragdon, Isabella (marriage to Silas Goodwin) (i40), d.1800


Brewster, Phebe (marriage to Amos Wallingford) (i315), b.1766-d.1837
Brewster, Unknown (marriage to Samuel Wentworth) (i1643), b.1772-d.1843


Brigham, Aaron (marriage to Elvira Wallingford) (i148), b.1797-d.1876


Brock, Cyrus (i673)
Brock, David (i672)
Brock, Nathaniel (marriage to Betsey Wallingford) (i671), b.1776-d.1835
Brock, Susan (i674), b.1824-d.1905


Brodeur, Albina Estella (marriage to Pell Fletcher Wallingford) (i3767), b.1892-


Brown, Charles (i46), b.1761-
Brown, Elizabeth (marriage to Benjamin Wallingford) (i221), d.1743
Brown, John (i43), b.1752-
Brown, John (marriage to Hannah Wallingford) (i42), b.1714-d.1773
Brown, Josiah (i45), b.1756-
Brown, Paul (i44), b.1754-d.1820


Bunker, Betsey (marriage to Jonathan Wallingford) (i870), b.1796-d.1889


Burbank, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Wallingford) (i281), b.1709-d.1775


Burgess, Esther (marriage to Jonathan Wallingford) (i1626), b.1776-d.1854


Burlingame, Lucinda (marriage to Andrew Bailey) (i3067), b.1792-


Caffrey, Josephine Porter (marriage to Horace Arthur Wallingford) (i419), b.1865-d.1921


Caldwell, Abigail (i242), b.1713-
Caldwell, Abigail (i581), b.1705-
Caldwell, Abigail (i582), b.1710-d.1810
Caldwell, Anna (i245), b.1719-
Caldwell, Elizabeth (i583), b.1722-
Caldwell, Hannah (i247), b.1724-
Caldwell, John (i240), b.1708-d.1792
Caldwell, Martha (i246), b.1721-d.1722
Caldwell, Mary (i244), b.1717-
Caldwell, Nathaniel (i241), b.1711-d.1733
Caldwell, Nathaniel (i1141), b.1707-
Caldwell, Nathaniel (marriage to Abigail Wallingford) (i239), b.1669-d.1738
Caldwell, Sarah (i243), b.1715-d.1733


Carleton, Abigail (marriage to Daniel Merrill) (i1361)


Carpenter, Deborah (marriage to Thomas Hammock) (i1923), d.1804


Cartland, Charles Sumner (marriage to Julia Hilliard Wallingford) (i1281), b.1851-d.1938
Cartland, Charles Wallingford (i1282), b.1888-d.1925
Cartland, Lucia Hilliard (i1283), b.1890-d.1973
Cartland, Mary Austin (i1284), b.1892-d.1976


Casey, John W. (marriage to Mary H. Wallingford) (i836), b.1880-


Caswell, Edmund O. (marriage to Eliza Jane Wallingford) (i1267), b.1833-d.1920
Caswell, Mary E. (i2599), b.1860-d.1941
Caswell, Nellie E. (i1268)


Chadbourne, Abigail (marriage to George Washington Wallingford) (i333), b.1785-d.1808
Chadbourne, Elizabeth M. (marriage to Amos Wallingford Pike) (i1224), b.1821-
Chadbourne, Thomas (marriage to Mehitabel Goodwin) (i555), b.1743-d.1822


Charity (marriage to John Wallingford) (i6), d.1771


Chellis, Candace (marriage to Winthrop Wallingford) (i1462), b.1826-d.1905


Cheney, Mary (marriage to Amos Hardy) (i1411)
Cheney, Peter (marriage to Rose Hardy) (i524), b.1721-


Clapp, Maria S. (marriage to Solon W. Stone) (i2835), b.1839-d.1876


Clark, Abigail (marriage to Jacob Wallingford) (i199), b.1771-d.1853


Clement, Anna (marriage to Silas Goodwin) (i39), b.1767-d.1804


Clements, Abigail (i1742)
Clements, Abner (i1741), b.1721-d.1773
Clements, Daniel (marriage to Frances Wallingford) (i119), b.1700-d.1773
Clements, James (marriage to Sarah Wallingford) (i11), b.1694-d.1764
Clements, Job (i1734), b.1717-d.1810
Clements, Job (marriage to Mary Roberts) (i1734), b.1717-d.1810
Clements, John (i1745), b.1730-d.1757
Clements, Margaret (marriage to Col. Thomas Wallingford) (i14), b.1698-d.1729
Clements, Miriam (i1746), b.1733-
Clements, Sarah (i1744)
Clements, Shuah (i1743)


Clough, Ezra (marriage to Bethiah Wallingford) (i1133)


Coffin, Minnie M. (marriage to Charles Augustus Wallingford) (i766)


Cole, Ambrose (i99), b.1758-
Cole, Amos (i101), b.1762-
Cole, Amos (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i61), d.1762
Cole, Augusta M. (marriage to E. Gilbert Wallingford) (i2531), b.1829-d.1912
Cole, Elizabeth (i100), b.1760-d.1848
Cole, Mary (i98), b.1756-


Colomy, Emily S. (marriage to Aaron W. Randall) (i1327), b.1844-d.1913


Comeau, Lena M. (marriage to Henry Melvin Wallingford) (i3557), b.1901-


Cook, Nellie P. (marriage to John O. Wallingford) (i580), b.1844-d.1911


Cooper, Ida Sawtelle (marriage to Charles Rufus Wallingford) (i412), b.1854-d.1924


Cornell, Sally (marriage to Tobias Wallingford) (i388)


Corson, Marion (marriage to Tobias Wallingford) (i387), d.1831
Corson, Sarah (marriage to David Wallingford) (i197), b.1772-d.1864
Corson, Susannah (marriage to Moses Wallingford) (i225)


Costelloe, Ann (i2986), b.1792-
Costelloe, Elizabeth (i2982), b.1783-
Costelloe, James (i2985), b.1790-
Costelloe, John (i2983), b.1785-
Costelloe, John (marriage to Lydia Wallingford) (i105), b.1735-d.1795
Costelloe, Margaret (i2978), b.1775-
Costelloe, Mary (i2979), b.1777-
Costelloe, Samuel (i2984), b.1787-
Costelloe, William (i2980), b.1780-


Cram, Priscilla (marriage to Garland Wallingford) (i809), b.1848-d.1925


Creasey, Samuel Elliott (marriage to Lillian Josephine Villaire) (i1677), b.1871-


Cressey, Arthur G. (marriage to Clarissa Irene Wallingford) (i2102) (living status unknown)
Cressey, Mary Yetton (marriage to John Gilman Pike) (i1222), b.1820-d.1866


Critchet, Lydia (marriage to Levi Wallingford) (i228), d.1865


Curit, Leona M. (marriage to Herbert E. Wallingford) (i1962)


Cushing, Augustus (i268), b.1794-d.1819
Cushing, Charles (i266), b.1786-d.1861
Cushing, Dr. Frederic (i267), b.1792-d.1846
Cushing, Elizabeth (i269), b.1797-d.1889
Cushing, John (i75), b.1774-d.1798
Cushing, John (marriage to Olive Wallingford) (i116), b.1743-d.1822
Cushing, John Samuel Thomas (i270), b.1801-d.1873
Cushing, Mary E. (marriage to John G. Wallingford) (i3533), b.1887-
Cushing, Mary Hamilton (i271), b.1803-d.1875
Cushing, Olive (i264), b.1783-d.1876
Cushing, Samuel Wallingford (i212), b.1777-d.1778
Cushing, Samuel Wallingford (i262), b.1779-d.1800
Cushing, Thomas Wallingford (i263), b.1780-d.1803
Cushing, William (i265), b.1785-d.1809


Cutler, Dr. Nathaniel (marriage to Sarah Hardy) (i1349)


Dame, Amelia Eloisa (marriage to William Cushing) (i2243), b.1771-d.1817
Dame, Beatrice Viola (i642), b.1903-d.1986
Dame, Edward Eugene (i3690), b.1912-d.1983
Dame, Eugene Silas (marriage to Bertha Wallingford) (i641), b.1885-d.1933
Dame, Mildred May (i643), b.1904-d.1986


Damm, Sarah (marriage to Amos Howard) (i2681)


DeGroot, Arabelle J. (marriage to John Noble Wallingford) (i1918), b.1839-


Dewey, Helen Elizabeth (marriage to Harlan Prince Wallingford) (i2424)


Dickinson, James (i1151), b.1771-d.1847
Dickinson, William (marriage to Martha Wallingford) (i1150), b.1742-d.1825


Doherty, Frank J. (marriage to Dora Wallingford) (i654), b.1873-
Doherty, Vivian (i655), b.1902-d.1911


Dolly (marriage to Joshua Wallingford) (i377), d.1805


Donnelly, Patrick D. (marriage to Maud D. Wallingford) (i1238), b.1869-d.1923


Dore, William (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i94), b.1709-d.1785


Dow, Dr. Samuel Waitt (marriage to Elizabeth Abigail Wallingford) (i337), b.1802-d.1837


Downs, Betsey (marriage to Aaron Wallingford) (i376), b.1775-
Downs, Charity (marriage to Amos Howard) (i2680), d.1752
Downs, Ida E. (marriage to Clarence M. Wallingford) (i1256), b.1856-d.1925
Downs, Mary (marriage to Alanson Wallingford) (i1628), b.1814-d.1890


Drew, George E. (marriage to Emma F. Wallingford) (i1271), b.1846-


Ducharme, Mary (marriage to Harold Owen Wallingford) (i1844)


Dumbleton, Susan (marriage to David Bailey) (i3068)


Dumont, Rose A. (marriage to Charles Arthur Wallingford) (i869), b.1887-


Dunnel, Mercy (marriage to John Caldwell) (i1139), d.1783


Durkee, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i873)


Durrell, John Smith (marriage to Abra Wentworth) (i449), b.1774-d.1845


Duty, Samuel, Jr. (marriage to Bethiah Wallingford) (i291), b.1726-d.1756


Dyer, Frank M. (marriage to Lena F. Merrill) (i927) (living status unknown)


Edwards, David (i602), b.1770-
Edwards, Ebenezer (i608), b.1788-
Edwards, Ebenezer Blodgett (i607), b.1784-
Edwards, Elizabeth (i598), b.1762-
Edwards, John, III (marriage to Jemima Wallingford) (i597), b.1738-d.1789
Edwards, John, IV (i599), b.1764-
Edwards, Jonathan (i600), b.1766-
Edwards, Martha (i605), b.1779-
Edwards, Martha (i1438), b.1777-d.1777
Edwards, Ruth (i604), b.1775-
Edwards, Samuel (i606), b.1781-
Edwards, Timothy (i603), b.1773-
Edwards, William (i601), b.1768-


Ela, Mary (marriage to Joseph Palmer) (i1794)


Elithorpe, Sarah (marriage to Nicholas Wallingford) (i129), b.1681-d.1763


Ellsworth, Francis (marriage to Israel Looke) (i1132)
Ellsworth, Gerald (marriage to Alice Wallingford) (i3757), b.1911-d.1986


Emerson, James (marriage to Sarah Looke) (i232), d.1747


Emery, Eugene (marriage to Isabelle Stevens) (i935)
Emery, Hannah (marriage to Jedediah Goodwin) (i556), b.1756-
Emery, Molly (marriage to James Merrill) (i1143), b.1742-d.1833


Estes, Mary (marriage to James Wallingford) (i1758)


Evans, Ernest (marriage to Lucy Mabel Pease) (i2523), b.1884-d.1925


Fall, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Roberts) (i2691), b.1739-


Farley, Sarah P. (marriage to David W. Sawtelle) (i427)
Farley, Susan (marriage to Rufus Needham Wallingford) (i330), b.1817-d.1890


