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8. Hannah2 Wallingford (Nicholas1) was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 27 November 1667.(171) Hannah died after September 1709.

She may have married Daniel Russell, before 22 April 1692. Her marriage to Daniel Russell and the subsequent birth of a son Jonathan is based only on one piece of evidence. In a division of the estate of her father made 22 April 1692 one Daniel Russell was awarded about three acres of land from the estate.(172) All of the living children of Nicholaus Wallingford are accounted for in this division except Hannah, and in the case of her two sisters Sarah and Mary who were married by that time only their husbands are mentioned, not the women themselves. There seems to be no other logical reason why Daniel Russell would be included unless he was the husband of the missing Hannah. On the birth record of his son Jonathan in the Rowley records two years later, his wife's name is given as Hannah.

The published Rowley vital records record the death of a [Hannah] Russell (brackets included in the source) on 5 July 1696. If this is the wife of Daniel Russell then it makes it unlikely that she was Hannah Wallingford, as the next document makes clear.

Hannah was listed in an accounting of the estate of her brother Joseph on 12 September 1709.(173) Nothing is known of her after that date, and she could have been married at the time because no last names were given in that record. She was not, however, included in a 3 November 1709 petition by "the Children of Nicholas Wallingford, late of Bradford" that was signed by two of her brothers as well as five of the men who married her sisters.(174) If she did marry Daniel Russell one wonders why he wasn't included in this 1709 petition, although the fact that it was intended to counteract the actions of another sibling -- John -- could mean that Daniel and Hannah did not wish to be a part of it. It's possible, though unlikely, that they were both deceased at the time. The administration of Daniel's estate was granted to his son Jonathan on 26 May 1718, which seems too long a time away if he were dead by 1709. Another researcher reports that Daniel died before 9 April 1711 on which date Isaac Perley and Joseph Hale were appointed guardians of his minor son Jonathan. [acc. to Essex County Probate Court Records, case #24404]. This has not been verified yet. In the administrator's bond papers of 1718 son Jonathan is said to be the "only and son and child" of Daniel Russell late of Rowley deceased intestate.(175) Joseph Poore of Newbury gave bond with Jonathan, indicating yet another family connection, as this Joseph was likely the same Joseph who married Mary Wallingford, Hannah's older sister.

Hannah Wallingford and Daniel Russell had the following child:

child 43 i. Jonathan3 Russell was born in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts 4 September 1694.(176) He may be the Jonathan Russell who married Elizabeth Hutchins, 19 September 1722, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(177) They were both of Bradford at the time, and the marriage was recorded in the records of the Queen Anne's Chapel, an Episcopal Church in Newbury.

Elizabeth was born 19 December 1702, in Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts.(178) Elizabeth was the daughter of John Hutchins and Elizabeth Haseltine. On 26 May 1718 Jonathan Russell of Rowley gave bond with Joseph Poore of Newbury for the administration of the estate of his father Daniel Russell of Rowley. Jonathan made his mark while Joseph signed. In this document Jonathan was described as the only son and child of Daniel Russell late of Rowley deceased intestate.(179)

Jonathan and Elizabeth had at least four, and probably five children, all of whom were baptized between 1727 and 1733 in Bradford, the first one at the First Congregational Church and the other three at the Second Congregational Church.The first male and first female were named Daniel and Hannah, which is a strong indication that we have the correct person here. The other two were Abigail and Susanna.(180) This first Hannah apparently died in 1736, as the vital records of Rowley record the death of a ten year old Hannah Russell, daughter of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Russell, on August 16th.(181) The age and mother's name match our Hannah, but the father Ebenezer is a puzzle. Professional genealogist George Ely Russell, C.G., F.A.S.G., who had been studying this family since 1944, says that there was no family of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Russell in Massachusetts at this time.(182) He also points to a birth record for an unnamed son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Russell in the Rowley vital records that predates the birth of Jonathan's son Daniel's Bradford baptism by only seven days.(183) Apparently Jonathan either went by both names or the keeper of the church records was confused as to his name. George Ely Russell also states that Jonathan's 1763 will [Middlesex County Probate file #19653] names a daughter Hannah, so presumably they had a second daughter by that name after the first one died in 1736, perhaps when they moved to Billerica, Mass.

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