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756. Charles Arthur9 Wallingford (William L.8, Stephen7, Aaron6, John5, John4, John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Berwick, York County, Maine about 1884.(3462) He was 35 in the 1920 census dated January 1 and 46 in the 1930 census dated April 1, suggesting a birth date in the first three months of 1884.

He married Rose A. Dumont, 15 December 1905, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(3463) There is likely something wrong with the date or participants of this marriage. In their 1930 census record Charles is aged 46 and Rose is 37. In the column where it gives their "age at first marriage" it says Charles was 21, which calculates correctly for a marriage in 1905, but Rose was said to be 20, where her age would suggest she was only 13 at the time. It's possible that the 1905 date was for a different marriage for Charles.

Rose was born about 1887 to 1892, in Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts.(3464) She was age 19 in the April 1910 census, 28 in the January 1920 census and 37 in the April 1930 census. Shackford states that she was born in 1887. Rose was the daughter of Joseph Dumont and Nellie.

Is he the Charles A. Wallingford, age 82, who died in Berwick, Maine on 7 March 1966?(3465)

When the 1910 census was taken the family was living in a rented home on Cemetery Road in Berwick, Maine, and Charles was a 25-year-old farmer "working out", which probably means that he worked as a hired farmer for someone else. He has been unemployed for 16 weeks in the previous year. They were said to have been married for four years, and Rose was the mother of three children, two of whom were then living.(3466)

When the 1920 census was taken the family was living in Cranberry Meadow Road in Berwick, Maine and Charles was 35 and employed as a lumberman in a saw mill.(3467) In the 1930 census they were living in the same place and Charles was a farm laborer who owned his own home worth $1800.(3468)

Charles Arthur Wallingford and Rose A. Dumont had the following children:

child 839 i. Helena10 Wallingford was born in Berwick, York County, Maine 12 March 1907.(3469) Helena died 8 May 1907, in Berwick, York County, Maine, aged less than two months.(3470)

child 840 ii. Mildred E. Wallingford was born in Acton, York County, Maine 2 October 1907.(3471) Mildred died 3 May 2002, at Riverside Rest Home, in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(3472) She married twice. She married first, Ernest E. Mathews, 1 July 1928, in Maine.(3473) At the time of their marriage they were both living in Berwick, Maine. Is he the Ernest E. Mathews that can be found in the Social Security Death Index who was born 4 Jan 1899 and died 26 July 1991, with SS number issued in New Hampshire?

She married second, Elmer E. Lingard. Elmer was born 21 October 1915.(3474) Elmer died 30 June 1971, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(3475)

She was employed as a twister by Queensbury Woolen Mills in Somersworth for 25 years, was a member of the Center Lebanon (Maine) Congregational Church and was a graduate of the National School of Music in Dover, NH in 1931. (Obituary)

child + 841 iii. Charles Arthur Wallingford Jr. was born 27 April 1910.

child + 842 iv. William Joseph Wallingford (living status unknown).

child 843 v. Edna L. Wallingford was born in Berwick, York County, Maine in February 1913.(3476) Edna died 26 September 1913, probably in Berwick, Maine.(3477)

child 844 vi. Oscar Leroy Wallingford was born in Berwick, York County, Maine 20 or 30 March 1914.(3478) He was living in Berwick, Maine when Charles Wallingford contacted him for information about his 1942 Wallingford genealogy.(3479)

child 845 vii. F. Herbert Wallingford was born in Maine about 1915/16. He was age 4 in the January 1920 census and 14 in the April 1930 census.

child 846 viii. Emily E. Wallingford (living status unknown).

child 847 ix. Rachel E. Wallingford (living status unknown).

child 848 x. Ruth M. Wallingford (still alive).

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