Fifield, Mary (marriage to Nathaniel L. Wallingford) (i681), b.1837-d.1896


Finney, Charles Byron (i1181), b.1870-d.1910
Finney, John Palmer (i3103), d.1900
Finney, Thomas Henderson (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i1180), b.1843-d.1915
Finney, Thomas Parker (i3102), b.1877-d.1899


Fisher, Mary (marriage to George Washington Wallingford) (i340), b.1789-d.1880


Flood, Mary Ann (marriage to Herbert Hall Pease) (i2519), b.1868-d.1946


Fogg, Emily May (marriage to Alfred Rexford Wallingford) (i2087), b.1913-d.1998
Fogg, Melissa Emma (marriage to Charles H. Mudgett) (i2389), b.1867-d.1954
Fogg, Ora Anna (marriage to Fred L.H. Mudgett) (i2392), b.1869-d.1940


Foltz, Wilbur (marriage to Lizettie Villaire) (i1673), b.1875-


Ford, Mary E. (marriage to George Washington Wallingford Jr.) (i346), b.1826-d.1888


Foss, Unknown (marriage to Hannah Roberts) (i2858)


Foster, Benjamin Franklin (i435), b.1846-
Foster, Diana (i434), b.1845-d.1845
Foster, Diana Wallingford (i437), b.1849-d.1849
Foster, Dorothy (marriage to James Dickinson) (i2348), b.1783-d.1853
Foster, Elizabeth Lanesford (marriage to Dr. Frederic Cushing) (i2244)
Foster, Ephraim (marriage to Abigail Poore) (i296), b.1688-d.1738
Foster, George Wallingford (i436), b.1848-d.1848
Foster, Martha (-----) (marriage to John Caldwell) (i1140), d.1799
Foster, Moses, Jr. (marriage to Diana Wallingford) (i327), b.1790-d.1874


Fowler, Bessie Marie (marriage to John Gowell Wallingford) (i906), b.1897-d.1975


Fox, Minerva M. (marriage to E. Gilbert Wallingford) (i749), b.1818-d.1871


Freeman, John (marriage to Sarah Wallingford) (i2188)
Freeman, Sarah (marriage to Augustus Cushing) (i2246), d.1836


French, Henry W. (marriage to Evelyn S. Wallingford) (i1242), b.1875-d.1932
French, Thomas (marriage to Ruth Hardy) (i1346)


Frie, Nathaniel (marriage to Abigail Poore) (i2761), b.1688-d.1758


Frost, Edwin C. (marriage to Helen Maria Wallingford) (i353), b.1814-d.1867


Gage, Julia Ann (marriage to Dr. George Washington Kittredge) (i549), b.1799-d.1887


Garland, Lydia (marriage to John Wallingford) (i76), b.1735-d.1817
Garland, Margaret (marriage to Job Clements) (i1735), b.1728-d.1753
Garland, Unknown (marriage to Mary H. Wallingford) (i835)


Garnett, Edith (marriage to Irving J. Jacobs) (i3868), b.1898-d.1983


George, Benjamin (i516), b.1734-
George, Benjamin (marriage to Margaret Wallingford) (i515), b.1704-d.1754
George, Hannah (i518), b.1735-
George, Jonathan (i520), b.1741-
George, Margaret (i522), b.1745-
George, Martha (i517), b.1737-
George, Nicholas (i519), b.1739-
George, Sarah (i523), b.1750-
George, Simeon (i521), b.1743-


Getchell, Eunice (marriage to Amos Wallingford Goodwin) (i560)


Gilliland, Edna Mae (marriage to Noble Wallingford) (i3517), b.1861-d.1934


Goffe, Martha (marriage to Ebenezer Howard) (i1836), b.1733-d.1807


Goodrich, Alvin (marriage to Experience Wallingford) (i676), b.1813-
Goodrich, James F. (marriage to Bessie O. Wallingford) (i1970), b.1889-


Goodridge, Sarah (marriage to Deacon Joel Wallingford) (i2696), b.1784-d.1815


Goodwin, Abigail (i1045), b.1777-d.1851
Goodwin, Amos Wallingford (i34), b.1755-d.1838
Goodwin, Andrew (i1800), b.1838-
Goodwin, Anna (marriage to Thomas Goodwin) (i563)
Goodwin, Betsey (i1044), b.1774-d.1790
Goodwin, Dominicus (i1048), b.1791-d.1814
Goodwin, Dr. James Scamman (i1049), b.1793-d.1884
Goodwin, General Ichabod (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i394), b.1743-d.1829
Goodwin, Gertrude (marriage to Henry Merrill Wallingford) (i837), b.1884-
Goodwin, Hannah (i1046), b.1778-d.1820
Goodwin, Ichabod (i566), b.1819-d.1869
Goodwin, Ichabod (i1042), b.1770-d.1814
Goodwin, James (i37)
Goodwin, James (marriage to Levina Wallingford) (i2167)
Goodwin, James (marriage to Margaret Wallingford) (i29)
Goodwin, Jedediah (i32), b.1746-d.1818
Goodwin, John Wallingford (i1264), b.1825-
Goodwin, Major Andrew (i1101), b.1784-
Goodwin, Major Andrew (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i393), b.1784-d.1843
Goodwin, Margaret (i30), b.1742-d.1825
Goodwin, Mary (i558), b.1753-
Goodwin, Mary (i1694), b.1779-d.1831
Goodwin, Mary K. (marriage to Ebenezer Wallingford) (i639)
Goodwin, Mehitabel (i31), b.1744-d.1833
Goodwin, Nellie P. (marriage to Herbert E. Wallingford) (i1965), b.1886-
Goodwin, Olive (i33), b.1749-
Goodwin, Olive Elizabeth (i1796), b.1789-d.1791
Goodwin, Samuel (i38)
Goodwin, Sarah (i1047), b.1786-d.1870
Goodwin, Silas (i35), b.1760-
Goodwin, Thomas (i36), b.1763-
Goodwin, Thomas Wallingford (i1043), b.1772-d.1822


Gookin, Hannah (marriage to Dr. James Scamman Goodwin) (i1797), b.1794-d.1874

Gott or Tucker

Gott or Tucker, Nellie A. (marriage to William G. Wallingford) (i1593), b.1872-


Gowell, Emma Grace (marriage to John Wallingford) (i887), b.1863-d.1949


Grace, Margaret (marriage to Louis Edward Villaire) (i1669), b.1884-


Grant, Edith L. (marriage to James G. Jenness) (i3845), b.1878-d.1958


Gray, Ethel A. (marriage to Calvin A. Wallingford) (i1017), b.1889-
Gray, Nehemiah (marriage to Olive Goodwin) (i557)


Green, Margaret Ives (marriage to Daniel Kirkwood Wallingford) (i768), b.1892-


Gridley, Lucinda (marriage to Dr. Jacob Kittredge) (i545), d.1827


Groves, Michael (marriage to Lucy Whitehouse) (i1524), b.1786-d.1869


Gubtail, Ebenezer (marriage to Rachel Wallingford) (i1930)
Gubtail, Samuel (marriage to Frances Wallingford) (i120), b.1743-d.1809


Gutterson, John, Jr. (marriage to Martha Sawtelle) (i421)


Hale, Eliza Clarkson Parker (marriage to John Samuel Thomas Cushing) (i845), b.1803-


Hall, Dr. Ebenezer (marriage to Mary Goodwin) (i559)
Hall, Martha W. (marriage to Gilbert M. Moulton) (i1120)


Ham, Alice W. (marriage to John Gilman Pike) (i1646)
Ham, Persley A. (marriage to Sarah F. Wallingford) (i657)


Hamel, Joseph A. (marriage to Pearl Jacobs) (i3871)


Hammock, Elizabeth (i2661), b.1758-
Hammock, Mary (i2672)
Hammock, Thomas (i122), b.1756-d.1793
Hammock, Unknown (marriage to Patience Wallingford) (i121)


Handerson, Frederick (marriage to Sarah M. Wallingford) (i165)


Hardy, Abigail (i355), b.1718-
Hardy, Alice (marriage to Benjamin Wallingford) (i321), b.1726-d.1801
Hardy, Amos (i362), b.1720-d.1759
Hardy, Child (i1414), b.1737-d.1738
Hardy, Deborah (i369), b.1734-
Hardy, Elisabeth (i358), b.1725-d.1763
Hardy, Esther (i366), b.1728-
Hardy, Ezekiel (i367), b.1730-d.1736
Hardy, James (i368), b.1732-d.1736
Hardy, John (i354), b.1716-d.1801
Hardy, Jonas (i363), b.1721-d.1764
Hardy, Lydia (marriage to Thomas Hardy) (i1415), b.1745-d.1798
Hardy, Mary (i360), b.1729-d.1783
Hardy, Nathaniel (i359), b.1727-d.1748
Hardy, Nehemiah (i357), b.1722-d.1750
Hardy, Oliver (i364), b.1724-d.1753
Hardy, Rose (i365), b.1726-d.1769
Hardy, Ruth (i356), b.1720-d.1763
Hardy, Sarah (i361), b.1735-d.1763
Hardy, Thomas (i370), b.1739-d.1780
Hardy, Thomas (marriage to Deborah Wallingford) (i293), b.1689-d.1771
Hardy, Zachariah (i2210), b.1715-
Hardy, Zechariah (marriage to Hepzibah Wallingford) (i292), b.1686-d.1763


Harriman, Charles C. (marriage to Mary H. Phillips) (i2932)
Harriman, Ruth (marriage to Nathaniel Merrill) (i1362)


Harrod, Mehitable (marriage to Israel Looke) (i1131)


Haseltine, Deborah (marriage to James Wallingford) (i173), b.1672-d.1760


Hawkins, Raymond Alexander (marriage to Arlene Avis Wallingford) (i2309) (living status unknown)


Hayes, Sophia Elizabeth (marriage to Ichabod Goodwin) (i567), b.1824-d.1905


Heald, David (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Stone) (i2832), b.1832-


Hennessey, Ellen F. (marriage to Frank Edwin Wallingford) (i3578), b.1872-


Hersom, Fred (marriage to Jessie Maud Jacobs) (i3865)


Hight, Major William (marriage to Abigail Goodwin) (i1696), b.1773-d.1847


Hildreth, Mary (marriage to Ebenezer Blodgett Wallingford) (i144), b.1784-d.1868


Hill, Abigail (marriage to Capt. Thomas Wallingford) (i20), b.1729-d.1805
Hill, Elisha (marriage to Lucy Ricker) (i492), b.1776-d.1850
Hill, Joseph Francis (marriage to Alice Wallingford) (i3545), b.1887-


Hilliard, Alta L. G. (marriage to Zimri Scates Wallingford) (i301), b.1810-d.1891


Hitchcock, Helen P. (marriage to George Wallingford) (i163), b.1817-d.1901


Hobbs, Hiram Hayes (marriage to Mary Hamilton Cushing) (i685), b.1802-d.1884
Hobbs, Patience (marriage to George Lord) (i273), b.1769-d.1816


Hodsdon, Ichabod G. (i1451), b.1819-d.1900
Hodsdon, James (marriage to Dorothy Wallingford) (i666)
Hodsdon, Thomas, Jr. (marriage to Margaret Goodwin) (i554), b.1739-d.1818


Hooper, Dr. Joseph C. (marriage to Helen Maria Wallingford) (i352), b.1818-d.1854
Hooper, Florence Wallingford (i1226), b.1847-d.1924
Hooper, Josephine C. (i1227), b.1850-d.1941


Hopkinson, Caleb (marriage to Sarah Wallingford) (i248), b.1649-d.1721
Hopkinson, Caleb, Jr. (i249), b.1681-d.1730


