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Johannes "John" Kieler (1800-1882)
Barbara (Kieler) Uthe (1836-1917)
Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher (1865-1897)
Anna (Schumacher) Gerken (1895-1967)
Joan (Gerken) Larson (1926-1994)
Thomas Larson (1962-)

Researched and written by
Tom Larson

Johannes "John" Kieler (1800-1882) and his wife Katharina née Hupe (1805-1888) are my great-great-great-grandparents. They came to America from Germany with their younger children in 1855 (their older children made the voyage on their own), and settled in Jamestown Township in Grant County, Wisconsin, where the family farmed.    T.L.

Johannes and Catharina (Hupe) Kieler
[John and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler]

Johannes Kieler was born on September 29, 1800, son of Jacob and Anna Margaretha (Vondran) Kieler. He was probably of Struth, a village that now is within the district of Unstrut-Hainich in the state of Thüringen [Thuringia] in Germany. Johannes Kieler married Anna Maria Catharina Hupe in Germany. Anna Maria Catharina Hupe, who was known by her third given name of Catharina,* was born on February 12, 1805, daughter of Heinrich and Maria Christina (Jagemann) Hupe, in Kefferhausen, a German village that today is in Eichsfeld, Thuringia.** She was baptized on February 12, 1805, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. Her godparent was Maria Catharina (Engelhart) Günther, spouse of Antonius Günther.
Catharine n: Hupe - from the 1855 marriage record of her daughter Barbara * = Catharina's name has been variously spelled in records and writings as Catharina, Catharine, Catherine, and Katharina. A transcription of her birth record has her name spelled as Catharina; her grave marker has her name spelled as Katharina (an image appears below); the image of her name at right is from her daughter Barbara's marriage record from Struth.
** = During the nineteenth century, both Struth and Kefferhausen were within the Kingdom of Saxony, in an area that itself that became a province of Prussia. The villages fell within the boundaries of East Germany in the post-World War II era.

In Germany, Johannes and Catharina obtained their education, and there they were married. They were Roman Catholic, and attended Mass at the church of St. Jakobus der Ältere [St. James the Greater] in Struth. Their children, all born in Germany, were Gertrude, Dorathea, Barbara, Lawrence, Frank, George, and Louisa. Mr. Kieler was a stone mason and contractor in his own country. The Kielers likely lived at Struth, where it is known their daughter Barbara was married, and where their son George was said to have been born.

In August 1855 the Kielers came to the United States, making the voyage across the ocean in a sailing vessel and landing at Quebec. They came to Wisconsin by way of the Great Lakes, and settled in Jamestown Township, Grant County, where they bought a tract of land and made a home near what is now known as Kieler, a village that received the family name when their son George opened the first post office in the village. This was the home of this honest and worthy couple as long as they lived. Both were devout members of the Catholic Church, and Johannes, whose name was anglicized to John, was instrumental in the establishment of the first Catholic Church built in Kieler in 1856. (A new rock edifice later took its place, and the old building was then used for a school house.)

The 1860 U.S. census has the Kieler household in Jamestown Township consisting of John, age 60, with an occupation of farmer; his wife Catharine, age 55; son Lawrence, age 22, farmer; son Francis, age 20, farmer; son George, age 15; and daughter Louisa, age 13. The census includes a value of $300 for their real estate and $430 for their personal estate. Also included in this household were his daughter Gertrude, her husband John Richter (their surname is incorrectly given as Richards), and their first three children, Joseph, John, and Anna. The 1870 U.S. census has Frank Kieler, age 30, farmer, as the named head of the Kieler household, which also consisted of his parents, John, age 70, farmer, and Catharine, age 66, keeping house, and George Kieler, age 23, works on farm. The 1880 U.S. census again has John Kieler, age 80, his occupation listed as stone mason this time, and his wife Catharine, age 76, keeping house, as part the Frank Kieler household, which also now consisted of Frank's wife Margaret and their children Lawrence, Catharine, and Matilda.

Deaths of Johannes and Katharina Kieler
Johannes "John" Kieler died on May 3, 1882, at the age of 81, and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler followed him to the grave six years later, at the age of 83, on May 30, 1888. They were buried in the Immaculate Conception church cemetery at Kieler, where iron crosses mark their final resting places.

