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419. Sarah Goodridge7 Wallingford (Deacon Joel6, David5, Jonathan4, Nicholas3, Nicholas2, Nicholas1) was born in Plymouth, Windsor County, Vermont 12 June 1814.(2422) Sarah died 20 August 1850, probably in Claremont, N.H..(2423) The family was living in Claremont when the 1850 census was taken.

She married William Patrick, probably by 1835.(2424) William was born about 1803/04, in New Hampshire. He was age 46 in the 1850 census, 50 in the 1860 census, and 67 in the 1870 census, born in N.H.

It's uncertain when William and Sarah were married, or how many children they had. At present only census records have been used to determine the names of their children, and these early census records don't state relationships so the children listed with them in 1850 and 1860 might not be their own. Prior to 1850 only heads of households are listed of course, and this makes it that much more difficult. In 1840 a Claremont, N.H. household headed by William Patrick had nine individuals. One boy under 5, one boy 5-9, one 10-14, and one 15-19. There were two older males in their thirties and sixties. Among the females, there were two under age 5 and one in her twenties.(2425) William is likely the male in his thirties, and Sarah the female in her twenties. The older male may be William's father. Sarah's father Joel was enumerated separatedly in 1840. The two girls under five are likely Sarah and Fanny. Only two sons born prior to 1841 are presently accounted for: Joel born about 1835 and Henry about 1840. They would account for the two youngest sons in the census, but the two boys between ages 10 and 19 are unknown. It seems likely that they would be younger brothers of Patrick. Going back a year to 1830, the Claremont census again has a William Patrick family, but this one has a completely different look. There were three males in their twenties and one in his sixties, with one girl age 15-19, one woman in her thirties and one in her fifties.(2426) It seems likely that this is an older generation of Patricks. Perhaps this William is our William's father. Going back another year to 1820 the William Patrick family of Claremont has 13 people in it, including some younger children, including a male of the right age to be William.(2427) In 1850 the family was still living in Claremont. William was a farmer on land worth $3000, and five children, presumably (but not necessarily) their own, were living with them. Also living there was 54-year-old Betsy Sullivan and 79-year-old Betsy Patrick. These may be an older sibling and Patrick's mother or an aunt. No relationship is stated by the 1850 census to the head of household. The date on the census page is 6 September, but the 1860 census was to record the family as it was on June 1st, so it shows wife Sarah Patrick as still living, even though she died on august 20th.(2428) In 1860 William was still living in Claremont as a farmer on land worth $500 with a personal estate worth $1000. Living with him were Sarah E., 24, Fanny, 22, and Henry W., 20, who are all probably his children, although the 1860 census does not state relationships. Also living with him was 89-year-old Betsey Patrick, who may be his mother or an aunt.(2429) In 1870 the Claremont household was headed by 32-year-old Fanny Patrick, who had personal property worth $100 but no real estate. Living with her was 67-year-old William Patrick, a wheelwright with personal property worth $1000, but still no real estate. The third person in the family group was 9-year-old Stella Patrick, born in Vermont, who is presumably a grandson of William.(2430) The Fanny in this census may not be daughter of William and Sarah, as discussed below under her record.

Sarah Goodridge Wallingford and William Patrick had the following children:

child 550 i. Joel8 Patrick was born in New Hampshire about 1835. He was age 14 in the 1850 census, born in N.H., and he was older than his sister Sarah in that census.

child 551 ii. Sarah Elisabeth Patrick was born in New Hampshire 12 June 1836.(2431) Sarah died 1 October 1861.(2432) Her name was Elisabeth in the 1850 census but was Sarah in the 1860 census. She was apparently single when she died at the age of 25.

child 552 iii. Fanny Patrick was born in New Hampshire about 1837/38. She was age 12 in the 1850 census and 22 in the 1860 census, born in N.H. In the 1870 census she was age 32, but there were marks for her in the column stating that her father and mother were of foreign birth. If true, she must not be a child of William and Sarah, as they were not born outside of the U.S. In the 1870 census William was listed in the same household as born in N.H. The Fanny in 1870 could be a different person than the one in the previous two censuses, despite the agreement in the various ages. That would explain why the 1870 Fanny had foreign-born parents. She may be the widow of son Henry or Joel who just happened to have the same name and age as their sister. More research is necessary.

child 553 iv. Henry W. Patrick was born in New Hampshire about 1840. He was age 9 in the 1850 census and 20 in the 1860 census, born in N.H.

child 554 v. Charles Patrick was born in New Hampshire about 1841/42. He was age 8 in the 1850 census, born in N.H. He was not enumerated with the family in the 1860 census, at which time he would have been about 18 years old. No likely candidate for him can be found under the spelling "Charles Patrick" in the 1860 census indexes on as of 30 Jan 2004.

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