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719. Ina9 Wallingford (Amos8, Jonathan7, Garland6, John5, John4, John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Berwick, York County, Maine 10 March 1869.(3393) (Rochester Town Report record of her son Harry's death also gives Berwick as her place of birth.)

She married George Ellis Jacobs, 24 December 1887, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(3394) George was born 18 August 1857?, in Sanford, York County, Maine.(3395) (Rochester Town Report record of his son Harry's death agrees with place.) George was the son of Isaac F. Jacobs and Melissa Ellis.

George died 9 November 1932.(3396) His father was of Lebanon and Rochester.(3397) When their son Earl was born in 1900 the family was "of Rochester" and in 1902 when Lydia was born the record said "East Rochester". In 1902 George's occupation was listed as "wool sorter". In 1900 Ina was referred to as "Mae" so that may have been her middle name.

Shackford has a record of another daughter Lydia who died 16 May 1905 in Rochester, and he apparently got this information from the NH Vital Records.(3398) They had another daughter Lydia born in 1902 who lived until the year 2000, and there is also no room for any other births in this family unless she was a twin. Shackford also lists a son Carl F. Jacobs born 19 September 1905 in Rochester. Until the NHVR's are checked these will remain a mystery.

Ina Wallingford and George Ellis Jacobs had the following children:

child 815 i. Harry Melvin10 Jacobs was born in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire 4 June 1888. Calculated from age at death. Other information states that he was born and died on the same day -- 8 Aug 1888.(3399) Harry died 8 August 1888, probably in Rochester, N.H., aged 2m, 14d.(3400)

child 816 ii. Gertrude Jacobs was born 15 September 1889.(3401) Gertrude died 14 May 1941.(3402) She married Herbert Milton Preston, 19 October 1907, in Strafford, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(3403)

child 817 iii. Jessie Maud Jacobs was born in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire in 1891.(3404) Jessie is deceased. She is buried in Oakdale Cemetery in Sanford, Maine.(3405) She married Fred Hersom.(3406)

child 818 iv. Melissa Jacobs was born 24 September 1893.(3407) Melissa died 15 November 1915. She is buried in Cold Springs Cemetery in East Rochester, NH.(3408)

child 819 v. Lina Jacobs was born in 1895.(3409) Lina died in 1939, in Berwick, York County, Maine. Lina was killed on the railroad tracks while in a car where the Salmon Falls Road meets Highland St. in Berwick, Maine. She is buried in the Cold Springs Cemetery in East Rochester, N.H.(3410)

child 820 vi. Irving J. Jacobs was born 7 August 1897.(3411) Irving died 2 June 1980, in the Rochester, N.H. area.(3412) He married Edith Garnett.(3413) Edith was born 2 October 1898?.(3414) Edith died 24 August 1983?, in the Rochester, N.H. area.(3415)

child 821 vii. Carl F. Jacobs was born in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire 6 April 1900.(3416) Carl died 7 July 1963, in the Rochester, N.H. area.(3417) He married Eunice Smith.(3418) Shackford did not give his first name, but the SSDI has only one Jacobs whose Social Security card was issued in New Hampshire born on that day, and his name was Carl, died July 1963, last residence New Hampshire. But Shackford names another child Carl, so there is probably some confusion here.

child 822 viii. Lydia Esther Jacobs was born in East Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire 1 July 1902.(3419) Lydia died 5 September 2000, in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(3420) She married Charles Lewis, 4 July 1925.(3421) Charles was born 2 May 1896?.(3422) Charles died 10 March 1980?. His widow's obituary says he died in 1980. A Charles W. Lewis died 10 March 1980 according to the online obituary indexes of the Rochester, NH Public Library. They had no children.(3423)

child 823 ix. Pearl Jacobs was born 19 October 1904.(3424) Pearl died 5 December 1984.(3425) She married Joseph A. Hamel, 12 October 1929.(3426) They had no children. Pearl was in a motorcycle accident when she was sixteen and they discovered cancer of the ovaries at that time, after which they were removed.(3427)

child 824 x. Earl Jacobs(3428) was born 19 October 1904. Earl died 19 October 1904. He was buried in Cold Springs Cemetery in East Rochester, N.H.

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