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293. Garland6 Wallingford (John5, John4, John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine about 1770.(1984) (Date from gravestone) Garland died 11 January 1843, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(1985) He was buried in a lot on what in 1892 was the Jonathan Wallingford farm (perhaps his son Henry's son Jonathan?) in the section of Lebanon known as "Wallingford City".(1986) Today this cemetery is very difficult to find, located as it is deep within several hundred acres of thick uninhabited woods. It is down near Wallingford Pond and the Berwick town line.(1987)

He married Betsey Rankins, 9 November 1794, in Lebanon, York County, Maine. They were married by the Rev. Isaac Hasey.(1988) Betsey was born about 1780?, in Maine. She was 70 in the 1850 census and may have been 78 in the 1860 census, but was probably older given that she would have been a very young bride in 1794. Betsey was the daughter of John Rankins and Margaret "Peggy" Dore.

Betsey died probably between 1860 and 1870, probably in Lebanon, Maine. (Based on her probable appearance in the 1860 census of Lebanon and her absence from there in 1870.)

Elizabeth, wife of Garland Wallingford, was one of two beneficiaries of the will of Jonathan Door of Lebanon in 1797. With the exception of a cow left to Elizabeth, the entire estate went to his wife Dorothy Door.(1989) There was no explanation of the reason for placing Elizabeth in the will. Her parentage is unproven, but definitely possible, so if her mother was Peggy Dore this may explain the Door/Dore connection.(1990) Betsey was living with her probable son Henry in 1850, aged 70.(1991) In 1860 a 78-year old Betsey Wallingford was living with Elbridge and Judith Collomy in Lebanon. This may be her once again.(1992) The relation to the Colomys is unknown, although Judith Colomy's maiden name was Wallingford. He lived on a part of his father's estate in "Wallingford City".(1993) He was apparently a member of the local Baptist Society because in August or September 1820 an undated list of the names of the Society that had filed certificates in the Lebanon Town Clerk's Office appears in the town records. Garland is on that list, as are Aaron, Moses and Levi Wallingford, presumably his brothers.(1994)

Garland Wallingford and Betsey Rankins had the following children:

child + 431 i. Betsey7 Wallingford was born about May/June 1795.

child + 432 ii. William B. Wallingford was born about 1795.

child + 433 iii. Jonathan Wallingford was born about 1796/98.

child + 434 iv. Dorothy Wallingford was born about 1800.

child 435 v. Stephen Wallingford.(1995)

child 436 vi. Abigail Wallingford was born in 1804.(1996) She married Nathaniel Andrews, 12 December 1830, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(1997) They were both of Berwick when they filed their intention on 5 November 1830. The marriage was "certified" on 20 November, and they were married on 12 December 1830. There was another record in this source (p.87) for an intention on 23 October 1830 and certification again on 20 November between Samuel Andrews and Abigail Wallingford, but not marriage record to follow. This may have been a mistake for Nathaniel.

child 437 vii. James Wallingford was born in Maine about 1806. The gravestone says he was aged 47, assuming this is the same individual, implying birth about 1805, while the 1850 census from Somersworth says he was 45, implying birth about 1807. James died 29 April 1854. He was buried in a lot on what in 1892 was the Works Farm in the section of Lebanon known as "Wallingford City".(1998) Today this cemetery is very difficult to find, located as it is deep within several hundred acres of thick uninhabited woods. It is down near Wallingford Pond and the Berwick town line.(1999) He may have married Mary Estes, 10 June 1830, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(2000) They filed a marriage intention in Lebanon on 22 May 1830. James was from Lebanon and Mary was from Berwick.(2001)

There is much supposition involved in this particular individual. The parentage, marriage and burial information don't necessarily all pertain to the same person. More research is necessary. He may be the James Wallingford, age 45, a labourer born in Maine, who appears in the 1850 census of Somersworth, N.H. With this James is Polly Wallingford, 53, also born Maine. Polly is of course a nickname for Mary. Right next door in this census is a family headed by Charles Carr that has two Wallingfords living with them who could be this James' nephew Nathaniel, son of his brother Jonathan, and his aunt Susanna (Corson) Wallingford, wife of his uncle Moses.(2002)

child 438 viii. Experience Wallingford was born in Maine about 1808-12.(2003) (Her age was given as 38 in 1850 and 52 in 1860.) She married Alvin Goodrich, 26 January 1843, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(2004) They were both living in Berwick when they got married.

Alvin was born about 1812-15, in Maine. (He was 38 in the 1850 census and 45 in the 1860 census.)

In 1850 Alvin and Experience were living in Berwick, Maine. Alvin was a farmer living on a piece of land worth $500. No children were listed with them.(2005) Ten years later they were still in Berwick, still with no chidren, and Alvin's real estate was worth $1000. His personal possessions were worth $300.(2006)

child + 439 ix. Henry Wallingford was born about June 1817.

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