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A  Movie "about" Harmon

In 2006 and 2007, a new movie, “Ghost Town”, was made in the Maggie Valley, NC area. The movie refers to Grandpa Ransom’s father, Harmon, who died in 1905. The movie is clearly fiction and is labeled as such. The movie was written and produced by Dean Teaster, the great, great grandson of Harmon. Dean openly states the movie is fiction.  Dean says that his intent was to honor the memory of both Harmon and Dean’s father, Doyle Teaster. Doyle was one of the gunfighter re-enactors at Maggie Valley for many years.

This entire story is also being carried on in a new book based on the movie and is simply titled "Teaster".  

Harmon Teaster
(Harmon Tester)

 Harmon Teaster was one of seven children born to Ransom (1) Teaster and Fanny Hicks. He was born on March 7, 1846.(Other sources say  1850).  Harmon grew up in the Watauga, NC  area. He was 16 years old when the Civil War started . We have no record that he fought in it, even though his father Ransom (1) did.  Nothing much is known about Harmon in his early life.  Harmon married Susana (Susie) Hicks. He was about 25 or 30 years old when he and his family made the move to Madison County, NC. Click on this link to see a photo of Harmon and Susie and their family taken about 1886.

 It is very likely that he farmed and was in the logging business while he was in Watauga County. That is what he did after moving to Madison County. According to family stories, he worked in or ran logging camps in the Madison and Haywood County areas.

Harmon had a violent death. He was killed in a sawmill accident on October 19, 1905 at Hartford, Tennessee when he was 59 years old. There are at least two versions about what happened. One, is that the sawmill boiler blew up and a part hit him while he was trying to save a younger man. The other is that the blade of the saw blew apart and hit him. A photograph exists of him laid out for his funeral. It appears to support the blade theory. Harmon is buried at Big Hill Cemetery at Del Rio, Tennessee and some family members have visited the grave. Click on this link to see photos of Harmon's grave and directions of how to get there. 

There is a family story relating to Harmon killing a man and then hiding out in the mountains. Family tradition says this is how the Harmon’s Den area of North Carolina got its name. However, there are several family variations to this story and they are all at odds with the official story of how the name got started. See the section on "Family Mysteries" for more on this.

Susie’s Hicks, wife of Harmon

Susie was born on October 13, 1845. She was one of five children born to David Hicks (4) and Elizabeth (Betsy) Hicks. Her parents were first cousins and Susie was a first cousin of Harmon. She was  also from the pioneering Hicks family and grew up in the Watauga area. According to family tradition, Susie cooked for the men in the logging camps where Harmon worked. She died not long after Harmon on April 10, 1906. She is buried at Mount Sterling, North Carolina  (Walnut Bottoms in Smoky Mountains National Park).

Harmon and Susie had 10 children, five boys and five girls as far as is known. They were:
       Birth: 16 May 1885
       Death: 9 Feb 1960
      Spouse: "Doc" MOORE
  "Texie" TEASTER
      Spouse: J TESINEER
 Nancy Elizabeth TEASTER
       Birth: abt 1865
      Spouse: ? STRICKLAND
Ransom (2) McGuire TEASTER
       Birth: 10 Sep 1866    Watauga, N.C.
       Death: 25 Aug 1953    Pacolet, S.C.     
       Birth: abt 1870
      Spouse: Curl CASE
Caroline TEASTER
       Birth: abt 1871
      Spouse: Ad WEBB
William (Bill) Council TEASTER
       Birth: 15 Aug 1876    Madison County, N.C.
       Death: 15 Nov 1959     
Samuel Lee TEASTER
       Birth: 29 May 1877    Madison County, N.C.
       Death: 9 Apr 1960
       Birth: 27 Dec 1879    Madison County, N.C.
       Death: 8 Mar 1953
 Robert (Bob) TEASTER
       Birth: abt 1884        N.C.
       Death: abt 1916

We invite any descendants of Harmon Teaster and his wife Susie Hicks or anyone with questions or other information to contact us at .

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