Horne, Hazel Gertrude (marriage to Edward Eugene Dame) (i3691)
Horne, Jonathan (marriage to Elizabeth G. Wallingford) (i573), b.1790-d.1870
Horne, Lydia R. (marriage to Jacob B. Wallingford) (i1034), b.1825-


Hough, Woodbury (marriage to Lucia Hilliard Cartland) (i1595), b.1891-d.1940


Howard, Amos (i1828), b.1721-
Howard, Amos (marriage to Judith Wallingford) (i1778)
Howard, Charles Rodney (marriage to Emma Frances Wallingford) (i415), b.1851-d.1898
Howard, Ebenezer (i1832), b.1730-d.1783
Howard, Elizabeth (i1834), b.1735-
Howard, Enoch (i1831), b.1727-
Howard, Judith (i1829), b.1723-d.1775
Howard, Nathaniel (i1833), b.1733-
Howard, Samuel (i1830), b.1725-
Howard, Thomas (i1835), b.1737-


Howell, Orville J. (marriage to Elizabeth Wood Alexander) (i2413)


Hubbard, A.K. (marriage to Susannah Bailey) (i3075)


Hudson, Ichabod G. (i705)
Hudson, James (marriage to Dorothy Wallingford) (i704) (living status unknown)


Hughes, Elizabeth (marriage to Joshua Roberts) (i3052)


Hunt, Gerald (marriage to Mildred May Dame) (i3689)
Hunt, William (marriage to Mary Hardy) (i1348), b.1723-


Hurd, Franklin Joseph (marriage to Cora Bella Jenness) (i3850), b.1852-d.1930


Hussey, Mary Ann (marriage to Jonathan Wallingford) (i881), d.1893


Hutchins, Elizabeth (marriage to Jonathan Russell) (i2929), b.1702-
Hutchins, Nellie D. (marriage to Joseph D. Wallingford) (i801), b.1839-d.1884


Hyde, John M. (marriage to Alice Wallingford) (i2408), d.1972


Jackson, Albertina A. (i1698), b.1866-d.1867
Jackson, Augusta A. (i1701), b.1875-d.1894
Jackson, Samuel A. (i1700), b.1879-d.1880
Jackson, Samuel Augustus (marriage to Olive D. Wallingford) (i806), b.1844-d.1919
Jackson, William H. (i1699), b.1872-d.1875


Jacobs, Carl F. (i1892), b.1900-d.1963
Jacobs, Earl (i3872), b.1904-d.1904
Jacobs, George Ellis (marriage to Ina Wallingford) (i722), b.1857-d.1932
Jacobs, Gertrude (i3863), b.1889-d.1941
Jacobs, Harry Melvin (i1603), b.1888-d.1888
Jacobs, Irving J. (i3867), b.1897-d.1980
Jacobs, Jessie Maud (i1704), b.1891-
Jacobs, Lina (i723), b.1895-d.1939
Jacobs, Lydia Esther (i724), b.1902-d.2000
Jacobs, Melissa (i3866), b.1893-d.1915
Jacobs, Pearl (i3870), b.1904-d.1984


Jacques, Unknown (marriage to Frances Ellen Boynton) (i1167)


Jellison, James H. (marriage to Cora Wallingford) (i840), b.1882-


Jenness, Abby Priscilla (i3851), b.1864-d.1930
Jenness, Carrie A. (i3859), b.1875-d.1875
Jenness, Charles Alfred (i629), b.1872-d.1942
Jenness, Charles Greenleaf (marriage to Sarah Maria Wallingford) (i627), b.1842-d.1914
Jenness, Charles L. (i3853), b.1866-d.1866
Jenness, Cora Bella (i3849), b.1862-d.1931
Jenness, Fredrick (i3862)
Jenness, James Byron (i3856), b.1870-d.1947
Jenness, James G. (i628), b.1873-d.1948
Jenness, Mary E. (i3858), b.1875-d.1875
Jenness, Sylvania Frances (i3854), b.1868-d.1938
Jenness, Unknown (marriage to Ann J. Randall) (i1536)
Jenness, William H. (i3860), b.1887-d.1954


Jewett, Samuel (marriage to Lydia Poore) (i1402), b.1701-d.1746


Joanna (marriage to Joseph Rankins) (i3509), b.1801-


Johnson, Amos (i1515)
Johnson, Chester Richards (marriage to Clara Wallingford) (i3571), b.1886-
Johnson, Unknown (marriage to Dorothy Wallingford) (i1513)


Jones, Lydia S. (marriage to George W. Tasker) (i1570), b.1832-
Jones, Martin E. (marriage to Ida M. Wallingford) (i650)
Jones, Minnie E. (i651)
Jones, Susan A. (marriage to David Wallingford) (i1251), b.1820-d.1902


Kidder, Abigail (marriage to John Hardy) (i1344), b.1724-
Kidder, Joseph (marriage to Abigail Hardy) (i1345)


Kingsbury, Harlan Wesley (marriage to Elizabeth Wood Alexander) (i3803)


Kittredge, Dr. George Washington (i548), b.1800-d.1836
Kittredge, Dr. Jacob (i544), b.1794-d.1831
Kittredge, Dr. Jacob (marriage to Abigail Wallingford) (i543), b.1761-d.1807
Kittredge, Hannah (i551), b.1798-d.1815
Kittredge, John (i550), b.1793-d.1823
Kittredge, John (i553), b.1792-d.1792
Kittredge, Thomas Wallingford (i546), b.1796-d.1874
Kittredge, William Wight (i552), b.1801-


Knight, John (marriage to Lydia Roberts) (i2859), b.1742-d.1819
Knight, Maud Ellen (marriage to Richard Needham Wallingford) (i774), b.1877-


Knox, Anna L. (i727), b.1906-d.1912
Knox, Charles A. (marriage to Lulu Wallingford) (i726), b.1874-
Knox, Rachel (marriage to Jonathan Wallingford) (i677), b.1797-d.1874


Lambert, William Thomas (marriage to Abigail Ricker) (i1929)


Lamos, Alice W. (i813)
Lamos, Curtis Pierce (marriage to Orrilla Wallingford) (i812), b.1837-d.1904
Lamos, Jennie (i814)


Larrabee, Samuel (marriage to Judith Howard) (i2156)


Leach, Frank Herbert Edgar (marriage to Abby Priscilla Jenness) (i3852), b.1860-d.1942


Leavitt, Susan (marriage to Isaac Lord) (i276), b.1773-d.1846


Lebaron, Emeline A. (marriage to E. Gilbert Wallingford) (i748), b.1824-d.1845


Lee, Bernard (marriage to Eva May Merrill) (i924)
Lee, Elvira (marriage to Calvin Wallingford) (i736), b.1815-d.1888


Leeman, Elizabeth (marriage to David Wallingford) (i133), b.1746-d.1822


Lewis, Charles (marriage to Lydia Esther Jacobs) (i2511), b.1896-d.1980


Libby, Abigail (i946), b.1803-d.1857
Libby, Hanson (marriage to Lydia Wallingford) (i943), b.1774-d.1861
Libby, Harry L. (marriage to Frances Almeda Wallingford) (i2101) (living status unknown)
Libby, James (i947), b.1806-d.1823
Libby, John (marriage to Nancy Libby) (i945), b.1797-d.1878
Libby, Lorraine (marriage to Alfred Rexford Wallingford) (i2517) (living status unknown)
Libby, Nancy (i944), b.1797-d.1847


Lincoln, Jacob (i2547), b.1758-d.1759
Lincoln, Jacob (marriage to Rachel Wallingford) (i788)


Lingard, Elmer E. (marriage to Mildred E. Wallingford) (i3088), b.1915-d.1971


Little, Dorothy Frances (i646), b.1905-
Little, Frank W. (marriage to Edna M. Wallingford) (i645), b.1884-
Little, Michael (marriage to Elizabeth Ricker) (i491), b.1771-d.1830


Locke, Maria O. (marriage to Ives Wallingford) (i987), b.1806-d.1876


Lomison, Clifton O. (marriage to Mary Austin Cartland) (i1594), b.1894-d.1984


Looke, Abigail (i234), b.1703-d.1734
Looke, Elizabeth (i233), b.1700-
Looke, Israel (i235), b.1704-d.1768
Looke, Jonathan (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i229), b.1651-d.1736
Looke, Sarah (i231), b.1698-
Looke, Thomas (i230), b.1696-d.1734


Lord, Charles L. (marriage to Sarah E. Wallingford) (i1938)
Lord, Charlotte (i109), b.1766-
Lord, George (i108), b.1764-d.1811
Lord, Hannah (marriage to Josiah Brown) (i1927)
Lord, Isaac (i111), b.1771-d.1771
Lord, Isaac (i112), b.1772-d.1838
Lord, Lydia (i110), b.1769-
Lord, Lydia (marriage to Paul Brown) (i1926), b.1746-d.1826
Lord, Nancy (i107), b.1762-
Lord, Patience (marriage to John Brown) (i1925)
Lord, Samuel (i106), b.1761-
Lord, Samuel, III (marriage to Lydia Wallingford) (i104), b.1736-d.1773


Low, Elizabeth Clark (marriage to Deacon Joel Wallingford) (i3792), b.1784-d.1873
Low, Joseph, Jr. (marriage to Elizabeth Pearne) (i1937), b.1764-d.1823


Lull, John (marriage to Susannah Ayer) (i2946), b.1687-d.1767
Lull, Samuel (marriage to Hannah Ayer) (i2949), b.1692-d.1766
Lull, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Palmer) (i1793), d.1745
Lull, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Poore) (i297), b.1689-d.1778


Lyford, Asenath (marriage to Owin N. Moulton) (i1113)


Lyman, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Wallingford) (i280), b.1763-d.1800


Mace, Reuben (marriage to Caroline Nowell) (i1932), b.1768-d.1855


March, Elizabeth (marriage to John Wallingford) (i390), b.1764-d.1851


Marsh, Martha (marriage to Jonathan Wallingford) (i131), d.1789


Martin, Alice Edla (i1472), b.1849-
Martin, Irene Bennett (i1478), b.1860-
Martin, Mary Emma (i1470), b.1851-
Martin, Sarah Candace (i1476), b.1855-
Martin, William B. (marriage to Clara Mathes Wallingford) (i1467), b.1826-d.1908
Martin, William Winthrop (i1474), b.1853-


Mary (marriage to John Clements) (i1750)
Mary E. (marriage to Alvah C. Wallingford) (i1385), d.1937
Mary J. (marriage to John Noble Wallingford) (i3538), b.1857-


Mason, Henry (marriage to Abigail Libby) (i948)


Mathews, Ernest E. (marriage to Mildred E. Wallingford) (i3087)


McCarthy, Rosemary E. (marriage to Alfred Rexford Wallingford Jr.) (i2483), b.1940-d.2002
McCarthy, Unknown (marriage to Judith Ann Wallingford) (i2122)


McCarty, Marguerite (marriage to Walter Scott Wallingford) (i1245), d.1921


McCrillis, David (marriage to Patience Wallingford) (i700), b.1836-d.1910
McCrillis, Sally (marriage to Lafayette Wallingford) (i693), b.1829-d.1894


McCurdy, Catherine (marriage to Estes Wallingford) (i760)


McGovern, Nancy S. (marriage to Arthur Augustus Wallingford) (i758), b.1845-d.1935


Medcalf, Edith Annie (marriage to Amos D. Wallingford) (i1258), b.1880-


Mellen, John F. (marriage to Catharine Wallingford) (i172)


