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genealogy, by Nelson and Laurie Dunham, as part of TEETER KIN (2003).

[1] *** John Dunham (1780 CT -1851 NY) married Wealthy Barber (1780-1843). They came from Amenia NY (Dutchess Co) to Broome Co NY about 1831. A William Dunham of Broome Co NY bought lands in 1821 from Ezekiel Rich. Subject, John Dunham bought lands in 1832 from Elijah Wood (1782-1845; who married Lydia Chevalier b 1784, daughter of Richard and Sarah Cook Chevalier). John Dunham also owned land in the Nine Partners Oblong (Lots 53 and 58). John and Wealthy Barber Dunham had eleven children (see 1872 photo of their sons, above); and left Amenia NY as well as Abe Cooper, Isaac Benton (married Rachel ____ 1776-1855), and Joshua Reed. See expanded family links below.

DEEDS: Dutchess Co NY: Abner Shawclear of Amenia to John Dunham 16 Dec 1825 re Lot 58 for $1500; mentions William and Samuel Dunham also. John and Wealthy Dunham bought lands Amenia NY (part Lot 57 from Preston Mygatt). John and Wealthy Barber sold to Clarissa Bartlett for $4,017.23 at Amenia NY part Lot 53, etc. John and Wealthy went some time thereafter onto Lisle and the Town of Barker about 1831 and owned 167 acres of land on Dunham Hill. John Dunham of Lisle NY purchased from Elijah Wood of Conklin on May 11, 1832, Lot 282 (278 acres) for $1310. Daniel and Hanna Tuniff sold to John Dunham on May 11, 1832 Lot 281, Town of Barker. Upham and Dorcas Foot sold to John Dunham July 17, 1832 Lot 278 for $250, at Barker NY.

Isaac Benton went onto Lisle NY. Abner Cooper found 1790 Albany Co Freehold; 1800 Tioga Co Newton; 1810 Elmira NY [also 1797 for J Dunham and P Vanderwater there and a John Dunham]. Joshua Reed found 1790 Albany Pittstown onto Schuyler Co NY, Bristol. Elijah Wood found 1790 Amenia 1-2-2 next Samuel Dunham 2-1-6; Wood onto Lisle NY.

Wealthy Barber Dunham was the daughter of JOB BARBER (3/18/1753-1/11/1846) who married LOWLY (Lola) MILLS who died 4/13/1818 age 57; they are buried in the Old Marcellus Village Cemetery, Marcellus NY (Onondaga County). Also buried there are: Daniel Barber (1775-1814) with wife, Hannah Cobb (1781-1828). Daniel Barber (run over by wagon, cause of death) was brother to Wealthy Barber Dunham. Daniel and Hannah Barber had a child, Pluma J 1810-1828 (Pluma, grandaughter of Job and Lola). Samuel Dunham, who died 1797 and wife, Waitstill Lord (1720-84) are John Dunham's grandparents, of Amenia NY.

JOB BARBER (1753-1846), served his country 21 years and was in the Revolutionery War; Certificate CT CONT S 12083. Said document mentions: Myron L Mills, Benj Mills, A Mills, and Bildad Barber.

[2] *** Nelson Dunham (1812-81) married Nancy Gaylord (1813-96), daughter of Aaron Gaylord (1779-1852; who md Elizabeth Chevelier 1780-1859, a daughter of Richard and Sarah Cook Chevalier). Note various surname spellings. Aaron was son of Aaron Sr and Chloe Gaylord. All, of Barker NY Broome County.

Note: Elias Gaylord, of Whitney Point NY; born in Barker 1809, wife, Sally Ann Stephens of Yates County, born 1821, married 1844; children: Adelaide married James Wooster; Fanny married Dorus Westover. Parents; Aaron and Elizabeth (Shevalier ) Gaylord, natives of Dutchess County NY, settled in Barker (Broome Co NY) in 1812, children 11, with 6 living, Elias, Charles, Aaron, James, *Nancy, and Caroline.

[3] *** Charles Dunham (1852-1927) married Louise Salina Hawkes (Jones) (1855-1909), of Broome Co NY.

