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Johannes "John" Kieler (1800-1882)
Barbara (Kieler) Uthe (1836-1917)
Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher (1865-1897)
Anna (Schumacher) Gerken (1895-1967)
Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
Thomas Larson (1962-)

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John Uthe (1862-1923) was a brother of my great-grandmother Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher. John Uthe married Christina Loeffelholz (1865-1893). After Christina died, John married Margaret Brant (1878-1932). They lived at Kieler, Wisconsin.    T.L.

John and Christina (Loeffelholz) Uthe
John and Margaret (Brant) Uthe

John and Christina (Loeffelholz) Uthe

Photo image contributed by Marge Rice, who bought the original photograph from an antique dealer in Dyersville, Iowa. The photo was taken by Lenz Bros., photographers in Dubuque, Iowa, and on the back of the photo was written John Uthe and first wife.
Johann "John" Heinrich Uthe was born on February 9, 1862, in Dickeyville, Wisconsin, son of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. John Uthe married Christina Loeffelholz on November 12, 1889, in Grant County, Wisconsin. Christina Loeffelholz was born on November 25, 1865, in Wisconsin, daughter of George Adam and Anna Dorothea (Wiederholt) Loeffelholz. John and Christina Uthe had two children, George Uthe and Karl "Charles" Uthe.

Christina Uthe died on December 1, 1893, and she was buried in the Immaculate Conception Church cemetery at Kieler, Wisconsin.

On March 1, 1897, John Uthe married Margaret Brant in Grant County, Wisconsin. Margaret Brant was born in November 1878 in Wisconsin, daughter of Joseph and Dora (Haas) Brant. John and Margaret Uthe had twelve children, Wilbert Uthe, Hilda Uthe (died at age 6), Frank Uthe, Henry Uthe, Lorene Uthe, Elizabeth Uthe, Barbara Uthe (died in infancy), Melvin Uthe, Albert Uthe, Walter Uthe, Urban Uthe, and Elmer Uthe.

The 1900 U.S. Census has the Uthe household in Jamestown Township, Grant County, Wisconsin, consisting of John, age 38, farmer; his wife Maggie, age 21, three years married; children, George, age 9, Charles, age 8, Wilbert, age 2, and Hilda age 4/12; Barbara Uthe (John's mother), age 64; and Charles Uthe (John's brother), age 30.

John Uthe, Kieler Resident, Is Dead.
John Uthe, of Kieler, Wisconsin, died at his home Wednesday evening, October 17, 1923, at 10:15 o'clock, following a lingering illness. The funeral was held from the home to the Immaculate Conception church at 10 o'clock, Saturday morning, October 20, with the Rev. Father Grieveldinger reading the requiem mass. Burial was in the adjoining cemetery.

He was born in Dickeyville on February 9, 1862, and resided there until 32 years ago, when he moved to Kieler. He was a member of the Catholic Knights of Wisconsin and the Immaculate Conception church at Kieler.

He was survived by his wife; two daughters, Lorene and Elizabeth, at home; ten sons, Charles, of Dubuque, Ia., and George, Wilbert, Frank, Henry, Melvin, Alfred, Walter, Urban, and Elmer, all at home; also three sisters, Mrs. Anna Kothe, of Kieler, and Mrs. Joseph Widerholt, of Dickeyville, Wis., and Mrs. Martin Hauser, of Dubuque; and two brothers, Frank Uthe, of Gilbert, Ia., and Charles Uthe, of Dubuque.

Mrs. John (Margaret) Uthe dies.
Margaret (Brant) Uthe died on Sunday, July 3, 1932, after suffering burns from a tragic kitchen fire on July 2, 1932, in the home of her son Henry Uthe, when lard boiled over an open flame and exploded. Henry's wife Mildred and their daughter Darlene also died as a result of the accident; they died the day of the tragedy, Saturday, July 2, 1932.

from the Sunday, July 3, 1932, Dubuque, Iowa, Telegraph Herald:
Mrs. Henry Uthe and Daughter Darlene Are Victims.
Mrs. Henry Uthe, 25, and her daughter Darlene, five, are dead, and Mrs. Uthe's mother-in-law, Mrs. John Uthe, 53, is near death as a result of burns they received early Saturday afternoon when lard which they were rendering in the kitchen of the farm home of Henry Uthe near Kieler, Wis., boiled over on an open flame and exploded.

Another daughter of Mrs. Henry Uthe, Elaine, seven, received what appeared to be minor burns about the hands and arms.

Husband Invalid.
The accident occurred about 15 minutes after the husband and father of the two fatally burned had returned to his home from Mercy hospital where he had been confined by a serious illness. He took the four victims of the accident to the hospital from which he had been discharged but a short time before.

The two older women had been engaged in rendering the lard when Mr. Uthe returned from the hospital. After he had been welcomed home by his mother, wife, and children, he had gone to a bedroom in the home to rest while the women, accompanied by the two children, had returned to the kitchen. Shortly after, Mr. Uthe heard their screams and rushing into the kitchen, found the clothing of his mother, wife, and older daughter a mass of flames.

