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-----, Jane Maria, Clouston (marriage to Robert Grieve Harrold) (i322), b.1853-d.1930


Anderson, John (marriage to Jessie MacKay) (i131)


Arthur, James Smith (marriage to Margaret Foubister MacKay) (i132), b.1855-


Aylward, Richard Harold (marriage to Marilyn Jean Early) (i146) (living status unknown)


Banks, Ann (marriage to Robert Harrold) (i336), b.1786-d.1859


Beaudin, Veronique (marriage to Alfred Dick Howat) (i584)


Begg, Female (i610), b.1881-
Begg, Jane Craigie (i38), b.1869-
Begg, Johan Harrold (i40), b.1873-d.1874
Begg, Mary (i51), b.1875-d.1875
Begg, William (marriage to Isabella Buchan Harrold) (i41), b.1847-
Begg, William Tulloch (i39), b.1871-


Brammall, Wilfred (marriage to Myrtle Elizabeth Howat) (i582) (living status unknown)


Burns, Josephine (marriage to John Harrold) (i533), b.1828-


Cassinette, Clarina (marriage to David John McTeer) (i569)


Clouston, Mary Ann (marriage to William Grieve) (i406), d.1946


Corston, Marabel (marriage to Alexander Harrold) (i19), b.1779-d.1863
Corston, Margaret (marriage to John Harrold) (i91), b.1777-d.1869


Craigie, Cecilia (marriage to Robert Harrold) (i346), b.1817-
Craigie, James Christie (marriage to Mary Craigie Harrold) (i20), b.1852-d.1912
Craigie, Jean (marriage to James Harrold) (i25), b.1811-d.1866
Craigie, Mary (marriage to James Harrold) (i43), b.1822-d.1893


Davis, Sadie (marriage to Edward Joseph Harrold) (i598)


Dickson, Mary Taylor (marriage to William MacKay) (i166), b.1850-d.1933


Donaldson, Thomas (marriage to Mary Sabiston) (i353), b.1817-


Doyle, Barbara Ann (i157), b.1944-
Doyle, Jessie (i168) (still alive)
Doyle, Mary Mackay (i167), b.1917-
Doyle, Michael (marriage to Jessie Stewart MacKay) (i163), b.1879-d.1931
Doyle, William Burns (i99), b.1946-
Doyle, William Burns (i165) (living status unknown)


Early, Arthur James (marriage to Mary Mackay Doyle) (i156) (living status unknown)
Early, David James (i145), b.1953-
Early, Marilyn Jean (i147), b.1947-


Esther (marriage to John M. Harrold) (i184), b.1873-d.1917


Eunson, Amelia Harvey (marriage to Rognvald St. Clair Harrold) (i622), b.1893-d.1986
Eunson, Janet Hepburn Wilson (marriage to James Harrold) (i274), b.1833-


George, Julia Frances (marriage to John W. Harrold) (i564), b.1877-


Gibson, Alfred (i244) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Edith (i246) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Ethel (i241) (living status unknown)
Gibson, Isabella (marriage to James Harrold) (i70), b.1821-
Gibson, Kathleen (i245), d.1991
Gibson, Mary Alexina (marriage to James St. Clair Harrold) (i615), b.1864-d.1897


Gilbert, Sarah Ann (marriage to James Harrold) (i557), b.1871-d.1935


Gray, John (i328), b.1907-d.1983
Gray, John (marriage to Betsy Harrold) (i327)


Greaves, Violet (marriage to William Randall Harrold) (i160), b.1888-d.1985


Grieve, Alexander (i318), b.1856-d.1947
Grieve, Alexander (marriage to Margaret McLauchlan Harrold) (i316), b.1828-d.1884
Grieve, Ann (marriage to Robert Harrold) (i332), b.1821-d.1868
Grieve, Ann Gibson (marriage to John Yorston Grieve) (i407), b.1862-d.1881
Grieve, Elizabeth (marriage to William Harrold) (i269), b.1781-d.1874
Grieve, Isabella (i331) (living status unknown)
Grieve, James William (marriage to Mary Ann Harrold) (i330), b.1875-d.1951
Grieve, John Yorston (i319), b.1859-d.1889
Grieve, Maggie Jean (i324), b.1883-d.1940
Grieve, Mary (marriage to Robert Harrold) (i277), b.1825-
Grieve, William (i317), b.1855-d.1940


Hackston, George (marriage to Jane Harrold) (i308)
Hackston, Mary (i323), b.1906-d.1988


