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Wallingfords of New England

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William H. Teschek
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Alexander, Andrews, Ayer, Bailey, Blair, Boynton, Brock, Brown, Caldwell, Cartland, Caswell, Clements, Cole, Costelloe, Cushing, Dame, Dickinson, Doherty, Edwards, Finney, Foster, George, Goodwin, Hammock, Hardy, Hodsdon, Hooper, Hopkinson, Howard, Hudson, Jackson, Jacobs, Jenness, Johnson, Jones, Kittredge, Knox, Lamos, Libby, Lincoln, Little, Looke, Lord, Martin, Merrill, Moulton, Mudgett, Neal, Nelson, Niles, Nowell, Palmer, Parker, Patrick, Paul, Pearne, Pease, Perry, Phillips, Pierce, Pike, Poore, Randall, Rankins, Ricker, Roberts, Russell, Sabin, Saunders, Sawtelle, Scruton, Stevens, Stone, Tasker, Tate, Villaire, Wallingford, Wentworth, Weymouth, Whitehouse, Wood, Woodruff

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This genealogy of the descendants of Nicholas Wallingford of Newbury and Bradford, Massachusetts is a work in progress. Research began in 1998 and is ongoing, so nothing herein should be considered the final word on any of these individuals.

Many of the lines of descent, particularly those in the Lebanon, Maine area, are hopelessly tangled and may never be straightened out. Those presented here are undoubtedly wrong in several places, so don't take anything here for the gospel truth.

Despite its incompleteness, this to be the most complete genealogy of the New England Wallingfords ever attempted. Much more work needs to be done, but it is the best we have to date.

Most of the effort at present is going into the first five generations of the family, searching through deeds, probate and other court records. Secondary sources are being scoured to flesh out later generations, and living relatives are occasionally adding to our knowledge of the more contemporary generations. Data on living people has been purposely abbreviated on this website for privacy purposes.

No attempt has been or will be made to trace the numerous descendants of his son Benjamin who moved south and west well away from New England. For that family click here.

Female Wallingford lines are followed for one generation so that Wallingford daughters appear in their own section with their married families and children. Children of Wallingford daughters, however, will not have their children included, except in special circumstances. Beginning with Wallingford daughters who married after 1900, this format changes and their children will not be included.

Complete footnotes are included with all facts so that other researchers will be able to judge the quality of information presented here, and go to the original source if so desired.

Many families and individuals are presently unconnected to the main lines of descent from the immigrant Nicholas, and they are included in their own section of "Unconnected Wallingfords". There is also a large family that moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the late 1700s that is not covered here. Research into that family is being done by Jim Wallingford of Acton, Ontario, Canada, and Tim Nace of Dallas, Texas, and they are eager to communicate with others interested in this family. They can be reached at and

If anyone has any additional information or corrections to the data herein, please contact the compiler.

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