Merrill, Allen H. (i922), b.1893-
Merrill, Anna (i181), b.1719-d.1781
Merrill, Anna (i928), b.1902-
Merrill, Daniel (i178), b.1721-
Merrill, Edward E. (i925), b.1899-
Merrill, Eva May (i923), b.1895-
Merrill, Grace G. (i919), b.1887-d.1987
Merrill, James (i180), b.1730-d.1817
Merrill, Jeremiah (i188), b.1734-d.1736
Merrill, Jeremiah (i189), b.1737-
Merrill, Lena F. (i926), b.1901-
Merrill, Lucy (i182), b.1728-d.1742
Merrill, Nathaniel (i179), b.1723-
Merrill, Nathaniel (marriage to Ruth Wallingford) (i175), b.1687-d.1737
Merrill, Robert L. (i921), b.1889-
Merrill, Ruth (i187), b.1725-d.1736
Merrill, Sarah (i183), b.1732-
Merrill, Walter Scott (i918), b.1885-
Merrill, Walter Scott (marriage to Etta S. Wallingford) (i917), b.1865-


Merrow, Abigail (marriage to Lewis Wallingford) (i622), b.1810-d.1888
Merrow, Grace Emma (marriage to George J. Wallingford) (i889), b.1887-d.1964


Michaud, Francis Xavier (marriage to Jane Marie Wallingford) (i2376), b.1920-d.1994


Moore, Martha (marriage to Thomas Looke) (i294), b.1689-


Moores, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Poore) (i295)


Moulton, Abigail W. (i1109), b.1825-
Moulton, David W. (i1105), b.1821-
Moulton, Edith (marriage to James Byron Jenness) (i3857), b.1870-d.1948
Moulton, Emma E. (i1117), b.1835-
Moulton, Fanny (i1114), b.1831-
Moulton, Gilbert M. (i1119), b.1838-
Moulton, Hiram (i1111), b.1827-d.1832
Moulton, Lydia M. (i1107), b.1822-
Moulton, Mary E. (i1121), b.1841-
Moulton, Morrilla (i1115), b.1833-
Moulton, Owin N. (i1112), b.1829-
Moulton, Rev. Abial (marriage to Fanny Wallingford) (i739), b.1798-d.1885
Moulton, William Pitt (marriage to Abra Wentworth) (i450), b.1766-d.1803


Mudgett, Annie B. (i2823), b.1868-
Mudgett, Charles E. (marriage to Mary J. Wallingford) (i2387), b.1828-
Mudgett, Charles H. (i2388), b.1861-
Mudgett, Fred L.H. (i2393), b.1865-d.1948


Munroe, Cassie May (marriage to Herbert E. Wallingford) (i1959), b.1887-d.1910


Neal, Calvin (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i1134)
Neal, Kirk (i1136)


Needham, Hannah (marriage to Benjamin Wallingford) (i322), b.1784-d.1859


Nelson, Hannah (i1149), b.1773-d.1832
Nelson, Joseph, Jr. (marriage to Hannah Wallingford) (i1148), b.1745-


Newcomb, Lovinie E. (marriage to James G. Jenness) (i3844)


Niles, Franklin A. (marriage to Emma W. Wallingford) (i743), b.1841-
Niles, Harry W. (i3464), b.1873-
Niles, Irving A. (i3465), b.1875-
Niles, Susan (marriage to Joel Bailey) (i3073)


Nowell, Caroline (i1931), d.1847
Nowell, Mark (i789), b.1762-d.1836
Nowell, Nancy (i1933), b.1777-d.1857
Nowell, Silas (marriage to Rachel Wallingford) (i55), b.1717-d.1776


Olfene, Winifred (marriage to Bancroft Hussey Wallingford) (i899), b.1892-d.1988


Olive (marriage to Thomas Saunders) (i3676), d.1816
Olive (marriage to Walter Scott Wallingford) (i1841)


Osborn, Charles (marriage to Alta L. G. Wallingford) (i1263)


Osborne, James (marriage to Nancy Lord) (i272)


Palmer, Elizabeth (marriage to Nicholas Wallingford) (i83), b.1652-d.1741
Palmer, Elizabeth H. (marriage to Charles Wallingford) (i1172), b.1822-
Palmer, Joseph (i1782), b.1702-d.1764
Palmer, Joseph (marriage to Esther Wallingford) (i1779), b.1670-d.1706
Palmer, William (i1781), b.1700-d.1761


Parker, Benjamin (marriage to Nancy Nowell) (i1934), d.1822
Parker, Charles (marriage to Mary H. Wallingford) (i161), b.1805-d.1885
Parker, Charles Wallingford (i1499), b.1831-
Parker, Ebenezer (marriage to Ruth Wallingford) (i2395), b.1690-d.1773
Parker, Edgar (i1502), b.1840-
Parker, Elizabeth (marriage to Mark Nowell) (i790), b.1766-d.1834
Parker, Elizabeth Leman (i1501), b.1835-
Parker, Josiah Stone (i1500), b.1834-


Patrick, Charles (i3791), b.1842-
Patrick, Fanny (i3788), b.1838-
Patrick, Henry W. (i3789), b.1840-
Patrick, Joel (i3790), b.1835-
Patrick, Sarah Elisabeth (i3787), b.1836-d.1861
Patrick, William (marriage to Sarah Goodridge Wallingford) (i3786), b.1804-


Patten, Abigail (marriage to William Tate) (i2568), b.1773-d.1863


Paul, Arthur (i754)
Paul, Edward E. (i3466)
Paul, Eugene (i755)
Paul, Gilbert (i756)
Paul, Harvey E. (i3467)
Paul, Harvey E. (marriage to Alice G. Wallingford) (i752), b.1852-
Paul, Lillian (i753), b.1875-


Peabody, Celia F. (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Foster) (i442), b.1845-


Pearne, Anna (i784), b.1767-d.1788
Pearne, Elizabeth (i785), b.1768-d.1808
Pearne, Mary (i783), b.1761-d.1790
Pearne, Phebe (i786)
Pearne, William (i787)
Pearne, William (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i57), d.1790


Pearson, Amos (marriage to Bethiah Wallingford) (i290), b.1718-d.1749


Pease, Charles R. (i1608), b.1873-d.1874
Pease, Edgar Thomas (i2520), b.1875-d.1918
Pease, Emma A. (i1607), b.1872-d.1872
Pease, Herbert Hall (i2518), b.1868-
Pease, Lucy Mabel (i2522), b.1887-d.1973
Pease, Roscoe W. (i1601), b.1884-d.1887
Pease, Thomas Sawyer (marriage to Sarah Ann Wallingford) (i1275), b.1839-d.1922


Peavey, Sally (marriage to Joshua Wallingford) (i378), d.1836


Pender, Cecile (marriage to Charles Byron Finney) (i1182), b.1873-d.1948


Perkins, Laura A. (marriage to Joseph D. Wallingford) (i802), b.1846-d.1911


Perry, Caroline (i998), b.1860-
Perry, Charles (marriage to Ann L. Wallingford) (i997), b.1835-
Perry, Richard (marriage to Esther Hardy) (i1413)


Pettingill, John L. (marriage to Betsey Wallingford) (i2260)


Phillips, Julian Wallingford (i1279), b.1878-
Phillips, Mary H. (i1280), b.1880-
Phillips, Sidney A. (marriage to Mary C. Wallingford) (i578), b.1847-d.1912


Pierce, Arthur E. (i716), b.1900-d.1981
Pierce, Clarence S. (i712), b.1892-
Pierce, Frank L. (i714)
Pierce, Fred N. (i717), b.1901-
Pierce, Harold E. (i718), b.1903-
Pierce, James (i720)
Pierce, James C. (marriage to Rachel A. Wallingford) (i711), b.1873-
Pierce, Joanna (marriage to William B. Wallingford) (i632), b.1793-
Pierce, John M. (i719), b.1904-
Pierce, Lawrence L. (i715), b.1898-
Pierce, Orville H. (i713)
Pierce, William E. (marriage to Laura Stevens) (i938)


Pike, Amos Wallingford (i1223), b.1819-d.1898
Pike, Benjamin (marriage to Elisabeth Hardy) (i1347), b.1723-d.1803
Pike, John Gilman (i1221), b.1817-d.1907
Pike, Martha C. (i1220), b.1816-d.1891
Pike, Nathaniel Green (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i318), b.1783-d.1858
Pike, Phebe (i2216), b.1824-d.1833


Piper, Capt. Henry Curtis (marriage to Harriet Elvira Stone) (i2827), b.1823-d.1894


Pitman, Charles C. (marriage to Rose W. Wallingford) (i3575), b.1873-


Platt, Martha E. (marriage to George Hildreth Stone) (i2830)


Plumer, Mary B. (marriage to Samuel Willard Wallingford) (i467), b.1844-d.1939


Poore, Abigail (i257), b.1695-d.1749
Poore, Benjamin (i254), b.1687-
Poore, Daniel (marriage to Anna Merrill) (i1142), b.1716-d.1792
Poore, Hannah (i258), b.1698-d.1736
Poore, Infant (i1399), b.1683-
Poore, John (i259), b.1701-
Poore, Joseph (i253), b.1685-d.1708
Poore, Joseph (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i251), b.1653-d.1735
Poore, Judith (i261), b.1708-d.1748
Poore, Lydia (i1098), b.1704-d.1759
Poore, Lydia (marriage to Samuel Wallingford) (i260), b.1704-d.1759
Poore, Mary (i256), b.1692-
Poore, Sarah (i255), b.1690-


Poulin, Alfred C. (marriage to Grace G. Merrill) (i920) (living status unknown)


Pray, Mary (marriage to Col. Thomas Wallingford) (i15), b.1712-d.1751


Preston, Herbert Milton (marriage to Gertrude Jacobs) (i3864)


Prince, Jessie May (marriage to Vernon Howard Wallingford) (i913), b.1894-d.1981


Rachel (marriage to Nicholas Wallingford) (i8), d.1750


Randall, Aaron W. (i848), b.1839-d.1896
Randall, Ann J. (i1535), b.1843-d.1918
Randall, Carrie B. (marriage to Charles Wallingford) (i1015), b.1873-
Randall, Elizabeth (marriage to Abner Clements) (i1747), b.1720-d.1774
Randall, Lydia (i847), b.1846-
Randall, Lydia (marriage to Amos Wallingford) (i702), b.1846-
Randall, Minerva I. (i849), b.1853-d.1881
Randall, Minerva I. (marriage to Andrew J. Wallingford) (i687), b.1853-d.1881
Randall, Patience (i1573), b.1844-
Randall, Samuel (marriage to Ann Wallingford) (i846), b.1818-d.1853
Randall, Sarah J. (i1574), b.1848-


Rankins, Betsey (marriage to Garland Wallingford) (i222), b.1780-
Rankins, Eleanor (i3501), b.1798-d.1801
Rankins, Elizabeth (i3500), b.1797-
Rankins, Hannah (i3507), b.1816-
Rankins, Ira (i3503), b.1803-d.1806
Rankins, Joseph (i3502), b.1801-
Rankins, Lucius (i3504), b.1806-d.1875
Rankins, Lydia (i3506), b.1810-
Rankins, Nerin (i3505), b.1809-
Rankins, Thomas (marriage to Joanna Wallingford) (i78), b.1776-d.1854


Richards, Rebecca (marriage to Richard Wallingford) (i986), b.1799-d.1874


Richardson, Lauretta P. (marriage to Solon W. Stone) (i2836), b.1848-d.1917


Richmond, Belle (marriage to William Winthrop Martin) (i1475)


Ricker, Abigail (i1050), d.1869
Ricker, Betsey J. (marriage to Seth Otis Wallingford) (i1010), b.1836-d.1901
Ricker, Captain Ebenezer (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i123), b.1741-d.1815
Ricker, Captain Ebenezer, Jr. (i125), b.1774-d.1805
Ricker, Dorcas (marriage to Job Clements) (i1736), b.1733-d.1800
Ricker, Elizabeth (i126), b.1776-d.1864
Ricker, Lucy (i127), b.1779-d.1850
Ricker, Martha Abbie (marriage to Jonathan Wallingford) (i816), b.1861-
Ricker, Thomas (i124), b.1772-d.1805


