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Third Generation

15. Nicholas3 Wallingford (Nicholas2, Nicholas1) was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 12 March 1680/1.(287) Nicholas died before 2 July 1727, probably in Bradford, Mass..

He married Sarah Elithorpe, 19 September 1703, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(288) Sarah was "of Ipswich", Mass. at the time of her marriage intention.

Sarah was born before 28 August 1681, probably in Newbury, Mass..(289) According to The Early Settlers of Rowley by Blodgette she was baptized in Newbury on that date, but the article on the Elithorpe family by respected genealogist John Insley Coddington makes no mention of this and no such record can be found in the published Newbury or Rowley vital records under any name resembling Elithorpe or Alithorpe. Sarah was the daughter of John Elithorpe and Mary.

Sarah died 21 April 1763, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(290) Records of the Bradford Second Congregational Church at East Bradford, now Groveland, record the death of the "ancient" widow Platts. There is no other likely death record for Sarah in Bradford so this is probably her.

He was baptized 22 May 1681 in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(291) Nicholas served in the British army for five weeks in 1698 during the short five year hiatus between the end of King William's War in 1697 and the beginning of Queen Anne's War in 1702. On 30 July 1701 his mother petitioned the court because she hadn't received the past wages owed to her for her sons earlier service. He was "impressed for his majesty's service" on 13 June 1698, and served with his own arms for one week under Lt. Francis Perkins. From 20 June to 13 July he servied under the command of Capt. James Fry. On 4 September 1701 the Massachusetts House granted his mother's petition and paid her 30 shillings.(292) Guardianship of David Wallingford, "a minor of about fourteen years of age son of Nicho Wallingford Late of Bradford decd" was awarded to Caleb Hopkinson on 2 July 1727.(293) Caleb was likely Nicholas' first cousin. There being no other 14-year-old David son of Nicholas in Bradford at this point it would seem fairly definitive that we are talking about the same family here. Thus Nicholas must have died before 2 July 1727. The earliest other probate record for the estate of Nicholas, however, is on 13 May 1736 when his widow Sarah refused to take on the administration so that it might be granted to her son Jonathan. He did take it on, and a week later brought in an inventory done by Richard Bailey, Joseph Carleton and John Hopkinson. The inventory detailed about 18 acres of land in Bradford worth about 180 and a list of personal belongings, the value of which wasn't totaled but came to about 27. In the distribution of the estate on 4 July 1737 the widow Sarah received her thirds in real estate, it being 6 1/2 acres of land worth 65 in Bradford. Some of the other 2/3 of the real estate in Bradford, about 11 3/4 acres worth 112 10s, bordered the land of Jonas Platts, whom Sarah soon married. Another 1 3/4 acres of land in Bradford worth 17 10s bordered land of John Hopkinson formerly belonging to Caleb Hopkinson. A note at the end of the division of the estate reads, "Buildings on the farme not belonging to the Estate as being built by the widow since the death of her husband are not apprised." This is another indication that Nicholas died long before the estate was probated. The total real estate that was divided was worth 130.(294)

Nicholas Wallingford and Sarah Elithorpe had the following children:

child + 67 i. Sarah4 Wallingford was born 16 June 1704.

child + 68 ii. Margaret Wallingford was born 13 July 1706.

child 69 iii. Elizabeth Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 22 September 1708.(295) She married John Simmons, 28 November 1747, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(296) John may have died 29 April 1763, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(297) The death of a John Symmons is recorded in the records of the Bradford Second Congregational Church, but there is no evidence to prove that it is the same John. No other likely John could be found on the Essex Co. Mass. vital records CD. On 10 October 1746, in Bradford, Elizabeth Wallingford and three of her siblings, with two of their spouses, acknowledged receipt of 4, 13s, 4p from Jonathan Wallingford (their brother) "in full of a Bond which was due to Jemima Wallingford late Decd", Jemima being their sister. Less than a year and a half later, on 18 February 1748, again in Bradford, she acknowledged receipt of more money from her brother Jonathan, 15 11s it "Being our part or share in full" of the estate of their father Nicholas. This time she signed it (actually left her mark) as Elizabeth Simmons with her husband John. It was witnessed by Jonathan Bailey and Thomas Savory. John and Elizabeth Symonds are also mentioned in the widow Martha's administrative account of the estate of her late husband Jonathan, Elizabeth's brother, on 13 April 1752.(298) No further information has been discovered on her married life after this point. All variations of the name Simmons/Symonds were searched on the Essex Co. Mass. vital records CD and there are no obvious records that pertain to John and Elizabeth. There are two baptisms in Haverhill that could be their children. Elizabeth daughter of John was baptized in March 1751/2 and Rebecah daughter of John was baptized in April 1754. These come from the West Parish Congregational Church Records.(299) There was a John Symonds who was having children in Topsfield between 1744 and 1749, but as our John married Elizabeth in 1747 they can't be one and the same. He was likely the John born in Boxford in 1725 who married Ruth Dorman about 1742. A John and Elizabeth (Cavis) Symonds had several children baptized in Salem between 1758 and 1761. A John Simons married Mehitable Whitaker in Haverhill in 1740 but he died two years later. The IGI and Ancestral File on the Internet were also searched for John and Elizabeth but no other likely candidates appear there. Land and probate records in Essex County should be searched to see if it can be determined what became of the couple.

child 70 iv. Jemima Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 22 November 1710.(300) Jemima died in 1745 or 1746, probably in Bradford, Mass..(301) Jemima was alive and possibly living in Boston on 5 April 1745 when she acknowledged receipt from her brother Jonathan of 8 Old Tenor "as part of my portion which was Due to me Out of my father Nicholas Wallingford's Estate". The receipt was dated from Boston. She died before 10 October 1746 when four of her siblings and two of their spouses acknowledged receipt from Jonathan of 4, 13s, 4p "in full of a Bond which was due to Jemima Wallingford late Decd."(302) In the distribution of her father's estate she and her sister Elizabeth were to receive a total of 31, 20s.(303)

child 71 v. David Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 1 April 1713.(304) David died sometime after 4 July 1737. Guardianship of David Wallingford, "a minor of about fourteen years of age son of Nicho Wallingford late of Bradford decd" was awarded to Caleb Hopkinson on 22 June 1727.(305) David is mentioned in the bond of his brother Jonathan's administration of the estate of their father Nicholas on 4 July 1737, and is called David Wallingford "of Haverhill", Mass. In the division of his father's estate his brother Jonathan is called the "eldest" but the published Bradford VRs clearly show that David was two years older. Either the published Bradford VRs are in error or the probate records are deceptive and David was actually deceased by this time. Or Jonathan wasn't really the eldest son and the probate records just assumed he was. In either case nothing is known of David after 1737.(306)

child + 72 vi. Jonathan Wallingford was born 8 May 1715.

child 73 vii. Martha Wallingford was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 15 March 1716/17.(307) Martha died 6 February 1799, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(308) She is buried in the old cemetery in Groveland (formerly East Bradford), Mass.(309) She married her first cousin once removed James Wallingford, son of James and grandson of the emigrant Nicholas. See his record for more information and the continuation of her line.

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