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12. Esther2 Wallingford (Nicholas1) was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 8 June 1676.(213) Esther may have died 12 August 1743, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, at 67 years of age.(214) This death record was for Esther Ayer, wife of Nathaniel.

She married twice. She may have married first, Joseph Palmer, probably about 1699, probably in Newbury, Mass..(215) Proof of their marriage is apparently based on the fact that the widow of Joseph Palmer married Nathaniel Ayer, and we know that Nathaniel Ayer married Esther Wallingford.

Joseph was born 8 July 1670, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(216) Joseph was the son of Joseph Palmer. Joseph died about 1706, probably in Newbury, Mass..(217) Joseph was an infant when his parents moved to Bradford, Mass. from Newbury about 1670/1 where his father owned land in the "Merrimac Lands", that part of Rowley that became Bradford in 1672.. Information is scarce about him. It is believed that he was married first to a woman named Hannah, with whom he fathered a daughter Sarah in 1696 in Newbury, where he lived as an adult.(218)

She may have married second, Nathaniel Ayer, probably in 1706, probably in Haverhill, Mass..(219) Nathaniel was born 15 November 1676, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(220) Nathaniel was the son of Nathaniel Ayer and Tamesin Turloar. Nathaniel died 5 October 1754, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(221) On 20 September 1694 Esther sold to her brother John Wallingford of Bradford for 18 "all my share of land or meadow which hath or may fall unto me as my right or portion of my father Nicholas Wallingford's Estate within ye bounds of Bradford & Rowley and Newbury". The deed was witnessed by William and Benjamin Hutchins. Esther made her mark instead of signing.(222)

The proof of her marriage to Nathaniel Ayer is to be found in a petition of the children of her father Nicholas Wallingford dated 3 November 1709, to which Nathaniel Ayers is a signatory.(223) We know from the birth and baptismal records of their children that Nathaniel's wife's name was Esther or Hester, and there is apparently some proof that Nathaniel married the widow of Joseph Palmer, whose wife's name was also Esther/Hester. This proof hasn't been found yet.

Esther Wallingford and Joseph Palmer had the following children:

child 49 i. William3 Palmer was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 1 May 1700.(224) William died before 20 Aug 1761 (the date his will was probated), probably in Brookfield, Massachusetts, at approximately 61 years of age.(225) He married Lydia Beman, 24 January 1727/28, in Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts.(226) Lydia died probably before 1762. She wasn't mentioned in her husband's will of May 1761. Her name has also been spelled Beeman. They had five children born in Brookfield, Mass.(227)

child 50 ii. Joseph Palmer was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 10 November 1702.(228) Joseph died 13 October 1764, in Plaistow, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(229) He married twice. He married first, Sarah Lull, after 6 July 1728. Their marriage intention was filed in Rowley, Mass. on that date.(230) Sarah was the daughter of John Lull and Meribah Sinclair.

Sarah died about 1745. (Based on the fact that her last child was born in 1742 and Joseph married his second wife in 1747.)

He married second, Mary Ela, 26 February 1746/47, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(231) Their marriage record in the Haverhill East Parish Fourth Congregational Church called her "Mrs." Mary Ela, but the town records made no such designation. The term "Mrs." was often used with single women as well as married women in times past, so Mary may have been single. The Essex Co. vital records CD has been searched for other Ela's and but appears no couple prior to 1747 in which the wife's name is Mary. There was a Mary Ela born 13 November 1709 to Samuel Ela and Hannah Clark in Haverhill that seems a likely candidate. John Ela and Rachel Page had two daughters named Mary born in 1726 and 1729, but they died young.(232) Mary was the daughter of Samuel Ela and Hannah Clark. Her parentage is unproven and only guessed at. Joseph lived in Haverhill after his first marriage, but after his second moved to Plaistow, N.H. for the rest of his life. His actual residence was at the corner of the present towns of Atkinson and Derry, originally Londonderry. He had six children by his first wife and four by his second.(233)

Esther Wallingford and Nathaniel Ayer had the following children:

child 51 iii. Susannah Ayer was born in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts 11 August 1707.(234) Susannah died 7 September 1769, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(235) Susanna Lull, widow of John, died "at her son Abner Moores in Rowley" according to records of the Byfield Church. She married John Lull, 8 February 1727/8, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(236) He was of Byfield, Mass. and she was from Haverhill at the time of their marriage.

John was born about 1687.(237) (Based on his age at death of 79) John was the son of John Lull and Meribah Sinclair.

John died of a consumptive disorder, 7 March 1767, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, at 79 years of age.(238) They had at least three children recorded in the Rowley, Mass. vital records, and perhaps others in Newbury, Mass.

child 52 iv. Hannah Ayer was born in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts 24 January 1709/10.(239) She was baptized 3 July 1720 in Haverhill.(240) She married Samuel Lull, 28 July 1729, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(241) He was of Byfield, Mass. and she was from Haverhill at the time of their marriage.

Samuel was born about 1692.(242) (Based on his age of death at "about 73") Samuel was the son of John Lull and Meribah Sinclair.

Samuel died of numb palsy, 11 March 1766, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, at 73 years of age.(243)

child 53 v. David Ayer was born in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts 2 May 1714.(244) David died 27 March 1767, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(245) He married Hannah Shepard, 13 September 1733, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(246) Hannah was born 9 April 1714, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(247) Hannah was the daughter of John Shepard and Hannah Ayer. He was a cooper in Haverhill and had four children born there.(248)

child 54 vi. Sarah Ayer was born in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts 23 November 1716.(249) She probably married her first cousin, Nathaniel Belknap, 19 July 1733, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(250) Nathaniel was from Framingham, Mass. and Sarah was from Haverhill at the time of their marriage.

Nathaniel was born 12 or 22 September 1706, in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(251) Nathaniel was the son of Abraham Belknap and Elizabeth Ayer. Nathaniel died before 1762, in Framingham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.(252)

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