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80. Peter4 Wallingford (John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born probably in Newington, N.H. before 29 May 1726. He was baptized in Newington on that date.(833) Peter died in 1771, probably in Rochester, N.H., at 45 years of age. His will was written on 15 April 1771 and proved 28 October 1772. On 14 July 1771 Lydia, daughter of Widow Wallingford, was baptized. His will mentions a daughter Lydia so he was apparently deceased by the time she was baptized.

He married Abigail Walker, 11 November 1753, in Rochester, New Hampshire. They were married by the Rev. Amos Main.(834) Abigail was the daughter of Joseph Walker and Abigail Place. Abigail probably died after the 1790 census was taken. She is likely the "Aigal" Wallingford found in the 1790 census of Rochester.

Joseph Walker of Rochester, in his will dated 28 May 1776, mentions his daughter Abigail Wallingford.(835) On 2 March 1746/7 Peter and his father signed a petition, designating themselves as father and son, from several Rochester residents asking the Provincial government for a guard of soldiers to defend the town from Indian attacks. The town has suffered badly from such attacks over the course of the previous year.(836) This was during one of the many French and Indian Wars in the colonies.

On 24 July 1757 Peter Wallingford "Renewed his Baptismal Covt" at the First Congregational Church of Rochester.(837)

On 10 May 1760 Alexander Hodgsdon of Rochester, yeoman, sued John Waymouth and Peter Wallingsford, both of Rochester and John Brown of Somersworth, husbandmen, for 40 as a charge for cutting down and carrying away ten trees from Hodgsdon's land in Rochester on 30 April 1760. He was awarded the 40 and the court attached a chair worth 5s belonging to each of the defendants.(838)

Peter was made executor of his father's will, in which his father bequeathed "All my Homestead Lands, containing by Estimation Sixty Acres be it more or less, together with all my common or undevided Lands in sd Rochester aforesd as also all my Buildings, upon my Homestead Lands, & one Yoak of Oxen, as also my Pew in the Meetinghouse". On 24 February 1762 he posted bond as executor with Josiah Main and James Plaisted Hill as sureties, and all were said to be "of Somersworth".(839)

On 24 April 1761 Peter Wallingford of Rochester purchased land from Samuel and Experience Whitehouse. The land was in Wakefield, N.H. and was in a tract originally granted to John Ham and others.(840)

On 8 July 1761 Peter of Rochester purchased land in Rochester from Eleazer and Keziah Coleman of Rochester(841).

On 14 February 1763 Peter of Rochester sold the Wakefield land he purchased two years earlier to John Gage of Dover(842).

On 1 June 1767 Peter of Rochester purchased land in Rochester from the estate of Joseph Richards, through John Gage, adminstrator of the estate. The sale included half of a house, with the "incumbrance" of Joseph's widow's thirds(843).

Peter Wallingford of Rocheter, yeoman, left a will dated 18 April 1771 and proved 28 October 1772. In it he named his widow Abigail, sons Jonathan, Jacob and David, and daughters Sarah, Lydia and Mary Wallingford. It also refers to his obligation under his father's will to his mother who is still living. His widow Abigail became his executor.(844)

The 1790 census of Rochester has an entry for "Aigal" Wallingford, which is likely Peter's widow. She is living there with 2 males over 16 and 3 females (including herself).(845)

Their first two and last two children are recorded in the baptisms of the Rochester First Congregational Church. The records show a gap between 1758 and 1764 which explain the absence of David and Jonathan.

Peter Wallingford and Abigail Walker had the following children:

child 178 i. Mary5 Wallingford was born probably in Rochester, N.H. prob. before 17 November 1754. She is probably the Mary Wallingford baptized in Rochester on 17 November 1754.(846) No parents were listed on the baptismal record but it was a year after Peter and Abigail married, and their other children follow in later years with no other Wallingford family in the records.

child 179 ii. Sarah Wallingford was born probably in Rochester, N.H. before 24 July 1757. She was baptized on that date in Rochester.(847)

child + 180 iii. David Wallingford was born say 1760.

child + 181 iv. Jonathan Wallingford was born 7 July 1762.

child + 182 v. Jacob Wallingford was born by September 1766.

child + 183 vi. Lydia Wallingford was born before 18 April 1771.

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