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Founder of Kieler Gave It Name

from a June 23, 1929, article in the
Telegraph-Herald and Times Journal
newspaper of
Dubuque, Iowa

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Kieler, Wisconsin

Founder of Kieler Gave It Name

Kieler, Wis., June 22.--Special--The village of Kieler, in the town of Jamestown, Grant county, on U.S. Highway 118 is having a building boom. One reason for it is the fact that U.S. Highway 118 is the Main street of the village. The other reason is in its location in fine farming and dairy country and the nearness to school and church. The Immaculate Conception church, a stone building of beautiful design, [is] situated in the center of the village on the south side of the street. Near it is a fine parochial school presided over by four sister teachers and a sister who is cook and housekeeper.

The nearness of the village to an arterial federal highway explains part of the prosperity of the village as the Kieler Garage company have a new building of concrete blocks. C.J. Pickle [sic, Pickel] the proprietor has built himself a beautiful home near the garage. At the west end of the village a building is under construction, to be a two-story with basement under all which will be a feed mill. A new home is being built for Mrs. Paul Jansen and another fine bungalow home has been built for Frank Uthe. Several new homes have been built in the past three years and more will probably be built in the near future.

The early history of Kieler is interesting. John Kieler born in Prussia in 1800 and Catherine Hube Kieler [sic, Hupe was her maiden name] his wife born in 1806 [sic, 1805] came to Quebec, Canada, in a sailing vessel in 1855 and from there to Jamestown, Grant county where John Kieler bought a farm and made a home near the present site of Kieler named after him. He was a stone mason and contractor, a devout Catholic and one of his first benefactions to the community was the building of a Catholic church. This church is now the parochial school. The rock church has taken its place.

The children of this family are: [1.] Gertrude, born in Prussia, married to John Richter of Germany who came to this country three years previous to the arrival of her parents. They settled near Kieler where she died leaving five children. Mary another daughter became Mrs. John Kelley [sic, Kelly] of Potosi. Dorothea, wife of Charles Jacobs of Iowa. [The Mary and Dorothea (also spelled Dorathea) just mentioned were children of Gertrude and John Richter, not children of John and Catherine Kieler.] [2.] Another daughter [Dorathea] married Joseph Richards [sic, Richard] who settled near Kieler but later moved to the town of Paris. [3.] Barbara became the wife of Frank Uthe. They made their home at Paris while Mr. Uthe went to California in search of gold. They made a permanent home at Dickeyville where he died the father of eight children. [4.] Lawrence a son married Elizabeth Colligan, of Grant county, and for some years lived on a farm in the town of Jamestown and later moved to Iowa. [5.] Frank married Miss Margaret Kothe [sic, Koethe] of Jamestown. [6.] George became a merchant of Kieler. [7.] Louisa the youngest of the Kieler family married Henry Schumacher of East Dubuque.

George Kieler received a district school education in Jamestown. He learned the trade of shoemaker in East Dubuque and worked at it while he was a young man. He married Miss Dorothea Montage [sic, Montag], a lady of Grant county, and the daughter of Karl and Mary Montage [sic, Montag], natives of Prussia who were long settled in Grant county. He bought a farm in Iowa, cultivated it two years until driven out by the grasshopper plague. In 1882 he purchased real estate, put up a store building, handled general merchandise in connection with his shoe trade and became very prosperous. In 1883 he established the first postoffice under the administration of President Chester A. Arthur, holding it until 1899. In that year Mr. Kieler sold his store and purchased the "Jamestown Hotel" at Louisburg. There were eight children in this family. They were all well educated and made their way into life successfully.

George W. Kieler was born in Jamestown in 1874, graduated from the dairy college in Madison and later managed extensive creamery interests in Ohio. Katie was educated in the school at Kieler and was a young woman of exceptional business ability a great help in the business as well as in the postoffice. [George W. "William" Kieler and Catherine "Katie" Kieler were the two eldest children of George and Dorothea (Montag) Kieler.]

The source for information about the Kieler family that appears in the above article was evidently an entry for George Kieler from pages 896 to 898 in the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa and Lafayette Wisconsin, published in 1901 and transcribed online at

The information contained within brackets represent my emendations or notes.


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Founder of Kieler Gave It Name
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