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100. Mary4 Wallingford (Col. Thomas3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Somersworth or Dover, New Hampshire about 1733.(1034) (Based on her age at death of 54.) Mary died 30 June 1788, in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(1035) From the July 3, 1788 issue of Portsmouth's "New Hampshire Gazette": "Mary, wife of Capt. William Pearne, aged 54, died in Portsmouth, N.H."(1036)

She married William Pearne.(1037) William died about 1790.(1038) Mary received property from the estate of her father in the three divisions of the estate made on 10 September 1772, 10 October 1772 (Maine lands), and 8 December 1779. In the first division she received part of a wharf and the contiguous land in Portsmouth. Also two and a half acres at Islington (so called) in Portsmouth originally purchased from William Bennett.(1039) In Maine she received 28 acres in the Great Farm at Salmon Falls, plus 120 acres in Berwick purchased from Ichabod Plaisted, and one quarter of two thirds of her father's thatch beds in Berwick.(1040) In the 1779 division she received 1/13 part of the first division lot in Moultonborough, plus commonland, also 239 acres in New Durham Gore, being number 8 in a drawn lot plan attached to the record of the division.(1041)

William was a merchant in Portsmouth, N.H.(1042) He was called "Captain" William in the probate records of his father-in-law, and they were said to be living in Portsmouth on 16 April 1773.(1043)

On 10 October 1783 Amos Wallingford of Somersworth, yeoman, for 90 pounds 5 shillings, sold land to William Pearne of Portsmouth and Mary his wife. Amos was Mary's brother Ebenezer's son. The first part of the land included 1/13th part of one half of 1/13th part of the house, outhouses and lands situated in Portsmouth on the west side of the street leading to the ferry, which was then occupied by a Mr. Noah Parker, it being part of the whole estate "which was set off to Elizabeth Wallingford my Grand Mother and relict of Thomas Wallingford Esq. late of Somersworth". The deed also included 1/13 part of one half of 1/13 part of land "which was given to me after the decease of my Mother Mary Wallingford by my Honored father Ebenezer Wallingford son of the said Thomas Wallingford". This is curious language, as his mother was still alive at the time, so probably refers to the land that was to go to him after his mother's decease, according to his father's will. Finally the deed included 1/13th part of one half of 1/13th part of land in Durham "which may fall to me" that was then in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Wallingford, relict of said Thomas.(1044)

William had a store in the North End of Portsmouth in 1785 when this notice appeared in the New Hampshire Mercury for May 31, 1785: "William Pearne has Madeira wine and other goods for sale at his store in the North End."(1045)

Mary left a will dated 15 November 1787 that was presented for probate by her husband, the executor, on 28 August 1788. William also left a will dated 26 September 1789 in which he named his daughters Phebe and Elizabeth and his friend Joseph Akerman executors. Phebe received her father's share in the dwelling house that was the dower of Elizabeth Wallingford, wife of her grandfather Thomas Wallingford. His children Mary and Anna are not mentioned in the will, as they had both recently died.(1046)

Neither the 1790 nor the 1800 censuses of New Hampshire have anyone by the name of Pearne, or any variation of that name that might begin with the letter P. The surviving children may have been residing in either the Low or Roach households into which daughters Elizabeth and Mary had married.

Mary Wallingford and William Pearne had the following children:

child 216 i. Phebe5 Pearne.(1047) She was still unmarried as of 17 February 1802 when as an executor of her father's estate she made an accounting of costs.(1048)

child 217 ii. William Pearne.(1049) He was made a joint executor of his father's will, with his sister Phebe and his father's friend Joseph Akerman, but he apparently didn't actively take part in the estate work.(1050)

child 218 iii. Mary Pearne was born about 1761.(1051) (aged 29 at death) Mary died before 19 August 1790, in Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.(1052) "Mary, wife of Capt. Thomas Roach, aged 29, died in Portsmouth, N.H.", from the newspaper dated August 19. She married Capt. Thomas Roach, by November 1787. She was referred to as Mary Roach wife of Capt. Thomas Roach in her mother's will dated 15 November 1787.(1053)

"A child of Capt. Thomas Roach died in Portsmouth" (from the Dec. 21, 1793 issue of the New Hampshire Gazette.(1054) Thomas was involved in privateering during the Revolutionary War, and in 1782 was part owner of the brig Roxene.(1055) It therefore seems likely that he was much older than his wife Mary so may have been married before and had older children by a previous marriage. He appears in the 1790 census of Portsmouth with two males 16 and over (including himself) two under 16 and three females.(1056)

child 219 iv. Anna Pearne was born about 1767.(1057) Based on her age at death of 21. Anna died 20 September 1788.(1058) From the November 26, 1788 "New Hampshire Gazette" of Portsmouth: "...Miss Anna Pearne, aged 21...died in Portsmouth, N.H."(1059)

child 220 v. Elizabeth Pearne was born about 1767/68.(1060) (Based on age of 40 at death.) Elizabeth died 22 August 1808.(1061) She was buried in the North Cemetery in Portsmouth.(1062) She married Joseph Low Jr., 20 September 1789.(1063)

Joseph was born before 13 May 1764, probably in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A Joseph Low, son of Joseph Low, was baptized in Portsmouth on that date.(1064) Joseph was the son of Joseph Low and Rachel Jackson.

Joseph died 17 October 1823, probably in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.(1065) He was buried in the North Cemetery in Portsmouth.

Her future husband Joseph Low, or perhaps his father, was one of the witnesses to her father's will on 26 September 1789. The 1790 census of Portsmouth shows both Joseph Low and Joseph, Jr., with the latter showing one adult male and two females(1066) , so apparently he was married with a single daughter by that time. Two Joseph Lows once again appear in the 1800 census of Portsmouth. While neither is designated Jr., one has a male that is over 44 years of age that is likely the father. The other has two males under ten, one female aged 10-15, one female 16-25, and one adult male and female aged 26-44.(1067) They were also enumerated in the 1810 census of Portsmouth with one male 26-45, two females 26-45, one female 16-25, two males 16-25, one male 10-15, and one female under ten. Joseph and Elizabeth had at least seven children, and perhaps others. He was a merchant in Portsmouth.(1068)

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