[4] *** Charles N Dunham Jr. (1/24/1882-1929) married Eva Beatrice Sperring (1883-1966), daughter of Robert W and Elizabeth A (VanEtten) Sperring. Robert Sperring's mother, Louisa, was from Pennsylvania; whose heritage entails England and France. Robert W Sperring was engineer for the Erie RR and died 10/29/1910 struck by eastbound train in Binghamton NY; his wife Eliza A, died in January of 1933 age 84 leaving daughters, Mrs. Elene O'Neil and Mrs Eva Dunham; and a brother John VanEtten. See Dunham expanded lineage for more. See photo next of Robert W Sperring.

[5] *** Nelson Charles Dunham (1910 NY - 1956 NY) married 2/1/1930 Rose Dorothy Shawkey (1911 PA - 1998 NY); she born Dickson City PA Lackawanna Co. (daughter of John and Margaret Yaskulski/Jaskulski/Shawkey, of Polish-German heritage). John and Margaret are found in the 1920 census at Dickson City, along with 5 of their 6 to be children, as Yaskulski. See census data below. Nelson Sr and Rose Dunham had 4 children: Nelson C Dunham Jr md x 2 (4 issue by first wife Kathryn); Donald E Dunham (he and wife deceased; have issue); Raymond P Dunham (single-deceased); and Joyce. See photo below of Nelson Sr and his sons. Nelson Sr and Rose lived in Johnson City NY firstly; in 1936 they built their home at 1 Harrison St, Binghamton NY where they raised their children, and last lived.

John Yaskulski or also Jaskulski (aka Shawkey later) died in 1926; his wife, Margaret (nee Jzerski) died in 1955 at Johnson City NY. Margaret is buried at St Patrick's Cemetery in Johnson City NY. We have not yet found the resting grounds for John; and do not know if he died as Shawkey or Jaskulski; and there is the possibility that John may be buried in PA. For the 1926 city directory (Broome Co NY Johnson city), said family show as Jno/Margaret Shawky. This family name shows as Yaskulski, Jajskulsky, Jaskulski, Shawky unto Shawkey. See census data and city directory notes below.

Obit for Margaret Shawkey.

"Rosie Yoskulski/Shawkey Dunham 1911PA-1998NY" *** Rose Dunham.

CENSUS (Jezierski) DATA:

1900 PA Lackawanna Dickson City 2nd ward: *** JOHN JEZIERSKI 33, born Poland (Ger) June 1867 AR 1883 and wife Josie (Sarnowski) b Feb 1869 AR 1883, and ch: Veronica 13 b Jan 1887, *Maggie age 12 b Feb 1888, Sophie b Apr 1890, and Michael b Aug 1893. Maggie grew up and married John Yaskulski/Jaskulski/Shawkey. Children born PA. We have the birth certificate which shows: Rosie Yoskulski b April 30, 1911 Dickson City PA as daughter of Maggie (Jzerski) age 23 b USA as wife of John Yoskulski age 25 b Germany. Rosie (Rose Dorothy aka Shawkey) grew up and married Nelson C Dunham and had 4 children (see #5 above family tree). Note: Subject John was son of Martin and Michalene Jezierski. His wife, Josie was daughter of Valentyne and Josephine Sarnowski.

1910 PA Lackawanna 1st ward Dickson Boro: *** JEZIERSKI JOHN 45, b Germany, German, hotel barkeeper, Josephine 41, Bridget 23 (married with 2 ch), *Maggie 21, Sofie 20, Rosey, 18, Michael 17, Stella 15, Walter 13, Martha 9, and Ida 8. [appears they had 11 ch of which 9 are living to include a William].

CENSUS (Yaskulski/Jajskulski) DATA:

1920 Lackawanna Co PA Dickson City 3rd ward, Pettit St: *** JOHN YASKULSKI, 34 born about 1886 Poland arrived about 1887-1889 (cannot make out year) naturalized 1914, coal miner and wife, Margaret (Yezierski) 31 b PA, and ch: Martha 10 (md Edwin Matruski); Rose 8 (md Nelson Dunham); Victoria (md John Perdishon); Stanley 4 (md Ida Neering); and Frank 1 1/2 (md Doris Reeve). Anne, another child, not in this census was born Oct 16, 1922 and died at Tucson AZ on March 14, 2011 (md firstly Charles H Newton s/o Chas H and Gertrude E Dickenson Newton and 2ndly William Palmer). Ann and Charles Newton had children; no issue by her marriage to Palmer.

