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Descendants of William Tiller

First Generation

1. William Tiller was born before 1664 in Probably: England. He died BET. 20 FEB - 4 MAR 1717/18 in Richmond Co., Va..

William Tiller, born bef.. 1664, and died Feb.20/ March 4, 1718.Resident of Old Rappahannock Co., Va and Richmond Co., Va. Wife, Mary (last name unknown). The first record I have of William is a lawsuit by William against the estate of John Erwin for a bill dated Dec. 6, 1684 in Old Rappahannock Co. The suit itself was settled in 1685. William was apparently a man of modest means. He was the guardian of Samuel Nichols, and lived
on land belonging to the minor Samuel Nichols until Nichols reached legal age. At that time, William bought 100 acres from Nichols for a very favorable price. When William died, he left a modest personal estate and left half of the 100 acres purchased from Samuel Nichols to his son John and half to his wife for life. After the death of his wife, the 50 acres were to go to his daughter Margaret unless she married a man with land. If she married a man with land, the 50 acres were also to go to William's son John. The fact that William was a man of modest means and William's age indicates that he may have been the same William Tiller imported by Rees Hughs in 1650. Under the Headwright system Rees Hughs received 450 acres in New Kent Co., Va. for the importation of 9 people, including a William Tiller. Often such imported people were poor and served as indentured servants to pay for the cost of there voyage. Unfortunately, we may never know if the two William Tillers are the same because the New Kent Co. records, which would be most likely to reveal whether the two were the same, were destroyed by a fire intentionally set by John Price Posey. William, like most men at the time, was a farmer. However, he also served for at least one year as a constable. [From Terry Tiller's website]

William married Mary (Unknown) about 1680 in Probably: Richmond Co., Va..

They had the following children:

  2 F i Mary Tiller 1 was born 2 before 1696. She died 3 BET. 11 JUN 1724 - 1727.

Broderbund Vol. 3 Tree #3692 gives the name of the wife of Richard Shipp as Mary Tiller. All other sources give no maiden name for her. -T.E.King Source for Tiller as the maiden name of Mary is:
Broderbund World Family Tree Vol. 3 Ed. 1, Tree #3692
This archive also has the wife of Josiah (Richard's father) as Susanna Meader. Josiah's wife was actually Elizabeth Brookes whose mother was Susanna (?) Who married: 1. Thomas Brookes, 2. Job Virgitt, 3.John Meader, 4. Mr Davis (See: Tyler's Quarterly V29 pgs.51-53.) -T.E.King

Tiller Family researcher, Terry Tiller, gives the husband of Mary Tiller as Richard Shipp.
        Mary married 1 Richard Shipp, son of Josiah Shipp and Elizabeth Brookes, on BET. 1708 - 1712 in Rappahonnock Co., Va. or Essex Co., Va. Richard was born 2 1685 in SAINT ANNE'S PARISH. He died 3 before 17 May 1724 in Essex Co., VA..

[Broderbund WFT Vol. 5, Ed. 1, Tree #1879, Date of Import: Sep 23, 1997]

Will made 3 Sept 1723, proved by widow 17 May 1724
I lend to my beloved wife Mary all my land & my negro woman named Sukey during her natural life, also my 2 horses.

Broderbund WFT Vol. 3 Tree #4832 has the death of Richard Shipp as 19 May1724, however, as noted above, his will was proved on the 17th of May1724.

Broderbund Vol. 3 Tree #3692 gives the name of the wife of Richard Shipp as Mary Tiller. All other sources give no maiden name for Mary. Also:Terry Tiller on his web site identifies Mary Tiller as the wife of Richard Shipp - T.E.King

Note: The following is from George H. S. King in "Virginia Ancestry of President Truman", Tyler's Quarterly (in 1940s), vol.29:

