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1If you have any additional cemetery records, please send them in.


Census Records

2Please send in information on your ancestors that were soldiers in the Revolutionary War or the Civil War.


Military Records

3Were your ancestors here prior to 1890? If so, please send in your information.


Genealogical Research:
Where To Begin

I have been doing genealogical research as a hobby for nearly 20 years. Along the way I have acquired a lot of knowledge about do and don'ts, usually the hard way. On this site I will attempt to pass along to the beginner, or seasoned researcher, some tips and tricks I have learned along the way. I intend to add to this site from time-to-time. Please feel free to send me your ideas and suggestions for tips & time saving tricks to add to and improve this site.

Unless you are a king or a president or other notable, finding your ancestors and making sure a "family tree" is kept for future generations may be up to you. The Federal Government does not do family research, nor do its agencies or the National Archives collect or preserve family trees. Books on family history and genealogy are compiled and published by individuals or family groups who do so because they are interested in discovering and preserving their family history.

As the depository of the Federal Government's records deemed of permanent value for historical purposes, the National Archives houses many records that can be helpful to persons who wish to trace their ancestry. The search, however, cannot be completed at the National Archives. Other depositories must be visited. The following are suggestions about what you can do to find your ancestors:

  • Start With Yourself
  • Record Keeping
  • The Federal Census


You are the beginning "twig" on your family tree. Start with yourself, the known, and work toward your unknown "roots". Find out the vital information about your parents, write it down, then look for data about your grandparents, great-grandparents, etc.

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