Riggers, Constantine (marriage to Ida Wallingford) (i764)


Roach, Capt. Thomas (marriage to Mary Pearne) (i2567)


Roberts, Elizabeth (i510), b.1737-
Roberts, Hannah (i509), b.1735-
Roberts, Hatevil (marriage to Mary Roberts) (i1733), b.1717-d.1752
Roberts, James Rollins (marriage to Elizabeth Roberts) (i3045), b.1737-d.1833
Roberts, Joshua (i513), b.1746-d.1822
Roberts, Joshua (marriage to Sarah Wallingford) (i508), b.1698-d.1771
Roberts, Lydia (i512), b.1743-d.1801
Roberts, Mary (i514), b.1732-d.1762
Roberts, Mary (marriage to Job Clements) (i514), b.1732-d.1762
Roberts, Sophronia L. (marriage to Charles Rufus Wallingford) (i413), b.1862-
Roberts, Thomas (i511), b.1740-d.1769


Rodgers, James N. (marriage to Florence Wallingford) (i762)


Rogers, Louisa (marriage to Samuel S. Wallingford) (i740), b.1814-d.1837
Rogers, Mary (marriage to Granville Clifford Wallingford) (i398), b.1797-


Rose (marriage to Royal E. Wallingford) (i3529), b.1888-


Rose, Blanche A. (marriage to Charles Arthur Wallingford Jr.) (i3438), b.1914-d.1997


Router, Etta Mildred (marriage to William H. Jenness) (i3861), d.1954


Rowe, Edward M. (marriage to Clara Wallingford) (i3734), b.1893-
Rowe, William F. (marriage to Linnie A. Wallingford) (i3550)


Russell, Daniel (marriage to Hannah Wallingford) (i2927)
Russell, Jonathan (i2928), b.1694-


Sabin, Anna Weld (i1231), b.1852-d.1874
Sabin, Francis M. (marriage to Lucretia Wallingford) (i344), b.1809-d.1889
Sabin, Francis W. (i1228), b.1839-d.1864
Sabin, Helen Sophia (i1230), b.1845-d.1884
Sabin, Mary Lincoln (i1229), b.1841-


Sanborn, Anna Gertrude (marriage to Edgar Thomas Pease) (i2521), b.1875-d.1913


Sanders, Abigail (marriage to Mark Wallingford) (i59)


Sarah (marriage to Charles Brown) (i2574)
Sarah (marriage to Nicholas Wallingford) (i1152), b.1748-d.1819
Sarah (marriage to Thomas Saunders) (i3687)
Sarah H. (marriage to Lucius Rankins) (i3510), b.1801-


Sargent, Lusetta F. (marriage to Byron S. Wallingford) (i1174), b.1841-


Saunders, Abel (marriage to Hannah Wallingford) (i1158)
Saunders, Abigail (i777), b.1752-
Saunders, Abigail (i1159), b.179--
Saunders, Edward (marriage to Abigail Wallingford) (i53), b.1717-d.1796
Saunders, Elizabeth (i781), b.1754-d.1836
Saunders, Joseph (i2963), b.1747-d.1754
Saunders, Lydia (i779), b.1749-d.1784
Saunders, Thomas (i2964), b.1756-d.1824


Savory, Abigail (marriage to Nathaniel Wallingford) (i1156), b.1748-


Sawtelle, Abigail (i423), b.1801-
Sawtelle, Cynthia A. (i431), b.1816-d.1890
Sawtelle, David W. (i426), b.1806-
Sawtelle, Eli N. (i422), b.1799-
Sawtelle, Ephraim (i424), b.1803-
Sawtelle, Hannah W. (i429), b.1810-d.1871
Sawtelle, John (marriage to Martha Wallingford) (i145), b.1773-d.1828
Sawtelle, Luke (i425), b.1805-d.1805
Sawtelle, Martha (i420), b.1797-d.1873
Sawtelle, Medad (i428), b.1808-d.1818
Sawtelle, Susan E. (i430), b.1812-d.1868


Sawyer, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Wallingford) (i1418), b.1729-d.1819


Schoff, Mary Jane (marriage to Charles Wallingford Parker) (i1632)


Scriggins, Arthur C. (marriage to Annie B. Mudgett) (i2824), b.1872-


Scruton, Charles H. (i1654), b.1866-d.1895
Scruton, Stephen B. (marriage to Martha A. Wallingford) (i1036), b.1838-d.1918
Scruton, Walter S. (i1037), b.1865-d.1904


Seaver, Josiah W. (marriage to Hannah Goodwin) (i1693)


Shattuck, Unknown (marriage to Alta L. G. Wallingford) (i1939)


Shepard, Hannah (marriage to David Ayer) (i2951), b.1714-
Shepard, Lucy Ann (marriage to Lyman J. Wallingford) (i737), b.1823-d.1905


Simak, Frank (marriage to Alice Wallingford) (i2409), b.1899-d.1969


Simmons, John (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i594), d.1763


Smith, Benjamin (marriage to Sophia Cogswell Wallingford) (i350)
Smith, Charles F. (marriage to Laura Wallingford) (i1890), b.1848-
Smith, Eunice (marriage to Carl F. Jacobs) (i3869)
Smith, Georgia (marriage to John Wallingford Goodwin) (i1799)
Smith, Hawley (marriage to Fanny Bailey) (i3071)


Spaulding, Edwin F. (marriage to Eleanor Capen Wallingford) (i1542), b.1891-d.1966


Spofford, Martha (marriage to Caleb Hopkinson Jr.) (i250), b.1686-d.1735


Stackpole, Margaret Evelyn (marriage to Otto Henry Wallingford) (i2311)


Stanley, Fred V. (marriage to Alta L. G. Wallingford) (i1940), b.1845-


Staples, Jennie L. (marriage to Joseph D. Wallingford) (i800), b.1849-d.1865


Sterling, Clara B. (marriage to Thomas Calvin Neal Wallingford) (i1236), b.1853-d.1935


Stevens, Isabelle (i934)
Stevens, Laura (i937)
Stevens, Rufus [E. or W.] (marriage to Mary W. Wallingford) (i932), b.1823-
Stevens, Sadie (i933)
Stevens, William (i936)


Stockbridge, Bernice Velzora (marriage to Roy J. Wallingford) (i894), b.1883-d.1968


Stocker, Abigail (marriage to David Wallingford) (i403), b.1775-d.1859


Stone, Alanson C. (i158), b.1847-
Stone, Calvin (marriage to Elvira Wallingford) (i147), b.1801-d.1864
Stone, Charles A. (i153), b.1827-d.1845
Stone, George Hildreth (i155), b.1831-d.1864
Stone, Harriet Elvira (i154), b.1829-d.1914
Stone, Ida M. (i159), b.1849-
Stone, Mary Elizabeth (i157), b.1840-d.1892
Stone, Solon W. (i156), b.1834-


Story, Jonathan (marriage to Lydia Saunders) (i780), b.1745-d.1822


Stuart, Richard (marriage to Judith Poore) (i298), b.1704-d.1777


Sturtevant, Lois Barbara (marriage to Eugene Owen Wallingford) (i2307) (living status unknown)


Sullivan, Mary T. (marriage to Jesse F. Wallingford) (i3627), b.1893-


Susan (marriage to John Wallingford) (i1717), b.1797-
Susan J. (marriage to David Wallingford) (i2628)
Susannah (marriage to John Wallingford) (i2689), d.1772


Swett, Elizabeth (marriage to Col. Thomas Wallingford) (i16), b.1718-d.1810


Tainter, Georgietta (marriage to Ira Wallingford) (i1250), b.1850-


Talcott, Constance Goff (marriage to David Crafts Whitehouse) (i2411), b.1914-


Tarr, Helen R. (marriage to Amos D. Wallingford) (i1539), b.1886-d.1964


Tasker, Abigail W. (i479), b.1825-d.1826
Tasker, Clara W. (i1571), b.1838-
Tasker, George W. (i1569), b.1830-
Tasker, Hiram H. (i1572), b.1841-d.1912
Tasker, Mary Abbie (i480), b.1829-d.1858
Tasker, Mary Ann (marriage to David Wallingford) (i465), b.1805-d.1887
Tasker, Nahum (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i475), b.1807-d.1888


Tate, Betsey (i978), b.1781-
Tate, David (i973), b.1769-
Tate, Eunice (i979), b.1783-
Tate, Margaret (i976), b.1775-
Tate, Penethia (i977), b.1778-
Tate, Robert (marriage to Margaret Wallingford) (i279), b.1744-d.1827
Tate, Sabra (i980), b.1786-
Tate, Sophia (i975), b.1773-
Tate, William (i974), b.1770-d.1843


Teed, Elizabeth (marriage to William Costelloe) (i2981)


Thompson, Anna Nancy (marriage to Ichabod Goodwin) (i1695), b.1776-d.1818
Thompson, Betsey (marriage to Major Andrew Goodwin) (i1798), b.1785-d.1817
Thompson, Delania D. (marriage to Ira Wallingford) (i455), b.1826-d.1860
Thompson, Keith (marriage to Anna Merrill) (i929)
Thompson, Sophia H. (marriage to William L. Wallingford) (i862), b.1853-


Tibbetts, Unknown (marriage to Female Wallingford) (i1457)


Todd, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Saunders) (i782), b.1744-d.1823


Travers, Sarah (marriage to Nicholas Wallingford) (i2), b.1636-d.1709


Treadwell, Caroline Matilda (marriage to Rev. Philander Wallingford) (i167), b.1811-d.1894


Tredick, Adeline (marriage to Thomas Wallingford Kittredge) (i547), b.1805-d.1879


Tucker, Sophia M. (marriage to Samuel S. Wallingford) (i741), b.1821-d.1902


Tuttle, Mary (marriage to John Wallingford) (i4), d.1717
Tuttle, Mary Jane (marriage to David Woodbury Wallingford) (i471), b.1850-d.1877


Tyler, Joseph Stickney (marriage to Hannah Nelson) (i1812), b.1776-


Unknown, Lois (marriage to Donald Blanchard Wallingford) (i1848) (living status unknown)
Unknown, Unknown (marriage to Dorothy Wallingford) (i1514)

Van Buskirk

Van Buskirk, Ophelia (marriage to Eli N. Sawtelle) (i1635)


Villaire, Joseph (marriage to Mary Abbie Wallingford) (i624), b.1837-d.1911
Villaire, Lillian Josephine (i1676), b.1875-d.1904
Villaire, Lizettie (i1672), b.1874-
Villaire, Louis Edward (i625), b.1865-


Walker, Abigail (marriage to Peter Wallingford) (i192), d.1790
Walker, Henry C. (marriage to Sylvania Frances Jenness) (i3855)


