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291. Joanna6 Wallingford (John5, John4, John3, John2, Nicholas1) was born October 1768.(1954) Joanna died 9 December 1860, in Smithfield, Somerset County, Maine.(1955) She was buried in Smithfield, Maine.

She married Thomas Rankins, 24 March 1796, in Lebanon, York County, Maine.(1956) Thomas was born about 1776.(1957) Census records suggest he was born ca. 1773.(1958) Thomas was the son of John Rankins and Margaret "Peggy" Dore.

Thomas died 5 March 1854, in Smithfield, Somerset County, Maine.(1959) He was buried in Smithfield, Maine.

Thomas was assessed in the federal tax of 1 October 1798 and had 30 acres of land. He was a member of the First Free Baptist Church in West Lebanon Village from 2 October 1804 to 7 January 1806. He did not draw school money in Lebanon in 1812. They had one child.(1960) Thomas and Joanna had their first few children while still living in Lebanon, Maine. At some point between the firth of Joseph in Lebanon in April 1801 and the birth of Lucius in Rome in July 1806, they moved to Rome, Kennebec County, Maine. As they were members of the church in Lebanon until 7 January 1806 they likely moved around that time. They were still living there on 4 May 1822 according to an entry in the town records, but eventually moved to neighboring Smithfield, across the county line in Somerset County. They were still in Rome when the 1830 census was taken, but had moved to Smithfield by the time of the 1840 census. Their children were recorded in both the Rome and Smithfield vital records books.(1961) Another researcher writes that Thomas had another child with another, unknown, mother, according to a record in the Smithfield books. A Nanna/Narisa Rankins was born 26 March 1810. Another record states that Nanna Mahusa was born on that date, suggesting that she married someone named Mahusa. A further record states that Narisa Themens died in West Waterville on 29 Feb 1840, "so says her mother", and that her child Hannah Mahusen was living with her grandfather Thomas Rankins in Smithfield at the time.(1962) The 1850 census of Smithfield has Thomas and Joanna living there. Thomas was a farmer on property worth $300, which is less than most of his neighbors. Living with them is a Narusa Mahusen [spelling uncertain], a female age 42 and a William Rankins age 6(1963). This daughter Narusa is confused at this time but may be more clear when looking at the original Smithfield records. If she is indeed a daughter of Thomas by another woman, she would not be a Wallingford descendant and thus not a matter of concern for this genealogy. Joanna was supposedly still alive when the 1860 census was taken in Smithfield in June, but the only likely Rankins is one Jonah Rankins, recorded as a male, age 93. Since the age is just about right it seems likely that this is our Joanna. Living with her is Nancy Rankins, age 49, who is possibly her daughter Hannah, and a William Rankins, age 15, who is probably the same William living with them in 1850 and likely a grandson. Also living there is a Gu[r]ld[in]a Rankins, female, age 9. Jonah is listed as a pauper(1964).

Joanna Wallingford and Thomas Rankins had the following children:

child 423 i. Elizabeth7 Rankins was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine 12 May 1797.(1965)

child 424 ii. Eleanor Rankins was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine 6 March 1798.(1966) Eleanor died dysentery, 24 January 1801, in Lebanon, York County, Maine, at 2 years of age.(1967)

child 425 iii. Joseph Rankins was born in Lebanon, York County, Maine 17 April 1801.(1968) He married Joanna, by about 1823. In the 1830 census they had two daughters aged 5-9.

Joanna was born about 1800/01, in Maine. She was age 49 in the 1850 census.

In the 1830 census Joseph is located in Rome, Maine, apparently married and with four children, the eldest being two daughters aged 5-9.(1969) In 1850 Joseph was found still in Rome, with a wife Joanna and six children ranging in age from 6 to 20. He was a 48-year-old farmer with land worth $1100.(1970) In 1860 Joseph and Joanna were still listed as living in Rome, Maine, but there were no children with them. Joseph was a farmer with $500 with of real estate and $250 worth of personal property. It said they were both born in Massachusetts rather than Maine, as in the previous census.(1971) Neither was located in the 1870 census indexes for Maine at HeritageQuest.

child 426 iv. Ira Rankins was born probably in Lebanon, Maine 7 Nov 1803. The family moved from Lebanon to Rome, Maine between the birth of Joseph in April 1801 and the birth of Lucius in July 1806. Smithfield records, which give the date of birth for Ira, do not say where he was born.(1972) But as the family were members of the church in Lebanon until January 1806, it seems likely that Ira was born in Lebanon.(1973) Ira died 17 November 1806, in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine.(1974)

child 427 v. Lucius Rankins was born in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine 12 July 1806.(1975) Lucius died possibly between 1870 and 1880. The last census he is found in is 1870. He married Sarah H., by about 1825. In the 1830 census there were three males under the age of 5 living with them.

Sarah was born about 1800/01, in New Hampshire. She was aged 49 in the 1850 census and 59 in the 1860 census.

When the 1830 census was taken Lucius was found in Waterville, Maine, apparently married and with three sons under the age of 5.(1976) In the 1850 census Lucius is living in Augusta, Maine with a wife Sarah and three children ranging in age from 10 to 20. He was listed as a 43-year-old "millman" with property worth $400. It said he was born in New Hampshire, which may be in error.(1977) In 1860 Lucius and Sarah H. Rankins and four other relatives were living in Belgrade, Maine, employed as a laborer, owning real estate worth only $130 and personal property worth $100. This time it says he was born in Maine.(1978) In the 1870 census, Lucius was living in Mount Vernon, Maine only with one other person, presumably a daughter, and his wife was no longer there, possibly because she died (although she may appear in the next census). He was employed as a worker in a saw mill. It does not list any value of real or personal property.(1979) By 1880 he may have been deceased because there is a 79-year-old widow Sarah H. Rankin living in the home of a niece in West Waterville, Maine.(1980) If this was here it leaves open the question as to where she was in the 1870 census. She doesn't appear in the HeritageQuest indexes for that year.

child 428 vi. Nerin Rankins was born in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine 26 March 1809.(1981)

child 429 vii. Lydia Rankins was born in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine 28 October 1810.(1982)

child 430 viii. Hannah Rankins was born in Rome, Kennebec County, Maine 26 July 1816.(1983)

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