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Descendants of John Stapleton


3. Joseph Stapleton

In 1774 Maryland issued a Declaration of Independence which led to the British attacking the residents who were involved in the declaration. This appears to be the time Joseph Stapleton moved to North Carolina. Oral stories from descendants of the Lewis families say that Joseph Stapleton was injured in the attack. He then fled to Rowan Co., NC. and that he eventually died there as a result of his injuries. The first record of Joseph Stapleton in Rowan County, NC. is found in Rowan County Court Minutes; copies from "McCubbins Genealogical Notes" at Rowan Public Library, Salisbury, NC. Book 8, pg. 398:
December 11, 1772, Matthew McCllagh -- no wife signs & he makes his mark -- lets William Smith (Both of Rowan Co., NC.) have inprovement next to Charles Bayley, for 11 pounds, witnessed by James Dickey.
April 9, 1774, William Smith assigns the above land to Joseph Stapleton
July 1, 1774, Joseph Stapleton makes land over to James Cathey
Sept. 1774 James Cathey makes the land over to Joseph Stapleton
Oct. 4, 1776 Sarah Stapleton makes the land over to Hugh Cathey, witness Rachel Bishop, (acknowledged Aug. 1777).
Oct. 10, 1776 Sarah Stapleton, wife of Joseph Stapleton of Rowan Co., NC. Lets Hugh Cathey Have an improvement on Brushy Hill between Charles Baily & James Fitzpatrick having two houses & a spring-house, also four different fields, for 16 pounds, witness James Bailey, acknowledged Aug. 1777. (A continuous transaction); [Mrs. Stahle Linn, Jr.: Abstracts of the Deeds of Rowan County, North Carolina; 1753-1785; Vols. 1-10; p. 136]
[Note: From the fact that the Oct. 4 and 10, 1776 transactions were made by Sarah Stapleton, wife of Joseph Stapleton rather than Joseph; it is assumed that Joseph had died before Oct. 4, 1776. - T. King]

In the August session of the court in 1777 we have some significant transactions. In the proceedings of August 6, 1777 there were three orders:
1) Ordered by the Court that Hannah Stapleton Orphan of Joseph Stapleton be bound to Hugh Cathey she being 11 years old and to serve until she be 18 Years of Age, said Master to give said orphan 6 pounds and one Spinning Wheel, and what the Law allows.
2) Ordered That Anne Stapleton Orphan of Joseph Stapleton be bound to John Lowry, she being Nine Years and Six Months old, to serve until she be 18 Years old, said Master to give her six pounds a Spinning Wheel and what the Law allows.
3) Ordered that Avis Stapleton Orphan of Joseph Stapleton be bound to James Bailey she being 8 Years old and to serve until she be 18 Years old said Master to give her six pounds a Spinning Wheel and what the Law allows.

Then on August 9, 1777: "Deed of sale for land from Sarah Stapleton to Hugh Cathey on October 10, 1776, is acknowledged."

From the fact that there was no court proceeding binding out Rachel Stapleton, about five years of age, it is assumed that Sarah kept Rachel with her. We have no record of Sarah marrying again. However, this cannot be ruled out. During that period of time, one did not need a marriage bond if the pending marriage was announced in a church for a prescribed number of weeks. In those instances, the records would have been kept in the church and due to the fact that many of those old churches have ceased to exist and the records have disappeared along with the churches; those marriage records may have been lost forever.

6. Joshua Stapleton

We know from a census in 1776 in Maryland that Joshua Stapleton wasliving there at that time:
From "Maryland Records, Colonial, Revolutionary, County and Church fromOriginal Sources" by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, Vol. 1, Williams & WilliamsCo., Baltimore, 1915, Pg. 165:

1776 Deer Creek Lower Hundred Census, Harford Co.:
Stapleton, Joshua age 29
Stapleton, Susannah, age 26
Stapleton, David age 4
Stapleton Edward age 1
Stapleton, Lydia 2 months
Deer Creek is a tributary of the Susquahanna River, upstream from Havrede Grace, MD. Toward the PA. State line, in the present Harford [pre-1773Baltimore] County

7. Edward , Jr. Stapleton

Catrin Fraley

18. Joseph Stapleton
Date for marriage to Susannah White is taken from her pension application. Supplied by Bob Drennan, 26 Aug, 2000:
"What I downloaded stated that Joseph married first Susannah White before 1817 and then Batsey White on 17 Aug, 1817.  I have that he married Susannah second and that it was on 22 NOv, 1821 in Gibson County, Indiana.

Joseph served in the war of 1812 and I have Susannah's pension application."

19. Cloie Stapleton

Notes for CLOIE STAPLETON: Anderson, Cloey State : MO County : St.Louis Co. Location : St. Louis City Year : 1830 Page # : 352