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Killaghtee Old Church Graveyard

From the sign near the entrance:

This Church was likely to have been built around (1152) after the Synod of Kells, which resulted in the formation of parishes but it is not improbable that the church was built before this. The east window of the church was dated no earlier than 1100 AD and not later than 1200 AD.

The church was taken over by the establishment in 1654 under the Plantation and was is use as a place of Christian worship by the Protestant community up until 1720 when a new church at Church Lane Dunkineely was completed. Of that new church nothing remains and the Church of Ireland Church just outside of Dunkineely where parishioners now worship was built in 1828. Killaghtee takes its name from Aédh's leacht or sepulchre monument and it was called Cill Leacht Liche, the Church of the Sepulchre of Night.

The graveyard of the Killaghtee Old Church was used by all denominations and is still used occasionally by some of the older Protestant families in the parish.

The earliest gravestone is believed to be that of Catherine Hamilton of Eden (Rosbeg), dated 1709.

Gravestones of interest

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This stone is erected
as a small though sincere __
of filial love and respect
to the memory of
Samuel Cassidy of Bruckless
The latter 21 May 1822 aged 62 years

The erecter of this stone
Andrew Cassidy
Bruckless departed this life
February 23rd 1856
Aged 67 years
Mary Harriette CASSIDY, Susanna CASSIDY, Elizabeth CASSIDY, Samuel CASSIDY, James Hamilton CASSIDY, Ada Mary CASSIDY
Mary? Harriette Cassidy
Died June 5th 1875
Aged 3 Years

Susanna Cassidy
Died January 31 1881
Aged 32 Years

Elizabeth Cassidy
Died August 5th 1888
Aged 53 Years

Also her husband
Samuel Cassidy
of Bruckless
Who died July __ 1902
Aged 70 Years

James? Hamilton? Cassidy
Died 22nd May 1911
Aged 42 Years

Ada Mary? Cassidy
Died _______0
William CASSIDY, Frances CASSIDY, Samuel CASSIDY, Edward CASSIDY
Here lieth the body of
William Cassidy
who departed this life 10 July 1809
aged 71 years

Beneath this stone are also deposited
the remains of
Frances [Cassidy]
___ of the late Samuel and Esther Cassidy
25th August 1824 aged 54 years

Samuel Cassidy
departed this life 12th July 1829
Aged 33 years

Edward Cassidy
departed this life 30th March 1844?
Aged 77 years
Edward CASSIDY, Elizabetta CASSIDY née BAILEY
Underneth this tomb
lieth the body of Edward
Cassidy who departed
this life the 12 of January
1770 age 66 years

_ as also the body of
Elizabetta Cassidy alias
Bailey who departed this life 21 of February
1809 aged 80 years.
Momento Mori
Here Lies the Body of John
Cassidy Who Departed This _
_eai_ was Entared Under _
_'s Stone June The 16, 177_
This Stone Was Erected by
John Cassidy's Sons for their
Father And famely.
The CASSIDY stones
The Cassidy Stones

The Central Library at Letterkenny has records of the inscriptions.

Bruckless House was owned by some of these CASSIDYs in the 1800's and they made some interesting contributions to its history.

Also standing in the graveyard is the Killaghtee Cross. I have no picture but a description follows:
The cross standing amongst the tombstones in the graveyard of Killaghtee Old Church is a most important antiquity and it is believed that the cross marks the resting place of Aédh, an early monk or (anchorite) who had his cell or oratory there.
The Maltese cross marks the transition from inscribed slab to sculptured high cross therefore the Killaghtee Cross holds an important place in the development of Celtic art.
The three-fold knot, (triquetra) which can be seen on the cross is believed to represent the Trinity.