Harrold, Adelaide (i621), b.1896-d.1981
Harrold, Alexander (i3), b.1782-d.1863
Harrold, Alexander (i5), b.1806-d.1866
Harrold, Alexander (i18), b.1824-
Harrold, Alexander (i71), b.1849-
Harrold, Alexander (i180), b.1877-
Harrold, Alexander (i364), b.1879-
Harrold, Ann (i4), b.1804-
Harrold, Ann (i63), b.1855-
Harrold, Ann (i69), b.1848-
Harrold, Ann (i335), b.1863-d.1882
Harrold, Ann (i535), b.1854-d.1854
Harrold, Annie Jean (i239) (living status unknown)
Harrold, Barbara (i271), b.1824-
Harrold, Betsy (i306), b.1869-d.1929
Harrold, Charles (i182), b.1884-
Harrold, child1 (i521), b.1893-
Harrold, child10 (i530) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child11 (i531) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child12 (i532) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child2 (i522) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child3 (i523) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child4 (i524) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child5 (i525) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child6 (i526) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child8 (i528) (living status unknown)
Harrold, child9 (i529) (living status unknown)
Harrold, Cissie (i238) (living status unknown)
Harrold, David (i11), b.1820-d.1821
Harrold, David (i13), b.1826-
Harrold, David Gibson (i620), b.1894-d.1916
Harrold, David Mackay (i96), b.1868-d.1901
Harrold, Donald Alexander (i95), b.1873-d.1947
Harrold, Dorothy B. (i543)
Harrold, Edward Joseph (i597), b.1905-d.1965
Harrold, Edwin (i527) (still alive)
Harrold, Elira (i14), b.1814-
Harrold, Eliza Smith (i86), b.1858-
Harrold, Elizabeth (i297), b.1854-
Harrold, Elizabeth (i341), b.1827-d.1860
Harrold, Elizabeth (i560), b.1872-d.1953
Harrold, Elizabeth Eunson (i281), b.1862-
Harrold, Elizabeth Slater (i282), b.1851-d.1861
Harrold, Ellen Mary Baillie (i94), b.1864-
Harrold, Evelyn Florence (i599), b.1907-d.1976
Harrold, Florence (i558), b.1869-d.1954
Harrold, Frederick Charles (i601), b.1910-d.1960
Harrold, George (i15), b.1819-d.1884
Harrold, George (i60), b.1863-d.1944
Harrold, George Patrick (i603), b.1912-d.1913
Harrold, George Walker (i283), b.1868-
Harrold, Gordon Roy (i625) (still alive)
Harrold, Helen (i343), b.1832-
Harrold, Henry Norman (i596), b.1904-d.1904
Harrold, Hilda L. J. (i619), b.1893-
Harrold, Hugh (i17), b.1823-d.1915
Harrold, Hugh (i73), b.1845-
Harrold, Hugh (i76), b.1854-
Harrold, Irene Elizabeth (i593), b.1899-d.1987
Harrold, Isabella (i561), b.1874-d.1877
Harrold, Isabella Buchan (i37), b.1849-
Harrold, Isabella Gilchrist Petrie (i284), b.1874-
Harrold, Isabella Jemima Ritchie (i292), b.1855-
Harrold, James (i1), b.1750-
Harrold, James (i6), b.1810-d.1890
Harrold, James (i16), b.1820-d.1909
Harrold, James (i58), b.1861-d.1863
Harrold, James (i59), b.1863-
Harrold, James (i61), b.1863-d.1913
Harrold, James (i64), b.1856-
Harrold, James (i272), b.1811-d.1819
Harrold, James (i273), b.1819-d.1887
Harrold, James (i285), b.1856-d.1875
Harrold, James (i556), b.1867-d.1933
Harrold, James Harvey (i623), b.1924-d.1969
Harrold, James Scarth (i30), b.1841-d.1878
Harrold, James St. Clair (i67), b.1861-d.1901
Harrold, Jane (i84), b.1860-
Harrold, Jane (i298), b.1859-
Harrold, Jane (i307), b.1866-d.1952
Harrold, Jane (i555), b.1866-d.1890
Harrold, Janet (i256), b.1817-
Harrold, Janet (marriage to George Harrold) (i10), b.1817-
Harrold, Jean (i28), b.1836-
Harrold, Jean Jessie (i538)
Harrold, Jessie Ann (i98), b.1866-
Harrold, Jessie Ann (i286), b.1867-d.1867
Harrold, Jessie Ann (i329), b.1895-d.1983
Harrold, Joann (i29), b.1838-
Harrold, John (i2), b.1773-d.1855
Harrold, John (i8), b.1813-
Harrold, John (i66), b.1854-
Harrold, John (i72), b.1846-
Harrold, John (i87), b.1856-
Harrold, John (i97), b.1859-d.1889
Harrold, John (i183), b.1869-d.1955
Harrold, John (i340), b.1825-
Harrold, John (i595), b.1902-d.1968
Harrold, John M. (i75), b.1859-d.1917
Harrold, John W. (i563), b.1876-d.1928
Harrold, John Wilson (i287), b.1859-d.1862
Harrold, Josephine (i534), b.1853-
Harrold, Linda Margaret (i608) (still alive)
Harrold, Margaret (i35), b.1844-
Harrold, Margaret (i68), b.1852-
Harrold, Margaret (i89), b.1856-
Harrold, Margaret (i186), b.1861-d.1944
Harrold, Margaret (i288), b.1849-d.1875
Harrold, Margaret Ann (i541), d.1985
Harrold, Margaret Inkster (i293), b.1858-d.1882
Harrold, Margaret McLauchlan (i275), b.1818-d.1911
Harrold, Mary (i12), b.1823-d.1911
Harrold, Mary (i289), b.1865-
Harrold, Mary (i294), b.1855-d.1891
Harrold, Mary (i339), b.1822-d.1872
Harrold, Mary (marriage to Alexander Harrold) (i74), b.1815-
Harrold, Mary Ann (i305), b.1876-d.1942
Harrold, Mary Ann (i539)
Harrold, Mary Craigie (i36), b.1846-d.1931
Harrold, Maureen Diane (i606) (still alive)
Harrold, Nelly McLauchlan (i342), b.1829-
Harrold, Robert (i7), b.1811-
Harrold, Robert (i276), b.1821-
Harrold, Robert (i326), b.1797-d.1888
Harrold, Robert Grieve (i295), b.1862-d.1943
Harrold, Robert James (i594), b.1900-d.1943
Harrold, Robert Tulloch (i321), b.1887-d.1962
Harrold, Rognvald St. Clair (i618), b.1891-d.1952
Harrold, Sarah Anne Wilson (i90), b.1863-
Harrold, Steven Walter (i605) (still alive)
Harrold, Thomas Walter (i604), b.1914-d.1961
Harrold, Unknown (i611)
Harrold, William (i9), b.1815-d.1864
Harrold, William (i62), b.1852-
Harrold, William (i181), b.1878-
Harrold, William (i266), b.1750-
Harrold, William (i267), b.1778-d.1865
Harrold, William (i278), b.1826-
Harrold, William Mainland (i290), b.1871-d.1872
Harrold, William Randall (i161), b.1871-d.1947
Harrold, William Sinclair (i296), b.1868-
Harrold, William Slater (i291), b.1854-d.1870


