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96. Ebenezer4 Wallingford (Col. Thomas3, John2, Nicholas1) was born in Dover, New Hampshire 21 July 1724.(947) Ebenezer died 11 May 1775, probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire. Somersworth schoolmaster Joseph Tate's diary has the following: "Mr. Ebenezer Wallingford of Somerswth dy'd on Thursday Evening May 11th. 1775 Bury'd on Sat. 13."(948)

He married Mary Wentworth, in May 1749.(949) Mary was born 29 July 1725, probably in Dover, New Hampshire.(950) Mary was the daughter of Capt. Benjamin Wentworth and Elizabeth Leighton. Mary died at the home of her son Amos, 10 December 1815, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire, at 90 years of age.(951) Ebenezer received property from the estate of his father in the three divisions of the estate made on 10 September 1772, 10 October 1772 (Maine lands), and 8 December 1779. First there was about 85 acres and buildings where he was then living in Somersworth. Also one quarter part of a double saw mill on Salmon Falls.(952) In Maine he received 25 acres in Berwick that was purchased of William Key, and 3/4 of 2/3 of his father's holdings in a thatch bog in Berwick called the fowling Marsh, and 97 acres near the Stair Falls (Lot 1 Range 1 of Berwick Proprietors Common Land above Little River), and 20 acres in Berwick Commons, and 37 acres in Berwick Commons (Lot 1, 6th Range above Little River).(953) In the 1779 division he got 1/13 part of a 2nd division lot in Effingham, 10 acres in a first division lot in Sanbornton joining 10 acres set off to his sister Lydia Costellow, and 250 acres in New Durham Gore, being number 4 in a drawn lot plan attached to the record of the division.(954)

In his will dated 9 May 1775, just two days before his death, Ebenezer left a large part of his estate to his wife's nephew Benjamin Wentworth, the son of Mark and Elizabeth (Wentworth) Wentworth, who was living with him at the time as a minor. He deeded to Benjamin all of his lands in "The Gore" in Strafford County, which is probably referring to New Durham Gore, which later became the town of Alton. He would acquire these lands at the age of 21, provided he stayed with Ebenezer's widow and helped her with the farm. The remainder of his estate he left to his widow Mary. Upon Mary's death or remarriage what was left would go to his son Amos. The inventory of the estate showed 90 acres of land on his Somersworth homestead, 68 acres of land in Somersworth where Ebenezer Wentworth was then living, 100 acres in Middleton, and 219 acres of land at "The Gore." Also found in the inventory is a "Negro man Tom".(955)

On 27 March 1778 the widow Mary of Somersworth, as executrix of her husband's will, sold for 270 pounds to John Costelloe of Berwick, Trader, "1/13 part or share and 1/4 part or share of the 1/13 part or share of all the out Lands in the New Townships or of all the Lands Whatsoever Lying within the Mason Pattent so called which have been or may or ought hereafter to be draw'd to the Right of Thomas Wallingford Esquire Deceased as one of the Proprietors of said Pattent Excepting what has been already Lawfully Conveyed by me in my said Capacity or was Disposed of in the Life time of my said Husband..."(956) John Costelloe was the husband of Lydia Wallingford, sister to her deceased husband Ebenezer, and he was here selling to him much of the land her husband inherited from his father.

She sold more of her husband's land on 21 October 1779 in a deed to Jonathan Chase of Stratham when he purchased their share of Thomas Wallingford's land in Sanbornton for 13 pounds 4 shillings.(957) Five days later, on 26 October 1779, she, with her son Amos, both of Somersworth, sold land for 10,000 pounds to Hannah Brown, widow of John Brown late of Somersworth, deceased, and Charles Brown, son of Hannah and John, both of Somersworth. This land comprised 73 acres in Somersworth which her husband Ebenezer had purchased from Archibald Smith, mariner, late of Somersworth, on 12 February 1773, excepting some land that was contained in a gore or slip which Ebenezer sold to Mark Wentworth.(958) Hannah Brown was her husband's sister.

On 30 June 1788 252 acres of land in New Durham Gore (now Alton), being the lot number four drawn by heirship to Ebenezer Wallingford out of the Wallingford Lot number 18, was sold at public auction for 20 shillings to the highest bidder Jonathan McDuffee of Rochester.(959)

The widow Mary may have been living with her son Amos in Somersworth when the 1790 census(960) was taken, as that record includes one unaccounted for female in the household and her later will makes it seem evident that she was living with them in her later years. In 1800, however, she is the head of her own household, still in Somersworth, living with a slave.(961)

In her will of 16 June 1813 the widow Mary Wallingford of Somersworth left most of her estate to her son Amos, but she also left some to her granddaughters Polly and Betsey Wallingford "in consideration of the tender care which [they] have taken of me". Her granddaughter Betsy was made sole executrix. She also left one good bed and bedding to a Thomas Fayal. The will was witnessed by John Pike, Moses Warren and Ebenezer Plummer and presented for probate on 3 January 1817 by Nathaniel Pike, husband of the executrix Betsy, who had been married since the will was written.(962)

Ebenezer and Mary and their two children are listed in the family records kept by Somersworth schoolmaster Joseph Tate.(963)

Ebenezer Wallingford and Mary Wentworth had the following children:

child 205 i. Thomas5 Wallingford was born probably in Somersworth, New Hampshire 11 September 1755.(964) Thomas died 11 September 1772, in Somersworth, Strafford County, New Hampshire. From Master Tate's Record: "Mr. Thomas Wallingford Son of Mr. Ebenezer and Mrs. Mary Wallingford dy'd on Friday, Sep. 11, 1772. & was buried on Sunday ye 13th. his death was Occasioned by ye fall from a horse, about 2 Hours before his Death."(965) He was buried in the Salmon Falls old town cemetery in Rollinsford, N.H.(966)

child + 206 ii. Amos Wallingford was born 6 March 1762.

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