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242. George Washington5 Wallingford (Samuel4, Col. Thomas3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire 19 February 1776.(1726) George died 19 January 1824, in Kennebunk, York County, Maine.(1727) He was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk, Maine.

He married twice. He married first, Abigail Chadbourne, 16 February 1806, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(1728) The newspaper account of their marriage said that they were both from Kennebunk, Maine at the time they were married, but their marriage intention of January 1806(1729) said that George was from Wells and "Nabby" was from Berwick. Kennebunk wasn't formed from Wells until 1820.

Abigail was born 2 March 1785.(1730) Abigail(1731) was the daughter of Jonathan Chesley Chadbourne and Elizabeth Rollins. Abigail died 1 January 1808, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(1732) Her death record calls her wife of George W. Wallingford, Esq. of Kennebunk and daughter of Jonathan Chesley Chadbourne. She was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk, Maine.(1733)

He married second, Mary Fisher, 21 November 1811, in Kennebunk, York County, Maine.(1734) Mary was born 25 February 1789, daughter of Dr. Jacob Fisher. She married second, some time after her first husband's death, to Dr. James Dorrance.(1735) She died 26 May 1880 and was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk, Maine.(1736)

Mary was born 25 February 1789.(1737) Mary was the daughter of Dr. Jacob Fisher. Mary died 26 May 1880. She was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk, Maine.(1738) She was from Kennebunk, Maine. In 1874 she was living as a widow on the Wallingford homestead in Kennebunk.(1739)

As a minor under 14 years of age on 20 June 1787, George had his step-father Amos Cogswell of Dover, Esq., appointed his guardian. On 17 July 1790 George was a minor upwards of 14 years when the guardianship was reaffirmed.(1740)

George W. Wallingford graduated from Harvard College in 1795 at the tender age of seventeen, then studied law with Dudley Hubbard, of South Berwick. He passed the bar in 1798 and opened up his practice in 1800 in that part of the town of Wells which became Kennebunk in 1820. He was a Federalist, and active in politics. In 1813 he was elected one of the representatives of Wells, Maine to the General Court of Massachusetts, and was successively re-elected until Maine was admitted as a separate state in 1820.

He was a member of the famous Brunswick Convention of 1816, though had no sympathy with its doings and voted with the minority He was also a member of the Convention at Portland for the formation of the State Constitution in October 1819. He was opposed to some of the provisions of the new constitution, however, and did not sign it, and was also opposed to the separation of Maine from Massachusetts until such time as Maine could acquire greater wealth and importance. He still represented Wells in the new Maine state legislature in 1823, but died soon after while still relatively young.(1741) He built Wallingford Hall in Kennebunk.(1742)

In her will dated 21 October 1800 George's grandmother Elizabeth Wallingford gave him one looking glass, her mahogany desk, and 200 pounds lawful money to be paid him one year after her decease, but if he should die without leaving issue in her lifetime, then the whole of his legacy would go to the descendants of her daughter Olive Cushing. Since George had his first child in 1807, so this didn't happen.(1743)

A number of George's deeds are recorded in Strafford County, N.H. and a few are recorded here, selected at random:

On 9 May 1806 George and Abigail of Wells sold about 29 acres of land in Somersworth to John Pike of Somersworth, Esq. for $442. This land was part of the estate of Ichabod Rollins late of Somersworth and was known as the Twombly Lot. It was in a division of Rollins' estate set off to the heirs of Jonathan C. Chadbourne late of Berwick, Esq. (This Jonathan was Abigail's father.) The deed was witnessed by Jacob Fisher and Joseph Thomas. Jacob Fisher may be the father of George's second wife, whom he was to marry in about five years. The very next deed in the book was witnessed by George W. Wallingford and has Thomas Roberts of Somersworth selling more land to John Pike in order to pay expenses for his guardianship of Ichabod Rollins Chadbourn, minor son of Jonathan Chesley Chadbourne late of Berwick.(1744)

On 24 December 1812 George W. Wallingford of Wells, Maine, Esquire, and his wife Mary, sold for $233 to Charles Cushing of Berwick, their share in the homestead of his grandfather Thomas Wallingford of Somersworth.(1745)

The widow Mary F. Wallingford of Kennebunk was appointed administrator of his estate on 19 August 1824. She gave bond with Moses Hodgdon and Alexander Chadborn, both of Dover.(1746)

