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101. Elizabeth4 Wallingford (Col. Thomas3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Somersworth or Dover, New Hampshire about 1736.(1069) (Based on age of 40 at death.) Elizabeth died 11 July 1775, probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Somersworth schoolmaster Joseph Tate's diary has the following: "Tuesday July 11th. 1775 Madam Eliz. Wentworth Wife of Collo. Jno. Wentworth of Somersworth Dy'd Bury'd on Thurs. 13. She was one of Collo. Thos. Wallingford Decds. Daughters."(1070)

She married twice. She married Amos Cole, 4 January 1756.(1071) Amos died 1 January 1762.(1072) There is some question about the validity of the date provided by the Wentworth Genealogy. See under his son Amos below for more information.

She married Col. John Wentworth, 1 June 1768, in Exeter, New Hampshire.(1073) John was born 30 March 1719, in Dover, New Hampshire.(1074) (Date from gravestone) John was the son of Capt. Benjamin Wentworth and Elizabeth Leighton.

John died 17 May 1781, probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire.(1075) He was buried May 21st in the family burial ground at Salmon Falls (now Rollinsford). John was a very influential individual in the Dover/Somersworth community. He was a Dover selectman, and later a Representative to the N.H. Legislature from Dover from 1749 to 1755, at which time he became a Representative from the new town of Somersworth, which was formed from Dover. He was again Rep from 1767-1775 until the Legislature was disbanded at the start of the Revolutionary War. The last four of those years, 1771-75, he was Speaker of the House. During the Revolutionary War he was Chairman of the first Revolutionary Congress in N.H. in 1774, and later was President of the convention organized to send delegates to the Continental Congress. When Strafford County was organized in 1773 he became Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas for the county, and from 1776 until his death in 1781 he was one of the Judges of the Superior Court.(1076) Elizabeth received property from the estate of her father in the three divisions of the estate made on 10 September 1772, 10 October 1772 (Maine lands), and 8 December 1779. First she received the whole of Jackson's Island (so called) in Portsmouth Harbor. Also the house and garden in Somersworth near Quamphegan Bridge where Elizabeth had formerly lived and about 17 acres of land near the bridge.(1077) In Maine she got about 40 acres in Berwick from land purchased of Bile Dudley at Loves Brook, plus one quarter of her father's interest in a saw mill at Salmon Falls with the privileges. Also 100 acres in Berwick Commons above Little River (Lot 7, 5th Range), plus nine acres laid out to her father in Berwick on 20 January 1731/2.(1078) After her death her husband John received, in the 1779 division, 1/13 part of a lot of land in New Hampton, being part of Thomas Wallingford's right in the town of Moultonborough, plus common land. Also 225 acres in New Durham Gore, being number 5 in a drawn lot plan attached to the record of the division.(1079)

She is listed twice in the family records kept by Somersworth schoolmaster Joseph Tate. Once as the widow Cole with her four Cole children, and again as the third wife of Col. John Wentworth with her two Wentworth children. Tate started his record in 1767 when she was a widow, and added her to John Wentworth's record later.(1080)

Tate's diary has the following entry: "Somersworth Tuesday January ye 17. 1775 Collo. John Wentworth's Negro Tom fell in ye fire & Burnt to Death(1081)

Elizabeth Wallingford and Amos Cole had the following children:

child 221 i. Mary5 Cole was born in Berwick, York County, Maine 22 August 1756.(1082) She married Captain James Adams, 25 May 1778. The Adams (p.406) and Wentworth (1:393) genealogies says they married in June 1778 but this is in error according to Somersworth schoolmaster Joseph Tate's diary which has the following entry: "Mr. James Adams of Rochester Married to Miss Polly Cole of Somersworth Monday May ye 25. 1778."(1083)

James was born 22 January 1752, in Newington, New Hampshire.(1084) He was baptized in Newington on 8 March 1752.(1085) James was the son of Deacon Benjamin Adams and Abigail Pickering.

James died 10 June 1793?, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire. The Adams Genealogy says he died 10 June "1779 or 1793", giving both dates with no explanation.(1086) The earlier date is impossible, however, given that the first of his six children was born about 1779.

James's father Benjamin was first cousin to President John Adams. James was a Selectman of Rochester in 1780, 1786 and 1789, and was a delegate to the convention in favor of paper money in September 1786.(1087)

Rochester First Congregational Church Records contain the following baptismal record dated 28 February 1793: "Baptized at the House of Capt James Adams his Children; the Sons named, 1st Benjamin, 2d Amos, 3d Augustus, 4th James, 5th Jesse, the Daughter named Elizabeth."(1088) According to the Adams Genealogy they had no more children than these six.