Richard Shipp, eldest son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Brookes) Shipp, was born in Saint Anne's Parish, Rappahannock County (later Essex County),Virginia, circa 1685. By the terms of his father's will of 1705 he received the plantation whereon he was then living and it would seem that Richard succeeded to that estate and lived there.
By will dated 29 January 1716/7 Thomas Meader, of Essex County, bequeathed to his son, John Meader, certain land, but provided that if the said John should die without issue the land was to descend to Richard Shipp. Thomas Meader, was the half-brother of Mrs. Elizabeth (Brookes) Shipp and previously had deeded to her husband, Josiah Shipp, 150 acres on which he was then living.
Richard Shipp, of Saint Anne's Parish, left a will dated 3 September 1723 and proved by his widow, Mary Shipp, on 19 May 1724. Richard and Mary Shipp had but two children. To his elder son, Thomas Shipp, he bequeathed his entire landed estate and to his second son, Richard Shipp, a negro woman. The following orders of the Essex Court of June 1727 prove that these two sons were under legal age at the time of their father's death:
"Thomas Ship by petition prays that he may choose James Blassingham for his Guardian which is allowed."
"William Thomas is assigned Guardian of Richard Shipp, Orphan."
  3 M ii William , Jr. Tiller 1 was born before 1687 in Old Rappahonnock Co., Va. He died BET. 4 JAN - 19 FEB 1717/18 in Essex Co., Va..

William Tiller Jr., born bef. 1687(although not likely before 1680), diedJan.4/Feb.19, 1718, and married Catherine Brown (Daughter of CharlesBrown) between 1706 and 1714. Resident of Old Rappahonnock Co., Va. andEssex Co., Va. William Jr. appears to have been a man of greater meansthan his father. This may have been due in part to William'sfather-in-law being a man of considerable means. Williams father-in-law,Charles Brown, received 920 acres in New Kent Co. in 1694 for theimportation of 19 people (at least some of these 19 people served Charlesas indentured servants). Records also indicate that he was a man ofconsiderable personal wealth. Charles made a gift of 63 acres to William,Charles' daughter Catherine, and their son Thomas Tiller. At least onerecord indicates that in addition to being a farmer, William Jr. workedas a carpenter. [From: Terry Tiller web site]
Other children were born, but names are not known. William mentions sonsand daughters in his will.
        William married Catherine Brown, daughter of Charles Brown, on BET. 1706 - 1714 in Rappahannock or Essex Co., VA.. Catherine was born BET. 1680 - 1699.
  4 F iii Elizabeth Tiller 1 was born before 1702 in Va.. She died after 19 Nov 1745.

Elizabeth Tiller and William Thomas had the following children:
Merraday Thomas
Daniel Thomas
William Thomas
Mary Thomas
Ann Thomas
        Elizabeth married William (1) Thomas. William was born about 1700 in VA..
  5 F iv Margaret Tiller 1 was born about 1700.

Margaret had at least one child. On Dec. 1, 1721, she was indicted by thegrand jury for King George Co., VA for having a child out of wedlockwithin the past 6 months. Later, the grand jury indictment was dismissed.This may mean that she married the father of the child, as another womenindicted by the grand jury at the same time for having an illegitimatechild did not have the indictment dismissed, and because
an examination of such grand jury indictments in King George Co. showsthat most such indictments were not dismissed. However, no record of hermarrying has been found, and I have been unable to find any otherindiction of who her husband may have been if she did marry. [FromTerry Tiller web site]
  6 M v John Tiller 1 was born before 1698.

John inherited the 100 acres his father, William, purchased from SamuelNichols. This land was in that portion of Richmond Co., Va that was usedto create King George Co. There are a number of references to otherTillers in King George Co. between 1730-1760 including an administrationof the estate of a William Tiller in 1750 by John Tiller. On Dec. 12,1758, John and his wife Margaret sold the 100 acres John inherited toDavid Pannell. By 1760 a John Tiller briefly appeared in Albemarle Co.,Va at the same time that William Tiller of Amherst was passing through onhis way to Amherst Co. Va. Then, by the early 1760's, John was inCaroline Co., Va. where a number of other Tillers appeared. My belief(although I have no real evidence to support the belief) is that theWilliam Tiller whose estate John Tiller administered in King George, Va.was John's nephew through his brother William Tiller. I believe thatWilliam Tiller of Amherst is John's son. Certainly, the Tillers ofCaroline Co. are relatives of John, although the relation to John isunclear. Unfortunately, most of the courthouse records for Caroline andHanover Co., Va have not survived the years, making this determinationall the more difficult.
John married:
Elizabeth White, bef. 1749.
Margaret, between Oct. 7, 1753 and December 12, 1758.
[From: Terry Tiller web site]
        John married 1 (1) Elizabeth White before 1749.
        John also married 1 (2) Margaret (Unknown) on BET. 7 OCT 1753 - 12 DEC 1758.


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