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Civil War Veterans

Louisa May ALCOTT (5th cousin 4x removed)
David Marion ALEXANDER
Edward Wellington ALLEN (13th cousin 4x removed)
James Frederick ALLEN (13th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. Adelbert AMES (6th cousin 6x removed)
Ira L. AMES (10th cousin 5x removed)
Franklin James ANDERS
Hiram J. ANDERSON (6th cousin 6x removed)
Nathan Henry APPLEBEE
Thomas Jeremiah APPLEBEE
George Washington APPLEFORD
Wellington S. APPLEFORD
George Lester ARCHER (2nd Great Grand Uncle)
Gen. Lewis Addison ARMISTEAD (8th cousin 6x removed)
President Chester Allen ARTHUR (8th cousin 3x removed)
Andrew Jackson ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Dr. Armenius ASHBAUGH (3rd Great Grand Uncle)
Daniel ASHBAUGH (4th cousin 4x removed)
Daniel C. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
David Rooney ASHBAUGH (1st cousin 4x removed)
Ephraim A. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
George ASHBAUGH (4th cousin 4x removed)
George G. ASHBAUGH (2nd Great Grand Uncle)
George W. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Henry A. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Henry Clay ASHBAUGH (2nd Great Grandfather)
Hezekiah V. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Hugh Huston ASHBAUGH (1st cousin 4x removed)
James M. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
James Saxton ASHBAUGH (2nd cousin 5x removed)
John H. ASHBAUGH (4th cousin 3x removed)
Joseph Aquila ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Rev. Dr. Lewis Sells ASHBAUGH (3rd Great Grandfather)
Meredith ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Rev. Oren Milton ASHBAUGH (1st cousin 4x removed)
Samuel ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
William ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 3x removed)
William H. ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
William Henry Harrison ASHBAUGH (1st cousin 4x removed)
Capt. William Winfield ASHBAUGH (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Aaron Pence ASHBROOK (15th cousin 4x removed)
Thomas Franklin ATCHLEY
Julius Tilden AUSTIN (Spouse of 7th cousin 6x removed)
Col. James Lockhart AUTRY
Courtland C. AVERY (7th cousin 3x removed)
Lyman BALDWIN (7th cousin 6x removed)
Melvin Riley BALDWIN (6th cousin 5x removed)
William G. BALDWIN
Brig. Gen. William Henry BALDWIN (7th cousin 5x removed)
Thomas Jefferson BANKHEAD (11th cousin 6x removed)
Charles William BARDEEN (10th cousin 4x removed)
Walter Deridder BARNES (22nd cousin 4x removed)
Henry N. BARNUM (11th cousin 6x removed)
Henry BARR (Spouse of 2nd cousin 5x removed)
Mandeville BATES (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
Isaac Joel BATTLE
William R. BEATY (Spouse of 3rd cousin 4x removed)
Warren BESSEY (6th cousin 6x removed)
Albert Smith BICKMORE (7th cousin 4x removed)
Edmund S. BIDEN
Brig. Gen. William Henry BISBEE (7th cousin 4x removed)
William BOLEN (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Edward H. BOONE (11th cousin 6x removed)
George Washington BORDINE (6th cousin 5x removed)
Major Henry Anthon BOSTWICK (7th cousin 5x removed)
Romeo BOSTWICK (5th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Horace BOUGHTON (4th cousin 5x removed)
Robert Jefferson BOWLIN
Amos BRADLEY (8th cousin 5x removed)
