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39. Benjamin3 Wallingford (James2, Nicholas1) was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 26 April 1707.(674) Benjamin died in 1790, probably in Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(675)

He married twice. He married first, Mary Burbank, 14 February 1731/32, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(676) Mary was born say 1709, in Bradford or Boxford, Mass..(677) Mary was the daughter of Caleb Burbank and Hannah Acie or Acy. Mary died 30 March 1775, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(678) He probably married second, Mary Sawyer, 13 August 1777, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(679) The only other Benjamin who could have married Mary is this Benjamin's nephew, although he was born in 1739 and married in 1762.

Mary was born 2 March 1729, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(680) Mary was the daughter of John Sawyer and Abigail Thurlow. Mary died in 1819 or 1820?.(681) Could she be the widow Wallingford who died in Rowley, 23 March 1820, aged about 90 years? There appear to be no other obvious candidates in this database. (682) The "Johnny Blaisdell" article states that she died in 1819 in Boxford(683) , yet the Boxford vital records have the death of Mary Wallingford, a married woman (doesn't say widowed, even though her husband was deceased at this time) who died in 1820, aged 72 years. This comes from a private record of deaths kept in the town.(684) Our Mary would be about 90 years old at this time, so perhaps the Rowley death record is hers, and the Boxford record, kept by a private individual, got the age wrong. There has been some confusion between this Benjamin and his nephew Benjamin, as they both lived in Rowley for a time. Rowley marriage records have Alice Hardy marrying Benjamin Jr. and Rowley death records for Alice, wife of Benjamin, Jr. strongly suggest that it is the nephew, Benjamin the younger, who married Alice Hardy and not the elder uncle. Another Rowley death for Mary, wife of Benjamin is for a woman who died in 1775 in her 66th year, meaning she was born about 1809 so clearly is more likely to be the wife of the uncle born in 1739 than the nephew born in 1707. The marriage of Benjmain and Mary Blaisdell in 1777 could in theory be for either man as Mary was born in 1729, but it is more likely that she married the senior Benjamin whose first wife died two years earlier.

Assuming it is this Benjamin who married Mary (Sawyer) Blaisdell, the following information on Benjamin and his family belongs here. It comes from a short biography of his second wife's son John Blaisdell from her first marriage. "Shortly after Johnny's birth, his father died...and when he was but two or three years old his mother went to Newbury to live. Johnny soon after lived out with Enos Bartlett..., and after Mr. Bartlett's death, when Johnny was about eighteen, he went with his mother to live in Byfield parish, Rowley. A year or two after, she being married to Benjamin Wallingford, of Georgetown, Johnny removed with his mother, having been warned out of Rowley. From that time Johnny lived with his mother and step-father in that part of Rowley which is now Georgetown until the spring of 1784, when Mrs. Wallingford purchased of Moses Hazen, for one hundred and twenty pounds, 'a lot of land with the westerly half of the house upon it, a right to the well, and the easterly half of the barn upon the westerly side of the road,' and with her husband and son removed thereto and settled down once more. This was the old Wallingford house in Boxford, on the Georgetown line, that its owner Thomas B. Masury, in 1878, razed to the ground, it having occupied the same site as his new residence. Mr. Wallingford died in 1790, and the family were soon in destitute circumstances. Johnny was poll-taxed by Boxford till 1796, and had his tax abated each year. Widow Wallingford was taxed in 1796 and 1797 by Boxford, and her tax was abated each year. The property had by this time probably slipped out of their possession, and they were classed among the indigent. The town of Boxford afterwards assisted in supporting the mother and son till their release was wrought by death. The mother died in 1819; and Johnny continued to reside in the west part of the house, alone. The other part of the house was occupied by transient tenants, the place being owned by Major Paul Nelson. In her youth, Mrs. Wallingford was noted for her beauty, and known, by her companions, as 'Fair Rosamond." The article goes on with more about Johnny Blasidell.(685)

Benjamin Wallingford and Mary Burbank had the following child:

child 148 i. Hannah4 Wallingford was born probably in Bradford, Mass. before 20 July 1735. She was baptized 20 July 1735 in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(686)

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