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Cocke County, Tennessee Deed Book 1865 1867, Deed Number 51, pages 213 217: Wm. Hall to W.C. Malony, Family History Library Film #0464091 Item 1, photocopied 18 January 2002, transcribed 8 May 2002 by Tracy Hall Bretz.




[p. 213]

Deed No. 51


80 Poles to an inch Wm Hall To W.C. Malony

[hand drawn map]


I Wm Hall have this day bargained and [p. 214] sold and do hereby transfer and convey to Wm C. Malony and his heirs forever for the consideration of nine hundred dollars to me paid a tract of land in Cocke County Tennessee District No. 4 on the waters of Nola-Chuckey River and bounded as follows

Beginning on a stake near the top of Bear Creek Hill in the Old Newport Wood between a Buck Eye and Black Oak, corner to said Maloney South 1 West 18 poles to 2 Post Oaks and Cherry Corner to said Maloney South 79. West 84 poles to a hickory and two Chestnuts oaks N. 45 W. 23 poles to a Black oak and Hickory N. 13 West 26 poles to a forked Hickory N. 55, West 17 poles to a small beech N. 84 W. 37 poles to a beech and poplar thence down a branch S. 71 West 47 poles to a poplar N. 62- West crossing a branch 54 poles to a dogwood (from 2 post and cherry with said Maloneys owry [?] tract) a corner to above ten tract of said Halls which is included in this survey thence with a conditional [p. 215] line N. 55 West 79 poles to a beech on a steep hill side. N. 72 East- 80 poles to a stake and point on corner to John Holt N. 14 West with his line 125 poles to a beech in a hollow thence down the same N. 59 East 19 poles to a beech N. 9 West down a branch 20 poles to two hickory bushes N. 57- East 34 poles down said branch to a stake opposite an ash and beech corner. (92) continued 16 poles to a Buck Eye to the beginning to a hundred and forty five acre conveyance to said Hall in Reeces line on the East bank of a branch with Reeces line South 33 East 67 poles to a hickory. South 80 East 81 poles to a small beech on Halls line South 29 West 37 6/10 poles to a stake a corner to a one hundred acre survey purchased by said Hall from J. J. Holt South 5 West 51 poles to a black oak and sugar corner to said Maloneys

Freshours survey, East __ poles to a stake in the Newport road thence with said road and said Maloneys line to the begining containing by Estimation [p. 216] Two hundred and fifty acres by the same more or less or more including thirty three and one half acres heretofore conveyed by said Hall to A. G. Smith Which is not intended to be conveyed to said Maloney. To have and to hold the same to the said Maloney his heirs and assigns forever. I will warrant and forever defend the title to the said land and every fact thereof. I do covenant with the said Maloney that I am lawfully seized of said land have a good right to convey it and that the same is unincumbered. I do further covenant and bind my self my heirs and representives to warrant to warrant and forever defend the title to said land and every part thereof to the said Maloney his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatever Aug. 6th 1865.

Wm Hall (seal) --

Executed and delivered in our presence. R.M. Cureton Attest

G.W. Loyd.

[p. 217]

State of Tennessee| Personally appeared

Cocke County | before me, J. C. LaRue

Clerk of the County Court of said County R.M. Cureton and G.W. Loyd, the two subscribing witnesses thereto who after first being sworn depose and say that they are personally acquainted with Wm Hall the bargainor to the foregoing deed and that they saw him sign seal and Execute the same on the day it bears date and for the purpose therein mentioned. Witness my hand at office (93) in Newport 7th day of August 1865 Jos. C. LaRue clerk Received the foregoing deed for registra-tion at 12 oclock. A.m. Aug 7th 1865. Which wos duly registered in Book 17- Page 95- Chos. Brockway Register.