An iron cross marks the grave of Johannes "John" Kieler at the Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Kieler, Wis.       The grave marker for Katharina "Catherine" Kieler at the Immaculate Conception Church cemetery in Kieler, Wis.
GEB. DEN 12 FEBRUAR 1805 / GES. DEN 30 MAI 1888

Children of Johannes and Catharina (Hupe) Kieler [John and Katharina (Hupe) Kieler]:

The Hupe Family
of Kefferhausen

The information presented here for the Hupe family comes the church records of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. The records I reviewed were from a transcription of the church records that were saved into a word document, so I was not examining the original documents or a facsimile thereof: thus the information here relies not only on my examination of the records but on the work of the person or persons who transcribed the original records and digitally saved the information.
      The transcribed records include the years 1688 to 1856 for births/baptisms, 1690 to 1856 for marriages, and 1686 to 1857 for deaths/burials.
      Other Hupe families are found in the church records; I have concentrated here on my own Hupe family lineage. I have made notes where necessary when discrepancies seem to exist in the records.
      The Hupe surname appears in the records at various times as Hub, Hube, Hubbe, Hup, and Huppe; evidently the surname Hey is also an incarnation of Hupe. Generally I have standardized the spelling here to Hupe.

The Hupe Lineage
  1. Hans and Anna (Heineman) Hupe
  2. Bartholomaeus and Anna Margaretha (Saul [Wolf]) Hupe
  3. Joannes and Maria Regina (Stender) Hupe
  4. Heinrich and Maria Christina (Jagemann) Hupe
  5. Johannes and Catharina (Hupe) Kieler
  6. Frank and Barbara (Kieler) Uthe
  7. George and Mathilda (Uthe) Schumacher
  8. Ewald and Anna (Schumacher) Gerken
  9. Vernon and Joan (Gerken) Larson
  10. Thomas and Debra (Runde) Larson

Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents of Tom Larson:
Bartholomaeus and Anna Margaretha (Saul [Wolf]) Hupe

Bartholomaeus Hupe was born on June 13, 1690, in Kefferhausen, son of Hans and Anna (Heineman) Hupe*. He was baptized on June 13, 1690, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. His godparent was Bartholomaeus Zietz.
* = The family surname in the church record for births is transcribed as Hub. The church records for deaths include Hans Hupe, age 60 years, died on March 12, 1699, buried in March 1699 in Kefferhausen, and Anna Hupe,* age 78 years, died on March 22, 1721, and was buried in March 1721 in Kefferhausen. These are the only deaths for a Hans and Anna Hupe in the early Kefferhausen church records, and so it seems likely that these records were for the parents of Bartholomaeus Hupe. The family surname in both records is transcribed as Huppe.
    Bartholomaues Hupe was the youngest child of the family.* He had an older brother, Nicolaus, born June 12, 1688, and baptized June 13, 1688, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen; his godparent was Nicolaus Wederhold. The available church records begin in 1688 (with Nicolaus's baptism actually being the first entry), and it is likely there were other siblings born before 1688.
* = There were no baptisms recorded for children of Hans and Anna (Heineman) Hupe after Bartholomaeus.
    Bartholomaues Hupe married Anna Margaretha Saul [Wolf].* Anna Margaretha Saul was born circa 1688 in Bickenriede.**
* = Her surname comes from marriage records for her children: The 1737 record for her daughter Anna Maria gives her surname as Wolf; the 1751 record for son Joannes gives the surname as Saul; and the 1756 record for daughter Maria Elisabeth gives both surnames Saul (Wolf). An Anna Dorothea Wolff of Bickenriede was godparent to Anna Margaretha Hupe's daughter Anna Margaretha, so there seems to be a connection to the Wolf surname that way also. It should also be noted that the record of her death has her birth surname as Eckardt, but that seems questionable. There was another Anna Margaretha Eckardt who had married a Martin Hupe, and the church recorder may simply have mixed up the two persons named Anna Margaretha Hupe in Kefferhausen.
** = Anna Margaretha was 47 years old at the time of her death in Kefferhausen in 1735, which places her birth about 1688. That she was from the nearby village of Bickenriede comes from the 1756 marriage record of her daughter Maria Elisabeth. Bickenriede, as previously noted, was also the place that likely relation Anna Dorothea Wolff was from.
    Anna Margaretha Hupe, age 47 years, died on October 20, 1735, and she was buried on October 21, 1735, in Kefferhausen. Bartholomaeus Hupe, age 66 years, died June 19, 1756, and he was buried on June 20, 1756, in Kefferhausen.

