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151. Nicholas4 Wallingford (James3, James2, Nicholas1) was born 13 July 1744.(1304) Nicholas died before 7 June 1785. Nicholas was executor of his father's estate and is last mentioned in those probate records on 4 March 1782. Administration of his own estate was granted to his widow on 7 June 1785.

He married Sarah, probably before 1774.(1305) Sarah was born about 1748. (She was aged 70 when she died.)

Sarah died of consumption, 7 February 1819, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1306) This death record is for the widow Sarah Wood, and as Thomas died in 1813 it is probably our Sarah. Her name was "Sally" on her son James' death record. She may be a relation of the James Palmer "housewright" of Bradford who was made executor of the estate of her father-in-law James Wallingford in place of her husband Nicholas, who had apparently died. It is also worth looking into the John Savory and Solomon Tenney who crop up frequently in probate records of this family. There are no births in Bradford for a Sarah Savory, Tenney, Wood or Palmer that could be her. Given her apparent age of 26 at her marriage to Nicholas she could also have been a young widow at the time. Nicholas was made executor of his father's will of 3 December 1776, and to him was left all the remainder of his father's lands both in Newbury and in Bradford, as well as the west end of the dwelling house in which his mother and sisters would also be living. After his mother and sisters married or died he would get the entire house. Finally Nicholas would receive the remainder of his father's personal estate not already accounted for.(1307)

He is likely the Nicholas Wallingford who served a short time during the Revolutionary War. He served a total of five days, from 30 November to 4 December 1775 in Captain John Savory's detachment from the 2nd Bradford Co. They marched for the defense of Cape Ann but came back in only a few days. The muster roll was dated at Bradford and sworn to at Andover, Mass.(1308) A John Savory was also one of the witnesses to the will of Nicholas' father James. Savory and Nicholas Wallingford both appeared on 4 February 1782 for the probating of the will.

On 21 March 1797, a division of real estate from the estate of Nicholas' father James was made by Lemuel Wood of Boxford, and Silas Hopkinson and Thomas Wood of Bradford, the latter probably being the second husband of Nicholas' wife Sarah. This was the land left to the grandson Nathaniel and his mother for their use until his 21st birthday, which had just occurred. In the division Nicholas (or more likely his widow and family as he was deceased by this time) received 8 acres, 100 poles and Nathaniel received 6 acres, 60 poles. The latter piece of land was bounded by the original dwelling house of James Wallingford where his widow and daughters Betty and Judith were still living.(1309)

Administration on the estate of Nicholas Wallingford, yeoman, of Bradford, deceased intestate, was granted to his widow Sarah on 7 June 1785. John Savory, Gentleman, and Solomon Tenney, yeoman, both of Bradford, gave bond. Sarah made her mark while the other two signed. On 27 June 1785 an inventory of his estate was taken by Capt. John Savory, Solomon Tenny and Ebenezer Hopkinson, all of Bradford. The total estate was valued at 142-11-8. This included part of a house and barn, about five acres of pasture land, other lands in "revertion", about eight acres of home land, four more acres of pasture, and three acres of common fields. Among his personal estate was "military armor", one pig, and one cow. A division of his estate was made on 29 March 1786 by John Savory, Thomas Tenny and Solomon Tenny. The widow Sarah received the west end of the house where she was then dwelling, with the cellar and barn. The land was bounded by the widow Richardson, the widow Abigail Platts, the heirs of James Wallingford, and Stephen Morse. The widow Sarah made her administrator's account on 3 July 1787 and it included mention of 4 1/2 acres of pasture land sold to Moses Wood. In an additional accounting made 12 years later on 6 May 1799 Sarah is now Sarah Wood and her husband Thomas signs the account, while Sarah makes her mark. That account mentions land sold to Nathaniel Wallingford, probably her nephew. None of the children of Nicholas were ever mentioned in his probate papers.(1310)

Nicholas Wallingford and Sarah had the following children:

child 260 i. Sarah5 Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 16 August 1774.(1311) She married John Freeman, 5 February 1807, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(1312) Sarah and her brother James were the two beneficiaries of the will of their aunt Betty Wallingford in 1830. Betty left her estate half to her niece Sarah Freeman and half to her nephew James Wallingford. They each received $170 and change.(1313)

child 261 ii. James Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 4 December 1778.(1314) James died unmarried, of "pleurisy fever", 9 or 11 May 1849, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts, at 70 years of age.(1315) He is buried in the old cemetery in Groveland (formerly East Bradford), Mass. Gravestone says he died on May 11th, which disagrees with Mass. Vital Records death certificate.(1316) James and his sister Sarah were the two beneficiaries of the will of their aunt Betty Wallingford in 1830. Betty left her estate half to her niece Sarah Freeman and half to her nephew James Wallingford. They each received $170 and change.(1317)

On his death certificate his occupation read "shoemaker". He probably worked in a shoe factory.

child 262 iii. Jonathan Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 8 December 1781.(1318)

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