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282. David6 Wallingford (David5, Jonathan4, Nicholas3, Nicholas2, Nicholas1) was born in Hollis, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire 12 October 1778.(1865) David died 30 September 1836, in Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio.(1866)

He married Abigail Stocker, 27 February 1798, in Hopkinton, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. They were married by the Rev. Christopher Paige.(1867) They were both of Hopkinton at the time of their marriage.

Abigail was born in the 1770s. She was aged betweeen 60 and 69 in the 1840 census of Conneaut, Ohio.

Abigail died 13 February 1859.(1868) Abigail was "of Hopkinton", N.H. according to the History of Milford. The record of her birth doesn't appear in the published Hopkinton vital records, but there are several marriages of other Stockers in town around the same time Abigail married David Wallingford so they all likely came from the same family. Other sources have spelled her name as Stock, Stoker, and Stokes. The 1800 census of Hopkinton, N.H. has a Samuel, John and Ebenezer "Storker". Samuel and John both had adults over 45 who could be Abigail's father. Given that this David Wallingford doesn't appear as a head of family in the census it could be that he and Abigail were living with her parents, but none of the three families are an exact match. John Storker's family comes the closest, but David was 22 and that family reports a male aged 26-44. It does have a female 16-25 and two young girls, one of whom could be their young daughter Fanny, but it's impossible to tell for sure.(1869).

Shackford says David was a clothier who moved to Stanstead, Quebec in 1806, and was a Deacon in the Freewill Baptist Church.(1870) One of the reasons for their move perhaps can be deduced from the following notice in the Farmer's Weekly Museum of Walpole, N.H. for 9 August 1803, p.3a: "Mr. David Wallingford's clothier's shop, Hopkinton, N.H., burned by arsonist."(1871)

The family moved from Quebec to Conneaut, Ohio at some point before David died in 1836. Some letters from and to their son Calvin have survived the years and are now in the possession of Sue Brown of Delaware Co., NY. One such letter is dated Conneaut 13 August 1837 and reads, in part: "Mother Wallingfords family are all well she lives in her new house. It is only a few rods from ours. Gilbert is at home. Fanny is teaching school here she has a room in one Chambly Estes is learning a trade and Rosanna with us."(1872)

Abigail Wallingford appears as the head of a household in the 1840 census of Conneaut, Ohio.(1873) This index doesn't give details as to number of residents and their ages.

David Wallingford and Abigail Stocker had the following children:

child + 396 i. Fanny7 Wallingford was born 4 October 1798.

child 397 ii. Estis Wallingford was born in Weare, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire 24 August 1800.(1874) Estis probably died before 1820. One IGI record has this person as Ester Waling Wallingford, a female, born on the same date, but there are five other IGI records show him as a male named Estis or Estes. It is possible that they were twins, one Estis and one Ester, but for now we will leave 'them' as one male named Estis.

child 398 iii. Roxanna Wallingford was born 19 June 1802.(1875) The Hopkinton town records state that this birth was "recorded at the request of the said David Wallingsford April 20, 1804", so the birth may have taken place somewhere other than Hopkinton. Roxanna died 12 October 1804.(1876) Her brother Calvin, in a letter dated 13 Aug 1837 where he describes the wherabouts of several siblings, mentions that "Rosanna" (legibility was poor) was living with them.(1877) If he was referring to his sister, then either they had another girl named Rosanna, or Roxanna did not die in 1804.

child + 399 iv. Ives Wallingford was born 9 April 1805 or 1809.

child 400 v. David Wallingford was born in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada 29 November 1807. (IGI) He married Mary Jane Whitcher.(1878)

child + 401 vi. Samuel S. Wallingford was born 31 May 1810.

child + 402 vii. Calvin Wallingford was born 8 August 1812.

child + 403 viii. E. Gilbert Wallingford was born 17 February 1815.

child 404 ix. Emma E. Wallingford was born in Stanstead, Quebec, Canada 4 August 1817.(1879) Emma died 2 March 1842, in Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio.(1880) She married David Noble Webster, 21 March 1841.(1881) David was born 9 January 1816.(1882) David was the son of John Webster and Charity Bennett.

She is likely the 20-29 year old female enumerated in the 1840 census of Conneaut, Ohio in her mother's household.

child + 405 x. Estes Wallingford was born 27 December 1819.

child + 406 xi. Lyman J. Wallingford was born 3 April 1825.

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