1920 PA Lackawanna Co Dickson City 3rd W - Breaker Street: *** JOHN JAJSKULSKY, 58 miner b 1862 Poland, arrived 1886; naturalized 1895, and wife, Eva 51 b Poland, Genevia 17 b PA and Veronica 6 b PA. This John is father of the John above.

For 1930 at the same place, the above John Jajskulsky is found as JOHN YASKULSKI, miner, age 69 b Poland along with Eva 67 and Genevieve ? 25 and Veronica 16.

The Dunhams lived in Castle Creek, Deposit, Sanford, and in and nearby Binghamton NY. Some went to OH, PA, and MI as did Abner Dunham (s/o John and Wealthy Barber Dunham). The 7 Dunham brothers (called "the Golden boys"), sons of John and Wealthy Barber Dunham, were industrious folks: They were farmers, butchers, musicians, and church goers (Charles N Dunham and Nancy were trustees for the Methodist Church in Castle Creek NY). Charles N Dunham Jr taught bookkeeping to farmers and businessmen, at Ridley School of Business, Front Street, Binghamton NY.

1835 Broome Co NY:

Males - Females - Military - Votes

Aaron Gaylord 6 3 3 3 Barker

Nelson Dunham 1 1 1 1 Barker

John Dunham 5 4 1 2 Barker

John L Lyons 2 4 0 1 Barker

George Dunham 6 4 " 1 Barker

Abner Dunham 1 4 " 1 Barker

Hiram Foot 4 4 " 1 Barker

Elias Shavalier 4 4 1 3 Barker

John Barbow 5 3 2 1 Sanford NY

John Dunham 5 3 2 1 Vestal NY

Nathaniel Dunham, Twn Chenango, also Selah Rood, Calvin Tryon

Hiel Dunham at Broome Co per 1825

For 1825, John Satchwell is found at Lisle NY

Broome Co NY Directory Data for JASKULSKI/SHAWKEY (from PA to NY):

1924 Johnson City NY Broome Co/Hiderville: Jno Jaskulski (Margaret) live at 1 Morton Street. This is John and Margaret Jezierski Jaskulski from PA. Nearby lives Edmund and Helen Jaworski.

1925 Johnson City NY Broome Co: Jno Jaskulski (Margaret) live at 26 Rogers Street; he works shoe factory. Per 2006 (and earlier), there is only but one block left of Rogers Street due to highway changes to that area; and Morton Street no longer exists.

1926 Johnson City NY Broome Co: Jno Shawky (Margaret) live at 171 Lester Avenue. The family has changed it's name from Jaskulski to Shawky. John appears to have changed his name before he died in 1926; Margaret (Shawkey) died in 1955.

1927 Johnson City NY Broome Co: Margaret Shawky (wid of Jno) and daughter Martha live 171 Lester Avenue.

1928 Johnson City NY Broome Co: Margaret Shawkey (wid of Jno) and daughters Martha and Rose live at 171 Lester Avenue. Shawky is now Shawkey. Also, although there were others living in said households for said city directories, they were not listed.

DUNHAM ancestral lineage, back to Deacon John Dunham, from England and MASS.

ancestral history of DEACON JOHN DUNHAM.

Said photo shows gravestones (old and new) of JOHN DUNHAM (1780-1851), of Castle Creek NY Broome Co.(from Amenia NY Dutchess Co). His wife, Wealthy (Barber) Dunham (1780-1843) was daughter of Rev. Sldr. Job Barber (1756-1846 born Simsbury CT, son of Thomas Barber), who married Lola Mills (daughter of Col. Amasa and Lucy Curtiss Mills). The Barbers of CT to Marcellus NY, Onondaga Co.

