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11. Elizabeth2 Wallingford (Nicholas1) was born in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts 23 June 1674.(184) Elizabeth may have died 17 October 1736, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, at 62 years of age.(185) The death record, kept by the Rev. Moses Hale, is simply for a "Widow Look". Shackford states that she isn't mentioned in her husband's will, yet he died before she supposedly did. Could this death record be for a different "Widow Look"? Jonathan Looke's probate records should be checked.

She married Jonathan Looke, 29 December 1693, in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts.(186) She was of Rowley at the time of their marriage.

Jonathan was born in July 1651, in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts.(187) Jonathan was the son of Thomas Looke and Mary. Jonathan died before 16 April 1736, probably in Rowley, Mass.. (The date when his will of 21 August 1734 was probated.) Jonathan was a soldier in King Philip's War in 1676 while he was still living in Lynn. He later moved to Rowley with his father, and he was taxed in Topsfield in 1687 and 1688. He was again of Rowley in 1734 when he made his will on 21 August.(188) On 17 May 1693 Elizabeth and her husband Jonathan Looke, both of Bradford, sold to her brother John Wallingford of Bradford for 19 all her share in the land of her father's estate in the towns of Bradford, Rowley or Newbury. Elizabeth made her mark and the deed was witnessed by Zach: White and David Harlin.(189)

Elizabeth was admitted to the Rowley Church 26 March 1699.(190) On 3 November 1709 Jonathan was a signatory to a petition of the children of the late Nicholas Wallingford to the Massachusetts government. This petition is described in more detail under Nicholas' record.(191) Jonathan Look, yeoman of Rowley, made his will on 21 August 1734. He left 5 shillings to his son John Look. To his daughter Deliverance Wooster, wife of Ebenezer Wooster, he left 5 and various household items. Deliverance was his daughter by his first wife, and was not of the Wallingford line. To his daughter Sarah Emerson wife of James Emerson 4 and various household items. To his daughter Elizabeth Look, 10, etc. To his granddaughter Martha Look 5, etc. He made his son Israel his executor, but left him nothing in the will. It's likely he gave Israel his inheritance before he died. Jonathan signed with a mark and the will was witnessed by Samuel Hovey, Samuel Adams and Moses Hale. It was probated on 30 February 1735/6. An inventory done 16 April 1736 by Thomas Perrin, Thomas Lull and Moses Hale shows mostly personal belongings, and the only land is a twenty acre wood lot bought from Samuel Johnson of Rowley. Included with the probate papers are signed receipts from the various named inheritors to the executor Israel Look of Boston.(192)

Elizabeth Wallingford and Jonathan Looke had the following children:

child 44 i. Thomas3 Looke was born in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts 1 February 1695/6.(193) A William Look, son of Jonathan, was baptized in Rowley on 19 April 1696. This is probably an error for Thomas,(194) unless William was an elder child being baptized late. His parents were married in December 1693 and their first child Thomas was born in February 1696, so there is plenty of room for a child born during that period. Thomas died before 1734.(195) He was not mentioned in his father's will. He married Martha Moore, 13 February 1716/7, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(196) Thomas was of Rowley, and Martha of Newbury, when they married.

Martha was born 8 or 9 February 1688/9?, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(197) The birth and parentage presented here could be for a different Martha Moore, especially since this would make her 7 years her husband's senior. But a search was made of the Essex vital records CD for all Martha Moars through Moors and she was the only likely candidate. Martha was the daughter of Edmund Moore and Sarah Cooper. They had two children baptized in Newbury.(198)

child 45 ii. Sarah Looke was born in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts 13 February 1697/8.(199) She married James Emerson, 21 February 1722, in Mendon, Worcester County, Massachusetts.(200) James was the son of James Emerson and Sarah Ingersoll. James died in 1747, in Uxbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.(201) They settled in Uxbridge, Mass. and had four children.(202)

child 46 iii. Elizabeth Looke was born in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts 5 December 1700.(203) She was living, unmarried, in 1734 when her father made his will.(204)

child 47 iv. Abigail Looke was born in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts 16 April 1703.(205) (Walter Goodwin Davis gives date of 16 December(206) but this is not what the published Rowley vital records have.) Abigail probably died before 1734, as she wasn't mentioned in her father's will.

child 48 v. Israel Looke was born in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts 7 December 1704.(207) Israel died before 21 October 1768, probably in Boston, Mass..(208) His will, written 21 January 1764, was proved on this date. He married twice.

He married first, Mehitable Harrod, 9 July 1728, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.(209) She had a brother Benjamin Harrod.(210) Her name was spelled as Harwood on her marriage intention, and the index to Boston marriages of the period has both Harwoods and Harrods so it could be either spelling.

He married second, Francis Ellsworth, 15 February 1753.(211) He had seven children born in Boston by his first wife.(212)

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