Benjamin Franklin BRAINERD (7th cousin 4x removed)
Gideon Reed BRAINERD (11th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. Joel BRANHAM, Jr. (13th cousin 5x removed)
Angus McIntosh BRATT (Spouse of 4th cousin 3x removed)
Clifton Rodes BRECKINRIDGE (11th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Joseph Cabell BRECKINRIDGE (13th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Robert Jefferson BRECKINRIDGE, Jr. (13th cousin 4x removed)
William Campbell Preston BRECKINRIDGE (13th cousin 4x removed)
William Edward BRIGHTWELL
Allen Rueben BROWN (5th cousin 5x removed)
Fielding BROWN
John Louis BROWN
Col. Nathaniel Williams BROWN (5th cousin 6x removed)
Charles Edwin BULKELEY (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. Morgan Gardner BULKELEY (6th cousin 5x removed)
Cpt. Larkin C. BUNCH
Charles Curtis BUNKER (7th cousin 5x removed)
Thomas Smith BUNKER (6th cousin 6x removed)
George Washington BURKETT
John William BURNEY (11th cousin 6x removed)
Augustus J. BURR (6th cousin 4x removed)
Francis S. BURR (6th cousin 4x removed)
Seneca Bragg BURR (6th cousin 4x removed)
William Arnold BURRAN
Major George Tyler BURROUGHS (6th cousin 4x removed)
Joshua BURTON (Spouse of 15th cousin 7x removed)
Andrew Jackson BUTLER (4th cousin 6x removed)
Gov. Benjamin Franklin BUTLER (4th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Matthew Calbraith BUTLER (11th cousin 6x removed)
John H. CAIN (12th cousin 3x removed)
Thomas Benjamin CAIN (11th cousin 4x removed)
Barnard CANNON
Abraham S. CAPROON (Spouse of 14th cousin 4x removed)
Gen. Silas CASEY (5th cousin 6x removed)
Thomas Lincoln CASEY (6th cousin 5x removed)
John W. CELL
Gov. Joshua Lawrence CHAMBERLAIN (7th cousin 4x removed)
Lt. Col. Thomas Dupee CHAMBERLAIN (7th cousin 4x removed)
Alpheus CHASE (Spouse of 6th cousin 5x removed)
Cpt. Dudley Pike CHASE (10th cousin 7x removed)
Nelson CHEEK
Capt. Samuel Fletcher CHENEY (7th cousin 5x removed)
Cpt. Caleb C. CHITWOOD (9th cousin 4x removed)
Henry CHRYSLER (8th cousin 3x removed)
John Francis CHUBBUCK (16th cousin 5x removed)
William Conant CHURCH (6th cousin 5x removed)
Orson CHURCHILL (8th cousin 5x removed)
Christopher Columbus CLARK (Spouse of 14th cousin 4x removed)
Cpl. Grandison M. CLARK (7th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Meriwether Lewis CLARK, Jr. (12th cousin 4x removed)
William Henry CLARK (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
John W. CLOSE (Spouse of 6th cousin 5x removed)
Col. William P. CLOUGH
Col. William Frederick CODY (12th cousin 4x removed)
James M. COLE
Lorentus Samuel COLE (7th cousin 4x removed)
Gov. Alfred Holt COLQUITT
Thomas A. COLT
Col. Frederick Augustus CONKLING (7th cousin 6x removed)
George W. D. COOK (Spouse of 13th cousin 8x removed)
Silas COOK
Gilbert COOLEY (7th cousin 6x removed)
Colonel John Calvin COOLIDGE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Phillip Sidney COOLIDGE (11th cousin 5x removed)
George Freeland COOPER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Stephen Leander COPELAND
John David COWAN
Cpt. George Washington CRANDALL (7th cousin 4x removed)
Dr. Charles Henry CRANE (15th cousin 7x removed)
James Birney CRAVATTE (Spouse of 15th cousin 4x removed)
John A. CRIPPEN (1st cousin 6x removed)
Gen. George Bibb CRITTENDEN (16th cousin 4x removed)
