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Descendants of William Bliss


3. Jonathan Bliss

@ GENEALOGY OF THE BLISS FAMILY, 3rd Generation, Vol I, pp.44-45, by Aaron Tyler Bliss, pub. Pendle & Co, Midland, MI (transcribed by NKT 21oct 1993 and 28 Dec 1994); Jonathan Bliss listed as #21:
"Jonathan, blacksmith and farmer, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, was baptized April 2, 1626 at Daventry, Northamptonshire, England *the son ofThomas Bliss and Dorothy Wheatlie of Preston parva, Northamptonshire, England and of Rehoboth, MA). He was admitted as a freeman of Plymouth colony in 1655, and of Rehoboth in 1659. He was appointed way-warden (surveyor) in a town meeting at Rehoboth May 24, 1652 and was appointed grand-juryman May 17, 1655, and again on June 3, 1668 and May 26, 1681.He reasserted his freeman's oath of fidelity February 22, 1658. By further division of Rehoboth's common lands, Jonathan augmented the family's land holdings. He drew a lot in the meadow on the north side of the town June 22, 1658. He was one of eighty who received land in the Rehoboth North Purchase on May 26, 1668 and drew a lot for additional land in the North Purchase on March 18, 1668/9. Jonathan was appointed, after the Great Indian War, Sergeant in the town's militia. On May 16,1682 he was chosen a constable of the town. On May 19, 1684, "Sarjant"Bliss was made a member of the committee "to seate the meeting house," or determine the assignment of pews to Rehoboth's families. Mr. Bliss was married in about 1648 to Miriam Harmon ( a sister of the husband of his sister Mary, and possibly the dau. of Francis and Elizabeth Harmon). He died and was buried in June of 1687 at Rehoboth, His estate was inventoried at 99 pounds, 15 shillings and 9 pence, sworn to March 23, 1687 by his son Jonathan before Sir Edmund Andros at Boston.
"Jonathan Bliss rose to prominence in the town of Rehoboth he was chosen seveeral times for positions of trust within the community and also was overseer to the execution of the wills of many friends and relatives. He lived on the east side of the Palmer River *the "Palmer River Neighborhood"), and contrary to popular beliefs did not in 1666 construct the house in North Rehoboth, which now stands on Agricultural Avenue, (Joseph W. Halpern, Esq. of Denver, Colo. has, in his extensive research, proved this point, and the compiler anxiously awaits the publishing of his detailed and scholarly manuscript regarding the early Blisses of Rehoboth.)"
@ BLISS & hOLMES: "Jonathan Bliss, blacksmith, born about 1626 in England, died 1687 (inventory of his estate sworn to 23 march 1687, by his son Jonathan, before Sir Edmund Andrus in Boston); married about 1648 Miriam Harmon. He emigrated with his father about 1636, and his name appears in Rehoboth records in 1652, 55, 58. A pencilled note in the Genealogy of the Bliss Family...reads, 'Built the Bliss house in North Rehoboth in 1666. I slept in it July 16, 1897.] It is signed, "F.R.Bliss of New Haven.' Children of Jonathan and Miriam (Harmon) Bliss: Ephraim, b. 5 Feb 1649; Rachel, b. 1 Dec 1651, m. Thomas manning; Jonathan b. 4 mar 1653, d. in infancy; Mary, b. 31 Sept 1655; Elizabeth b. 29 jan 1657, m. James Thurber; Samuel b. 24 June 1660, d. 28 Aug 1720; Martha, b. Apr 1663; Jonathan b. 17 Sept 1666, d. 16 oct 1719; Dorithy, b. 27 Jan 1668, m. James Carpenter; and Bethia b. Aug 1671, d. 27 Feb 1702/3, m. Daniel Carpenter.
@ SIC IF CIKIBUAK WARS: Jonathan Bliss 1625-1687, Sgt. of Militia of Rehoboth 1684.
@ Demos p.64: Thoams Bliss of Plymouth who died in 1647, left his' house and home lot' to his son Jonathan on the condition that he assist a certain son-in-law in building a separate residence and in the meanwhile "let him peacably and quietly live in ithe house with him untill they shall bee able to set up a house for him." ref. MayflowerDesc. VIII, 85.

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Daniel Floyd Sackett has death date as 6 Sep 1678, Rehoboth, Ma.