George Washington Wallingford and Abigail Chadbourne had the following child:

child 358 i. Elizabeth Abigail6 Wallingford was born probably in Wells, Maine 2 December 1806.(1747) Elizabeth died 6 May 1830.(1748) She married Dr. Samuel Waitt Dow, 8 October 1829, in Kennebunk, York County, Maine.(1749) Samuel was born 26 September 1802, in Dover, N.H.?.(1750) Samuel was the son of Dr. Jabez Dow and Hannah Waitt. Samuel died 15 May 1837, in Somerville, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(1751) This may have been Charlestown at the time, as the town of Somerville was formed from Charlestown in 1842, five years after he died. Dr. Dow practiced medicine in Dover, N.H. They had no children.(1752) Elizabeth's portrait, drawn in 1808 by John Brewster, was hanging in the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, Maine in 1990.(1753)

George Washington Wallingford and Mary Fisher had the following children:

child + 359 ii. Lucretia Wallingford was born 8 January 1813.

child 360 iii. George Washington Wallingford Jr. was born probably in Wells, Maine 27 May 1815.(1754) (The 1860 census of Kennebunk says he was born in Kennebunk, but at the time of his birth this town wasn't yet incorporated, still being a part of Wells.) George died 3 June 1878, probably in Kennebunk, Maine.(1755) He was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk. He married Mary E. Ford, 25 December 1854, in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.(1756) He was from Kennebunk and she was from Portland at the time of their marriage.

Mary was born about September 1826, in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. (Based on the age of 61y, 11m on her gravestone. She was aged 34 in the 1860 census of Kennebunk, which also gave her birthplace of Portland.) Father's name comes from Pettingell Genealogy.(1757) Mary was the daughter of Stephen Ford.

Mary died of heart disease, 7 October 1888, in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, at 62 years of age.(1758) She was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk.(1759)

Her first husband died along with his father at sea in 1850 on his father's ship.(1760)

George and Mary lived in Kennebunk, Maine and had no children. Mary's father was from Portland, Maine.(1761)

The will of John Hovey of Kennebunk, dated 20 October 1855 and probated 7 January 1856 has a bequest to George that reads, "Whereas I had great respect for my late friend George W. Wallingford decd, I give to his son George W. Wallingford one acre of the lot of land adjacent to said George on the main road and running from said main road back to my line." Bequests were also made to his sisters Olive and Helen.(1762)

In the 1860 census of Kennebunk George was a 45-year old insurance agent who owned a piece of property worth $2000, and personal belongings worth $100. Mary was 34, and also living with them was a Sally W. [Merton?], age 53, and four servants(1763).

child 361 iv. Olive Cushing Wallingford was born probably in Wells, Maine 30 May 1817.(1764) (Date from gravestone) Olive died 21 March 1887.(1765) She was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk, Maine. Olive lived single in Kennebunk, Maine.(1766) She received a bequest of $200 from the will of John Hovey of Kennebunk. He was a friend of her deceased father. The will was dated 20 October 1855 and probated 7 January 1856. Her sister Helen also received $200, and their brother George got an acre of land.(1767)

child 362 v. Frederick Wallingford was born probably in Wells, Maine 27 October 1818.(1768) Frederick died 17 January 1819, probably in Wells, Maine.(1769) He was buried in the Unitarian Churchyard in Kennebunk, Maine.(1770)

child 363 vi. Sophia Cogswell Wallingford was born probably in Wells, Maine 2 May 1820.(1771) She married Benjamin Smith, 31 October 1839, in Kennebunk, York County, Maine.(1772) They were both from Kennebunk at the time of their marriage. She was living in Bangor, Maine in 1887. They had no children.(1773) On May 10, 1901 she was living at 15 Ohio St. in Bangor when she wrote a letter to the novelist Sarah Orne Jewett commenting on her recently published story The Tory Lover, based loosely on her grandfather Samuel Wallingford. She wrote: "I was greatly interested in your story "The Tory Lover" appearing in the Atlantic Monthly and I wish to ask whether the characters in the story are fictitious or historical. The hero Roger Wallingford [anchors] the [personality] of my fraternal grand-father Samuel Richard Wallingford [first] lieutenant on the "Ranger" under Capt. Paul Jones[.] Lieutenant Wallingford was married to Lydia Baker and was killed before the birth of his son -- George my father -- Madame Wallingford is also a familiar character to me. Berwick and its neighborhood is well known [to us as well]. My sister Olive attended the Berwick Academy. [And we] made our home with our great-aunt Madame Cushing. With us at school were Mary [Necors / Nesois], her sister Lucia and [Miss Whode Nauus / Woodhouse?]. I am sure are familiar to you. With apologies for troubling you." [Words in brackets are apparently difficult to read in the original.](1774)

child + 364 vii. Helen Maria Wallingford was born 31 August 1822.

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