Hart, William (marriage to Maggie Ann Marwick) (i547)


Harvey, James Robert (i475) (still alive)
Harvey, Mabel Bias (i474), b.1932-d.1981


Hope, William (marriage to Florence McTeer) (i567)


Hourston, Louisa (marriage to Angus MacKay) (i133), b.1852-


Howat, Alexander Guthrie (i585), b.1912-d.1986
Howat, Alfred Dick (i583), b.1909-d.1968
Howat, Harold Alexander (i575), b.1897-d.1936
Howat, James Russell (i580), b.1905-d.1968
Howat, Maggie Florence (i586), b.1914-d.1974
Howat, Myrtle Elizabeth (i581), b.1907-d.1980
Howat, Norman Dick (i578), b.1903-d.1974
Howat, Peter Dick (marriage to Elizabeth Harrold) (i562), b.1868-d.1938
Howat, William John (i576), b.1899-


Inkster, James (marriage to Margaret Ann Johnston) (i177)
Inkster, Samuel (marriage to Jemima Johnston) (i178), b.1876-d.1953


Isabella (marriage to John Harrold) (i179), d.1891


Isbister, Annie Christina (marriage to John Thomas MacKay) (i117), b.1889-d.1954


Johnston, [female] (i175)
Johnston, Charles (marriage to Ann Harrold) (i170), b.1844-
Johnston, Isabella (i172), b.1873-
Johnston, James (i176)
Johnston, Jemima (i174), b.1872-d.1924
Johnston, John (i173), b.1877-
Johnston, Margaret Ann (i171), b.1871-


Kirk, Elizabeth (marriage to James MacKay) (i113)


Linklater, William (i629)
Linklater, William (marriage to Hilda L. J. Harrold) (i626)


Logie, John (i345), b.1859-
Logie, William (marriage to Elizabeth Harrold) (i344), b.1832-


