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Johannes "John" Kieler (1800-1882)
Barbara (Kieler) Uthe (1836-1917)
Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher (1865-1897)
Anna (Schumacher) Gerken (1895-1967)
Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
Thomas Larson (1962-)

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Barbara Kieler (1836-1917) was born in Germany to Johannes and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler. Barbara Kieler married Frank Uthe (1818-1885) in 1855 in Germany, and they came to America circa 1857. They settled at Dickeyville, Wisconsin, where the family farmed. Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe are my great-great-grandparents.    T.L.

Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe

Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe, seated, and their daughter Mathilda [handwriting on photo is that of Mathilda's daughter, Anna (Schumacher) Gerken]
Maria Barbara Kieler was born on September 12, 1836, in Germany, daughter of Johannes and Catharina (Hupe) Kieler [John and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler]. Barbara Kieler married Johann Franz Uthe on June 3, 1855, at St. Jakobus der Ältere [St. James the Greater] Catholic Church in the village of Struth. Struth is located in the present-day state of Thuringia [Thüringen], in the district of Unstrut-Hainich, in Germany.* Witnesses to their wedding were Joseph Uthe and Lorenz Kieler. Frank Uthe, who was age 36 years and 7 months at the time of their wedding, apparently was married previously as an additional person's name appears in the marriage record column that indicates previous status. The name appears to be M. Magdalen née Doering (the image of this name appears below), and indeed, Anna, the eldest of Frank Uthe's children, was born in 1852 in Germany, three years prior to Frank's marriage to Barbara Kieler.
* = During the nineteenth century, the village of Struth was within the Kingdom of Saxony, in an area which itself that would become part of Prussia. The village fell within the boundaries of East Germany in the post-World War II era.

View the marriage records for Frank and Barbara Kieler and ten other 1855 marriages that occurred in Struth.

Johann Franz "Frank" Uthe was born on October 25, 1818, at Heyerode, Amts Bezirt [?, Bezirk], Mühlhausen, in Germany, son of Jakob and Anna Margaretha (Boehm [Böhm]) Uthe. [See The Ancestry of Frank Uthe.]

Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe and daughter Anna emigrated in 1855 from Germany to the United States, where they settled at Dickeyville in Paris Township, Grant County, Wisconsin, and in 1860, the U.S. census has the Uthe household in Paris Township consisting of Francis, age 42, with occupation of farmer; Barbary, age 25; Anna, age 8; Henry, age 3; and Francis, age 2. The census gives a value of $800 to their real estate and $430 for their personal estate. The 1870 U.S. census has the Uthe household consisting of Frances, age 52, farmer; Barbary, age 34, keeping house; Anna, age 17, at home; Henry, age 13, works on farm; Frank, age 11, works on farm; John, age 9; Matilda, age 5; Joseph, age 3; and Charles, age 2. The value of real estate was listed as $5000, and the value of their personal estate was $1100. (The 1870 census incorrectly has Henry's and Anna's names in switched positions.)

For a time, Mr. Uthe went to California in search of gold. One may speculate that he made this quest for gold during the 1870s, when there was a seven year gap between the births of two of his children. The search for gold must have been futile, as he returned home to farm. The 1880 U.S. census has the Uthe household consisting of Frank, age 61, farmer; Barbary, age 45, keeping house; and their children: Henry, age 22, carpenter; Frank, age 21, works on farm; John, age 18, works on farm; Matilda, age 15; Joseph, age 13, works on farm; Charles, age 11, works on farm; Lizzie, age 9; and Katie, age 2, with the children all being born in Wisconsin.

Also living at Dickeyville in Paris Township were Henry and Margaretha Uthe. Henry Uthe was a half-brother of Frank Uthe.
There were nine children in all: Anna, Henry, Frank, John, Mathilda, Joseph, Charles, Elizabeth "Lizzie" and Katherine "Kate." The Uthe family made their home in Dickeyville, in Paris Township, and it was there that Frank Uthe died in 1885.

Frank Uthe dies.
Frank Uthe died on December 14, 1885, at Dickeyville, Wisconsin, and he was buried in the Holy Ghost Church cemetery at Dickeyville. Circa 1893 his widow Barbara moved to Kieler, and at the time of the 1900 U.S. census, at age 64, she was living there in the household of her son and daughter-in-law, John and Maggie Uthe, in Jamestown Township, Grant County, Wisconsin.

Mrs. Barbara Uthe died Friday evening, May 18, 1917, at 8:30 at the family residence in Kieler, Wis., in her eighty-first year. Four sons and three daughters mourn her death: Henry of Birt Island, Minn.; Frank, of Gilbert, Ia.; John and Anna, of Kieler, Wis.; Charles and Kate, of Dubuque, and Lizzie, of Dickeyville, Wis. Mrs. Uthe was a devout Catholic and before her death received the last rites of her faith.

