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Murley Family Trees

for the Descendants of Cornelius Murley

Our earliest known MURLEY ancestor was Cornelius Murley whose birth place in the early 1700s has been undetermined. We believe he was either born in Ireland, England or America, but we are still looking for clues.

We first find Cornelius in Pennsylvania during the early days of America. We later find a Cornelius Murley on a signed document in Maryland, but it is unclear whether he is our Cornelius and it is unclear whether this Cornelius resided in Maryland. However, we have discovered a Murley Springs and a Murley Glade in Maryland that date back to the time of our Cornelius. Unfortunately, no records have been found to identify the namesake.

Later, sometime around the 1730s, Cornelius moved to the mountains of Virginia and in 1755 is reported killed along with his wife, Austas.

Cornelius had a son and possibly grandson by the name of Daniel Murley. Some descendants of Daniel Murley moved to Kentucky in the late 1700s. Later, sometime between 1820-1830 some descendants left Kentucky and moved to Tennessee and Missouri.

In the mid to late 1840s, some of the Tennessee Murleys moved to Northern Mississippi and then on to Texas in the late 1800s. Other Kentucky descendants also moved to Texas.

Today we live in many U.S. States and other places on the globe as well. Some of the common given names are William, Nancy, Daniel, Mary, and James along with Hamilton and Jefferson as middle names.

If you find or suspect a connection, drop us an email. If you have more information on Cornelius, his siblings or his parentage, we would appreciate any clues.

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