Gen. Thomas Leonidas CRITTENDEN (16th cousin 4x removed)
Gen. Thomas Turpin CRITTENDEN (16th cousin 4x removed)
Daniel Aloysius CRONIN
Capt. Christopher CROWELL (Spouse of 7th cousin 5x removed)
David Isaac CROWELL
Daniel W. CROWL
Matthew CRUTHERS (Spouse of 1st cousin 4x removed)
George Washington CULP
Gen. Jacob Hazel CULVER (10th cousin 3x removed)
Lt. Col. Henry Hastings CURRAN (8th cousin 3x removed)
Capt. Orren Arms CURTIS (6th cousin 6x removed)
Maj. Gen. Samuel Ryan CURTIS (6th cousin 6x removed)
Charles Hamilton CUSHING (7th cousin 5x removed)
General George Armstrong CUSTER (5th cousin 4x removed)
John Henry DAGEL (Spouse of 5th cousin 5x removed)
William DAGEL
Henry Benjamin DAVIS
Sen. Jefferson Finis DAVIS (Spouse of 6th cousin 6x removed)
Dr. John C. DAVIS
Hon. Stephen Brooks DAVIS (9th cousin 3x removed)
Thomas Calhoun DAVIS
Rufus R. DAWES (13th cousin 5x removed)
Amos DAY
Col. Charles Harvey DENBY (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
Anthony DEVER (2nd Great Grand Uncle)
Cornelius DEVER (2nd Great Grand Uncle)
James W. DEVER (2nd Great Grand Uncle)
John P. DEVER (2nd Great Grand Uncle)
Cpt. Archibald Sprague DEWEY (4th cousin 5x removed)
Dorothea Lynde DIX (7th cousin 7x removed)
James Terry DOBBS (11th cousin 6x removed)
Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland DODGE (7th cousin 5x removed)
General Abner DOUBLEDAY (7th cousin 5x removed)
Isaac Newton DOW
General Neal S. DOW (7th cousin 5x removed)
William P. DOW
Daniel Young DOWLING
Darling Wesley DOWLING, Jr.
Jabez Jackson DOWLING (Spouse of 5th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Jasper DOWLING
John Riley DOWLING
Cpt. John Wesley DOWLING
Richard William DOWLING
Samuel Larson DOWLING
Rev. William Hamilton DOWLING
Gen. William Henry Taylor DOWLING
Capt. John Thomas DOYLE
Rev. Sutton DRAKE (12th cousin 6x removed)
Amos Frank DREW (9th cousin 6x removed)
Gen. Charles Wilson DREW (6th cousin 5x removed)
Sen. Henry Algernon DU PONT
William Law DUDLEY
Maston S. DUKE (11th cousin 6x removed)
Robert Allen DUNN
Seth L. DUSENBERY (Spouse of 4th cousin 5x removed)
Charles DYER (6th cousin 6x removed)
Leighton William DYER (5th cousin 7x removed)
Benjamin Franklin EARLY
James Cooksey EARP (14th cousin 6x removed)
Newton Jasper EARP (14th cousin 6x removed)
Virgil Walter EARP (14th cousin 6x removed)
Nadab EASTMAN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Nelson Weed EASTMAN
Homer Edward EDDY (8th cousin 6x removed)
Sen. Alonzo Jay EDGERTON (12th cousin 4x removed)
Ezekiel EDWARDS (9th cousin 5x removed)
William Norris EMBREE (9th cousin 6x removed)
Rev. Jeremiah ENGLE (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
James S. ENGLISH (13th cousin 6x removed)
Col. Andrew Eugene ERWIN
Solomon EVERTS
Eli Asaph FARNHAM (7th cousin 5x removed)
Eli Barnum FINNEY (6th cousin 6x removed)
Amos Tobias FISHER
Sen. Graham Newell FITCH (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gov. John Buchanan FLOYD, Jr. (12th cousin 5x removed)
John L. FLOYD (16th cousin 2x removed)
Edwin A. FREEMAN (7th cousin 5x removed)
Henry Blanchard FREEMAN (5th cousin 7x removed)
Joshua Hoyett FRIER
Samuel Henderson FRIER
Albert Joshua FULKERSON (7th cousin 4x removed)
Charles Thomas FULKERSON (7th cousin 4x removed)
John A. FULKERSON (7th cousin 4x removed)
