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I capitalized the surnames for emphasis

This is a list my mom found when cleaning out an old trunk. It came out of a cookbook, that was handwritten, dated September 23, 1910.

The front page of the cookbook says:

"Dedicated to our dear friend Amilda this 23rd day of Sept.1910 by her dear friend Shone Madeline FUSSY"


This list fell out of the cookbook: (1907)

Married June 26, 1907, Alva LUSK and Ben TICE
Married Nove. 20, 1907. Ethel LUSK and Albert PLOCK
Mother and I went to Gage Co.
(**My note: Nebraska) Oct. 11, 1907 and returned Oct. 26, 1907.
I commenced to work for Mrs. GOODRICH Oct 27, 1905
Married Aug. 30, 1905 Rose DURKIN and Ed MCCABE
Sept. 8, 1906 I took home $15.00 of the money in the bank, that leaving $86.00.
July 28, 1907, I took home the In. on the $86.00.
During the year 1907, I spent $40. and give to mother $103.60
Married Feb. 26, 1908, (?)Lila BURRESS and Geo. ACKER.

(**My note: This is the end of the list written in pencil. The rest of this list was written in ink, in different handwriting.)
Married June 9, 1909, Victoria CLARK and Tom FAHEY.
Married Nove. 8, 1912, Mamie DURKIN and Van TICE at York, Nebr.
Nov 9, 1918, at Fairmont, Nebr.
(**My note: This is when Mamie died)
June 1919 When Van left.


**My note: This is the end of the list. We believe that the Amilda referred to at the beginning was Mamie Ameldia DURKIN. She would have been 19 years old when she wrote this.
See the original here: Cookbook

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