Wallingford, Aaron (i373), b.1775-d.1858
Wallingford, Aaron (i804), b.1843-
Wallingford, Abbie F. (i647), b.1863-
Wallingford, Abiah (i220), b.1704-
Wallingford, Abigail (i18), b.1702-
Wallingford, Abigail (i26), b.1767-d.1834
Wallingford, Abigail (i52), b.1726-d.1756
Wallingford, Abigail (i74), b.1680-
Wallingford, Abigail (i143), b.1790-
Wallingford, Abigail (i391), b.1792-d.1861
Wallingford, Abigail (i463), b.1795-d.1823
Wallingford, Abigail (i668), b.1804-
Wallingford, Abigail (i940), b.1822-
Wallingford, Abigail (i2286), b.1833-
Wallingford, Addi Lee (i2589), b.1844-d.1853
Wallingford, Adeline (i738)
Wallingford, Alanson (i1627), b.1813-
Wallingford, Albert (i399), b.1803-
Wallingford, Albert (i1022), b.1902-d.1988
Wallingford, Alfred F. (i709)
Wallingford, Alfred Rexford (i731), b.1912-d.1972
Wallingford, Alfred Rexford, Jr. (i2091), b.1935-d.1977
Wallingford, Alice (i890), b.1912-d.2000
Wallingford, Alice (i1260), b.1892-d.1977
Wallingford, Alice (i3544), b.1888-
Wallingford, Alice G. (i751), b.1855-
Wallingford, Alice M. (i1285), b.1869-d.1886
Wallingford, Alison (i1854) (still alive)
Wallingford, Almon (i1014), b.1855-d.1876
Wallingford, Almyra (i850), b.1828-d.1899
Wallingford, Almyra (marriage to George Wallingford) (i684), b.1828-d.1899
Wallingford, Alta L. G. (i1262), b.1861-
Wallingford, Alvah C. (i851), b.1833-d.1864
Wallingford, Amber (i3815) (still alive)
Wallingford, Amos (i51), b.1762-d.1837
Wallingford, Amos (i701), b.1837-d.1910
Wallingford, Amos D. (i1257), b.1889-d.1956
Wallingford, Amos P. (i299), b.1794-d.1825
Wallingford, Amy Louise (i3807) (still alive)
Wallingford, Andrew (i27), b.1770-d.1776
Wallingford, Andrew J. (i686), b.1853-d.1881
Wallingford, Ann (i843), b.1818-
Wallingford, Ann (marriage to John Wallingford) (i660), b.1818-
Wallingford, Ann L. (i996), b.1838-d.1882
Wallingford, Anna Kate (i1858) (still alive)
Wallingford, Anne (i3539) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Anthony (i2497) (still alive)
Wallingford, Ariana Grace (i3651) (still alive)
Wallingford, Arlene Avis (i909), b.1923-
Wallingford, Arthur Augustus (i757), b.1845-d.1877
Wallingford, Bancroft Hussey (i898), b.1890-d.1975
Wallingford, Barbara Ann (i2480) (still alive)
Wallingford, Barbara Louise (i2119) (still alive)
Wallingford, Benjamin (i73), b.1678-d.1733
Wallingford, Benjamin (i140), b.1782-d.1844
Wallingford, Benjamin (i216), b.1707-d.1790
Wallingford, Benjamin (i289), b.1739-d.1805
Wallingford, Benjamin Franklin (i328), b.1813-d.1834
Wallingford, Bertha (i640), b.1884-
Wallingford, Bertie (i1024), b.1872-d.1882
Wallingford, Bertie (i1517), b.1882-
Wallingford, Bessie O. (i1020), b.1895-
Wallingford, Bethiah (i283), b.1724-d.1786
Wallingford, Betsey (i670), b.1795-d.1886
Wallingford, Betsey (i856), b.1843-
Wallingford, Betsey (i1032), b.1836-
Wallingford, Betty (i506), b.1755-d.1830
Wallingford, Bonnie Lou (i2481) (still alive)
Wallingford, Brian Lee (i2379) (still alive)
Wallingford, Brittany Ann (i3808) (still alive)
Wallingford, Bruce Neal (i2367) (still alive)
Wallingford, Byron S. (i1173), b.1846-d.1910
Wallingford, Calvin (i589), b.1812-
Wallingford, Calvin A. (i1016), b.1891-
Wallingford, Calvin J. (i661), b.1856-
Wallingford, Calvin Walter (i1246), b.1919-d.2002
Wallingford, Calvin Walter, Jr. (i1851) (still alive)
Wallingford, Capt. Thomas (i19), b.1716-d.1792
Wallingford, Carrie (i688), b.1874-
Wallingford, Catharine (i171), b.1819-
Wallingford, Charles (i630), b.1851-
Wallingford, Charles (i991), b.1830-
Wallingford, Charles (i1013), b.1866-d.1914
Wallingford, Charles (i1171), b.1812-d.1885
Wallingford, Charles (i1382), b.1799-d.1800
Wallingford, Charles Arthur (i868), b.1884-
Wallingford, Charles Arthur (i3442) (still alive)
Wallingford, Charles Arthur, Jr. (i865), b.1910-d.1937
Wallingford, Charles Augustus (i765), b.1854-d.1909
Wallingford, Charles Rufus (i411), b.1849-d.1910
Wallingford, Charles W. (i1038), b.1852-
Wallingford, Child (i2222), d.1760
Wallingford, Chloe Faye (i3652) (still alive)
Wallingford, Chris (i3702) (still alive)
Wallingford, Clara (i3549), b.1891-d.1975
Wallingford, Clara J. (i1254), b.1850-
Wallingford, Clara Mathes (i1466), b.1826-d.1903
Wallingford, Clarence M. (i1255), b.1852-d.1920
Wallingford, Clarissa (i1183), b.1812-d.1880
Wallingford, Clarissa Irene (i733)
Wallingford, Clifford Earl (i2104) (still alive)
Wallingford, Clifford, Jr. (i2495) (still alive)
Wallingford, Col. Thomas (i13), b.1697-d.1771
Wallingford, Cora (i839), b.1883-
Wallingford, Corey Lee (i2378) (still alive)
Wallingford, Corey Scott (i2508) (still alive)
Wallingford, Dale (i2493) (still alive)
Wallingford, Daniel (i1184), b.1771-
Wallingford, Daniel Kirkwood (i767), b.1890-
Wallingford, David (i132), b.1744-d.1791
Wallingford, David (i137), b.1776-d.1777
Wallingford, David (i138), b.1778-d.1836
Wallingford, David (i193), b.1760-d.1816
Wallingford, David (i211), b.1713-d.1737
Wallingford, David (i464), b.1801-d.1878
Wallingford, David (i587), b.1807-
Wallingford, David (i1232), b.1819-d.1903
Wallingford, David (i2627), b.1813-d.1849
Wallingford, David (i3699) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, David Gowell (i2429) (still alive)
Wallingford, David Martin (i2431) (still alive)
Wallingford, David W. (i1278), b.1844-d.1844
Wallingford, David Woodbury (i470), b.1848-d.1926
Wallingford, Deacon Joel (i141), b.1784-d.1841
Wallingford, Dean Henry (i3649) (still alive)
Wallingford, Deborah (i215), b.1701-d.1739
Wallingford, Denise (i3448) (still alive)
Wallingford, Denise Elaine (i1853) (still alive)
Wallingford, Denise Lee (i3811) (still alive)
Wallingford, Diana (i326), b.1811-d.1881
Wallingford, Diane Marie (i2418) (still alive)
Wallingford, Donald (i1845), d.1997
Wallingford, Donald (i3531), b.1904-
Wallingford, Donald Blanchard (i1837), b.1922-d.2001
Wallingford, Dora (i653), b.1871-
Wallingford, Dorothy (i665), b.1800-
Wallingford, Dorothy (i703), b.1842-
Wallingford, Dorothy (i1388), b.1840-d.1842
Wallingford, E. Gilbert (i590), b.1815-d.1889
Wallingford, Ebenezer (i12), b.1695-d.1721
Wallingford, Ebenezer (i48), b.1724-d.1775
Wallingford, Ebenezer (i635), b.1830-d.1910
Wallingford, Ebenezer (i638), b.1861-
Wallingford, Ebenezer Blodgett (i139), b.1780-d.1855
Wallingford, Edith May (i2110) (still alive)
Wallingford, Edna L. (i1897), b.1913-d.1913
Wallingford, Edna M. (i644), b.1886-
Wallingford, Edna May (i3530) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Eleanor (or Llewellan?) F. (i1394), b.1852-
Wallingford, Eleanor Capen (i1259), b.1910-
Wallingford, Eliza Ann (i325), b.1809-d.1838
Wallingford, Eliza Ann (i410), b.1846-d.1849
Wallingford, Eliza Jane (i1266), b.1832-d.1897
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i23), b.1753-d.1781
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i60), b.1736-d.1775
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i71), b.1674-d.1736
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i209), b.1708-
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i317), b.1789-d.1879
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i392), b.1794-d.1874
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i595), b.1768-
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i872), b.1818-
Wallingford, Elizabeth (i3782), b.1815-d.1860
Wallingford, Elizabeth Abigail (i336), b.1806-d.1830
Wallingford, Elizabeth Crane (i2362) (still alive)
Wallingford, Elizabeth G. (i572), b.1803-d.1881
Wallingford, Elizabeth Jean (i3806) (still alive)
Wallingford, Elizabeth L. (i168), b.1814-d.1836
Wallingford, Ella Isadore (i759), b.1876-d.1877
Wallingford, Ella J. (i750), b.1853-d.1863
Wallingford, Ella Louisa (i829), b.1869-
Wallingford, Ella M. (i1039), b.1855-
Wallingford, Ellen (i857), b.1843-
Wallingford, Elvira (i146), b.1804-d.1884
Wallingford, Emily E. (i3095) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Emma E. (i592), b.1817-d.1842
Wallingford, Emma F. (i1270), b.1850-d.1920
Wallingford, Emma Frances (i414), b.1853-
Wallingford, Emma J. (i1920), b.1859-d.1949
Wallingford, Emma W. (i742), b.1843-
Wallingford, Estes (i593), b.1819-d.1865
Wallingford, Esther (i72), b.1676-d.1743
Wallingford, Esther (i2631), b.1820-
Wallingford, Estis (i585), b.1800-d.1820
Wallingford, Ethel A. (i803), b.1886-
Wallingford, Etta [A. or J.] (i1518), b.1858-d.1873
Wallingford, Etta S. (i916), b.1860-
Wallingford, Eugene (i2710)
Wallingford, Eugene Owen (i911), b.1931-d.1988
Wallingford, Eunice (i855), b.1840-
Wallingford, Eva (i1026), b.1877-
Wallingford, Eva May (i827), b.1894-d.1896
Wallingford, Evelyn M. (i2099) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Evelyn S. (i1241), b.1884-d.1963
Wallingford, Everett (i728)
Wallingford, Experience (i675), b.1810-
Wallingford, F. Herbert (i866), b.1916-
Wallingford, Fanny (i584), b.1798-d.1885
Wallingford, Female (i690)
Wallingford, Female (i828), b.1896-d.1896
Wallingford, Female (i1956), b.1903-
Wallingford, Female (i2548), b.1893-
Wallingford, Florence (i761), d.1912
Wallingford, Frances (i90), b.1728-d.1817
Wallingford, Frances (i169), b.1816-d.1848
Wallingford, Frances Almeda (i732)
Wallingford, Frances Louise (i2117) (still alive)
Wallingford, Frank E. (i852), b.1861-d.1861
Wallingford, Frank Edwin (i458), b.1851-d.1914
Wallingford, Frederick (i1496), b.1818-d.1819
Wallingford, Gabriel John (i3817) (still alive)
Wallingford, Garland (i82), b.1770-d.1843
Wallingford, Garland (i808), b.1845-d.1906
Wallingford, George (i162), b.1808-d.1863
Wallingford, George (i396), b.1796-d.1816
Wallingford, George (i683), b.1822-d.1903
Wallingford, George (i915), b.1847-
Wallingford, George Henry (i769), b.1839-
Wallingford, George J. (i888), b.1884-d.1956
Wallingford, George J., Jr. (i892), b.1925-d.2001
Wallingford, George S. (i990), b.1828-
Wallingford, George S. (i1269), b.1834-d.1857
Wallingford, George Washington (i278), b.1776-d.1824
Wallingford, George Washington, Jr. (i345), b.1815-d.1878
Wallingford, George Willis (i472), b.1871-d.1882
Wallingford, Gerald Scott Sturtevant (i3827) (still alive)
Wallingford, Giles (i1445), b.1845-
Wallingford, Giles (marriage to Malinda Wallingford) (i1446), b.1825-d.1860
Wallingford, Gladys Ella (i2434), b.1900-d.1900
Wallingford, Grace (i2629), b.1845-d.1846
Wallingford, Grace B. (i830), b.1874-
Wallingford, Granville Clifford (i397), b.1799-d.1881
Wallingford, Granville S. (i746), b.1846-d.1870
Wallingford, Hannah (i41), b.1720-d.1813
Wallingford, Hannah (i68), b.1667-d.1709
Wallingford, Hannah (i142), b.1785-d.1851
Wallingford, Hannah (i282), b.1735-
Wallingford, Hannah (i504), b.1747-d.1776
Wallingford, Hannah (i1157), b.1769-
Wallingford, Hannah (i1718), b.1766-d.1857
Wallingford, Harlan Prince (i914), b.1926-
Wallingford, Harold O. (i1239), b.1874-d.1882
Wallingford, Harold Owen (i1838), b.1920-d.1988
Wallingford, Harriet (i879), b.1815-d.1888
Wallingford, Harriet Rachel (i2123) (still alive)
Wallingford, Harry Erving (i2092), b.1939-d.1999
Wallingford, Harry Erving, Jr. (i2094) (still alive)
Wallingford, Hazel May (i730), b.1910-d.1911
Wallingford, Heather Rene (i3838) (still alive)
Wallingford, Helen (i2355) (still alive)
Wallingford, Helen Louise (i901) (still alive)
Wallingford, Helen Maria (i351), b.1822-d.1886
Wallingford, Helena (i864), b.1907-d.1907
Wallingford, Henry (i792), b.1817-d.1877
Wallingford, Henry (i825), b.1893-d.1918
Wallingford, Henry (i1886), b.1903-
Wallingford, Henry Joy (i1629), b.1843-
Wallingford, Henry Melvin (i884), b.1882-d.1938
Wallingford, Henry Melvin, Jr. (i3558) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Henry Merrill (i834), b.1882-
Wallingford, Hepzibah (i214), b.1695-d.1749
Wallingford, Herbert Alberto (i2109) (still alive)
Wallingford, Herbert Alberto, Jr. (i2506) (still alive)
Wallingford, Herbert E. (i689), b.1876-
Wallingford, Herman A. (i882), b.1849-d.1932
Wallingford, Horace Arthur (i418), b.1863-d.1900
Wallingford, Howard (i776), b.1892-d.1972
Wallingford, Hunter Dean (i3653) (still alive)
Wallingford, Ida (i763)
Wallingford, Ida M. (i649), b.1865-
Wallingford, Ina (i721), b.1869-
Wallingford, Ina May (i895), b.1888-d.1984
Wallingford, Infant (i2440), b.1881-d.1881
Wallingford, Ira (i454), b.1823-d.1853
Wallingford, Ira (i1249), b.1853-d.1909
Wallingford, Ira M. (i691), b.1859-d.1877
Wallingford, Isaac (i218), b.1711-
Wallingford, Isaac (i658), b.1832-
Wallingford, Ivan Blaine (i908), b.1922-d.1999
Wallingford, Ivan Mark (i2368) (still alive)
Wallingford, Ives (i586), b.1805-d.1884
Wallingford, Jacob (i198), b.1766-d.1840
Wallingford, Jacob B. (i1033), b.1824-d.1856