The 1790 census of Rochester shows the family with one adult male, four males under 16, three females, and one slave. Theirs was the only household in Rochester to own a slave at that time(1089). No appropriate Adams family appears in the 1800 census of Rochester.

child 222 ii. Ambrose Cole was born 27 January 1758.(1090) No Ambrose Cole appears in either the 1790 or the 1800 published censuses of New Hampshire.

child 223 iii. Elizabeth Cole was born 2 May 1760.(1091) The Wentworth Genealogy gives a date of 4 June 1760, which disagrees with Tate's record.(1092) Elizabeth died 29 October 1848.(1093) She married Nathan Webb Adams, 12 February 1784, in Rochester, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1094) He was from Newington, N.H. and she was from Rochester at the time of their marriage.

Nathan was born 16 May 1756, in Newington, New Hampshire.(1095) Nathan was the son of Deacon Benjamin Adams and Abigail Pickering. Nathan died 23 April 1831.(1096) Nathaniel's father Benjamin was first cousin to President John Adams. Some sources give his middle name as Webster rather than Webb. The Adams genealogy has it as Webb, while the Wentworth genealogy refers to him simply as "Webster Adams". The 1790 census refers to him as Nathan Webb Adams. The 1790 census of Newington shows Nathan Webb Adams and family with one adult male, four boys under 16, and 3 females.(1097) Ten years later they are still in Newington and the family is much larger. There are three boys and three girls under ten, four boys 10 to 15, one girl 10 to 15, one male and one female aged 26-44 and one female over 44.(1098)

On 3 June 1813 Nathan W. Adams of Newington, gentleman, and Elizabeth Adams his wife "in her right", sold for $33.33 to Charles Cushing of Berwick, merchant, her share of the homestead of the late Thomas Wallingford that was set off to his late widow. This land had descended to said Elizabeth Adams from her late mother Elizabeth Wentworth, daughter of said Thomas.(1099)

Nathan and Elizabeth had eleven children.(1100)

child 224 iv. Amos Cole was born 19 August 1762.(1101) The Wentworth Genealogy gives a date of 1 April 1762 and adds that it was three months after the death of his father.(1102) He further states that his father died on January 1. It is unknown where he got his information, but it likely comes from family sources. That means he was probably sure of one of the dates, and extrapolated the other from family information that the two events were three months apart. Tate's record gives a date of Augsut 19th, so this may put into question the date of his father's death as well. No Amos Cole appears in either the 1790 or the 1800 published censuses of New Hampshire.

Elizabeth Wallingford and Col. John Wentworth had the following children:

child 225 v. Abra Wentworth was born in Somersworth or Dover, New Hampshire 14 or 15 April 1769.(1103) Tate's "Diary" is for Somersworth families, and he includes all the children of Col. John Wentworth. The secondary source Durrell Genealogy states that she was born in Dover. Abra died 27 July 1846, in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1104) She married twice. She married first, William Pitt Moulton, 7 September 1788, in Hampton, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(1105) At the time of their marriage William was from Dover and Abra was from Somersworth.

William was born 21 September 1766, in Hampton, New Hampshire.(1106) William was the son of General Jonathan Moulton and Abigail Smith. William died 19 February 1803.(1107) She married second, John Smith Durrell, in 1805, in Lee, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1108) The marriage book in which their marriage was recorded only gave the year of the marriages after 1804.

John was born 17 December 1774, in Lee, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1109) John was the son of Nicholas Durrell and Abigail Meserve. John died 10 May 1845, in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1110) The 1790 census of Dover shows the family of William P. Moulton with two adult males, two females, and one slave.(1111) He doesn't appear in the published 1800 New Hampshire census unless he is one of the William Moultons living far from the Seacoast.

On 17 September 1814 John S. Durrell and his wife Abra of Dover sold for $33 from Charles Cushing of South Berwick, their rights to a portion of the homestead of her grandfather Thomas Wallingford of Somersworth, it having descended to Abra and her brother Samuel Wentworth through their mother Elizabeth, daughter of said Thomas.(1112)

Abra had no children. She contributed much information to the compiler of the Wentworth Genealogy.(1113)

child 226 vi. Samuel Wentworth was born probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire 21 September 1770.(1114) Samuel died in 1826.(1115) He married Unknown Brewster, about 1801.(1116) Unknown was born about 1772. (Based on age at death)

Unknown died 27 October 1843.(1117) He was a trader in Dover, N.H. and a Selectman in 1803. They had three children, all of whom either died young or never married.(1118)

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