MacKay, Angus (i141), b.1851-
MacKay, Annie Dickson (i116) (living status unknown)
MacKay, David (i142), b.1849-
MacKay, Donald (i137), b.1862-
MacKay, Donald (marriage to Mary Harrold) (i24), b.1829-
MacKay, Edwin C. (i122), b.1891-d.1916
MacKay, Edwin Clouston (i114) (living status unknown)
MacKay, Ellen Clementina Spence (i83), b.1863-
MacKay, Helen (i123), b.1900-
MacKay, James (i124), b.1882-
MacKay, Jessie (i139), b.1856-
MacKay, Jessie Stewart (i162), b.1884-d.1961
MacKay, Johan (marriage to David Harrold) (i158), b.1831-d.1891
MacKay, John (marriage to Helen MacKay) (i109)
MacKay, John Alexander Cooper (i134), b.1865-
MacKay, John Thomas (i125), b.1879-d.1965
MacKay, John William (i115) (living status unknown)
MacKay, Margaret (marriage to John Harrold) (i159), b.1827-
MacKay, Margaret Foubister (i140), b.1852-
MacKay, Margaret J. (i65), b.1890-d.1975
MacKay, Mary Ann Work (i126), b.1870-
MacKay, Mary Jean (i138), b.1860-
MacKay, William (i164), b.1855-d.1920
MacKay, William A. (i85), b.1888-d.1954


Mainland, Margaret (marriage to Hugh Harrold) (i78), b.1823-d.1895
Mainland, Margaret (marriage to James Harrold) (i169), b.1839-d.1923
Mainland, Marion (marriage to William Harrold) (i268), b.1752-
Mainland, Mary Reid (marriage to Donald MacKay) (i127)


Martimbeau, Camille (marriage to Frederick Charles Harrold) (i602), b.1910-


Marwick, Elizabeth (marriage to William Harrold) (i304), b.1838-
Marwick, Isaac (marriage to Sarah Anne Wilson Harrold) (i544)
Marwick, Maggie Ann (i546), b.1884-
Marwick, Robert (i545), b.1886-


Mary (marriage to John Harrold) (i363), b.1849-


McTeer, David John (i568), b.1896-d.1994
McTeer, Edward (i572)
McTeer, Florence (i566)
McTeer, Harold Spencer (i571)
McTeer, Irene W. (i565), b.1892-d.1924
McTeer, John (marriage to Florence Harrold) (i559), b.1856-d.1914
McTeer, Walter Sutherland (i570)


Miller, Jessie J. (marriage to James Harrold) (i537), d.1957


Munro, Georgina (marriage to John Gray) (i471), b.1916-d.1994


Nicholson, James (i45), b.1860-


Pearson, John (marriage to Maggie Jean Grieve) (i465)


Pennock, Velda (marriage to William John Howat) (i577)


Peters, James (marriage to Jean Harrold) (i129), b.1848-
Peters, Jane Ruth (i48), b.1872-
Peters, Margaret Ann (i46), b.1869-
Peters, Mary Begg (i47), b.1871-


Petrie, Alexander (marriage to Mary Jean MacKay) (i130)


Rattray, Winnifred Lennox (marriage to Norman Dick Howat) (i579), b.1903-d.1968


Rawlings, Stanley (marriage to Evelyn Florence Harrold) (i600)


Sabiston, Alexander (i301), b.1863-d.1867
Sabiston, Barbara C. (marriage to George Harrold) (i52), b.1868-d.1943
Sabiston, David (i352), b.1861-
Sabiston, George (marriage to Barbara Harrold) (i299), b.1829-d.1864
Sabiston, James (i312), b.1856-
Sabiston, John (i313), b.1858-
Sabiston, Margaret (i310), b.1854-
Sabiston, Mary (i311), b.1855-
Sabiston, William Harold (i300), b.1859-d.1867


Sangster, Isabella (marriage to William A. MacKay) (i105)


Scott, Jane (marriage to Robert Harrold) (i88), b.1821-


Sinclair, Albert (marriage to Mary Ann Harrold) (i540)
Sinclair, James (marriage to Jean Jessie Harrold) (i516)
Sinclair, Margaret Ann (marriage to John Harrold) (i237), b.1874-d.1961


Smeltzer, Dorothy Jean (marriage to James Harvey Harrold) (i630) (living status unknown)


Sutherland, George (i189)
Sutherland, Hugh (i253)
Sutherland, Peggy (i188) (still alive)
Sutherland, William (marriage to Margaret Harrold) (i187), b.1868-d.1931


Taylor, George (marriage to Kathleen Gibson) (i247), d.1994
Taylor, Margaret (marriage to David MacKay) (i135), b.1845-


Thorne, Leslie (marriage to Maggie Florence Howat) (i587) (living status unknown)
Thorne, Martha (marriage to James Scarth Harrold) (i552), b.1834-d.1917


Tulloch?, ----- (marriage to Robert Grieve Harrold) (i320), d.1891


Walker, William Arthur (marriage to Margaret J. MacKay) (i102), b.1890-


Wall, Catherine B. (i614), b.1887-
Wall, Michael (marriage to Jane Harrold) (i612)
Wall, William Patrick (i613), b.1887-


Williamson, Janet (marriage to James Harrold) (i23), b.1750-


Yorston, John William (marriage to Margaret Ann Harrold) (i542)

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