The funeral was held Monday morning, May 21, from the home to St. Mary's church in Kieler at 9 o'clock, and burial took place in the church cemetery.

This death notice for Barbara (Kieler) Uthe appeared in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald on Saturday, May 19, 1917. above: The grave of Barbara (Kieler) Uthe at the Immaculate Conception Church cemetery, Kieler, Wis.

at right: The grave of Frank Uthe at the Holy Ghost Church cemetery, Dickeyville, Wis.

Children of Children of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe:

  1. Anna Uthe was born in 1852 in Germany, daughter of Frank Uthe and, presumably, his first wife, M. Magdalen née Doering. At any rate, in 1855, Frank Uthe married Barbara Kieler, and she was the person that Anna knew as her mother. Anna Uthe married Henry Koethe on June 11, 1871. He was born on February 15, 1846, son of Lorenz and Clara Koethe in Prussia. They resided at Kieler, Wisconsin. Born to them were Barbara Koethe, Lawrence Koethe, and Clara Koethe.

    Henry Koethe died on October 24, 1912, and is buried in Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Kieler, Wisconsin. Anna (Uthe) Koethe died in 1936 and is buried in Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Kieler, Wisconsin.

  2. Henry Uthe was born on June 22, 1857, in Dickeyville, Wisconsin, son of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. He married Anna Katharina Jansen on November 3, 1885, in Kieler, Wisconsin. Katherine Jansen was born on October 5, 1866, at Kieler, Wisconsin, daughter of Johann Freidrich Anton Otto and Anna Margaretha (Lemke) Jansen. Henry and Katherine Uthe lived in Marshall County, Iowa, at Van Cleve and State Center, before moving to Minnesota, where they lived at Adrian in Nobles County. Henry and Katherine Uthe had nine children: Mathilda Genevieve Uthe, Carl F. Uthe, Margaret Cecelia Uthe, Rose M. Uthe. Mary Adelaide Uthe, Henry Bernard Uthe, Bernard Frederick Uthe, Catherine B. Uthe, and Emiliana Uthe.

    Henry Uthe died on May 17, 1922, in Stearns County, Minnesota. Katherine (Jansen) Uthe died on August 27, 1945, in St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota.

  3. Frank Uthe was born in January 1858 in Wisconsin, son of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. He married Mary Weber on November 25, 1884, in Grant County, Wisconsin. She was born circa 1859 in Wisconsin, daughter of Joseph and Catherine (Kuhle) Weber. The Uthe family farmed northwest of Gilbert, Iowa. Born to Frank and Mary Uthe were Frank, Anton, Magdalene, John, Joseph, and Barbara Uthe.

    Mary (Weber) Uthe died before 1900, and she was buried in SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Harrison Township, Boone County, Iowa. Frank Uthe married Martha Elsner on April 23, 1901, in Story County, Iowa. Martha Elsner was born May 1, 1879, in Germany, daughter of Raymond and Anna (Reinsch) Elsner, and came to America in 1890. Born to Frank and Martha Uthe were Aloysius, Christina, Elizabeth, Frederick, Anna, Bertha, Raymond, Arthur, Sylvester, Dorothy, and one other child.

    Frank Uthe died in 1930, and he was buried in SS. Peter and Paul Cemetery in Harrison Township, Boone County, Iowa. Martha (Elsner) Uthe died in January 1970, with a last residence of Boone, Iowa.

  4. Johann "John" Heinrich Uthe was born on February 9, 1862, in Dickeyville, Wisconsin, son of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. He married Christina Loeffelholz on November 12, 1889, in Grant County, Wisconsin. She was born on November 25, 1865, in Wisconsin, daughter of George Adam and Anna Dorothea (Wiederholt) Loeffelholz. Born to John and Christina (Loeffelholz) Uthe were George Uthe and Karl "Charles" Uthe.

    Christina (Loeffelholz) Uthe died on December 1, 1893, and she is buried in the Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Kieler, Wisconsin. On March 1, 1897, John Uthe married Margaret Brant in Grant County, Wisconsin. She was born in November 1878 in Wisconsin, daughter of Joseph and Dora (Hass) Brant. Born to them were Wilbert Uthe, Hilda Uthe (died at age 6), Frank Uthe, Henry " Uthe, Lorene Uthe, Elizabeth Uthe, Barbara Uthe (died in infancy), Melvin Uthe, Alfred Uthe, Walter Uthe, Urban Uthe, and Elmer Uthe.

    John Uthe died at his home in Kieler, Wis., on October 17, 1923. Burial was in the Immaculate Conception church cemetery in Kieler. Margaret (Brant) Uthe died on Sunday, July 3, 1932, after suffering burns from a tragic kitchen fire on July 2, 1932, in the home of her son Henry Uthe, when lard boiled over an open flame and exploded. Henry's wife Mildred and their daughter Darlene also died as a result of the accident; they died the day of the tragedy. Burial was in the Immaculate Conception church cemetery in Kieler.