Children of Bartholomaues and Anna Margaretha (Saul [Wolf]) Hupe:

Great-great-great-great-great-grandparents of Tom Larson:
Joannes and Maria Regina (Stender) Hupe

Joannes Hupe was born in April 1723, in Kefferhausen, son of Bartholomaeus and Anna Margaretha (Saul [Wolf]) Hupe. He was baptized on April 11, 1723, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. His godparent was Joannes Huppe.
    Joannes Hupe married Maria Regina Stender* on January 24, 1751, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. Witnesses to the marriage were Conrad Gundermann and Joannes Hupe (so. of Joannes). Maria Regina Stender was from Heuthen.
* = Surname also spelled as Stendter.
    Parents of the groom were Bartholomaeus and Anna Margaretha (Saul) Hupe. Parents of the bride were Valentin and Maria Dorothea (Gastorff) Stender of Heuthen.
    Joannes Hupe was a Lanarius, a wool worker.
    Joannes Hupe, age 76 years and a widower, died on July 3, 1799, and he was buried in July 1799 in Kefferhasen.

Children of Joannes and Maria Regina (Stender) Hupe:

Great-great-great-great-grandparents of Tom Larson:
Heinrich and Maria Christina (Jagemann) Hupe

Great-great-great-great-great-grandparents of Tom Larson:
parents of Christina (Jagemann) Hupe:
Franciscus and Elisabeth (Damm) Jagemann

Maria Elisabeth Damm was born circa 1736 and is listed in records from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen as being from Renshausen. Elisabeth Damm married Franciscus Jagemann, a Ludimagister, a teacher, and they subsequently lived at Kefferhausen. Their children were evidently born elsewhere, as they are not listed as being baptized at Kefferhausen. Perhaps his profession took them to Kefferhausen.
    Franciscus and Elisabeth Jagemann turn up in church records at Kefferhausen as being the parents of two children who were married there, Maria Christina Jagemann, who married Heinrich Hupe on November 7, 1796, and Joseph Jagemann, who married first Maria Theresia Schuchart on February 2, 1792, and second Maria Elisabeth Wiederhold on November 6, 1825.
    Elisabeth Jagemann née Damm, 76 years of age, of Kefferhausen and originally from Renshausen, died in March 1812, and she was buried on March 25, 1812, in Kefferhausen. The cause of death was listed as Hectica. She was the spouse of Franciscus Jagemann, Ludimagister; qui resignavit Domino Henrico Huppe.

Joannes Heinrich Hupe was born on July 18, 1765, in Kefferhausen, son of Joannes and Maria Regina (Stender) Hupe. He was baptized on July 19, 1765, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. His godparent was Joannes Heinrich Heinemann.
      Heinrich Hupe married Maria Christina Jagemann on November 7, 1796, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Kefferhausen. Witnesses to the marriage were Joannes Georg Huppe and Christoph Schuchart.
      Parents of the groom were Joannes and Regina (Stender) Hupe of Kefferhausen. Parents of the bride were Franciscus and Margaretha Elisabeth (Damm) Jagemann of Kefferhausen; the bride's mother was originally from Renshausen. The bride's father was a Ludimagister, a teacher.
      In various church records Heinrich Hupe's occupation is given as a Lanarius, a wool worker; Raschmacher, a weaver of light fabrics/clothmaker; and a Ludimagister or Schullehrer, a school teacher, and Adjunctus, a clerk/government servant.
      Heinrich Hupe, of Kefferhausen, a school teacher, died on February 8, 1816, and he was buried on February 10, 1816. The cause of death was listed as Abzehrung. He left behind his wife and four minor children.

Children of Heinrich and Maria Christina (Jagemann) Hupe:

Sources include news articles and obituaries from 1) the Dubuque Telegraph Herald and its predecessors, and 2) an early East Dubuque newspaper; readings of gravestones at cemeteries in Dickeyville, Kieler, and Potosi, Wisconsin; church records from St. Johannes in Kefferhausen, provided by Gerhard Weidemann; a biographical entry for George Kieler in the 1901 Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Rock, Green, Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette, Wisconsin (pages 896-898, as transcribed at; a biographical entry for George Kieler in the 1985 Jamestown Mutual Insurance Company's centennial publication; a biographical entry for Henry Schumacher in the 1889 Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess Co., Illinois (as transcribed at; U.S. census records available on microfilm at the Dubuque Carnegie-Stout Public Library and the 1880 U.S. census, online at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website, at; online cemetery and marriage records at the Jo Daviess County, Illinois ILGenWeb website at; Grant County, Wisconsin Birth Records - Earliest to 1891, see; Dave Halm's WorldConnect webpages at, Haverhill, Marshall County, Iowa; NW JoDaviess County, IL; SW Grant County, WI; Wabasha, MN & Emsland, Hanover, Germany at; and, for information concerning the Schumacher heritage, Don Gentner's Genealogy Web Site at

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