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206. Amos5 Wallingford (Ebenezer4, Col. Thomas3, John2, Nicholas1) was born probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire 6 March 1762.(1702) Amos died 10 or 11 January 1837, probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire.(1703)

He married Phebe Brewster, 28 November 1785, in Berwick, York County, Maine.(1704) Amos was from Somersworth and Phebe was from Berwick when they got married.

Phebe was born about 1766, in Somersworth, N.H.?. Phebe was the daughter of Joseph Brewster. Phebe died 20 October 1837.(1705) Joseph Brewster of Berwick, Maine, cordwainer, in his will dated 5 January 1796 left to his daughter Phebe Wallingford, 6 shillings in addition to what portion of his estate she already had. Joseph Brewster's wife's name at the time was Elizabeth, but there is no telling whether or not this was Phebe's mother.(1706)

He lived his entire life in the part of Somersworth that is now the town of Rollinsford, N.H. He was a distinguished school teacher and for years was known as "Master Wallingford". He was town clerk of Somersworth from 1807 to 1825 and often served as selectman."(1707)

On 26 October 1779, Amos, with his mother, both of Somersworth, sold land for 10,000 pounds to Hannah Brown, widow of John Brown late of Somersworth, deceased, and Charles Brown, son of Hannah and John, both of Somersworth. This land comprised 73 acres in Somersworth which his father Ebenezer had purchased from Archibald Smith, mariner, late of Somersworth, on 12 February 1773, excepting some land that was contained in a gore or slip which Ebenezer sold to Mark Wentworth.(1708) Hannah Brown was his father's sister.

On 10 October 1783 Amos of Somersworth, yeoman, for 90 pounds 5 shillings, sold land to William Pearne of Portsmouth and Mary his wife. Mary was his father's sister. The first part of the land included 1/13th part of one half of 1/13th part of the house, outhouses and lands situated in Portsmouth on the west side of the street leading to the ferry, which was then occupied by a Mr. Noah Parker, it being part of the whole estate "which was set off to Elizabeth Wallingford my Grand Mother and relict of Thomas Wallingford Esq. late of Somersworth". The deed also included 1/13 part of one half of 1/13 part of land "which was given to me after the decease of my Mother Mary Wallingford by my Honored father Ebenezer Wallingford son of the said Thomas Wallingford". This is curious language, as his mother was still alive at the time, so probably refers to the land that was to go to him after his mother's decease, according to his father's will. Finally the deed included 1/13th part of one half of 1/13th part of land in Durham "which may fall to me" that was then in the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Wallingford, relict of said Thomas.(1709)

On 30 August 1786 Amos and others signed a petition to the General Court asking that the town be allowed to have a lottery to raise money to replace a bridge at the Falls that had been wiped out in a flood the previous Fall.(1710)

On 15 April 1788 Amos of Somersworth, yeoman, sold for 31 pounds, 16 shillings, to Jacob Horn of Somersworth, yeoman, 20 acres of land in Somersworth on the west side of the road leading from Somersworth Meeting House to Stepping Stones so called.(1711)

His family is enumerated in the 1790 census of Somersworth as having one male 16 or over, four females, and one slave.(1712) The male is obviously himself, and the four females are likely his wife, two young daughters, and probably his mother, as he was her only living child at this point. The slave may be the "Negro man Tom" left to him in his father's will of 1775.

On 18 December 1790 Amos of Somersworth, husbandman, for 52 pounds, sold land to John Tibbets and John Roberts, both of Somersworth, gentlemen. The land included one half of 38 acres in Somersworth, the same land which Amos and his mother purchased from Hannah Brown and Charles Brown of Somersworth.(1713) Two days later Amos sold more land, for 75 pounds 4 shillings, to the same John Tebbets and John Roberts. The land included 23 acres, 120 poles in Somersworth, being the same that was willed to Amos by his uncle Mark Wallingford deceased. Amos' wife Phebe released her dower rights.(1714)

On 15 March 1793 Amos of Somersworth, yeoman, sold to his cousin Charles Brown of Somersworth, 20 acres of land in Somersworth for 10 pounds. It was part of the land Amos purchased from Charles and his mother at an earlier date.(1715)

Amos and family were enumerated in the 1800 census of Somersworth with only one male (Amos himself), one female under 10, one female 10-15, and one female 26-44.(1716) The females are likely his wife and two daughters, although the younger daughter would have been 10 years old, and now under 10 at the time. His mother is no longer living with him and is enumerated as the head of her own household, living with a slave, also in Somersworth.

On 29 April 1805 Amos of Somersworth, gentleman, sold land for $2 to Nathan Lord of Somersworth, gentleman. It comprised one undivided thirteenth and one half part of one undivided thirteenth, formerly property of Col Thomas Wallingford, bounded by the highway to Dover.(1717)

On 20 January 1809 Amos of Somersworth, yeoman, sold land for $75 to John Jones of Somersworth, joiner. It comprised 4 acres and 80 square rods in Somersworth.(1718)

On 6 June 1812 Amos of Somersworth, gentleman, sold land in Somersworth to Stephen Roberts of Somersworth, yeoman, for $156. The land was "part of Mark's pasture, so called", thirteen acres he held in common with his mother.(1719)

On 5 February 1814 Amos of Somersworth, gentleman, sold for $100 to Charles Cushing of Berwick, merchant, his share of the homestead of his grandfather Thomas Wallingford in Somersworth, said premises having been given by his father Ebenezer in his will to Amos' mother Mary during her life and after her decease to Amos.(1720)

The 1830 census found him still in Somersworth living with three females, one aged 10-15, another aged 40-50, and the third, probably his wife, aged 60-7(1721) 0.

One source states that there were "three children given in the Wentworth Genealogy but there were actually only two given in that book.(1722)

Amos Wallingford and Phebe Brewster had the following children:

child 356 i. Mary6 Wallingford was born in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire 20 September 1786.(1723) Polly died 10 April 1881, in Rollinsford, Strafford County, New Hampshire.(1724) She was buried in the Salmon Falls old town cemetery in Rollinsford, N.H. with several members of the Pike family of her sister Elizabeth.

When the 1860 and 1870 censuses were taken she was living with her nephew Amos Pike and his family in Rollinsford, N.H.(1725) She apparently never married.

child + 357 ii. Elizabeth Wallingford was born 9 October 1789.

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