  5. Mathilda Uthe was born on February 3, 1865, at Dickeyville, in Grant County, Wisconsin, daughter of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. Mathilda Uthe married George M. Schumacher on April 29, 1884. George Schumacher was born in October 1859 in New York State, son of Martin and Theresa (Schumacher) Schumacher. George and Mathilda Schumacher lived at East Dubuque, Illinois. George Schumacher's older brother Henry had married Louisa Kieler, who was an aunt to Mathilda, and they too lived at East Dubuque. George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher had five children: Louise, Anna, Frank, John "Jack," and Joseph "Joe."

    Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher died after a three-weeks illness on April 29, 1897, the day of her thirteenth wedding anniversary. She was buried in the church cemetery at Kieler, Wisconsin. George Schumacher then married Catherine J. Fuerstenberg of East Dubuque, Illinois, on August 7, 1897. Catherine was born in November 1866 in Germany and came to the U.S. in 1873, presumably with her parents. Into her marriage with George, Catherine brought a daughter Josephine. Born to George and Catherine Schumacher were six additional children: George, Margaret, Louis, Henrietta, Albert, and Mary, the latter being a daughter who died in infancy or childhood. The Schumacher family moved across the Mississippi River to Dubuque, Iowa, circa 1903. George Schumacher worked at the Peter J. Seippel Lumber Company and later at the Farley-Loetscher Manufacturing Company in Dubuque.

    George Schumacher, 66, died at home in Dubuque, Iowa, on July 15, 1925.

  6. Joseph Uthe was born in April 1867 in Wisconsin, son of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. He married Christina Brandt on May 16, 1893, in Grant County, Wisconsin. Christina Brandt was born in February 1872, daughter of George Franz "Frank" and Catherine Brandt. Joseph and Christina Uthe resided in Paris Township, Grant County, Wisconsin. According to the 1900 U.S. Census, the Uthe household consisted of Joseph, age 33; Christina, his wife, age 28; daughter Eleanora (who would become known as "Nora"), age 4; daughter Anna, age 3; son Raymond, age 1; and Joseph's brother, Charles Uthe, age 31.

    Joseph Uthe died on October 4, 1900, at the age of 33 years, 5 months, and 6 days. He was buried in the Holy Ghost church cemetery at Dickeyville, Wisconsin.

    One more child, Joseph F. Uthe, was born after his father's death, in February 1901; the son Joseph Uthe died later that year in November. By 1910 Christina Uthe moved her family to Elgin, Iowa, in Plymouth County, where they lived with her brother, Joseph Brandt.

  7. Charles Uthe was born on June 15, 1868, at Dickeyville, Wisconsin, son of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. The 1900 U.S. Census has Charles in the household of his brother Joseph in Paris Township, Grant County, Wisconsin. He moved to Dubuque, Iowa, circa 1907. He was a cabinet maker and was employed by Hurd-Most Sash & Door Company. Charles Uthe died on Sunday, August 19, 1928, being killed instantly when struck by a train near South Junction, below Dubuque, Ia.

  8. Elizabeth Uthe was born on January 13, 1871, near Dickeyville, Wisconsin, daughter of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. Lizzie Uthe married Joseph Wiederhold on January 29, 1895, in Grant County, Wisconsin. Joseph Wiederhold was born in 1869 in Paris Township, Grant County, Wisconsin, son of George and Theresia (Schmerbach) Wiederhold. Joseph and Lizzie Wiederhold lived at Dickeyville, Wisconsin. Born to them were Arthur "Artie" Wiederhold and Laura "Laurie" Wiederhold.

    Joseph Wiederhold died in 1945. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wiederhold died October 2, 1946, at the home of her son Arthur in Dickeyville, Wisconsin. They were buried in the Holy Ghost Church Cemetery in Dickeyville.

  9. Katherine Uthe was born on April 19, 1878, in Wisconsin, daughter of Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe. Kate Uthe married Martin F. Hauser on May 1, 1900, in Kieler, Wisconsin. Martin Hauser was born on May 23, 1873, in Cuba City, Wisconsin, son of Joseph and Gertrude (Legler) Hauser. Martin and Kate Hauser resided in Dubuque, Iowa, moving there circa 1905. Born to them were Loretta Hauser, Leona Hauser, and Walter Hauser. Martin Hauser was a machinist at Morrison Brothers.

    Martin F. Hauser died January 1, 1942, at home in Dubuque, Iowa. Katherine (Uthe) Hauser died January 15, 1950, at home in Dubuque. They were buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Dubuque.

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