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6. Mary2 Wallingford (Nicholas1) was born in either Newbury or Rowley, Mass. 15 or 22 August 1663.(105) Newbury records give the 22nd, and Rowley records the 15th. Mary died after 18 November 1732, at approximately 69 years of age. (She was alive when her husband wrote his will on that date.)(106)

She married Joseph Poore, 6 August 1680, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(107) Joseph was born 4 October 1653, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(108) Joseph was the son of John Poore and Sarah. Joseph died before 4 June 1735, probably in Newbury, Mass..(109) His will was dated 18 November 1732 and probated on 4 June 1735. When Mary was sixteen she appeared as a witness in a trial against William Fanning of Newbury. On 28 August 1679 Caleb Moody made a complaint against said Fanning and his wife of several misdemeanors. He claimed that Fanning was "overgone with excessive drinking" and was quarrelling with his wife and threatening her and calling her "whore, devill etc." Sarah Moody and Mary Wallington gave statements that "as they were going by the house to fetch the Cowes, in the morning, Goodwife ffanning coming forth & beginning to complaine of her husband to them: he swore God damme my soule, if you speake a word I will knock out your braines".(110)

On 3 November 1709 Joseph was a signatory to a petition of the children of the late Nicholas Wallingford to the Massachusetts government. This petition is described in more detail under Nicholas' record.(111)

Joseph was a weaver. They resided in Newbury, Mass. except for a short time in Rowley about 1700. Their first child was unnamed and was born and died in 1683.(112) He was called Joseph Sr. in the Newbury town records to distinguish him from another Joseph who was having children around the same time.

A Mary Poor married William Pilsbury on 15 November 1737 in Newbury.(113) This may be our Mary or it could be another Mary Poore entirely. It is only the fact that the marriage took place two years after her husband's death that makes it seem at all likely. More research is necessary into the local Pilsbury family.

Mary Wallingford and Joseph Poore had the following children:

child 24 i. Infant3 Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts in 1683.(114)

child 25 ii. Joseph Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 25 April 1685.(115) Joseph died 22 December 1708, in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.(116)

child 26 iii. Benjamin Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 6 or 7 November 1687.(117) He wasn't mentioned when his father's estate was divided among his heirs.(118)

child 27 iv. Sarah Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 12 May 1690.(119) She probably died unmarried as she wasn't mentioned in her father's will.(120)

child 28 v. Mary Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 12 August 1692.(121) She married Jonathan Moores, 7 January 1714/15, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(122) They lived in Newbury and had at least seven children.(123) Their deaths don't appear in the published Newbury vital records.

child 29 vi. Abigail Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 1 August 1695.(124) Abigail died 28 August 1749, in Brookfield, Worcester County, Massachusetts, at 54 years of age.(125) She died while on a visit to her son.(126) She married twice.

She married Ephraim Foster, 7 January 1715/16, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(127) He was of Andover and she was of Newbury at the time of their marriage.

Ephraim was born 12 March 1687/8, in Andover, Mass..(128) The Foster genealogy, from which is parentage is taken, says he was born in Andover on 12 November 1687 but this disagrees with the Andover records. Ephraim was the son of Ephraim Foster and Hannah Eames.

Ephraim died 8 April 1738, in Andover, Mass..(129) She married second, Nathaniel Frie, 28 June 1739, in Andover, Mass..(130) Nathaniel was born 15 June 1688, in Andover, Mass..(131) Nathaniel was the son of Samuel Frie and Mary Aslett. Nathaniel died 19 March 1758, in Andover, Mass..(132) Nathan Frie died in Andover on 19 March 1758 "in his 70th year", which makes him likely to be the Nathan Frie born in Andover on 15 June 1688 to Samuel and Mary Frie. A Samuel Fry married a Mary Aslett on 20 November 1671 in Andover.(133) Nathan Frie may have married first, in Newbury on 6 July 1715, Sarah Bridges, and had several children born in Andover.(134) Ephraim Foster was a blacksmith. They had at least three children born in Andover, two of whom died young.(135) The Foster genealogy lists a total of six children for the couple.(136)

child 30 vii. Hannah Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 3 April 1698.(137) Hannah died 6 May 1736, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(138) Records kept by the Rev. Moses Hale, pastor of the Byfield-Rowley church, record the death of the unnamed wife of Thomas Lull of Rowley on this date. Thomas Jr. is the only other Thomas mentioned in the records at this point, and as he was born in 1725 this couldn't be his wife. She married Thomas Lull, 5 December 1716, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(139) He was of Rowley and she was of Newbury when they were married.

Thomas was born about 1689.(140) (He died "in his 89th year") Thomas was the son of John Lull and Meribah Sinclair.

Thomas died 2 January 1778, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(141) This death record may apply to some other Thomas Lull, but it comes from the records of the Byfield Church in Newbury, and those same records also record deaths of other family members. Thomas may have married second, after 12 June 1737, Mary Look. Their intention to marry was filed in Rowley on that date. A Thomas Lull also married a Hannah Hale in Rowley on 25 September 1745,(142) , but this appears to be the same Hannah, wife of Thomas "Jr." who died in Newbury 4 July 1749(143) , so that Hannah was likely his son's wife. They had four children born in Rowley.(144)

child 31 viii. John Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 1 or 6 August 1701.(145) He wasn't mentioned in his father's will.(146)

child 32 ix. Lydia Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 14 March 1703/4.(147) Lydia died of "numb palsy", 21 May 1759, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts, at 55 years of age.(148) She married second, Samuel Jewett, 26 April 1743, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(149) Lydia, widow of Samuel Wallingford, was called "Lydia alias Jewett" in some of her first husband's probate papers.(150) She married first her cousin Samuel Wallingford, son of James and grandson of the immigrant Nicholas. See his record for more information on this first marriage. By her second husband Samuel Jewett she had a son David Jewett who died at the age of four.

Samuel was born 31 March 1701, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(151) Samuel was the son of Deacon Daniel Jewett and Elizabeth Hopkinson. Samuel died before 13 October 1746, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(152) Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Lydia on this date. She received as part of her share of the estate one third of a grist mill. Samuel had nine children in all, his ninth, David, being the only one in the Wallingford line.

child 33 x. Judith Poore was born in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts 8 July 1708.(153) Judith died 25 April 1748, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(154) She married Richard Stuart, 4 April 1728, in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.(155) Judith was from Newbury and Richard was from Rowley at the time of their marriage.

Richard was born 15 October 1704, in Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.(156) His surname was "Stewart" on his birth record but he apparently changed the spelling later in life as his later records use "Stuart". Richard was the son of Ebenezer Stewart and Elizabeth Johnson.

Richard died before 4 November 1777, in Leominster, Mass.. His will dated 23 June 1773 was probated 4 November 1777.(157) Richard was in military service in Maine from 25 December 1724 to 24 April 1725. He moved to Leominster, Mass. about 1753 or later. He had 8 children by his first wife Judith Poore and 3 by his second.(158)

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