William Walden FULKERSON (7th cousin 4x removed)
George S. FULLER (7th cousin 6x removed)
Sumner Perry FULLER (5th cousin 4x removed)
President James Abram GARFIELD (6th cousin 4x removed)
Charles Beman GATES (7th cousin 5x removed)
George Washington GATES (5th cousin 3x removed)
Dr. Howard E. GATES (7th cousin 5x removed)
Maj. Gen. Alfred GIBBS (6th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Henry Lyter GILTNER (Spouse of 11th cousin 6x removed)
David A. GODSEY (4th cousin 3x removed)
Col. Albert Edward GOLDSMID
Capt. Andrew Issachar GOODHUE (7th cousin 4x removed)
Charles E. GOULD (8th cousin 4x removed)
Frederick H. GOULD (8th cousin 4x removed)
President Hiram Ulysses GRANT (6th cousin 6x removed)
Gen. John Breckinridge GRAYSON (12th cousin 6x removed)
John Fisher GREGORY (5th cousin 5x removed)
Ebenezer Clarkson GRIER (Spouse of 11th cousin 4x removed)
Jacob Wark GRIFFITH (Spouse of 11th cousin 7x removed)
Adam Weaver GRIM
Jeremiah GRINDER
Albert B. GROVE (Spouse of 3rd cousin 4x removed)
Rev. Samuel Thomas HALLMAN
Gen. Charles HAMLIN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Cyrus HAMLIN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Dr. George Tryon HARDING (14th cousin 3x removed)
Oliver HARDY (Spouse of 15th cousin 6x removed)
George Hilliard HARPER (7th cousin 3x removed of Spouse)
President Benjamin HARRISON (8th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. Alfred Stedman HARTWELL (6th cousin 6x removed)
A. W. HASKINS (4th cousin 6x removed)
Reuel Fay HASKINS (4th cousin 6x removed)
Sgt. George Andrew HATSELL (8th cousin 5x removed)
William HAWK (3rd cousin 5x removed)
President Rutherford Birchard HAYES (6th cousin 4x removed)
Col. John L. HAYNES
Dr. Edward Hamlin HAZEN (6th cousin 5x removed)
Morgan L. HEATH (6th cousin 3x removed)
John H. HELLUMS (2nd Great Grand Uncle of Spouse)
Jonathan HELLUMS (2nd Great Grandfather of Spouse)
William Harrison HELLUMS (1st cousin 3x removed of Spouse)
William Henry HELLUMS (Great Grand Uncle of Spouse)
Lt. William HENN
Elijah HENSLEY, Jr.
William Peters HEPBURN (8th cousin 3x removed)
Johannes Halvorson HEYER
Henry Lee HIGGINSON (7th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Thomas Wentworth HIGGINSON (6th cousin 6x removed)
Demas Lynley HILL
John HILL (Spouse of 3rd cousin 4x removed)
Hezekiah HILTY
George William HOLSTED (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Edwin Walter HOLT (12th cousin 6x removed)
Adolphus HOPKINS (5th cousin 5x removed)
William M. HOUSTON
John Henry Cary HOWARD
Elias HOWE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Deloss W. HUBBARD (Spouse of 8th cousin 4x removed)
Amos HUMISTON (Spouse of 4th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Daniel Elihu HUNGERFORD (6th cousin 7x removed)
Benjamin Franklin HUNTER
Brig. Gen. Alfred IVERSON, Jr. (7th cousin 4x removed)
Joseph Culverson IVERSON (7th cousin 4x removed)
William IVERSON, Jr. (7th cousin 4x removed)
Robert Hale IVES, Jr. (6th cousin 5x removed)
Joseph Covie JACKSON
Samuel JACKSON (11th cousin 6x removed)
Gen. Thomas Jonathan JACKSON (13th cousin 5x removed)
Ferdinand A. JAEDICKE
Col. Edward Christopher JAMES (7th cousin 5x removed)
Hardin N. JARVIS
Sen. Benjamin Franklin JONAS
Anson R. JONES (4th cousin 5x removed)
Camillus B. JONES
John Newton JONES
Thomas Lucian JONES, Jr.