Lard Ignites.
He found that the lard had boiled over and that the hot grease when it struck the flames and hot stove had sent masses of flaming fluid in every direction. As it struck the four people in the kitchen it ignited their clothing. Uthe managed to extinguish the flames on the clothing of the older girl before she had been badly burned, but found himself helpless in combatting the flames which quickly burned off the clothing of his wife, mother, and younger daughter, and left their bodies a solid mass of burns.

Wrapping them in blankets, sheets, and other cloths, he placed them in his automobile and rushed them to the hospital there. Physicians notified of the accident were waiting to give them first aid, but the first examination revealed the three victims to be so badly burned that no hope was held for their recovery. The child was the first to die, death coming late in the afternoon. A few hours later, her mother died. Following the death of the younger Mrs. Uthe, it was stated that no hope was held for the recovery of the older woman.

When the child died, the body was taken to the Haudenshield funeral home, and it was announced the funeral would be held Sunday morning from the family home one-quarter of a mile north of Kieler to the Immaculate Conception Catholic church at Kieler, where services would be conducted at 10 o'clock. After members of the family had made arrangements for the funeral of the child, word was received that the mother was also taken to the Haudenshield mortuary, but at a late hour Saturday night burial arrangements had not been made.

The flaming lard ignited the interior of the kitchen and considerable damage was caused to the home before it was extinguished.

from the Monday, July 4, 1932, Dubuque, Iowa, Telegraph Herald:
Mrs. M. Uthe Succumbs Following Deaths of Daughter-in-Law, Grandchild.
Mrs. Margaret Uthe, 54, died at Mercy hospital Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, while relatives were attending funeral services at the Immaculate Conception church at Kieler, Wis., for her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Henry Uthe, 26, and her granddaughter, Darlene Uthe, 5.

The two women and the child died from burns received Saturday afternoon when a large pot of lard which was being rendered in the kitchen of the Uthe home near Kieler boiled over, ignited on the hot stove and filled the kitchen with flames. Another of Mrs. Henry Uthe's daughters, Elaine, seven, received minor burns.

The accident, which resulted in three deaths, occurred a short time after Henry Uthe had returned home from Mercy hospital, where he had been seriously ill for some time. He was in another room of the home when the pot of lard boiled over and his mother, wife, and daughters were engulfed by a mass of flames. With the help of other relatives, Uthe took the two women and the two children to Mercy hospital in an automobile.

Two Died on Saturday.
Physicians called to the hospital to attend to the victims of the flames found that they were so badly burned that there was no chance of recovery. The child, Darlene Uthe, died at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon, about two hours after the accident, and her mother died Saturday evening at 7:05 o'clock.

The funeral of the younger woman and her daughter was held Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Immaculate Conception church at Kieler, where the Rev. J.F. Greiveldinger, pastor, officiated at the services. Burials were made in the cemetery adjoining the church and a mass of requiem was read Monday morning.

The Casket Bearers.
Casket bearers for Mrs. Henry Uthe were John Hentrick, Wilbert Bode, Robert Timmerman, Irving Helbing, George Maring, and Ralph Droessler. Those who carried the child's casket were Paulina Droessler, Janet Bode, and Helen and Mary Droessler. Casket bearers for Mrs. Margaret Uthe were Val Gunderman, Louis Brandt, Adam Haas, Peter Timmerman, and Joseph and Henry Droessler.

Mrs. Margaret Uthe, a member of one of the most prominent families in southwestern Wisconsin, was the widow of John Uthe, also a member of a family long prominent in that section of the state. She was born Nov. 16, 1878, in Jamestown township, Grant county, and lived all her life in the vicinity of Kieler. She was a member of the Immaculate Conception parish at Kieler and of the Mothers' sodality of that church.

She is survived by two daughters, Miss Lorene Uthe and Mrs. Virgil Hubler, both of Kieler; ten sons, Charles, Dubuque, and George, Wilbert, Frank, Henry, Melvin, Alfred, Walter, Urban, and Elmer Uthe, all of Kieler; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brant, Kieler, seven sisters, Mrs. Mary Wiederholt, Hazel Green, Wis., Mrs. Joseph Simon and Mrs. Nicholas Simon, both of Platteville, Mrs. Charles Bauer, Cuba City; Mrs. Joseph Stollmeyer, Platteville; Mrs. Len Wiegmann, Hazel Green; and Mrs. Joseph Schueller, Dubuque; two brothers, August Brant, Potosi, and Arthur Brant, Cuba City; and six grandchildren.

Mrs. Henry (Mildred Hentrich) Uthe was born in Paris township, Grant county, Aug,. 18, 1906, and lived all her life in that township. She is survived by her husband, Henry; one daughter Elaine; her father, Frank Hentrich, Dickeyville, Wis., one sister, Miss Alvina Hentrich, Dickeyville; and one brother, Joseph Hentrich, Dubuque.

Children of John and Christina (Loeffelholz) Uthe:

Children of John and Margaret (Brant) Uthe:

Sources include, primarily, news articles and obituaries from the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

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