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DEATH OF MRS. VAN TICE (1918) Mrs. Van TICE died here Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock, following an illness of about two days. She leaves her husband and two children, a girl four, and boy two years of age. The TICE family were moving to Grant, Nebraska, and had shipped their goods, when Mr. TICE was taken ill of the influenza. He was improving when she was taken ill of the disease which resulted in her death. Mrs. TICE was a niece of Mrs. Edward MCCABE of Geneva Township and was thirty years of age. The funeral party will leave WOLFORD'S Undertaking Establishment this forenoon at ten o'clock and go directly to the Catholic Cemetery, where the services will be held.


Last Saturday afternoon at 3:30, the Board of Health issued an order prohibiting all public gatherings, indefinitely. This brought about the closing of the Sterling Theater Saturday night, the churches Sunday and the schools Monday morning. The action was taken on account of fear of the spread of SPANISH INFLUENZA, or what resembles OLD-FASHIONED RUSSIAN LAGRIPPE. All gatherings are tabooed for the balance of this week-and the order may stay in force longer. Night crowds at the post office are kept outside until the evening mail is worked, when the people are requested to secure their allotment and get out promptly. About twenty cases of the epidemic have been reported in the community up to Wednesday evening. Not more than three or four of them are regarded as serious. MRS.VAN TICE , who was taken ill Sunday, died Wednesday afternoon. Her husband is improving but the baby is in very critical condition. York and Geneva public places are closed.

Las Animas, Colorado



John Melton JOHNSON, 79, died at his home in this city Monday after an illness of only a few hours. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon from the Powell Mortuary with Dr. George H. STUNTZ officiating. Burial was in the local cemetery. Mr. JOHNSON was born Dec. 26, 1855, in Clay county, Missouri, where he grew to manhood and received his education. Later he homesteaded in Colby county, Kansas, where he married Miss Maggie I. YARNELL in the year 1888. His wife died in Holly in 1918 and three years later he came to Las Animas and has resided in the county since. He was a familiar figure on the local streets and in the agriculture sections of Bent county. He was honest and loved children. Although in unfortunate circumstances, he was a man who believed in people working, and as long as he could do so he worked at any kind of toil that enabled him to support himself and those dependent upon him. Surviving him are four grown grandchildren, two granddaughters and two grandsons. Only the latter, Roy and Clarence RETCHLOFF, were able to attend the funeral.

MAMMIE A. TICE: 1888-1918

This was my great-grandmother. She is buried in Fairmont, NE., in the St. James Catholic Cemetery. Her maiden name was DURKIN.


She was either Mammie's sister or aunt. Her maiden name was DURKAN.

EDWARD MCCABE: 1868-1941

Julia's husband. They share a headstone, and are buried in Exeter, NE.

SARAH E. TICE: 1860-1889

This was my other great-grandmother. She is buried in Exeter, NE.

ANNA DURKIN WALKER: Feb. 7, 1872 - July 9, 1972

I don't know if or what the relationship is to me. She, and the other Durkans that follow, are buried in Exeter, NE.

MARGARET DURKAN: 1884? Daughter 1885

ELIZABETH DURKAN: 1871 or 1874 Daughter 1904

Margaret and Elizabeth are probably the sisters of Anna. Their headstones are a little hard to read. They are buried on each side of Anna.

THOMAS A. DURKAN: 1819 Father 1903/SUSAN: 1856 Mother 1920

I believe these are Mammie's or Julia's parents. They share the same headstone.

THOMAS W. DURKAN: 1879 Son 1900

He is buried right next to Thomas and Susan.

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