Charles S. JUDD (7th cousin 5x removed)
Major Racine Daniel KELLOGG (5th cousin 5x removed)
Patrick KENNEDY (15th cousin 5x removed)
Hugh L. KERR (Spouse of 3rd cousin 4x removed)
Jonathan KERSHNER (1st cousin 5x removed)
Thomas Jefferson KILLIAN
Major General Hugh Judson KILPATRICK
Jeremiah KING (17th cousin 5x removed)
Lewis KING (Spouse of 16th cousin 6x removed)
Brig. Gen. Rufus KING (14th cousin 7x removed)
Rufus KING, Jr. (15th cousin 6x removed)
Joseph M. KINNE (12th cousin 9x removed)
Edwin W. KINNEY (6th cousin 6x removed)
Charles Lucius KNOX (12th cousin 5x removed)
Dr. Stephen Satterlee L'HOMMEDIEU, Jr. (Spouse of 9th cousin 5x removed)
David Louis LACKEY
Francis LANE
Daniel W. LANGFORD (6th cousin 8x removed)
Edwin O. LANGFORD (9th cousin 3x removed)
Dr. George Washington LANGFORD (6th cousin 8x removed)
Orange Mansfield LANGFORD (8th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Chiswell Dabney LANGHORNE (9th cousin 5x removed)
Major William Lewis LANIER (Spouse of 8th cousin 6x removed)
Gen. George Washington Custis LEE (8th cousin 5x removed)
Capt. Robert Edward LEE, Jr. (8th cousin 5x removed)
General William Henry FitzHugh LEE (8th cousin 5x removed)
Amos Davis LEIB
Daniel N. LEIB
Elias Newton LEIB
Henry F. LEIB
William L. LEIDY
Anthony LEVERSEE (4th cousin 5x removed)
Robert Todd LINCOLN (7th cousin 4x removed)
Romulus Zachariah LINNEY (16th cousin 2x removed)
James Albert LOCKLIN
George W. LOCKWOOD (1st cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Armistead Lindsay LONG (9th cousin 5x removed)
James LONGSTREET, Jr. (7th cousin 7x removed)
Byron Taylor LOOMIS
Royal Houghton LOOMIS (6th cousin 5x removed)
William Alexander LOOP
Alfred LOUDON (7th cousin 4x removed)
General Charles Russell LOWELL III (10th cousin 3x removed)
Nescio LOWRANCE (13th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Hylan Benton LYON (7th cousin 4x removed)
Samuel Landon LYONS (Spouse of 5th cousin 5x removed)
Volney D. LYONS (Spouse of 5th cousin 5x removed)
Lt. Gen. Arthur MACARTHUR (9th cousin 3x removed)
Andrew Jackson MACE (Spouse of 4th cousin 3x removed)
Gov. William Rainey MARSHALL (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
John L. MASSEY (10th cousin 3x removed)
Lorenzo L. MAXSON (7th cousin 5x removed)
Samuel Hummell MAYS
Gen. George Brinton MCCLELLAN (6th cousin 4x removed)
Samuel MCCORMICK (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Albert Madison MCCURDY (Spouse of 6th cousin 6x removed)
George W. MCDONALD (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Henry Clay MCDONALD (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Major Henry Clay MCDOWELL
Andrew Jackson MCELDOWNEY
Louis Augustus MCELDOWNEY
Origin Stores MCELDOWNEY
Major John Edgar MCELRATH (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
John MCKEMIE (Spouse of 5th cousin 5x removed of Spouse)
President William James MCKINLEY (15th cousin 7x removed)
Napoleon Bonaparte MCKINNEY
Gen. George Gordon MEADE (8th cousin 6x removed)
Cpt. Richard Worsam MEADE II (8th cousin 6x removed)
Admiral Richard Worsam MEADE III (9th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Montgomery Cunningham MEIGS (5th cousin 5x removed)
Levi Augustus MENTZER
George Everitt MERRING (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
Charles W. MERRITT
Gen. Edwin Atkins MERRITT (13th cousin 5x removed)
Hugh Harlton MERRITT
George Smith MESSPLAY (18th cousin 6x removed)
General Nelson Appleton MILES (Spouse of 6th cousin 4x removed)
Joseph Henry MILLER
Orien Willard MILLER
Hiram James MILLS
John H. MONK
Gov. Edward Denison MORGAN (6th cousin 4x removed)
Howard Richard MORTON (12th cousin 5x removed)
