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180. David5 Wallingford (Peter4, John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born probably in Rochester, N.H. say 1760. His gravestone reportedly gives "1770" as his birth date but must be very much in error as he sold land in 1781 and was a Revolutionary War soldier. Placing him about 1760 would fit him in well amongst his siblings, and the Rochester First Congregational Church records have a gap in their baptisms between 1758 and 1764 that explains his absence from the records there.(1428) If he were really born in 1770 he would likely be included in the baptisms for that year because all of his other siblings had their baptisms recorded if the records were being kept when they were born. David died 18 January 1816, in Milton, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1429) The date on his gravestone supposedly reads 1815, but probate records clearly show him alive on 15 July 1815 and deceased by 25 April 1816, so if the January death date is correct it must have been in 1816. He was buried in the Plummer-Jones-Palmer Cemetery on Plummer's Ridge in Milton, N.H.(1430)

He married Sarah Corson, 8 November 1789, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire. They were married by the Rev. Joseph Haven.(1431) They were both of Rochester at the time of their marriage.

Sarah was born in 1772, in Milton, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1432) Sarah was the daughter of Ichabod Corson and Abigail Roberts. Sarah died 22 November 1864, probably in Milton, N.H..(1433) She was buried in the Plummer-Jones-Palmer Cemetery on Plummer's Ridge in Milton, N.H. The New Hampshire Vital Records reportedly (this author hasn't seen the record yet) have a death for a Sarah Wallingford in Milton on 22 March 1864, aged 92y 6m. This individual was supposedly single and her parentage was unknown. The 1860 census of Milton has only one 88 year old Sarah Wallingford, and that is this Sarah (Corson) Wallingford. The death date nearly matches the town report death date of of 22 November 1864, which is from a secondary source so could be wrong. The NHVR and the Milton vital records should be checked to determine if they are one in the same, but it seems likely.

She made application for a Revolutionary War pension on 3 April 1855 from Milton, N.H. Another was on the previous March 17th, and that time a David Wallingford, no relation stated, was a witness to the application.(1434) She was apparently living with her son David Wallingford and his family in Milton when the 1850 census was taken. She owned property worth $600 at the time.(1435)

On 15 January 1781 David Wallingford of Rochester, husbandman, sold for 60 pounds to Stephen Wentworth of Rochester, innholder, 80 acres of land in Rochester. This land was one third part of the second division lot of land number 15 originally granted to John Ambler.(1436)

He was a soldier on the NH Line in the Revolutionary War. His widow applied for a Bounty Land Warrant #17890-160-55(1437).

He is enumerated in the 1790 census of Rochester, NH as having one adult male and one female, probably his new wife, in the household.(1438) Then in the 1800 census we find him still in Rochester (although Milton was separated from Rochester two years later so he probably lived in that part of Rochester that is now Milton) with two boys and two girls, all under ten, and two adult women between 26 and 45, one of whom may have been a sister or mother or some other relative.(1439) These four children match nicely with Samuel, Peter, Abigail and Mary. Probate records of his estate show no additional children than those mentioned here.

On 12 June 1815 his sons Samuel and Peter were appointed as his guardians as David was judged to be a "non compos and distracted person". They did an inventory of his estate the next month that shows a homestead farm of 70 acres in lot #72 in the 3d division of Milton, the original right of Samuel Alley, 100 acres in lot #71 in the 3d division, the original right of James Durgin, 60 acres in lot #119 in the 4th division, the original right of Samuel Heard, and 15 acres in lot #52 in the 3d division, the original right of Samuel Pinkham et al. This land was divided up amongst his children, with the house going to his widow and son Peter.(1440)

On 20 April 1816 John Scates of Milton was chosen guardian for David's children Abigail, Mary and David, all minors upwards of 14 years of age, and John gave bond with Isaac Scates and James Twombly both of Milton.(1441) John Scates was married to Mary/Polly Worster, who was sister to the wife of one of David's other children, Samuel.

David Wallingford and Sarah Corson had the following children:

child + 299 i. Samuel6 Wallingford was born about 1790-1.

child + 300 ii. Peter Wallingford was born 21 April 1794.

child 301 iii. Abigail Wallingford was born probably in Rochester, N.H. in 1795. (Gravestone, for year) She was baptized as the younger of three children in Rochester on 30 June 1796.(1442) Abigail died in 1823, probably in Milton, N.H..(1443) She was buried in the Plummer-Jones-Palmer Cemetery on Plummer's Ridge in Milton, N.H. She apparently died unmarried.

child + 302 iv. Mary Wallingford was born 19 October 1798.

child + 303 v. David Wallingford was born in 1801.

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