Wallingford, James (i67), b.1665-d.1739
Wallingford, James (i860), b.1855-
Wallingford, James (i1154), b.1778-d.1849
Wallingford, James (i2566), b.1806-d.1854
Wallingford, James Allen (i2369) (still alive)
Wallingford, James E. (i999), b.1844-
Wallingford, James Howard (i2432) (still alive)
Wallingford, James W. (i652), b.1868-d.1909
Wallingford, James, Jr. (i219), b.1713-d.1782
Wallingford, Jamie Lynn (i3835) (still alive)
Wallingford, Jane (i633), b.1823-d.1902
Wallingford, Jane Leslie (i3645) (still alive)
Wallingford, Jane Marie (i907), b.1921-
Wallingford, Jaye Lynn (i1869) (still alive)
Wallingford, Jemima (i210), b.1710-d.1746
Wallingford, Jemima (i525), b.1742-d.1792
Wallingford, Jennie L. (i1023)
Wallingford, Jeremiah (i217), b.1710-
Wallingford, Jeremiah (i501), b.1740-d.1783
Wallingford, Jesse F. (i1019), b.1893-
Wallingford, Jo-Ann (i2423) (still alive)
Wallingford, Joanna (i79), b.1768-d.1860
Wallingford, Job Lyman (i305), b.1793-
Wallingford, John (i3), b.1659-d.1709
Wallingford, John (i5), b.1688-d.1762
Wallingford, John (i25), b.1765-d.1844
Wallingford, John (i64), b.1655-d.1656
Wallingford, John (i84), b.1733-d.1805
Wallingford, John (i659), b.1834-
Wallingford, John (i791), b.1802-d.1888
Wallingford, John (i886), b.1858-d.1931
Wallingford, John (i2492) (still alive)
Wallingford, John (i2688), b.1716-d.1750
Wallingford, John D. (marriage to Susan Wallingford) (i981), b.1810-d.1888
Wallingford, John G. (i3528), b.1886-
Wallingford, John Gowell (i905), b.1895-d.1965
Wallingford, John Joseph (i2419) (still alive)
Wallingford, John M. (i3536), b.1914-d.1985
Wallingford, John Noble (i871), b.1833-d.1913
Wallingford, John O. (i576), b.1842-d.1872
Wallingford, Jonathan (i130), b.1715-d.1748
Wallingford, Jonathan (i134), b.1770-d.1863
Wallingford, Jonathan (i537), b.1762-d.1847
Wallingford, Jonathan (i663), b.1797-d.1880
Wallingford, Jonathan (i815), b.1851-
Wallingford, Jonathan (i880), b.1820-d.1882
Wallingford, Jonathan (i1155), b.1781-
Wallingford, Jonathan Andrew (i3818) (still alive)
Wallingford, Joseph (i70), b.1672-d.1701
Wallingford, Joseph (i285), b.1730-d.1757
Wallingford, Joseph D. (i799), b.1840-d.1895
Wallingford, Joseph Ian (i3805) (still alive)
Wallingford, Joshua (i77), b.1759-d.1836
Wallingford, Judith (i17), b.1700-
Wallingford, Judith (i47), b.1722-d.1772
Wallingford, Judith (i92), b.1736-d.1761
Wallingford, Judith (i507), b.1755-d.1825
Wallingford, Judith (i2356) (still alive)
Wallingford, Judith Ann (i2121), b.1941-
Wallingford, Julia (i891), b.1920-d.1978
Wallingford, Julia Hilliard (i579), b.1850-d.1894
Wallingford, Julie (i1852) (still alive)
Wallingford, Karen (i3697) (still alive)
Wallingford, Katherine Sadie (i1968) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Kelsey A. (i2098) (still alive)
Wallingford, Kimberly (i2498) (still alive)
Wallingford, Kirk Byron (i1247), b.1891-d.1960
Wallingford, Kirk George (i1868) (still alive)
Wallingford, Kristy Lynn (i2503) (still alive)
Wallingford, Lafayette (i692), b.1825-d.1915
Wallingford, Laura (i682), b.1878-
Wallingford, Laura (i3094) (still alive)
Wallingford, Laura Beth (i2428) (still alive)
Wallingford, Laura Lee (i2509) (still alive)
Wallingford, Lee Ann (i1855) (still alive)
Wallingford, Levi (i384)
Wallingford, Levina (i1444), b.1836-
Wallingford, Lewis (i615), b.1814-d.1878
Wallingford, Lida M. (i885), b.1884-
Wallingford, Lilla (i1021)
Wallingford, Linda Joyce (i2415) (still alive)
Wallingford, Linnette Milagro (i3831) (still alive)
Wallingford, Linnie A. (i824), b.1889-d.1926
Wallingford, Lisa (i3630) (still alive)
Wallingford, Lisa Ann (i2507) (still alive)
Wallingford, Llewellyn Edward (i2105) (still alive)
Wallingford, Louisa (i941), b.1827-
Wallingford, Louisa F. (i1240), b.1881-d.1908
Wallingford, Lucretia (i343), b.1813-d.1870
Wallingford, Lucy A. (marriage to Herbert E. Wallingford) (i1958), b.1869-
Wallingford, Lulu (i725), b.1872-
Wallingford, Lydia (i103), b.1742-d.1819
Wallingford, Lydia (i226)
Wallingford, Lydia (i538), b.1771-d.1843
Wallingford, Lydia (i859), b.1853-
Wallingford, Lydia (i942), b.1833-
Wallingford, Lyman J. (i591), b.1825-d.1887
Wallingford, Lynn Rosalie (i2422) (still alive)
Wallingford, Maime (i832), b.1876-
Wallingford, Male (i1387), b.1788-d.1805
Wallingford, Malinda (i697), b.1830-d.1852
Wallingford, Malinda Lebanon (i696), b.1859-d.1877
Wallingford, Margaret (i9), b.1714-
Wallingford, Margaret (i21), b.1749-
Wallingford, Margaret (i28), b.1716-d.1803
Wallingford, Margaret (i208), b.1706-d.1754
Wallingford, Maria (i992), b.1832-
Wallingford, Marie (i1847)
Wallingford, Marion (i982), b.1825-
Wallingford, Mark (i58), b.1730-d.1773
Wallingford, Mark (i2491) (still alive)
Wallingford, Martha (i136), b.1774-d.1834
Wallingford, Martha (i505), b.1752-d.1776
Wallingford, Martha (i838), b.1911-
Wallingford, Martha (i1146), b.1717-d.1799
Wallingford, Martha (marriage to James Wallingford Jr.) (i213), b.1717-d.1799
Wallingford, Martha A. (i1035), b.1847-d.1907
Wallingford, Martha J. (i983), b.1834-
Wallingford, Martha J. (i2078), b.1830-
Wallingford, Mary (i22), b.1750-d.1825
Wallingford, Mary (i56), b.1733-d.1788
Wallingford, Mary (i66), b.1663-d.1732
Wallingford, Mary (i85), b.1718-d.1799
Wallingford, Mary (i286), b.1732-d.1736
Wallingford, Mary (i316), b.1786-d.1881
Wallingford, Mary (i404), b.1787-
Wallingford, Mary (i474), b.1798-d.1868
Wallingford, Mary (i536), b.1754-
Wallingford, Mary (i930), b.1814-
Wallingford, Mary (i1179), b.1851-
Wallingford, Mary (i1233)
Wallingford, Mary Abbie (i623), b.1843-d.1913
Wallingford, Mary Ann (i678), b.1820-d.1883
Wallingford, Mary Ann (i2630), b.1817-d.1851
Wallingford, Mary Ann (marriage to Ebenezer Wallingford) (i636), b.1820-d.1883
Wallingford, Mary C. (i577), b.1847-d.1893
Wallingford, Mary Corrilla (i2709), b.1842-
Wallingford, Mary Elizabeth (i1176), b.1876-
Wallingford, Mary Elizabeth (i2114) (still alive)
Wallingford, Mary Ellen (i694), b.1850-d.1894
Wallingford, Mary Ellen (i1272), b.1841-d.1897
Wallingford, Mary Estella (i1532), b.1867-d.1867
Wallingford, Mary H. (i160), b.1806-d.1870
Wallingford, Mary H. (i833), b.1878-
Wallingford, Mary J. (i2386), b.1829-
Wallingford, Mary W. (i931), b.1821-d.1900
Wallingford, Maud D. (i1237), b.1873-d.1923
Wallingford, Melvina S. (i747), b.1841-
Wallingford, Mercy (marriage to Stephen Wallingford) (i842), b.1803-d.1904
Wallingford, Michael Charles (i3446) (still alive)
Wallingford, Michael Kevin (i2433) (still alive)
Wallingford, Mildred E. (i3086), b.1907-d.2002
Wallingford, Miriam Caffey (i775), b.1890-d.1974
Wallingford, Moses (i224), d.1847
Wallingford, Nancy Ann (i2364) (still alive)
Wallingford, Nathan Charles (i3449) (still alive)
Wallingford, Nathaniel (i502), b.1742-d.1776
Wallingford, Nathaniel (i1160), b.1776-d.1837
Wallingford, Nathaniel L. (i680), b.1821-d.1896
Wallingford, Nellie M. (i473), b.1875-d.1893
Wallingford, Nicholas (i1), b.1630-d.1680
Wallingford, Nicholas (i7), b.1691-d.1719
Wallingford, Nicholas (i63), b.1657-d.1682
Wallingford, Nicholas (i205), b.1681-d.1727
Wallingford, Nicholas (i503), b.1744-d.1785
Wallingford, Nicholas Peter (i3819) (still alive)
Wallingford, Noble (i1919), b.1857-d.1934
Wallingford, Olive (i115), b.1758-d.1853
Wallingford, Olive (i984), b.1832-
Wallingford, Olive Cushing (i348), b.1817-d.1887
Wallingford, Olive D. (i805), b.1843-d.1920
Wallingford, Orrilla (i811), b.1848-
Wallingford, Oscar Leroy (i867), b.1914-
Wallingford, Otto Henry (i900), b.1923-d.2000
Wallingford, Pamela Sturtevant (i3823) (still alive)
Wallingford, Patience (i88), b.1724-d.1770
Wallingford, Patience (i699), b.1833-d.1900
Wallingford, Pell Fletcher (i1878), b.1875-
Wallingford, Peter (i89), b.1726-d.1771
Wallingford, Peter (i462), b.1794-d.1850
Wallingford, Peter Eugene (i2420) (still alive)
Wallingford, Phebe (i87), b.1722-d.1766
Wallingford, Philip Bancroft (i2359) (still alive)
Wallingford, Rachel (i54), b.1730-
Wallingford, Rachel (i698), b.1834-d.1852
Wallingford, Rachel A. (i710), b.1862-
Wallingford, Rachel E. (i3096) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Randy (i2496) (still alive)
Wallingford, Rebecca (i1162), b.1801-d.1865
Wallingford, Rev. Philander (i166), b.1812-d.1887
Wallingford, Richard (i985), b.1804-d.1876
Wallingford, Richard (i3518), b.1880-d.1910
Wallingford, Richard Allen (i3800) (still alive)
Wallingford, Richard Everett (i2090), b.1934-d.1985
Wallingford, Richard Everett, Jr. (i2478) (still alive)
Wallingford, Richard Lee (i910) (still alive)
Wallingford, Richard Lee, III (i3810) (still alive)
Wallingford, Richard Lee, Jr. (i2417) (still alive)
Wallingford, Richard Needham (i773), b.1877-d.1966
Wallingford, Robert (i3093) (still alive)
Wallingford, Robert Andrew Gray (i1969) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, Robert Dewey (i2426) (still alive)
Wallingford, Roger Carl (i2103) (still alive)
Wallingford, Ronald Blaine (i2366) (still alive)
Wallingford, Rose W. (i3548), b.1890-
Wallingford, Roxanna (i734), b.1802-d.1804
Wallingford, Roxanne Sturtevant (i3821) (still alive)
Wallingford, Roy J. (i893), b.1887-d.1980
Wallingford, Royal E. (i3527), b.1883-
Wallingford, Rufus Needham (i329), b.1817-d.1875
Wallingford, Russell James (i2479) (still alive)
Wallingford, Ruth (i174), b.1698-d.1782
Wallingford, Ruth (i2358) (still alive)
Wallingford, Ruth M. (i3097) (still alive)
Wallingford, Sabrina (i2499) (still alive)
Wallingford, Samuel (i113), b.1755-d.1778
Wallingford, Samuel (i186), b.1693-d.1739
Wallingford, Samuel (i200), b.1790-d.1826
Wallingford, Samuel (i284), b.1727-d.1734
Wallingford, Samuel (i287), b.1734-d.1737
Wallingford, Samuel (i288), b.1737-d.1757
Wallingford, Samuel (i1265), b.1830-d.1830
Wallingford, Samuel S. (i588), b.1810-d.1893
Wallingford, Samuel Willard (i466), b.1837-d.1899
Wallingford, Sarah (i10), b.1693-d.1764
Wallingford, Sarah (i65), b.1661-d.1682
Wallingford, Sarah (i86), b.1720-d.1761
Wallingford, Sarah (i135), b.1772-
Wallingford, Sarah (i196), b.1757-
Wallingford, Sarah (i207), b.1704-d.1771
Wallingford, Sarah (i526), b.1746-
Wallingford, Sarah (i662), b.1836-
Wallingford, Sarah (i810), b.1847-
Wallingford, Sarah (i939), b.1822-
Wallingford, Sarah (i1153), b.1774-
Wallingford, Sarah Ann (i1274), b.1846-d.1893
Wallingford, Sarah E. (i1252), b.1845-
Wallingford, Sarah Elizabeth (i1857) (still alive)
Wallingford, Sarah F. (i656), b.1873-
Wallingford, Sarah Goodridge (i3781), b.1814-d.1850
Wallingford, Sarah Helen (i902), b.1893-d.1920
Wallingford, Sarah M. (i164), b.1810-d.1894
Wallingford, Sarah Maria (i626), b.1846-d.1905
Wallingford, SaraJane Marie (i3450) (still alive)
Wallingford, Scott A. (i2096) (still alive)
Wallingford, Seth Otis (i2171), b.1831-d.1907
Wallingford, Sophia (i1170), b.1804-d.1856
Wallingford, Sophia Cogswell (i349), b.1820-
Wallingford, Stella J. (i770), b.1843-
Wallingford, Stephen (i667)
Wallingford, Stephen (i841), b.1809-
Wallingford, Stephen (i3698) (still alive)
Wallingford, Stephen Howard (i2425) (still alive)
Wallingford, Sterling Kirk (i1866) (still alive)
Wallingford, Susan (i389), b.1808-d.1895
Wallingford, Susan (i3587) (still alive)
Wallingford, Susan E. (i1277), b.1852-d.1856
Wallingford, Susan Emily (i2600), b.1955-d.1955
Wallingford, Susan Louise (i2357) (still alive)
Wallingford, Susan Ruth (i2427) (still alive)
Wallingford, Susanna (i80)
Wallingford, Susannah (i91), b.1735-d.1761
Wallingford, Tamara Gwen (i3816) (still alive)
Wallingford, Tammy Rose (i2482) (still alive)
Wallingford, Tappin (i858), b.1845-
Wallingford, Theodore (i3436), b.1921-d.2003
Wallingford, Thomas (i24), b.1757-d.1802
Wallingford, Thomas (i50), b.1755-d.1772
Wallingford, Thomas Calvin Neal (i1235), b.1848-d.1918
Wallingford, Thomas Ricker (i1975), b.1794-d.1811
Wallingford, Tiffany Lee (i3812) (still alive)
Wallingford, Tobias (i386), b.1770-d.1840
Wallingford, Todd (i3703) (still alive)
Wallingford, Unknown (i2394), b.1889-
Wallingford, Vernon Howard (i912), b.1897-d.1984
Wallingford, Walter Scott (i1244), b.1887-d.1926
Wallingford, Warren W. (i1025), b.1863-
Wallingford, William (i69), b.1670-d.1685
Wallingford, William (i93), b.1713-
Wallingford, William (i381), d.1776
Wallingford, William (i1846)
Wallingford, William B. (i631), b.1795-d.1859
Wallingford, William B. (i637), b.1855-d.1911
Wallingford, William Clayton (i3828) (still alive)
Wallingford, William G. (i1286), b.1871-d.1942
Wallingford, William Joseph (i3798) (living status unknown)
Wallingford, William L. (i861), b.1857-d.1892
Wallingford, Winthrop (i1461), b.1819-d.1861
Wallingford, Zimri Scates (i202), b.1816-d.1886