James Quin MORTON (12th cousin 5x removed)
William MORTON (12th cousin 5x removed)
Solomon Franks MURRAY
William Decatur MYERS (11th cousin 5x removed)
Cpt. Briggs Hopson NAPIER (11th cousin 6x removed)
James Scott NEGLEY
George Whitfield NEWELL (10th cousin 6x removed)
Col. George Ward NICHOLS (Spouse of 7th cousin 5x removed)
Nathan Sherman NILES (6th cousin 5x removed)
Roswell NORTON (7th cousin 4x removed)
Joseph Albert OSBORNE (15th cousin 7x removed)
Capt. George OVERMIRE
Capt. Silas Paul OVERMIRE
Alfred Griner PACKER (14th cousin 4x removed)
Francis Marion PADGETT (Spouse of 4th cousin 3x removed)
Paul Emile PAHUD
General Charles Jackson PAINE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Andrew Houston PALMORE
Austin W. PARK (5th cousin 5x removed)
Isaac Leonard PARK (5th cousin 5x removed)
Armstead PARRISH (2nd Great Grand Uncle of Spouse)
Brig. Gen. George Smith PATTON (22nd cousin 4x removed)
Gen. Elisha Franklin PAXTON (19th cousin 3x removed)
Jesse Armistead PAYNE
Col. Oliver Hazard PAYNE (7th cousin 4x removed)
Gen. John James PECK (6th cousin 6x removed)
William Edward PECK (6th cousin 5x removed)
Anson P. PECKHAM (7th cousin 5x removed)
Samuel Henry PECKHAM (13th cousin 7x removed)
Thomas J. PECKHAM (7th cousin 5x removed)
William Anderson PENN (13th cousin 5x removed)
Dr. Crosby Alpheus PERRY (6th cousin 5x removed)
Austin Duncan PHELPS
Enoch PHILLIPS (8th cousin 4x removed)
Norman A. PHILLIPS (2nd cousin 5x removed)
Jonas James PIERCE (6th cousin 5x removed)
James Lord PIERPONT (8th cousin 3x removed)
James M. PIXLEY (7th cousin 5x removed)
Ralph Oberlin PLUMB (9th cousin 4x removed)
Oliver Terah PLUMMER (13th cousin 5x removed)
Jonathan POLLARD
Col. Albert Augustus POPE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Peter Augustus PORTER (5th cousin 7x removed)
Hiram POST
Gen. Robert Brown POTTER (4th cousin 4x removed)
Andrew Reed POWERS (7th cousin 6x removed)
Capt. George Julian PRATT (Spouse of 6th cousin 4x removed)
Elisha William PRESLEY (12th cousin 5x removed)
Thomas Turner PRESLEY (12th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. John Smith PRESTON (12th cousin 5x removed)
Joseph PULITZER (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Arthur Henry RACKETT
David Wardlaw RAMSEY
Theodore Beebe RANDALL (5th cousin 4x removed)
Calvin Wheaton RATHBONE (4th cousin 5x removed)
Major Henry Reed RATHBONE (4th cousin 5x removed)
Horace Maine RATHBONE (3rd cousin 5x removed)
Adrian RATHBUN (6th cousin 4x removed)
David Lewis RATHBUN (4th cousin 5x removed)
Ephriam David RATHBUN (6th cousin 4x removed)
Guy RATHBUN (5th cousin 5x removed)
Jeremiah RATHBUN (5th cousin 5x removed)
Marvin M. RATHBUN (4th cousin 5x removed)
Oliver J. RATHBUN (5th cousin 5x removed)
Oliver P. RATHBUN (4th cousin 6x removed)
Lt. Benton Austin REID
Dorsey REID
Martin V. REID
Richard Edwin REID
Cpt. Tilberry REID
General William Pitt RICHARDSON (4th cousin 5x removed)
Burritt RIGGS (6th cousin 4x removed)
Isaac Ellis RING (7th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Edward Hastings RIPLEY (6th cousin 6x removed)
Cpt. Samuel Elijah ROBERTS
Dr. Caleb M. ROBINSON (Spouse of 3rd cousin 3x removed)
John Henry ROBINSON, Jr. (7th cousin 6x removed)
Allen Martin ROSE
Isaiah R. ROSE
William S. ROSE (8th cousin 2x removed)
Robert A. ROSS
Warren K. ROWLEY (5th cousin 6x removed)
Cpt. William Rambold RUSSELL
Stephen Tracy SABIN (18th cousin 5x removed)
Dr. John W. SAGE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Jenkins M. SCOTT
General Winfield Mason SCOTT (10th cousin 7x removed)
Cpt. William Van Dyke SCUDDER (7th cousin 6x removed)
James Warren SEARS (Spouse of 16th cousin 6x removed)