In the summer of 2002, Nelson C Dunham, Jr. (son of Nelson and Rose Dunham) had a new gravestone made for his ancestral grandfather, John Dunham, buried Adams Street Cemetery, Rt 11 between Castle Creek and Whitney Point NY, next Bowman's Lumber Company. John Dunham's wife, Wealthy Barber Dunham's gravestone also had a new stone placed in front of the old one in July 2007 by my husband Nelson Dunham Jr. Said deeds so noted. Said gravesites represent an important timeline. We hope descendants of John and Wealthy Dunham will preserve these gravestones for posterity.

Census Data:

John Dunham (1790 Census, Washington Twp. Dutchess Co. NY) born about 1753 age 36, with 6 other males.

John Dunham (1800 Census, Clinton Twp. Dutchess Co. NY) over age 45, with 3 males (16-26) born between 1774-84 (possibly John born 1780), 2 males between ages 10-16, (1 female over 45), 2 females 16-26, 1 female 10-16, and 2 females under age 10.

The 1810 census (for Amenia) shows a John Dunham and family as such: 1 male 26-45, 3 males under 10, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16, and 1 female 26-45.

The 1830 census of Amenia, Dutchess Co. NY shows John Dunham and family living next his son, George. In 1840 John and Wealthy B Dunham live with their son John in Broome Co NY. In 1850 John now a widow lives with his son Lewis in Broome Co NY. John Dunham b 1780 CT or NY died 1/20/1851 NY; his wife, Wealthy (Barber) Dunham b 1780 CT or NY died 3/26/1843 NY. John had a Will April 1848, of Barker.

Records for Sharon CT:

Births: 1733 Mary Dunham d/o Jno/Eliz; 1734 Elizabeth Dunham d/o Jno/Eliz; 1735 Solomon Dunham s/o Jno/Eliz; 1737 Esther Dunham d/o Jno/Eliz; 1739 Alida Dunham d/o Jno/Eliz; 1745 (8/17) Hezekiah Dunham s/o Sam/Eliz; 1749 (6/14) Holton Dunham s/o Sam/Eliz; 1751 Samuel Dunham s/o Sam/Eliz.

Baptisms: 1759 Ebenezer Dunham s/o Jacob; 1759 Silas, John, Zeb Dunham (Zeb as s/o ?Jacob); 1779 Betsey Dunham d/o Jno/Sarah; 1782 Amos s/o Jno/Sarah.

Marriages: 1745 (3/20) Samuel Dunham md Elizabeth Dunham (?Lord); 1748 Esther Dunham md Joseph Huxford (d/o Jno); 1751 Elizabeth Dunham md John Marvine, Jr.; 1752 Abigail Dunham md Samuel Hitchcock; 1754 Jacob Dunham md Elizabeth Pettit; 1755 Esther Dunham md Abe Quitterfield; 1755 Martha Dunham md John Gillet; 1762 Lydia Dunham md John Pettit; 1764 Sarah Dunham md Philip Beses; 1766 Mercy Dunham md Billie Fitch; 1769 Sam'l Dunham md Esther Adams, at Presb Church, Sharon CT, lived Putnam Co NY; 1772 Joseph Dunham md Mary Parkes; 1776 Samuel Holmes md Abigail Spaulding; 1776 Jonathan Dunham md Elizabeth Holmes; 1777 Mercy Dunham md Justus Man; 1777 Elizabeth Dunham md Ben Goodrich; 1779 John Dunham md Rebecca Myar; 1780 Samuel Durham b 1751 of Lanesboro md Dorothy Hamlen of Sharon CT; 1785 Salome Dunham b 1755 md Henry DeLaVergne; 1788 Sylvia Dunham md Wm or Philip Spaulding; 1788 or? Betsey Dunham md Asa Hollister; 1800 John Dunham (1780-1851) md Wealthy Barber (1780-1843). Other: Jno Dunham md Sarah Slauson d 1796 bc 1740-57, died Dunham Ohio. John Dunham md Lucy Tryon. Peter Slauson (aka Slawson) hung by neck until allegiance to Revolution.

Deaths: Capt. Jonathan Dunham d Feb 1744/45; Jonathan Dunham died Oct 1740.

Dr Elisha Lord 1768 of Norwich CT died leaving wife, Elizabeth and five children.

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