Watson, Sarah Sherburn (marriage to Peter Wallingford) (i1460), b.1798-


Way, Alanson (marriage to Frances Wallingford) (i170), b.1816-


Webster, David Noble (marriage to Emma E. Wallingford) (i2585), b.1816-
Webster, Louisa F. (marriage to Frank Edwin Wallingford) (i1234), b.1855-


Wells, Maria (marriage to Freeman Bailey) (i3072)


Wentworth, Abra (i102), b.1769-d.1846
Wentworth, Col. John (marriage to Elizabeth Wallingford) (i62), b.1719-d.1781
Wentworth, Daniel (marriage to Mary Wallingford) (i1135)
Wentworth, Fred (marriage to Sarah Candace Martin) (i1477)
Wentworth, George Frances (marriage to Grace B. Wallingford) (i831), b.1867-
Wentworth, Joanna (marriage to Joshua Roberts) (i2697), b.1750-d.1785
Wentworth, Mary (marriage to Ebenezer Wallingford) (i49), b.1725-d.1815
Wentworth, Samuel (i1188), b.1770-d.1826


Weymouth, Benjamin (i2633), b.1756-
Weymouth, John (marriage to Phebe Wallingford) (i97), b.1724-d.1760


Whitcher, Mary Jane (marriage to David Wallingford) (i735)


White, Abigail (marriage to Jeremiah Wallingford) (i1147)


Whitehouse, David Crafts (i897), b.1915-
Whitehouse, Lucy (i1523)
Whitehouse, Robert (marriage to Lydia Wallingford) (i227)
Whitehouse, Roland Crafts (marriage to Ina May Wallingford) (i896), b.1887-d.1964


Whitridge, Dr. William Cushing (marriage to Olive Cushing) (i1191)
Whitridge, Ruth (marriage to Charles Cushing) (i1192)


Whittier, Charles Toot (marriage to Harriet Wallingford) (i2576)


Wiggett, Albert A. (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Wallingford) (i1177), b.1878-


Wiggin, Charles A. (marriage to Abbie F. Wallingford) (i648)
Wiggin, Jennie M. (marriage to Hiram H. Tasker) (i2551), b.1844-


Willey, Rhona Martha (marriage to Everett Wallingford) (i729), b.1886-
Willey, Robert (marriage to Mary Ellen Wallingford) (i695)


Wilson, Marion (marriage to Howard Wallingford) (i2933), b.1895-d.1985


Wingate, John (marriage to Mary Ellen Wallingford) (i1273)


Wood, Benjamin (marriage to Ruth Wallingford) (i1358), b.1689-d.1755
Wood, Gladys (i3521), b.1895-
Wood, Henry G. (marriage to Mary Lincoln Sabin) (i2305)
Wood, Israel (marriage to Lydia M. Moulton) (i1108)
Wood, Paul (i3516), b.1898-
Wood, William D. (marriage to Emma J. Wallingford) (i1921), b.1858-d.1917


Woodbury, George [J. or S.] (marriage to Julia Wallingford) (i2410) (living status unknown)


Woodis, Eliza J. (marriage to Charles Alfred Jenness) (i3846), b.1876-


Woodruff, Fred (i995), b.1861-
Woodruff, George (i994), b.1855-
Woodruff, Henry (marriage to Maria Wallingford) (i993), b.1829-


Worster, Sally (marriage to Samuel Wallingford) (i201), b.1793-d.1863


Young, Alice (marriage to Henry Wallingford) (i793), b.1815-d.1888
Young, Eliphalet (marriage to Susanna Wallingford) (i81)
Young, William (marriage to Beatrice Viola Dame) (i3688)

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