John Bruce SEE (12th cousin 5x removed)
Richard Cook SEE (12th cousin 5x removed)
George Washington SEGER (8th cousin 4x removed)
Lucius Calvin SELL
Joseph Samuel SELLERS (13th cousin 5x removed)
Allen Alexander SELLS (2nd cousin 5x removed)
Basil SELLS (2nd cousin 4x removed)
Capt. Benjamin Franklin SELLS (2nd cousin 5x removed)
Benjamin Herman SELLS (2nd cousin 4x removed)
David Leander SELLS (3rd cousin 4x removed)
David Miles SELLS (2nd cousin 4x removed)
George Asbury SELLS (2nd cousin 4x removed)
Capt. George W. SELLS (2nd cousin 5x removed)
George W. SELLS (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Jacob Henry SELLS (2nd cousin 5x removed)
Miles SELLS (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Orange SELLS (2nd cousin 4x removed)
Pleasant Henry SELLS (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Samuel SELLS (3rd cousin 4x removed)
Thomas Logan SELLS (3rd cousin 4x removed)
William Burr SELLS (2nd cousin 4x removed)
Col. Augustus Henry SEWARD (10th cousin 5x removed)
Brig. Gen. William Henry SEWARD, Jr. (10th cousin 5x removed)
Nelson H. SHATTUCK (6th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Robert Gould SHAW (7th cousin 5x removed)
Allen Victor SHEPHERD (Spouse of 3rd cousin 4x removed)
General William Tecumseh SHERMAN (5th cousin 5x removed)
William SHOPTAW, Jr.
Gov. Henry Hastings SIBLEY (7th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. Andrew SIMPSON (14th cousin 5x removed)
Samuel Dunn SKILLINGS (12th cousin 5x removed)
John Horton SLAUGHTER (Spouse of 12th cousin 5x removed)
Campbell Bascom SLEMP
Dr. Newcomb Spaulding SMITH
Samuel S. SMITH (Spouse of 4th cousin 4x removed)
Peter SNYDER (Spouse of 12th cousin 4x removed)
Andrew SOPER (8th cousin 4x removed)
Capt. George Moore SOUTHMAYD (4th cousin 5x removed)
John Calvin SOUTHMAYD (3rd Great Grand Uncle)
John S. SOUTHMAYD (4th cousin 4x removed)
Ogden Augustus SOUTHMAYD (4th cousin 5x removed)
Andrew E. SPEARS
John Barber SPENCER
Jude SPENCER (2nd cousin 5x removed)
Ignatius Revilow SPOHN (13th cousin 6x removed)
Perry SPRAGUE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Silas SPRAGUE (6th cousin 6x removed)
Charles R. ST. JOHN (6th cousin 4x removed)
Rev. Emory Moss STANFORD (7th cousin 5x removed)
Miles STANFORD (7th cousin 5x removed)
Alva S. STEARNS (1st cousin 4x removed)
Sen. Ozora Pierson STEARNS (5th cousin 5x removed)
Sylvanus Hale STEBBINS (9th cousin 5x removed)
William Sylvanus STEBBINS (9th cousin 5x removed)
Major Greenleaf Thurlow STEVENS (Spouse of 14th cousin 6x removed)
Daniel STOVER (Spouse of 13th cousin 7x removed)
Finius H. STRINGER (8th cousin 3x removed)
Gaither STRINGER (Spouse of 17th cousin 7x removed)
John M. SULLIVAN (Spouse of 14th cousin 5x removed)
Abraham Charles SULLY
Maj. Gen. Edwin Vose SUMNER (7th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Samuel Storrow SUMNER (8th cousin 4x removed)
William SUNDAY (Spouse of 14th cousin 4x removed)
Col. Andrew Jackson SUTTON
General Jacob Bowman SWEITZER
Col. Edward Payson TAFT (8th cousin 4x removed)
James N. TAFT (8th cousin 4x removed)
Samuel THARP
Philip Burton THOMPSON, Jr. (11th cousin 6x removed)
Alexander Humphreys TODD
Samuel Brown TODD
Charles Oscar TORREY (9th cousin 4x removed)
Horace TOWER (7th cousin 5x removed)
Major Silas Howell TOWLER
Luther T. TRULOCK (Spouse of 3rd cousin 3x removed)
Jeremiah TRYON, Jr. (6th cousin 6x removed)
John Philbrick TURNER (6th cousin 5x removed)
Joseph Franklin TURPIN (12th cousin 6x removed)
David Wooster TUTTLE (6th cousin 6x removed)
John Edson TUTTLE (6th cousin 6x removed)
David Gardiner TYLER (11th cousin 5x removed)
Capt. Hezekiah Charles ULMAN
William B. UNDERWOOD, Jr.
