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439. Henry7 Wallingford (Garland6, John5, John4, John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born probably in Lebanon, Maine about June 1817.(2507) The age on his gravestone was 72y, 10m, implying birth about June 1817, and the 1860 and 1870 censuses show his age as 43 and 54 respectively. The only conflicting information is the 1850 census which records him as age 35, implying a 1814-15 birth. Henry died 2 October 1877, probably in Lebanon, Maine.(2508)

He married Alice Young, 19 April 1838, in North Berwick, York County, Maine.(2509) Henry was from Lebanon and "Miss" Alice Young was from North Berwick when they were married. They filed intentions of marriage in both towns.(2510)

Alice was born about May 1815. (Calculated from age on gravestone of 72y, 10m)

Alice died 30 March 1888, probably in Lebanon, Maine.(2511) She was buried on the Jonathan Wallingford farm in Wallingford "City".(2512)

Charles Wallingford(2513) and Samuel Shackford (tentatively)(2514) both place him in the family of Aaron Wallingford and Betsey Downs, yet Chamberlain says his father was Garland.(2515) This apparently comes from the 1850 census in which 70-year old Betsey Wallingford is living with him. Betsey (Downs) Wallingford appears in the same census living with her husband Aaron, so this Betsey is logically Betsey (Rankins) Wallingford, widow of Garland. Garland and Henry were buried in the same private cemetery. Also, in 1850 Henry's property is worth $700, which is considerably more than the $100 property of his neighbor Stephen Wallingford, son of Aaron. Stephen is five years older than Henry so if they were brothers he would likely have the better piece of real estate. As son of Garland, living with his mother, he probably inherited his father's property, which would explain the higher land value.Henry's occupation was given as "farmer".(2516) In the 1860 census of Lebanon Henry was still a farmer on a $800 piece of property, with personal belongings worth $200(2517). Ten years later he was still in the same area, and the only change in the value of his property was that his personal belongings were now worth $250. Only his youngest son Jonathan was living with he and his wife at the time.(2518) Henry and Alice were buried in a lot on what in 1892 was the Jonathan Wallingford farm (perhaps his son Jonathan?) in the section of Lebanon known as "Wallingford City".(2519) Today this cemetery is very difficult to find, located as it is deep within several hundred acres of thick uninhabited woods. It is down near Wallingford Pond and the Berwick town line.(2520) Charles Wallingford says they also had a daughter MaryElizabeth who amrried William F. Wells, but the birth date for this Mary would have her being born before her parents' marriage intention was filed, and she also doesn't appear in the 1850 census with the family when she would have been only 12 years old. Her father's name was Henry, but it must be a different, unknown Henry.

Henry Wallingford and Alice Young had the following children:

child + 578 i. Joseph D.8 Wallingford was born 7 April 1840.

child 579 ii. Aaron Wallingford was born probably in Lebanon, Maine about 1842-45. (He was 8 in the 1850 census and 15 in the 1860 census of Lebanon.) He doesn't appear with his parents in the 1860 census of Lebanon.

child + 580 iii. Olive D. Wallingford was born in 1843.

child + 581 iv. Garland Wallingford was born 2 February 1845.

child 582 v. Sarah Wallingford was born probably in Lebanon, Maine about 1847. (Based on the 1850 census of Lebanon.) She doesn't appear with his parents in the 1860 census of Lebanon. There is a Sarah Wallingford, age 14, born in Maine, living in a boardinghouse in Somersworth, N.H. in the 1860 census. She was one of the youngest people living there at the time. On the previous page was an Olive Wallingford who could be her sister.(2521)

child + 583 vi. Orrilla Wallingford was born about 1848.

child + 584 vii. Jonathan Wallingford was born about 1851.

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