Robert Cleveland USHER (7th cousin 4x removed)
Brig. Gen. James Henry VAN ALEN
General Earl VAN DORN (10th cousin 7x removed)
Col. Henry Bell VAN RENSSELAER (16th cousin 6x removed)
Capt. James Roberson VANDERPOOL (7th cousin 5x removed)
John VINING, Jr. (7th cousin 4x removed)
Martin Luther WADE (12th cousin 5x removed)
Jonathan Mayhew WAINWRIGHT, Jr. (7th cousin 5x removed)
Granville M. WALDEN (11th cousin 4x removed)
Benjamin Franklin WARNER (4th cousin 4x removed)
Charles Rathbone WARNER (4th cousin 4x removed)
Cpt. Elijah L. WARNER (6th cousin 6x removed)
Frederick Denison WARNER (4th cousin 4x removed)
Gen. James Meech WARNER (Spouse of 5th cousin 4x removed)
Theodore Bridgeman WARNER (4th cousin 4x removed)
James Barroll WASHINGTON (11th cousin 3x removed)
Major Lewis William WASHINGTON (10th cousin 4x removed)
James Baird WEAVER (12th cousin 6x removed)
Leander WEBBER (11th cousin 3x removed)
George Williston WEBSTER (12th cousin 5x removed)
William Warren WEDGWOOD (10th cousin 7x removed)
George WEEKS (7th cousin 5x removed)
Reed Nelson WEISIGER (12th cousin 5x removed)
Col. Austin Clarke WELLINGTON (7th cousin 4x removed)
Eben Josiah WELLS
Martello N. WELLS (8th cousin 4x removed)
William H. WELLS (8th cousin 4x removed)
Edward J. WENTWORTH (15th cousin 10x removed)
Capt. Byron Curtis WESTON (Spouse of 7th cousin 4x removed)
Oliver Charles WHEATON
Henry Osborne WHEELER (4th cousin 4x removed)
James Lee WHEELER (7th cousin 4x removed)
John Ramey WHEELER (6th cousin 5x removed)
Gen. Joseph WHEELER (6th cousin 5x removed)
Hon. George M. WHITE (8th cousin 4x removed)
Oscar F. WILBER (6th cousin 5x removed)
Alanson WILBUR
William C. WILBUR
Spencer C. WILEY
Admiral Charles WILKES (15th cousin 5x removed)
Maj. Gen. Orlando Boliver WILLCOX (6th cousin 5x removed)
David Alexander WILSON
Vice President Henry WILSON
Richard Anderson WINNINGHAM
Cpt. Henry Augustus WISE (Spouse of 8th cousin 6x removed)
Joshua M. WISE
Cpt. Victor WOLF
Alanson Ferris WOOD (1st cousin 4x removed)
Edward Capen WOODBURY (7th cousin 5x removed)
Maj. Gen. John Ellis WOOL (21st cousin 5x removed)
William Edward WYETH (19th cousin 5x removed)
Azigal D. WYMAN (7th cousin 3x removed)
Homer S. WYMAN (16th cousin 4x removed)
Milo Barron WYMAN (7th cousin 3x removed)
George Louis ZORN (Spouse of 20th cousin 4x removed)

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